Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

The End

"You certainly have made this an interesting day," says Elsa.

I really haven't done that much. You have done most of it," replies Kristian. "What I can't get over is the reaction of the people here. Even what is happening right now is kind of weird to me."

"You're just lucky that the Queen of Arendelle is unique in her own way," replies a smiling Elsa. "They have come accustom to unique events."

Just then, Anna and Kristoff show up. "This is amazing Kristian!" exclaims Anna. "Elsa has always made our parties unique, but you have put a whole new wrinkle to it!"

"I'll have to admit, standing out here feels weird. Especially when you got fires skirting under foot," adds Kristoff. "You're definitely going to bring some new excitement to Arendelle."

"I'm worried that the kind of excitement that I will bring will be too much for people to handle," replies Kristian.

"Nonsense!" says Anna. "If done in the right way, the kind of excitement that you would bring can be just what Arendelle needs."

"Arendelle already has a Snow Queen. Who says that the village couldn't handle a Fire Prince?" says Kristoff.

"A Fire Prince," amuses Kristian. "I've gone from an obscure nobody to notoriety in a few days."

"You were never a nobody. You just haven't been noticed before, and I think the term prince fits you very well," replies Elsa.

"Kristian, you deserve the gratitude of everyone in Arendelle, especially for your efforts in saving my sister's life," says Anna. "For what you did, I personally will make your stay in Arendelle as pleasant as humanly possible."

"Really?" replies Kristian amusingly. "Even if I stay here over a month."

"What, really?" exclaims Anna. "You're going to be staying then?"

"That is what Kristian has pretty much have said to me," replies Elsa. "Though he hasn't given me a specific time line."

"Back home, there is still snow in the mountains. I could leave now but the trek through the snow would be long," adds Kristian. "I figured that I could stay here a month to let things thaw out. If it is no bother to everyone here."

"It would not be any bother at all," replies Elsa. "In fact, I look forward to your stay here in Arendelle."

"I will even try to keep my promise that I have just made to you," adds Anna. "Though a month is a bit long. So I am going to need some help to accomplish that promise."

"Just as long as Olaf isn't the help," replies Kristian with a smirk. "Olaf can be fun to be around for a little while; but if I have to be around him all the time, I think I might go crazy."

Everyone begins to laugh, and then Elsa says, "Oh, I think we can keep Olaf's enthusiasm under control.

"That's right, keeping Olaf contained won't be a problem. However, Elsa's enthusiasm might be more difficult to control," says Kristoff mischievously.

Elsa begins to blush because of Kristoff's comment. Meanwhile, Anna gives Kristoff a silly disapproving scowl and says, "Oh, Kristoff."

With a silly lint in his voice, Kristian replies, "I think that I can handle anything that Elsa might present."

"Oh really," says Elsa humorously. "I wonder if you really can, but I will enjoy finding out what you might be able to accomplish."

Once again everyone laughs as the musicians play. Around these four friends, the villagers explore the unusual flaming snow; and laughter can be heard throughout the palace. A new beginning has begun in Arendelle, and everyone wonders what this new era will bring.

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