Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

The Invitation

After leaving the palace, Kristian makes it to the edge of Arendelle and is heading into the hillside. By now there is very little light from the sun. So Kristian lets one of his hands light up, so he can hunt the ground for a thick stick. Once he finds a stick that he likes, Kristian grabs it with his flaming hand. He lifts the stick into the air and then makes the fire climb to the top of the stick. Now the fire sits at the top of the stick and the stick burns like a torch. "Goran is going to be upset with me when I get back to camp," Kristian says to himself.

As Kristian approaches the site where he had left Mattias, he can see two fires burning. One is up in the rocks. This one Kristian knows is Mattias. The other one is down in front of the rocks. Most likely, this one is from Goran. As Kristian nears, he sees Goran sitting on a boulder next to the fire. "You're late," growls Goran.

"I know I am late," replies Kristian. "But I have found out why the Duke of Weselton wants to get rid of this ice witch."

"His reasons don't matter. Mine do," rebuffs Goran.

"Well they should matter to you," contradicts Kristian. "The Duke has hired us only because the King of Weselton is displeased with him. For some reason, the Duke's actions here in Arendelle got all trade stopped between Arendelle and Weselton. We are not saving the people of Arendelle. We are going to be interfering in their lives."

"Saving Arendelle was never my goal," replies Goran. "Only eliminating the ice witch matters, everything else is meaningless."

Kristian has always hated the way Goran was intractable from his positions. Yet this time he had hoped that Goran would be willing to forget his goal. Because this goal would mean that Goran would have to reveal himself to the village of Arendelle. Something that Goran has always tried to avoid doing, when dealing with others.

"Goran, you've got to see reason this time," continues Kristian. "The people here have accepted Elsa and her abilities. She is living freely among them with no fear of being persecuted. Many of them will come to her defense if we try anything against her. Look, there is just no way we can fight the whole village."

Goran has been listening to what Kristian had to say. While listening; Goran has been sitting, watching the fire burn in front of him. Meanwhile; Kristian is standing off to the side of Goran, arguing his position. When Kristian was done speaking, Goran stands up and with a cold tone he says, "So you have found this ice witch then. Named Elsa is she? So where can we find this creature born of the cold?"

Kristian realizes that he has given too much away about Elsa. Hoping to make the task seem even more impossible he continues by saying, "It's not just the villagers we have to worry about, but it is also the palace guards. It won't be easy to get into the palace to get close to her."

Before Kristian can finish speaking, Goran speaks up with an angry surprise in his voice. "The palace? The royal family here is protecting this Elsa witch?"

"Um ya," replies Kristian with hesitation. "She is ah, a member of the royal family. So a lot of the people actually love her. Goran, can't you see that this is going to be a mistake?"

Goran's anger is growing. He makes a fist with one hand and holds it in front of him, a few inches away from his chest. That fist lights up with fire and its intensity grows. Then Goran releases the fire from his hand, like pushing something out of the palm of his hand. The fire ball flies into the campfire which burst into a tall column of fire. With anger he says, "This makes her an even bigger threat to us than before! Not only do we have to face her powers, but we have to face her family's army as well. This witch must be eliminated soon if we are going to be able to defeat her."

"Goran, you can't be serious about going up against Queen Elsa," says a worried Kristian.

Hearing that Elsa is the queen enrages Goran. From his two fists, at his sides, fire wicks up his arms and the back of his head. Then, turning towards the rock outcropping, Goran thrusts forward with both hands. This sends a giant fireball into the rocks. This fireball blasts many of the rocks away from the surface in small chunks. Meanwhile Mattias, who is resting peacefully, is startled by the noise and vibrations. The fire bird takes off from his resting site and circles a little before coming to rest on a rock near Kristian.

"How dare she live peacefully in that village!" fumes Goran. "While we were driven out of our homes, she gets to command a kingdom and be respected by its inhabitants! Monsters like us don't get that sort of treatment! She will learn what being us is like, before she is eliminated."

Kristian sees that he has failed to convince Goran to leave. So Kristian asks, "What are you planning to do, that will accomplish that?"

"If these people like ice so much, I'm going to give them ice from up there," replies an angry Goran as he points up towards the mountain top. The ground around the campsite is a mixture of grass, dirt, and snow. The warm spring air has only just started to melt the snow at the lower levels. However, up on the mountains, the snow has thinned but large amounts remain intact.

"You want us to bring that snow down here?" questions Kristian.

"Not us, me," replies Goran gruffly. "I can send the snow down on its own weight to devastate the village. Your job is to watch the ice witch. She must be in Arendelle when the avalanche hits. That way she will get the blame for the devastation. You need to make sure she will be there for a few days and notify me if she is not." After giving these orders, Goran begins to pack his things to get ready for the hike up into the mountains.

Kristian has always known Goran to be determined in his actions, but even he is surprised by how driven Goran has become about Elsa. "Are you going up there tonight?" asks Kristian.

"The night is the best time to travel when you are on a mission of secrecy," replies Goran. "Few people are out at night, making it easy to move around without being noticed. Besides, the sooner I get up there the sooner the threat of that witch will be removed." Goran then swings his pack onto his back and starts to walk away, heading for the mountains.

As Goran leaves, Kristian slumps down onto a rock and hangs his head. Meanwhile, Mattias jumps off his boulder and hops around to look at Kristian's face. Then after a moment, Mattias lets out a questioning squawk. In response Kristian lifts his head and looks at the firebird. "Mattias, things have turned into a right mess," sighs Kristian. "I was never all that thrilled about getting this job, but Goran was my mentor and the closes thing I have to a family."

Now Kristian stands up and moves to his pack. He kneels down and pulls a blanket out of his pack. "Yet Elsa has made a home here, a good one where she is accepted. Why can't Goran be happy that someone like us has found a place to call home?" comments Kristian to himself. Now Kristian lays the blanket out next to the fire and places his pack at one end. "Yet Goran has kept me alive and safe. So who am I to question his judgment?"

Kristian then sits down on the center of the blanket and grabs a stick and throws it into the fire. Mattias then jumps into the fire himself. Once in the fire, Mattias nestles down into the burning wood and eats some of the hot coals. After the firebird settles down, Kristian reaches into the fire and pats Mattias on the head, before laying down with his head on his pack.

"I will tell you one thing Mattias. Elsa certainly was a pretty lady," says Kristian. Then taking hold of the edge of the blanket, Kristian rolls over; and covers himself with the blanket. Then Kristian lets out another sigh. "I just don't know what to do anymore." Kristian then falls into a restless sleep.

Next morning, Anna is lying in her bed when she hears a knock on her door. Then the door knob turns and Olaf pops his head in. "Hey Anna are you up!" chirps Olaf.

Not ready to get up yet, Anna rolls over and places a pillow on the top of her head. Then a muffled voice comes from under Anna's pillow. "Olaf, it's early. Can you give me a few minutes?" says Anna.

"I just thought if we were going to be looking for Kristian, that you might want to get an early start," replies Olaf as he heads towards the window to open the drapes. Olaf pushes the drapes back and looks out the window. "It certainly is a beautiful day out there."

Anna shifts herself under her covers and peaks from under the pillow at the light coming from the window. A muffled yawn comes from under the pillow. "Yes, there is a bright blue sky out there, and it will be out there later too," replies a sleepy Anna.

Now Olaf begins to walk over to Anna's wardrobe. "So what do you want to wear this morning?" asks Olaf. "The sun is warm but the air is a little cool, or at least that is what I've been told. Being a snowman gives me a different sense of warmth."

Anna lets out a groan. She realizes that Olaf is not going to leave her alone. So Anna sits up in bed and sets her feet onto the floor. She sighs and says, "Alright Olaf, I'm up. You can go tell the kitchen staff to get my breakfast ready. I'll be down in 15 minutes."

"Good to hear that," replies Olaf. "The sooner we get going, the sooner I can say hi to my pal Kristian." With that Olaf heads to the door. Before he shuts the door Olaf says, "Once I've informed the kitchen, I'll go and get Kristoff ready as well." Then Olaf shuts the door as he leaves.

With a weary smile Anna says, "Poor Kristoff, I bet he is not ready to get up either because of last night's party." Anna then lies back down on the bed and covers herself up. Then a few seconds later, Anna hears birds chirping outside her window. She looks out the window and sees 2 birds sitting on the railing. They are singing with all their worth. Anna sighs and sits up again. "It looks like the whole world wants me to get up already." So Anna sluggishly gets herself ready and heads down to eat breakfast.

In the royal family's private dinning quarters, Elsa has just finished her breakfast and pushes her plate off to the side. A fire is burning in the fireplace, with a kettle hung on a swing hook over the fire. Now Elsa has pulled some papers in front of her as well as a quill pen. She is looking over the papers to make sure everything is in order for today's meetings. Soon a servant comes up to Elsa and removes the dirty dishes for the queen. As she is doing this Anna walks into the room. "Ah, good morning princess Anna. I see you are up early after all," calls out the servant.

"Good morning," replies a half sleeping Anna as she sets herself down roughly onto a chair across from Elsa.

So Elsa looks up from her papers, across the table at Anna. She smiles and says, "When Olaf said you would be down in 15 minutes, I wasn't expecting you for at least a half hour. Right now, it has only been about 10."

"Some birds singing got me up after Olaf left," replies Anna as she places her elbows on the table and props her head up on her hands.

With Anna at the table, Elsa straightens her papers and sets them down. "Yes, well spring is here and even the birds are enjoying the warmer weather," replies Elsa. "Your breakfast won't be ready for a few minutes yet. Would you like some tea while you wait?"

"Sure," replies Anna only half awake.

So Elsa gets up from the table and heads over to the fireplace. She swings the kettle away from the fire; and without thinking, Elsa wraps her bare hand around the hot handle of the kettle.

"Boy, I wish that I could do that," says Anna as she watches Elsa pick up the kettle from the hook.

"Do what?" asks Elsa.

"Pick up a hot pot without any protection," replies Anna.

"Oh that," replies Elsa. Then as she walks back to the table Elsa says, "My magic powers do come in handy from time to time. I don't even realize that I am using them sometimes." Now Elsa picks up a cup, from in front of Anna, and pours some tea into the cup. "I can feel the heat from the handle but my magic has cooled it enough so that I don't even get burned." Elsa then hands the cup to Anna.

Anna cups both hands around the cup of tea and sips. Then Anna leans back in her chair. "Mm, that's better," says Anna. "So what are those papers you have over there," says Anna as she nods her head towards the stack on the other side of the table.

"Some of those are reports from certain divisions of the palace," replies Elsa. "They report what they have, what they need, and what they would like to have. I will be meeting with the heads of each division this morning in a large conference. Some of the items the kingdom needs can be gotten right here in Arendelle. Others need to be traded for. I want to have a list prepared before some of the trade merchants set sail."

"Sounds like you have a full plate then," replies Anna, glad that she does not have the responsibility.

"It is not as bad as it sounds," replies Elsa. "However, it must be done; and the sooner some of it is taken care of, the better off the kingdom and the next staff meeting will be."

Just then a servant appears at the door of the dinning quarters and Elsa sees him as he enters. "It looks like my first duties of the day are just beginning," says Elsa as she picks up her papers and places the ink well on a side table.

"Well, have fun then," says Anna as she waves to her sister.

"I think you will have more fun than I will this morning," replies Elsa as she walks out the door followed by the servant who came in.

After eating breakfast, Anna heads out of the palace. She is wearing a long sleeved dress for the air is still a little cool in the morning. Anna then heads out onto the bridge that connects the palace with the village. She stops half way across to look at the ships in the harbor. Anna can see the ships docked alongside the village and some of the people working on and around the ships. Anna then walks to the town square which is located at the other end of the bridge. Anna stops there for a moment. "Now where should I start to look for Kristian?" Anna says to herself. As she is thinking, Anna sees Olaf walking towards her down one of the streets. So Anna heads towards him and meets Olaf in the square. "Did you get Kristoff up, Olaf?" Anna asks.

"Yep, I went to see him," replies Olaf. "Kristoff said that he had some business to do at the docks this morning, but he said we can meet him there."

"Well that decides where we will start looking first," says Anna. "We will ask around the docks if anyone knows where Kristian is."

"Then let's get going," chirps Olaf as he starts to trot off towards the docks.

"Wait up, Olaf!" calls out Anna as she hurries after him.

In the meantime, Kristian has just gotten to the edge of Arendelle. He stops for a moment, looking at the road that leads into the village. "You've got a job to do here Kristian," he says to himself. "Goran always says that personal connections make you weak. Today, I will be as cold as Goran is about this whole matter." So Kristian puts on a pair of leather gloves. Then with a deep breath Kristian heads into the village, walking down a street that is on the opposite side of the town as the docks.

At the docks, Anna and Olaf have been asking people if they know the whereabouts of Kristian. No one, that they meet, knows who Kristian is. After a while, they come across Kristoff. "Hi Kristoff, Sven!" calls out Olaf.

Kristoff is loading ice onto his hand cart from the wagon that Sven is pulling. "Hi Olaf," replies Kristoff as he takes a break from his work. "Have you guys had any luck this morning?"

Anna, who has walked up to Kristoff, replies; "No, no one seems to even know who Kristian is. If he had business here in Arendelle, you would think someone at the docks would have heard of him."

"Not all business in Arendelle is done at the docks," points out Kristoff. There are the stores near the town square and by the main road. Not to mention the warehouses where I keep a shed for all of my ice for Arendelle. A lot of people also do business out of their homes as well."

"So what you are saying is, that we have to canvas the whole village," replies Anna.

"Afraid we are going to have too," replies Kristoff. "I'll tell you what. After I'm done here, I'll finish asking along the docks as I head back to my shed and then I'll ask around there. You can go ask around the shops about Kristian."

"That sounds like a good idea," responds Anna as she is feeling more positive about the undertaking. "Olaf can head to the residential part of town and ask there."

"Sure thing Anna," pipes up Olaf. "I know a number of kids around town. I bet I will find someone who knows about Kristian, from one of them." So Olaf begins to head off to the residential areas.

"Let's meet in the town square at noon!" calls out Anna to Olaf.

"Sure thing Anna!" replies Olaf. "I'll see you then!"

"I guess, I should be moving on to," says Anna as she stands looking at Kristoff.

"Ya," replies Kristoff. "This ice isn't going to unload itself either. See ya this noon."

"See ya," replies Anna as she heads off to the markets and stores in town.

Up in the mountains, Goran has walked all night. Finally he reached a place where Goran will begin to do his work. Goran then walks up to and stands at the edge of a cliff. Behind him the mountain slopes up quickly. "This spot will do," states Goran. "But first, I'm going to need some help."

So Goran turns around. Then flame bands begin to swirl around his body. His hands also light up with fire. Goran then throws a hand forward. A flame band follows the direction that the hand moves and shots off the end of Goran's fingertips. This band flies and lands on the ground. The band then swirls up from the ground and condenses into a humanoid fire creature. Then he repeats this process 5 more times. Soon Goran has 6 large creatures of fire waiting to do his desires.

After finishing his creations, Goran addresses them, "You beast are here to build a wall of snow and ice. Behind this wall you will pile more snow and ice, and anything else you can find. I want you to clear as much of this mountain as you can and place it right here. Now get to work." Goran then releases a super heated flame from his hand. It creates a loud crack like thunder through the air. The large creatures roar from the ear piercing noise as they cringe from fear. Then they head off across the mountain to gather the snow and ice.

Goran, himself, heads off to a nearby rock face. Once there, Goran places his hands on the rock wall and causes his hands to flame up. The flame first grows. Then the flame turns into the rock wall, where it disappears through the cracks of the rock. Now Goran steps back away from the wall with his hands stretched out towards the rock. The spot, where his hands were, begins to glow red. Then Goran flings his arms away from the wall. As he does this, the rock wall rumbles and rocks comes flying out of the rock face.

In short order, Goran has created a cave which he then enters. Once inside the cave, Goran throws his pack down and bends over to pull a blanket out of it. "It was a long hike last night," Goran tells himself. "Even I can't stay up forever." Before going to bed, Goran leans over a pile of rocks in the cave and sends his powers into them. Fire is soon coming from the rocks but the rocks do not burn. The rocks have become his campfire and since Goran placed his own power into them they will not go out for a long while.

Outside on the mountain, Goran's fire creatures are gathering snow and ice. When a creature bends over to pick up a large chunk of snow and ice, he first cuts through it with a flaming hand. The hand hisses as it melts its way through the ice. Once the creature has cut deep enough, it then lifts the chunk up and carries it back to the cliff. This melting ice creates a fog. It is only a little fog right now, but as more trips are made the fog grows denser and bigger.

Down in the village of Arendelle; Olaf, Kristoff, and Anna have been searching the village for Kristian with no success. Meanwhile, Kristian has moved to the edge of the town square. From here he is able to watch the palace. Kristian moves from one spot to another spot around the edge of the square. At some point, Kristian stops for breakfast at one of these locations. Kristian sits down here and eats slowly. Kristian needs to remain close to the palace so he can see who is coming out of the main gates. He tries not to linger at any one spot for too long, because Kristian does not want to draw attention to himself. Around noon, Kristian is leaning against a building, looking at the palace. There are items placed around this spot by merchants, which partially provides some cover.

Meanwhile, Anna and Kristoff have run into each other in the center of town. "Hi Kristoff. Have you found anything out about Kristian?" asks Anna.

"I haven't found out anything about him," replies Kristoff.

"Neither have I," responds Anna. "It's like he hasn't even been in the village. If you were doing business in Arendelle, surely there would be a number of people who would have heard of you. It's not like Arendelle is a big place."

"I know what you mean," replies Kristoff. "The docks would have been the most likely spot for him to be. Most visitors and traders to Arendelle end up going there. Yet no one there has even heard of him. Maybe Kristian was lying to you."

"Maybe he was lying," replies Anna. "After all, Elsa and I did catch him eves dropping on us from the hallway."

"Perhaps Kristian was spying for another kingdom," wonders Kristoff. "That would be a business that wouldn't require much interaction with people."

"A spy?" questions Anna. "I don't think Kristian is a spy, Kristoff. If he is, he is a very poor one."

"Well, I never said that he was a good spy," replies Kristoff with humor.

"This is just speculation anyway," states Anna. "All we know is that we have not found him. Let's go head to the town square and meet up with Olaf. Maybe he has found out something. Besides, I'm getting a little hungry."

So Anna turns and heads off to meet up with Olaf. Kristoff follows and catches up with Anna and walks by her side.

Meanwhile, Kristian is standing at his spot leaning against the building. People have been passing by, not paying any attention to him. After all, they have other things on their minds. On Kristian's mind is the palace and Queen Elsa.

Kristian had already spent several hours watching the palace, and he is getting bored. "This is probably the most boring job that I have ever done," says Kristian to himself. "What is the point of me standing here anyway? I doubt Elsa would be going anywhere. She gets to spend time in a comfy palace, while I have to settle for hard benches and stone walls outside. Goran really does like to make my life difficult."

While Kristian stands there watching the palace, behind him comes Anna and Kristoff. Anna is the first one to see Kristian and she stops walking. Kristoff made a few steps more and turns around and asks Anna, "Why have you stopped?"

Anna points towards Kristian and says with excitement, "Over there, it is Kristian! We have found him!"

Kristoff turns and looks in the direction that Anna is pointing. "We have been going through all this trouble for this guy?" asks Kristoff. "He looks like he came from the back country."

"Kristoff, you came from the back country," responds Anna. "So you should be the last person to be making such comments, or should I go look for some prince to be my boyfriend."

"OK, OK," apologizes Kristoff. "You have made your point. I guess the way a guy dresses doesn't matter all that much."

"It matters some," replies Anna. "But it is not the most important thing. A guy's character makes clothing seem insignificant. Besides, changing a guy's clothes is easier than changing his character."

"Well, go and ask him to dinner already," states Kristoff. "That way we can conclude this part of your master plan and get ourselves a bite to eat."

Anna gives Kristoff an elbow into his stomach for that last comment, and then she heads towards Kristian. "Kristian! Hi there!" calls out Anna. "I'm glad that I was able to find you!"

Kristian stops leaning against his wall and turns to look at Anna and Kristoff approaching. A feeling of dread enters Kristian's mind as he is discovered. "Um, hi Anna," replies Kristian. "What is it that I can do for you?" Kristian now moves out from behind the merchant goods and walks a little bit into the village square away from Anna and Kristoff.

Anna follows him and says, "Oh, I was talking with Elsa yesterday; and we thought that it would be a good idea, if we invited you to come dine with us this evening in the palace."

Meanwhile, Kristian takes a few steps backwards into the square. Kristian wants to get away from Anna and Kristoff, but he does not want to make them suspicious of him. Anna's invitation to dinner also shocks him. "Wait, what?" responds Kristian to Anna's invitation.

While Anna has finally found Kristian, Elsa has managed to finish her morning work. So Elsa heads to her room to rest. Once there, Elsa stretches her arms out and yawns. "I wonder how Anna is doing on her quest for this morning," Elsa wonders aloud.

Soon Elsa hears song birds outside her window. So she goes over and opens the window to hear them better. "Hi there," Elsa says to the song birds as some of them land near her window. "I see you are enjoying the spring weather too. Your lovely songs certainly say that you do."

As the song birds fly away, Elsa follows them with her eyes. The birds fly down to the square. So Elsa watches them in the square from her room, but she also checks out the rest of the square. "There is Anna," she says as Elsa spots her sister in the square. "And Kristoff as well." Now Elsa looks at the third figure in the square with Anna and Kristoff. Soon Elsa gets excited when she realizes who it is. "They have found him!" Elsa excitedly exclaims. "They have actually found him!"

So with excitement, Elsa hurries to her vanity mirror. Stooping over, Elsa looks into the mirror and runs her fingers through her hair to straighten it out. Then Elsa quickly runs out of her room and down the stairs. Elsa is leaving a small trail of snow behind her as she runs. She keeps running out of the palace, through the courtyard, and through the main gates. Elsa doesn't stop running until she gets across the bridge. Then she stops, panting. Now Elsa brushes her hair back with her hands and composes herself before she begins to walk across the village square.

In the meantime, Anna had just asked Kristian to dinner at the palace. However, Kristian was surprised by the invitation. "That's right, I'm inviting you to dine with Elsa and me; and of course Kristoff here as well," says Anna as she continues to follow Kristian.

Kristian keeps backing away from Anna and Kristoff. "You really are serious about this dinner invitation then," responds Kristian.

"You don't know how serious," replies Kristoff. "She even had me searching the village for you this morning. It is all part of her master plan to set up a double date."

Anna turns and glares at Kristoff for the comment. Kristian is taken aback by the comment as well. Still Kristian continues to move backwards. Meanwhile, Anna keeps moving closer to Kristian to speak with him. "It is no big deal," says Anna. "It will be a nice meal for the four of us, and our way of saying welcome to Arendelle. Afterwards we can give you a proper tour of the palace."

"I don't think I will be able to come to your dinner," replies Kristian as he turns away from Anna and tries to walk away.

Anna quickly moves and walks along side of Kristian. "Oh come on," continues Anna. "Elsa would like to get to know you better. You left in a bit of a hurry last night and we didn't actually find out that much about you. Surely you have questions of your own to ask."

"Sorry Anna, I'm just going to have to decline," replies Kristian as he hurries his pace leaving Anna behind.

Anna was about to hurry after him when Kristoff grabs a hold of her arm. "Anna let him be," Kristoff says. "You can't make someone do something they don't want to."

Anna was sad because she wanted this to work out for her sister, and she had spent all morning trying to make it happen. Now Anna just stood there and watches Kristian walk away. All of a sudden, Anna sees Kristian stop. So her spirits begin to lift. "Maybe there still is a chance," says Anna as she sees Olaf coming from the direction that Kristian was heading.

Kristian does see Olaf, and his heart has gotten into his throat. "Oh man, what have I gotten myself into," Kristian says to himself.

Meanwhile, Olaf approaches and calls out, "Kristian! Did you know that you are a hard man to find? I've been looking for you all morning!"

"Yes, Anna said she was looking for me, and it looks like she got you looking as well," replied a reluctant Kristian.

"Well at least we found you," states a cheerful Olaf. "Now we can invite you to a delicious dinner."

"Sorry Olaf but I already declined Anna's offer," replies Kristian.

"Oh come on," replies Olaf trying to encourage Kristian. "Don't be a party pooper. The food will be real yummy and besides you never had any of the delicious treats from last night. You just can't leave until you had a yummy marshmallow."

Anna had walked up behind Kristian and was listening To Olaf's and Kristian's conversation. "There are other deserts besides marshmallows as well," says Anna from behind Kristian. Now Kristian spins around and faces Anna. He is feeling trapped and stunned at the same time. "We have gotten a shipment of fresh berries in yesterday," continues Anna. "We can offer you fruit pies and cobblers. Fresh garden produce as well. The palace has some of the best cooks in the kingdom and I can assure you that your taste buds will not be disappointed."

Kristian head was spinning. He was only supposed to watch the palace and stay out of sight. Now Kristian was caught in the middle of the palace life itself. Forcing his way out would only give Kristian away and could leave Goran's plans up in the air. Kristian had declined their offers already and it had gotten him nowhere. Finally, they were being kind to him. The last kindness that Kristian had truly felt was from his mother, and she passed away before Kristian was a teenager.

"I really shouldn't, Anna," tries Kristian again to get out of the date. "It would not be appropriate for me to be seen at the palace with you and Elsa."

Meanwhile, Elsa has finally walked across the village square and heard enough of the conversation. So she replies to Kristian's comment. "It would be perfectly fine by me if you would come to dinner."

After hearing Elsa's voice, Kristian turns again. This time it is Elsa that he faces. Kristian is now in the middle of everyone; Anna and Kristoff on one side, Olaf on another, and Elsa walking up on the third.

"The dinner will be an informal affair, so you can come as you are," continues Elsa. "And while we dine, I can tell you about the history of Arendelle and the history of my family all the way up to my own story."

"Your own story?" asks Kristian. Since last evenings encounter with Elsa, Kristian was curious about how Elsa ended up ruling Arendelle. Olaf had already given him pieces of Elsa's story but not all of the details. Kristian's curiosity was getting in the way of his loyalty to Goran and his resolve to do his assignment of watching Elsa.

"Yes, my story," replies Elsa as she smiles. Elsa spirits soar when she notices the interest that Kristian has in her own history. "I can tell you about my childhood in the palace, how my teen years were difficult, and how I was able to rule Arendelle openly with my magic powers. So will you come to dinner this evening?"

With hesitation Kristian replies, "I don't know."

"Oh just say yes," interrupts Anna. "When will there be another time, you will get to dined in a palace with royalty."

"It will be fun," adds Olaf. "It will be like a mini party. 5 good friends, all together, we will be having a wonderful time."

"I can't say that I am friends with anyone here," contradicts Kristian.

"Of course you can," replies Olaf. "You are my friend, and soon you will be Anna's friend and Kristoff's friend and Elsa's friend.

Kristian stops and stares at Olaf's smiling face. He never considered Olaf as a friend. Yet; what Olaf had done for Kristian last night, by keeping his secret, was an act of friendship. A slight smile comes to Kristian's face as he looks at the odd little snowman.

"So what is your answer?" asks Elsa as she notices the smile on Kristian's face.

Kristian stands quietly for a moment, just looking at Olaf's face. In response to this, Olaf nods his head yes at Kristian. Kristian then looks up towards Elsa and says, "I guess I can come to a dinner for one evening."

"That's wonderful!" chirps Olaf as he runs up to Kristian and gives him a hug. "You can become my new best friend."

This move surprises Kristian. "Alright Olaf! Just take it easy will ya," says Kristian to the snowman.

Elsa giggles at Kristian's plight with Olaf. Meanwhile, Anna is getting excited. It had not gone as smoothly as she wanted it to, but the double date was on; and Anna was going to make it into a fantastic event.

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