Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

A Joyful Celebration

The next morning, Elsa and Kristian work on removing the snow. Elsa stayed close to Kristian to reassure her people of Kristian's presence and also to reassure Kristian. First Elsa caused the snow to lift into the air, and then Kristian caused the snow to melt by creating a large spiraling fire with thin curving spiral arms. Thus the melted snow fell like a warm rain down on the village of Arendelle. So once all of the snow was removed all that was left from the avalanche were the rocks and debris that came down with it.

So afterwards, Kristoff went and pulled out his ice cart. Then on the cart, Kristian and Kristoff placed Goran's ice body and several blocks of ice around it. Once Goran was secured on the back of the cart, Kristoff climbed into the driver's seat and grabbed a hold of the reins. Then Kristian climbed up next to him. Plus Olaf climbs onto the cart as well.

Then Kristoff turns towards Kristian and asks, "Are you ready?"

With a sigh, Kristian responds, "Ya, let's go."

So Kristoff turns to Sven, who was tied to the front of the cart, and says, "Come on Sven, time to move out."

So Sven snorted a reply and he began to pull the cart. Soon the cart pulled out of the ice warehouse and traveled down the road. Then as the cart reached the edge of the village, they came across Elsa and Anna sitting on horses. Also above their heads, in the air above Arendelle flew Mattias.

Everyone was heading into the mountains to put Goran in his final resting place. So Sven took the lead as the group headed out of the village. Very little was said during the trip. However a few subjects did come up in conversation. One subject was how nice the weather was today. Also the topic of how quickly Arendelle was recovering from the avalanche came up. Anna even suggests that a celebration could be held at the palace once the repairs at the palace were completed.

However Kristian had kept quiet during most of the talk. Since he had been lost in his own thoughts. Finally Olaf speaks to Kristian directly. "Hey Kristian, so are you planning on staying in Arendelle?" asks Olaf. "I think it would be real fun if you would hang around!"

This snaps Kristian out of his trance and he turns to look at Olaf. "I thought that I would move on, Olaf," says Kristian. "I don't exactly mingle with others well."

"That's not true!" exclaims Olaf. "You and I get along great! You are also forgetting the dinner at the palace and the day you spent with Elsa and me! I think you mingle just fine!"

"Olaf's got a point," adds Kristoff, who was sitting next to Kristian. "Hey, when you're not caught up in some plot against the queen or so wrapped up in being different because of your magic; you are quite sociable."

Elsa and Anna had been listening to the conversation too, and they rode their horses up alongside the cart. "You don't have to go Kristian," says Elsa as her horse comes up alongside. "Plus, I haven't properly rewarded you for all that you have done for me and for Arendelle."

"I don't need any sort of reward," replies Kristian. "What you are doing for me right now, I feel is more than enough."

"It is a nice start, but I still feel like I should give you something more," adds Elsa. "If you can wait a few days, I can arrange to have some supplies ready for you when you leave."

"I don't know, maybe," replies Kristian. "I'll have to think about it."

"Come on Kristian, you've got to stay!" interjects Anna. "Once the palace is back in shape, we are going to have a celebration. You've got to come to that one. The last party you were at, you left rather abruptly. I mean, what is the likelihood that you will be able to have some fun at a party, especially since you will be living alone on a mountain."

"I would appreciate you being there," adds Elsa. "I kind of come to enjoy your company."

"So what do you say!" chirps Olaf. "Want to stay and have some fun, with some new friends!"

Kristian hesitates for a moment. Then Kristoff says, "What will a few days matter. Everything that you will be heading back too will still be there. With what you have just gone through with the rest of us, you could use a little fun."

"Will you stay for a while then?" asks Anna.

Kristian looks around and sees everyone looking at him with hopeful smiles on their faces. Finally with a sigh, Kristian says "Oh fine, I guess that I can stay for a little while."

"That's great!" exclaims Olaf. "You and I can spend all our time together until you leave!"

"Um, sure Olaf," replies Kristian, not sure of how to respond.

Yet a little laughter can be heard coming from the others. Then Elsa says, "Olaf, would it be alright if the rest of us could spend some time with Kristian as well?"

"Oh sure, the more the merrier!" chirps Olaf.

It took a few hours for Kristian and the others to head up the mountain to the spot that Kristian had decided to place Goran's frozen body. The place was the cave that Goran had created earlier, and the place that Kristian was held captive for a while.

As the cart comes to a stop, Kristoff says, "This is the spot then?"

"Yes, I thought that it would do," replies Kristian.

Anna looked around the area and noticed the lack of snow and disturbed surfaces. "Elsa, do you see how everything is disturbed around here," says Anna.

"It looks like some great force was at work," replies Elsa as she looked around as well.

"A great force was at work, and his name was Goran," says Kristian as he works to remove Goran from the cart. "This is where Goran set up his avalanche; and if you have a good spyglass, you can see Arendelle from here."

Kristoff and Olaf now help Kristian set Goran down on the ground. Once the guys were both off the cart, they pick Goran up and carry him into the cave. They only carry Goran a few feet into the cave before they set him down again. Kristian now flares up one of his hands to provide light. He then walks over to the rock pile in the middle of the room. Everyone watches as Kristian stretches his hands over the rocks and makes them flare up like a campfire. The campfire now lights up the cave, and the smooth walls of the cave can now be seen.

"Whoa," says Anna as she examines the cave. "Did Goran do this as well?"

"Manipulating rock takes some talent, but Goran was a master of it," replies Kristian as he walks to the back of the cave.

Once Kristian had reached the back of the cave, he lifted his hands and projected a large flame against the back wall. For a few seconds, the flames hit the wall and curled back. Soon the flames began to rotate and the rock began to glow red. In just moments, the fire had become a swirling cylinder about the height of a man. Then Kristian caused this swirling fire to push against the wall of the cave. The fire swirled against the red rock for a moment. Then the fire began to push into the rock wall. It took a little time but eventually a small cavity was created in the wall of the cave. Once the cavity had been created the flames of the fire cylinder faded away.

"Wow, Goran is not the only one that's talented," says an impressed Kristoff.

"I have my moments," says a smiling Kristian as he turns around. Then after walking over to Goran's body, Kristian says, "That cavity will do. Let's place him inside."

So Kristian and Kristoff grabbed a hold of Goran and carried him into the cavity. Goran now faces out of the cavity, as if he was watching everyone. Next Elsa stepped forward and extended her hands. Elsa's magic powers projected from her hands and lined the cavity with ice. Then Elsa created a clear sheet of ice over the opening of the cavity. Now with Goran sealed in the cavity, Elsa generated a swirling wind around her body. Then the wind quickly extended away from Elsa in one direction and swirled around the walls of the cave. This wind quickly laid down a layer of ice on the walls and ceiling of the cave.

"There, a suitable place for Goran to rest," says Elsa when she finishes.

"It's more than he deserves, but I am grateful," says Kristian. Then turning to Elsa, Kristian says, "Thank you." Then turning to the others, Kristian says, "Thanks to all of you."

"Hey, no big deal," says Kristoff.

"It was a simple thing for us to do," adds Anna.

"We had to put him somewhere, and this was a good spot," chirps Olaf. "So if we are done, can we head back down to Arendelle? We've got a party to prepare for."

"Olaf, please! Can you try to be more respectful," says Elsa. She was worried about upsetting Kristian.

"It's all right," says Kristian. He then turns and looks back at Goran. Then after a pause, Kristian says, "There really isn't much more to do here." Then with a sigh, Kristian turns back towards the others and says, "Olaf is right. Things still need to be done. We should go down and get to them."

So everyone proceeds to leave the cave. Yet just before Kristian leaves, he stops and lets the other go by and then Kristian waves his hand and the stone campfire goes out. Meanwhile outside, Elsa and Anna were being helped up onto their mounts by Kristoff.

Once Kristian got outside, he used his powers to create an iron door out of the rock debris lying around the mouth of the cave. While Kristian was doing this, Kristoff headed to the cart and pulled out a heavy lock. He then proceeded to hand the lock to Kristian. So Kristian took this lock and locked the iron door on the cave.

Once this was done, Kristian climbed up onto the cart and sat down next to Kristoff with Olaf sitting on the back of the cart. Once everyone was situated, Anna and Elsa led the way down the mountain to Arendelle. Mattias, who had landed on a cliff above the cave, took to the air when he saw everyone leave.

It takes a week to get Arendelle cleaned up, but many repairs still need to be done. So Elsa spends most of her time organizing the labor and arranging for supplies. Anna meanwhile focuses on repairing the palace and getting food to the workmen out in the village. Kristoff and Sven spend most of their time removing debris from around the village and the palace. Then later, Kristoff and Sven deliver supplies to people who need them. They also deliver the food to the workmen.

AS for Kristian, he feels a little out of place in Arendelle. Still he does help by repairing the stonework at the palace. First Kristian spends his time repairing the cobblestones. Later Kristian works on repairing the courtyard wall. The work wasn't difficult for him. Because Kristian was able to use his powers to shape the stones. When Kristian was finished, the stones fitted as tight as any mason could have done; but it took Kristian only a fraction of the time.

Now Elsa would take a break from her work, from time to time; and she would look out a window. She often would watch Kristian as he worked. A smile would always come to her face as Elsa watched Kristian. During one of these breaks, Anna happened to walk into the room without Elsa noticing. So Anna walks up behind Elsa, and she looks out the window as well. Anna could see Kristian out that window and a smile came to her face.

"That must be a nice view for you," says Anna cheekily.

"What! Oh! Anna!" says a surprised Elsa as she turns around to find her sister. "I was just… um… monitoring Kristian's work on the wall." So Elsa turns back to the window and looks out at Kristian again. "He is making remarkable progress on the wall."

Now Anna steps up alongside her sister and looks out the window and smiles. "He is making good progress, but I think you have another interest in mind though," says Anna with a bit of humor.

"Oh, stop rubbing it in!" replies an embarrassed Elsa as she looks over to Anna. "I'll admit that I like Kristian, but that's all." Then Elsa looks back out the window and continues. "I just don't know how to proceed with him."

"Well, I might have an answer for you that could help," says Anna.

"Oh, and what would that be?" asks a curious Elsa as she looks back at her sister.

"Since Kristian has been making excellent progress, I thought that we could start organizing the celebration party," says Anna. "A party would be a good way for everyone to loosen up. Besides, the people of Arendelle could use a break and some enjoyment."

"Yes, a party would be beneficial for everyone, but do you think we will be able to organize one with everything going on?" replies Elsa.

"Just leave things too me," says Anna. "I've already had words with the musicians and the household staff. The interior of the palace is no problem. It has already been cleaned and can easily be spruced up in no time. Most of the exterior of the palace will be done within a few days. The only real problem will be the food, but the kitchen staff says that a simple feast can be prepared. With luck, I can even get some of the shops in Arendelle to help provide some of the food."

"Sounds like you have things well in hand," amuses Elsa.

"So shall I get things moving on the party then?" asks Anna.

"Yes of course Anna, by all means, set things in motion," replies Elsa. Then Elsa looks out the window again and smiles. "I think that I will enjoy this next celebration."

For the next few days, Anna organized the party. Verbal invitations are sent out to everyone in the village and the people in the surrounding countryside. Finally, the day of the party arrives. Everyone in the village was happy to take a break from the process of repairing Arendelle. However, Kristian had decided to continue to work. He and some workmen had just hung the new front gates that morning. Now Kristian was busy by himself placing the locks on the gates. Kristian had finished with the locks just after the first few party guests had showed up. Kristian had even fire polished the iron so that it shone in the sun.

Finally Kristian was done. So he picked up his tools and headed towards the palace. The Kristian ran into Elsa near the front doors. She was there greeting some of the early visitors. "Kristian, I was beginning to worry that you were going to work right through the celebration," says Elsa with a smile.

I figured that I owed you, and that I should make the palace look complete before your guests arrive," replies Kristian.

"Thank you, but that wasn't necessary," says Elsa. "I never thought that you owed me anything; but if you do want to owe me something, how about a dance."

"A dance! Well… I… um…," says a nervous Kristian, not knowing what to say.

"Oh, that's OK Kristian," says a sadden Elsa. "If you don't want to dance, we don't have too."

"No Elsa, it's not that," replies Kristian as he doesn't like to see Elsa looking like this. "It's just…, I've never danced before. I don't think I would make a very good dance partner for you."

Elsa's face brightens up as she hears this, and then she says, "Dancing doesn't have to be that difficult. I could teach you if you want."

"Are you sure you would want to dance with such a novice as myself?" asks an uncertain Kristian. "I'm sure you would have much better dance partners than me to choose from. I wouldn't want to ruin your evening."

"I don't have that many partners to choose from," replies Elsa. "And I can think of much worse things that could happen to me, than having my toes stepped on. So what do you say? Care to learn how to dance with me? I promise to keep it simple."

A slight smile comes to Kristian's face. Then he says, "If you are willing to risk your feet like that, then I guess I could act like a fool in front of everyone."

"I'll try and not embarrass you too much," says a smiling Elsa. "But I think you need to get ready for the party now. People are already showing up."

"Um sure, it won't take me long," replies Kristian. Then Kristian begins to walk into the palace. "See you in a little while," says Kristian, as he waves goodbye to Elsa. Elsa waves goodbye as well.

In a little while, the courtyard is full of people and more people were coming in as well. The stone fire pits were re-erected in the courtyard and fires were burning in each of them. One of the pits was of particular interest to the visitors. In this pit sat Mattias. Every once in a while; someone, quite often a child, would hold a stick out to the firebird. Mattias would grab this stick and consume it in a fiery blaze, to the enjoyment of the children watching.

Against the walls of the courtyard, Elsa had erected several prism columns of ice. These columns were very reflective and shone brightly in the light of the sun. Bands of rainbow light exited the far side of the prisms and the light was displayed on the cobblestones of the courtyard.

In the main hall, many partiers were chatting away and a few were dancing to the music. Meanwhile, Elsa stood at one end of the hall. Elsa watched the palace guests with a smile on her face. One couple that she watches happily on the dance floor was Anna and Kristoff.

Once the music had stopped, Anna says, "This has been just the thing that everyone needed."

"I can't argue with you there," replies Kristoff. "I certainly am enjoying myself."

Then Anna and Kristoff begin to walk off the dance floor and Anna looks around the room at everyone. "Everybody does seem to be enjoying themselves," says Anna. Then her gaze stops on Elsa standing by herself.

So Anna stops moving and Kristoff stops and turns towards Anna. "Everyone is enjoying themselves except for Elsa," says a concerned Anna.

Kristoff looks over at Elsa and replies, "She seems to be happy enough, Anna. I think she is enjoying the party too."

"She is alone. How can anyone be happy alone?" says Anna. "Why don't you get us some refreshments while I see how Elsa is doing?"

"As you wish," says Kristoff. "And I hope that you will find Elsa in high spirits."

Anna raises herself on her toes and gives Kristoff a kiss. "Thanks, and I hope you're right, but I just want to make sure." Now Anna turns and heads to Elsa.

Now Elsa was standing quietly by herself. She was very content with how things were going at the party. In a moment, Elsa sees her sister Anna approaching. "So are you enjoying yourself Anna?" asks Elsa happily.

"I've been having a nice time," replies Anna. "But I am a little concerned about you."

"Why? I'm very happy with how things are going," says Elsa.

"But how can you be happy here by yourself?" asks Anna. "And where is Kristian, I thought that you would be accompanied by him?"

"Kristian will be here. He is just a little delayed," replies Elsa. "He just didn't want to quit working this morning, and his labor took him a while to finish. He did say he would be here though."

"I'm glad to hear that," says a relieved Anna. "So what are you planning on doing then?"

"Plan?" asks a puzzled Elsa. "What plan are you talking about?"

"Elsa, you have got to have some sort of plan to wrangle Kristian into asking you to dance," says Anna. "Otherwise, you could be standing her all the time just talking with him."

Elsa smiles at her sister and says, "Talking with Kristian would be enough, Anna; but I've already got a dance arranged with Kristian."

"Oh that's wonderful Elsa!" says Anna as she reaches out and grabs a hold of Elsa's hands. "So how did he ask you? Was he acting all romantic or was he a little clumsy about it?"

"He didn't ask me, I asked him," replies Elsa.

"You asked him?" says a surprised Anna. "I can't believe you asked him! I would have thought that Kristian would have freaked out, and yet he said yes!"

"It surprised him alright, but it was a good thing that I did ask him," replies Elsa. "Kristian would have never have asked me himself. You see, he doesn't know how to dance."

"He can't dance?" asks a puzzled Anna. "Even Kristoff had some basic moves. All I had to do was refine them."

"Yes, but Kristoff hasn't been isolated on a mountain like Kristian has," replies Elsa. "I should have realized it sooner. Kristian's interactive experience isn't the same as most people."

Neither was Kristoff's, but I can see your point," replies Anna. "Kristoff at least interacted with other people, and he didn't just hang out with the trolls." Now Anna notices Kristian enter the hall. With him was Olaf, and Olaf was chatting it up with Kristian. "Speaking of Kristian, guess who just entered the room," says Anna mischievously.

Elsa turns and sees Kristian. What she sees was Kristian's attention going back and forth between Olaf and the room. This was because Kristian was searching for Elsa but Olaf keeps on wanting to talk with him. "He's finally here," says a delighted Elsa.

"And I see one reason why he is late," says Anna with humor in her voice. "Olaf is not giving him a moment to himself."

"Olaf did say he was going to spend a lot of time with Kristian at the party," says a smiling Elsa. "I should go over and rescue him before Olaf drags him off somewhere."

"Go, have some fun," replies Anna. "I have my own gentleman waiting for me anyway."

Elsa turns and smiles at her sister. "If we can forget about what happened with Goran, this has been the best spring I have had in a long time," says Elsa.

Then Elsa departs from her sister. Then as Anna watches Elsa walk away, she says to herself, "I did say that you could find someone at the spring festival." Then Anna departs in another direction to find Kristoff.

During all of this time, Olaf had been talking to Kristian. Initially, Olaf had been warmly welcomed by Kristian, but now Kristian finds him a bit of a hindrance. Originally, Kristian had been getting ready for the party in a room that Elsa had provided him. While there, Olaf had come in and provided him some company. Kristian didn't mind the company, but Olaf did slow him down a bit in getting ready. Once Kristian was ready to leave, Olaf was the one that led the way. Unfortunately for Kristian, Olaf took a longer route to the hall; and Olaf was introducing people they met to Kristian. This made the trip to the hall even longer. Kristian was OK with this as well, but he was starting to get a little annoyed with Olaf because of all the stops. Now in the hall Olaf was still talking away.

"Ta da! We made it to the hall!" chirps Olaf.

"Finally," says a relieved Kristian. Now Kristian steps forward and begins to scan the room. He was looking for Elsa, even Anna and Kristoff would do for now.

"So where do you want to go first and what fun thing do you want to do?" asks Olaf as he steps up next to Kristian.

"That's OK Olaf, I think that I can find something to do on my own," replies Kristian as he glances down to Olaf for a moment before he went back to his search.

"But you are going to need someone to guide you around," says Olaf. "The last time you had some difficulty in having fun. This time I am going to be here to make sure you have a good time!"

"Last time, when was the last time?" asks a puzzled Kristian as he looks down at Olaf.

"The last party you were at," chirps Olaf. "You barely spent any time at the spring festival having fun. You didn't even have an opportunity to taste any of the good food that was there."

"Olaf, I wasn't at that party to have a good time," replies Kristian. "I was sort of working that day," says Kristian as he goes back to searching the room with his eyes.

"There is always time to have some fun while you work," chirps Olaf. "This time I am going to make sure you have some fun. I know what we can do first! We can start by visiting the food table. The cooks at the palace always provide some tasty treats for the guests. Let's go see what they managed to provide this time."

"Maybe a little later," replies Kristian as he glances down at Olaf.

"OK, if you are not hungry. Then how about we head outside and take a look at some of the beautiful decorations that Elsa has whipped up," suggests Olaf. "She always does put up some very fancy things for parties. The neat part about most of the things that she does, they always look different as the light changes."

"That's OK Olaf, I think that I will stay in here," replies Kristian once again looking down at Olaf.

"There isn't much to do in here, except for watching other people," says Olaf. "This is fine I guess, but it does get a little boring after a while."

Now Elsa approaches Kristian and Olaf, and she hears what Olaf last said. So Elsa says, "Did I hear someone say that they are bored?"

Both Kristian and Olaf look over to Elsa as she approaches. "Elsa," says Kristian with a smile.

"Hi Elsa!" chirps Olaf. "We're fine right now, but I'm trying to get Kristian to have some fun. I've suggested a few things but all he seems to want to do is stand here in the hall."

"Olaf, everything that you suggested sound fine, but I had made plans on doing something else," interjects Kristian. "We can always do those things a little later, if that would be all right?"

"You still need some sort of guide," says Olaf. "And I was going to make it my responsibility."

"It's OK Olaf. I can take the responsibility for Kristian, if that is alright with you?" interrupts Elsa. "Then you can go and have some fun on your own."

"That will be fine with me, if Kristian doesn't mind," chirps Olaf.

"It'll be fine Olaf," says Kristian. "I'm sure that Elsa and I will find something that we can do."

"Then I will leave Kristian with you," says Olaf to Elsa. "I'll go outside and have some fun with the village kids." "Bye!" says Olaf as he begins to run away. "Take care of Kristian!"

"He's in good hands!" replies Elsa as she waves to Olaf.

"Good hands, huh," smirks Kristian.

"What better hands to be in than a queen's?" replies Elsa cheekily.

"Your hands will definitely be full with me," amuses Kristian. "Not only do you have to handle someone with hands of fire, but you also have to deal with a novice at dancing."

"Those are two risks that I am very willing to take," replies a smiling Elsa. "So are you ready to give it a try?"

"I guess I am as ready as I will ever be," says Kristian. "As ready as anyone will be, for making a fool of themselves."

"It won't be that bad," replies Elsa as she extends her arm for Kristian to take. So Kristian steps forward and offers his arm to Elsa and Elsa wraps her ungloved hand around Kristian's arm. "I'll keep this first lesson very simple," says Elsa as she partly directs Kristian to the middle of the dance floor.

As Kristian and Elsa near the center of the dance floor, Elsa raises her free hand and signals the musicians. The musicians then change the tempo of the song that they are playing and switch to a slower beat. Now Elsa stops walking and turns towards Kristian.

Elsa lifts up her left hand and says, "OK let's see what you actually know then."

So Kristian takes in a breath and lets it out slowly. Then Kristian steps forward and takes a hold of Elsa's raised hand and places his other hand on her upper waist.

Not bad hand positions for a beginner, but you could always hold me closer," says Elsa. "Just move your hand further around my back."

"The closer I get the higher the chance of something bad happening," says Kristian as he becomes a little nervous.

"We're just going to sway a little," replies Elsa with a smile. "My feet can take a little stepping on."

"It was not only your feet that I was worried about," says a concerned Kristian. "I don't want to accidentally go off."

"Oh, of course!" exclaims Elsa. "I'm sorry, but I didn't consider the uneasy state you would be in. I know how difficult it can be sometimes to control one's magic. I sometimes have difficulty with my own."

"Sometimes I forget how special you are," says Kristian with a light smile.

Elsa smiles and says, "I wish more people would forget like that; and Kristian if you are worried about an unexpected fire, I'm sure that I can handle a little heat."

So Kristian slowly slides his hand to the center of Elsa's back. This act brings him closer to Elsa. "As long as you are alright with this," says Kristian as his nerves settle down.

"I'm more than alright," says a delighted Elsa. "Now all you have to do is, listen to the music and sway with it."

For a little while, Kristian and Elsa slowly danced with each other. Initially, Kristian was very rigid in his movements; but as time progressed, he loosens up. Every once in a while Elsa offered a few suggestions on how to move, but mostly she offered encouragement. With one small step at a time, Kristian was beginning to move around the dance floor with Elsa.

Now off at the side of the room, stood Anna and Kristoff. Each one of them was holding a cup of tea. After taking a sip from her cup, Anna places it down onto a table that stood next to her. She looks out onto the dance floor to watch the dancers. Of particular interest to Anna was Elsa and Kristian.

"Don't you think they look good out there?" says Anna to Kristoff.

"Who?" asks Kristoff as he brings his cup down onto the saucer that he was holding.

"Elsa and Kristian," says Anna with a little surprise and annoyance that Kristoff doesn't know what she was talking about.

Kristoff looks out onto the dance floor to watch Elsa and Kristian. "I don't know, they look OK I guess," says Kristoff. "Elsa is moving fine but Kristian is a little tight in his movements. He needs to try and free it up some more."

"I wasn't talking about their dancing form," replies Anna as she becomes a little more annoyed. "I was thinking in terms of them as a couple."

"You're asking me about that?" says a confused Kristoff. "He's a man. She's a woman. What more do you need to be a couple?"

"You guys can be so clueless sometimes," replies Anna. "There are other things to consider, like chemistry and a certain spark."

"You're kind of going over my head with this stuff you know," says Kristoff. "All I really know is that they like each other. Other than that, you will have to just wait and see what develops between them."

"I can see it developing right now," says a smiling Anna. "And so far it looks pretty good."

Well Kristoff takes another sip from his cup and then places it down on the table. Then Kristoff offers his hand to Anna and says, "So are you going to watch them for the rest of the day, or are you going to join me out on the dance floor with them?"

Anna looks at Kristoff and says, "Why not, but you really should work on your method of asking." So Anna places her hand in Kristoff's hand, and they begin to walk out onto the dance floor.

"It's working isn't," says Kristoff with a slight smirk.

"This time, yes," replies Anna with a slight giggle as she and Kristoff begin to dance.

As Anna and Kristoff dance, Elsa's thoughts are solely on Kristian. Elsa doesn't even notice anything else going on around her. By now Kristian had settled down and his thoughts start to focus more on Elsa than on his dancing.

"You're starting to move very well," says Elsa as she compliments Kristian.

"I have a very talented and special teacher," replies Kristian.

"You're quite remarkable in your own way as well," adds a smiling Elsa.

So Kristian returns the smile with his own smile. Then for several moments, Elsa and Kristian dance with each other, looking into each other's eyes. Kristian had become comfortable enough with dancing now that he does a slow circling move across the floor with Elsa. Kristian and Elsa were so engrossed with each other that they didn't notice what was happening just over their heads. Wisps of flame and snow began to circle in the air over their heads. These wisps extended upward several feet into the air. They seem to almost dance with each other. So as Elsa and Kristian move around the floor, new wisps were created and the center of the room became full of swirling and dancing wisps of snow and flame.

Soon other people in the room stopped what they were doing and watched the display that was going on above the heads of Kristian and Elsa. A few oohs and ahs could be heard from some of the people. Soon only Elsa and Kristian were left on the dance floor, and all of this was happening without either Elsa or Kristian noticing.

The only thing that broke Elsa and Kristian out of their oblivion was the sound of clapping. A few of the guest started to applaud the display in the air. Now Elsa heard the applause and looked to see what people were responding to. To Elsa's surprise, everyone in the hall was looking at Kristian and her. So Elsa quickly releases from Kristian and turns to face one side of the hall. It was at this time that Kristian notices the same thing as Elsa. Now Kristian turns and looks in stunned silence at the staring people.

Now off at the side of the room, where Elsa and Kristian were looking, stood Anna and Kristoff. Anna noticed the surprised expression on Elsa's face and Anna quickly made a small gesture with her hand. Anna pointed with her finger, just in front of her, to the air above Elsa. So Elsa looked up and saw the wisps of flame and snow as they were in the middle of fading away. Kristian also looked up.

Then out of embarrassment, Elsa turns towards Kristian and lowers her head slightly. Elsa also brings one hand up under her chin and says, "Oh, this is embarrassing."

As for Kristian, he continues to stare out at the people, who are watching and applauding. Soon his eyes fall onto Anna and Kristoff. Both Anna and Kristoff were smiling. Anna was nearly to the point of laughter at the plight of her sister Elsa. Meanwhile, Kristoff was nodding his head in a positive fashion as he smiled. Now looking at Anna and Kristoff eased Kristian's awkward feelings.

Then to Elsa, Kristian says, "Ya, it is embarrassing." Then he turns towards Elsa and reaches up and grabs a hold of Elsa's hand that was under her chin. Kristian then interlaces his fingers with Elsa's, and then flames surround their joined hands. Then Kristian says, "But it is embarrassing in a good way, right?"

So Elsa looks at their joined hands and the fire that surrounds them. Then Elsa looks up at Kristian's face and sees a smile on his face. So Elsa begins to smile too, and then she adds her own powers to Kristian's. Soon fire and snow swirl around their joined hands. Then Elsa says, "Yes it is in a good way."

Then the energy around their joined hands turned into a blue energy and shot upwards. As this energy neared the ceiling, it bursts apart and flaming snowflakes fell from the ceiling. The snow was not cold and the fire did not burn. Some people were afraid when they first saw the fire come down from the ceiling. Others were more curious and fascinated by the unique display. Then a few people began to catch the snow in their hands. As long as the snow remained in their hands the fire would flame without burning the holder. Once the snow melted because of a person's body heat the fire was gone.

In a short while, snow covered the center of the dance floor and small flames would skirt across the surface of the snow. The first people to step out onto the snow were the young children. The kids checked out the flames and found the flames safe to touch. In a moment, a few kids were having fun chasing the flames across the snow. Then other brave souls journeyed out onto the snow and marveled at the unusual event. Among these brave souls were Anna and Kristoff.

Meanwhile, Elsa and Kristian watched as others experienced the snow and fire. As the adventurous souls enjoyed this experience, Elsa turns to Kristian and says with a bright smile, "Welcome to Arendelle."

Kristian looks over to Elsa with a smile of his own, and he replies, "I'm glad that I came to this village." Then Kristian looks out at the other people and says, "I believe that I will enjoy staying here awhile."

So Elsa continues to smile and reached down and grabbed a hold of Kristian's hand. A smiling Kristian looked over to Elsa, and he then brought Elsa's bare hand up to his face. Once there, Kristian tilted his head down and kissed Elsa's hand. Elsa then giggled out of pure enjoyment and excitement. The rest of the day was filled with fun and enjoyment for everyone present. Especially for Elsa, since Kristian had decided to continue his stay in Arendelle.

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