Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

The Dinner

Up in the mountain, Goran had gotten only a few hours of sleep in his cave. So he is feeling resentful of the queen in her palace, while Goran had to sleep on a rock floor in a cave that he created. After eating a noon meal, Goran pulls a spyglass out of his pack and walks outside to check on the work that his fire creations are doing. For the few hours that they have been working, a wall about 4 feet high and 200 yards long has been created.

Goran grumbles, "At this rate it will take over a week to gather sufficient ice."

Goran then checks out the conditions of his fire creations. They have become weak from handling the snow and ice. The melting snow has extinguished some of their flame. One in particular is struggling to do his work.

"You creatures are pathetic!" shouts Goran. "You can't even handle the simplest of tasks that I have given you! If you cannot do the work, than I have no need of you!" Goran then creates a sizable fire ball and releases it at the struggling beast. The beast screams as it is ripped into many small fires that dissipate in the mountain winds. After the monster is gone, Goran shoots out 5 ribbons of flame, each one hitting a remaining monster. These monsters roar as their energy is restored and they grow in size. Next, Goran shoots out another 5 ribbons of flame. Each ribbon spirals in on itself and solidifies into a new creature. Now there are 10 fire monsters to gather the ice and snow.

"Now they shall finish in half the time," says Goran with a smile.

Once Goran was finish with his inspection of the wall, he walks to the edge of the cliff and pulls out his spyglass. From this vantage point, Goran can make out the village of Arendelle. Goran looks through his spyglass at the palace and then at the village. "Looks like Kristian has kept a quiet presence in Arendelle," says Goran, since he sees no indication of trouble. As Goran scans the village, he finally sees a figure that he focuses on. From this distance, Goran can tell it is a man and he is certain it is Kristian. It was Kristian. Kristian was eating a lunch that he had picked up from the village market. Now Goran smiles, "At least that boy knows how to do a job when I tell him to do it. He will make a good warrior for me yet."

You see, Goran has never cared about Kristian. Goran only cares about Kristian's magic powers, and how he can use those magic powers of Kristian's to accomplish his goals. Right now Goran's goal is to end Queen Elsa's reign and her life.

Once Kristian had accepted the dinner invitation, he knew that there would be no point in watching the palace for the rest of the day. Elsa would be in the palace getting things ready for the dinner that evening. So Kristian decides to get a bit to eat in the village before he went back to his campsite. Meanwhile, Elsa and Anna had headed back to the palace; and Kristoff went back to his shed. As for Olaf, he was touring the market. Olaf always did enjoy mingling with people and the market was always busy. Olaf had become a regular visitor there and the kids would always come and spend time with him. On this day near the end of his trip through the market, Olaf sees Kristian heading down a street away from the palace.

So Olaf hurries after Kristian and calls out. "Hey Kristian! Where are you going? You do know that the palace is in the other direction?"

Kristian stops and waits for Olaf to come near before speaking. "Hi Olaf, I know the palace is back that way; but my campsite is out in the hills. I'm heading back to it."

"You don't have a place to stay in town?" asks Olaf. "You can always ask Elsa for a room in the palace. That place has a lot of extra bedrooms."

"No thanks," replies Kristian. "I prefer my solitude in the countryside."

So now Kristian continues his walk back to his camp. He doesn't want to get close to Elsa, because Kristian is only here to aid Goran in his mission to destroy Elsa. Accepting the invitation to dinner was more than Kristian wanted to do, but the pressuring from everyone to go was high. Of course Kristian's interest, of how Elsa came to live openly in Arendelle, helped persuade him to accept the invitation. Finally, when Olaf called Kristian a friend clinched his acceptance. Kristian never had a friendship that lasted more than a few weeks when he was a kid. As a teenager his only real companions were Goran his mentor; and Mattias, a bird he created himself out of fire.

"You're not much of a socializer are you," states Olaf as he tags along with Kristian.

"Of course not," replies Kristian. "My, um, gift makes it difficult to make long lasting friendships. I find it better to avoid such interactions when possible."

"Gift?" inquires Olaf. "Do you mean your fiery flare?"

"Olaf please, not in public view," says Kristian wanting Olaf to keep quiet about his magic powers.

"OK, your secret then," replies Olaf.

"Yes, that's what I mean by my gift," Kristian replies. "I don't have the luxury of a home like Elsa does. When people find out, trouble always follows."

"So is that why you were so reluctant to accept the dinner invite?" asks Olaf.

"Yes, so I'm not exactly looking forward to this evening's event," responds Kristian.

"Elsa would understand your predicament," states Olaf. "She went through some of it herself. So there is no reason to feel any apprehension. So are you still coming to the dinner then?

"I said that I would come. So I am coming," says Kristian even though he is uncertain that the answer he has giving is going to be true.

When Kristian gets to the edge of Arendelle, Olaf is still with him. After a short distance later, Kristian stops and turns towards Olaf. "Are you going to follow me all the way back to my campsite?" asks Kristian.

"Why not, I don't have anything better to do right now," is the response that Olaf gives.

"I'd prefer if you didn't come," says Kristian wanting to keep a few secrets from Olaf yet.

"Why?" asks Olaf. "Is it because you have some silly frilly frock that you wear when you are alone? Maybe you shave your legs and you don't want me to see. Oh I know, you're the abominable snowman's love child and you are trying to protect your daddy's identity."

"What? No!" exclaims Kristian. "It's just that I..., ah." Kristian is looking at Olaf's smiling face. The kindness that it portrays weakens Kristian's resolve. After a short pause he relents. "OK fine, you can come. You already know one of my secrets. You might as well know this one as well."

"I'll be happy to follow you anywhere," chirps a smiling Olaf.

So Kristian turns and walks into the hills with Olaf tagging along. After about 10 minutes they come to Kristian's campsite. All of Kristian's things are lying around the campfire. The campfire was burning away and it looked like it was being attended. "Is there someone else staying here?" asks Olaf. "I would think a fire would have gone out by now."

"There is someone else here," replies Kristian as he walks over to the fire. Kristian then takes his gloves off and kneels down next to the fire. He then picks up a stick from the ground. "Hey Mattias, how are you doing?" calls Kristian.

Olaf has moved up along side of Kristian and asks, "You named your fire Mattias? I've heard people naming dogs and cats, but a fire? Are you sure you are feeling OK?

"He's not fully awake yet," replies Kristian. "He likes to snooze when I'm not around. It conserves his fire."

Just then a birds head lifts from the fire and the fire begins to solidify into a more solid shape.

"Whoa, cool," exclaims Olaf. "You made yourself a birdie." Olaf then leans in on Mattias. This startles Mattias, and the firebird stands up and holds his wings up and hisses at Olaf. The camp fire also roars up with flame as Mattias releases his energy. "He is giving me a really warm welcome," says Olaf as he takes a step back.

"It's OK Mattias," says Kristian trying to calm the bird down. "This is Olaf and he is a friend that I have met in Arendelle."

Now Mattias' fire diminishes and he folds his wings against his body again. His form has now become a solid state. Kristian tosses the stick to Mattias, who in turn eats the stick. Kristian then sticks his arm down into the fire and Mattias hopes onto Kristian's arm. With Mattias on his arm, Kristian lifts the firebird into the air and turns to face Olaf. "That's a good boy," says Kristian as he pats the head of Mattias.

"Wow!" exclaims Olaf. "Did you make him, and can anybody touch him?"

"Yes, I made him," replies Kristian. "Right now he is a little too hot for most people to touch. Those little flames you see coming off his body tells me he has not flamed down all the way. However, Mattias can flame down to a point where he is just warm and not a fire hazard. He can also take care of himself as long as he can eat something that burns. That way he doesn't need me all the time."

"So is this the secret that you were hiding here, or are there some bunny pj's hiding in that sack over there?" asks Olaf in a sill sarcastic way.

"No pj's Olaf," replies Kristian with a smile. "Just a bird totally made out of fire. He is the one thing that I am the most proud of."

Now Kristian sits down with his back against the rock out cropping. Olaf goes and sits down a few feet away from him. "So is this what you are going to do for the next few hours?" asks Olaf. "Sit around and do nothing."

"Out here, I don't have to worry as much about showing my magic powers," replies Kristian. "And it gives me time to think in peace."

"So what do you have to think about?" again asks Olaf.

""Right now, it is about the dinner tonight and how I'm going to handle it," replies Kristian. "There are so many things that I don't want revealed to people, and I am not sure how I am going to get through the evening."

"Hey if you are worried about that, I can run interference for you," says Olaf. "I'm great at getting people's thoughts on other things."

Kristian smiles and looks at Olaf. "I'm sure you can," replies Kristian. "I suppose you could help me out this evening. I might need to get out of a few unwanted conversations."

That afternoon, Elsa made plans for the meal with the kitchen staff. Anna was also making plans with the servants. Elsa was planning this to be a simple affair with good food. Elsa just wanted to learn more about their guest for the dinner. However, Anna was thinking of making this an extravagant event. So Anna was going to go all out.

An hour before the dinner guest would be arriving, Elsa and Anna were in their respective rooms getting ready. Elsa was keeping her look simple. It was the same dress she was wearing early in the day. All she did was fix up her hair and add a few accessories. Once done, she gets up and walks over to Anna's room and knocks on the door.

"You can come in," calls out Anna.

Elsa enters the room but stops after a few steps in disbelief. What she sees is Anna doing herself up like she was last night. "Anna what are you doing?" Elsa asks. "This was going to be a simple affair, a get to know you sort of thing. You're dressing up to dazzle people."

"I thought it would be a good idea to impress Kristian when he shows up," replies Anna as she works on her face and hair. "I wonder why you have not done the same."

"For a few simple reasons Anna. First of all, Kristian already saw the palace and us done up last night; and secondly Kristian was feeling uneasy when he first meet us. Not to mention the difficulty you had on convincing him to come to dinner," explains Elsa.

"So what do you want me to do, change outfits?" asks Anna, not really wanting to change.

"No, by the time you do change clothes our guests will be here," replies Elsa with an uneasy edge to her voice. "Just don't try to overdo things tonight, OK."

"That might be a bit of a problem, Elsa," states Anna as she turns and stands up. She has just finished getting herself ready.

"Why, what have you done?" asks Elsa as she becomes concerned.

"Well, I got the servants to clean and do the palace up like we were receiving an important guest," replies Anna.

"Oh Anna," says Elsa as she shakes her head in disapproval. "Maybe it will turn out all right, but I don't think all your preparations are going to help Kristian feel at ease. Come on, we should head down stairs and meet our guests as they arrive."

As the sisters head down the stairs, Elsa starts to notice some differences in the hall. "Anna, did you have the servants clean everything?"

"Of course," replies Anna. "When the palace is clean is looks splendid."

"Yes it does," agrees Elsa. However with some trepidation Elsa then says, "But not everyone feels comfortable in this type of elegance." As the sisters approach the foyer, Elsa notices banners and flags being displayed when normally they are not. "You got the royal banners out too!" exclaims Elsa. Now Elsa is starting to feel really nervous about this dinner. So a few snowflakes begin to fall in the foyer as Elsa's nervousness grows.

"It will be all right, Elsa," says Anna trying to comfort her sister. "I'm sure Kristian is tough enough to handle a few silly banners and a clean floor."

With Anna's assurance, Elsa recomposes herself and replies, "Yes, I'm sure you're right. Someone who travels to a strange land must be able to handle a few unexpected events."

Outside in the courtyard, Kristoff has just showed up on his cart being pulled by Sven. Kristoff is dressed splendidly. Anna had gotten him some fine clothes for him to wear for this dinner. As Kristoff climbs down from the cart, he pulls at his collar. Kristoff is not use to wearing such clothing and he feels uncomfortable. Once on the ground, Kristoffe goes up front and unhitches Sven from the cart.

At this moment, Anna comes out of the palace because she heard the cart on the stone courtyard. "Kristoff!" she calls out. "I thought it was your cart I heard rolling up."

"Kristoff responds, "Yep, I'm just letting Sven loose so he can have some freedom."

"You do look handsome in your outfit," continues Anna.

"I probably do look good," replies Kristoff. "But I feel like a real monkey wearing this outfit."

Elsa has now walked out into the courtyard. She stops and stares at Kristoff. "Anna has gotten a hold of you as well," says Elsa in disbelief.

"This was not my idea, Elsa," explains Kristoff. "Anna wanted me to be outfitted like royalty. Personally, I would have preferred my standard clothes. The collar on this suit just feels too weird."

"I'm getting to the point of ditching the whole affair and surrendering to my lonely fate," states Elsa, who is feeling helpless in the evening's adventure.

"Oh Elsa," replies Anna. "The evening is not going to be that bad, besides I thought you wanted a dinner to say hello to Kristian."

"I wanted an informal dinner," points out Elsa with disgust. "You have made it into a royal ceremony of pomposity and grandeur. How can anyone get to know someone under these circumstances?"

Anna disagrees with Elsa's evaluation of her work to get everything beautiful, but she doesn't want her sister to be upset. "It's not going to be like that, Elsa," says Anna trying to comfort her sister. "We have held elegant parties before and they went well. Why should this one be any different? Just treat this like you are meeting a special guest from another kingdom. After all, that is kind of what Kristian is. I'll tell you what. Why don't we head to the library and wait for Kristian there. The servants can show him in, when he arrives; and we can have some tea while we wait."

With Anna's comments, Elsa is able to calm down. Elsa knows there is nothing she can do about it anyway. Initially Elsa was feeling positive about the dinner. Now she feels like the dinner will end up fizzling out. ""Yes, some tea sounds like a good idea," says Elsa. "I could use something to relax me, right about now."

So Elsa turns and heads back into the palace. Kristoff then follows her with Anna hanging off of his arm. Anna is all smiles. She has her boyfriend Kristoff looking as handsome as he possible can, even though he continues to pull at his collar. Plus, Kristian is coming. Anna believes that he will be perfect to raise Elsa's spirits. Anna also thinks that all her preparations will really improve the outcome, because who wouldn't want to find a connection with such splendid royalty.

The library was a simple room with six foot bookshelves around the walls. At one end of the room there were tables in the corners with 2 cushion chairs next to each table. On the other end of the room there was a single table with 4 all wooden chairs around it. In the library, Elsa has set herself down on a cushioned chair that was sitting next to a corner table. Anna has set herself on the other chair close to Elsa. Meanwhile, Kristoff moves one of the wooden chairs next to Anna's chair and sits down. Elsa had brought her gloves along with her, and she has placed them on the corner table while she was drinking her tea. People are often afraid of making physical contact with Elsa. So she would often wear gloves when she greeted new people. Elsa did not mind wearing the gloves, but it was always a reminder that she was not like everyone else.

Time passes as the trio sit, talk, and drink their tea. Soon the appointed time, for the start of the dinner, came and went. "I don't think he will be coming," says a slightly dejected Elsa as she places the cup of tea down on a saucer in her lap.

"I wouldn't be concerned just yet, Elsa," replies Anna. "He is only 15 minutes late. You can give him another half hour before we call him a no show."

"That's right," adds Kristoff. "Besides, Olaf isn't here either. Most likely the two of them are together. Kristian could have been delayed by work or even Olaf; but if they are together, Olaf will make sure that he shows up."

"Yes, Olaf does seem to have a way of getting to Kristian," replies Elsa. She feels a little more positive, but not entirely convinced that Kristian will show. "We can wait a little longer before heading to dinner. Olaf should be showing up anyway, even if Kristian doesn't."

Out in the village of Arendelle, Olaf is running through the streets. "Hurry up, Kristian! We're already late for the dinner!" exclaims Olaf.

Kristian is walking at a fast pace, but he is not keeping up with Olaf. So Olaf ends up running back to Kristian. "Are you going to come or not?" asks Olaf as he tries to hurry Kristian along.

"Olaf, I'm coming," replies Kristian. So Kristian reluctantly increases his speed to a jog and Olaf matches his speed right next to him.

"That's better," encourages Olaf. "You'll see. Elsa and Anna will be very gracious hosts. They will also be great friends as well."

The pair reaches the town square and hurry across it to the palace bridge. However as they reach the bridge, Kristian slows down and stops. Olaf then stops and turns around and walks back to Kristian. "Why did you stop?" asks Olaf. "We were almost there."

"Olaf, I just don't think this is a good idea," replies Kristian. "I just can't see it working out. We are literally on opposite sides in so many ways."

"Do we have to have this discussion again?" asks Olaf. "Just forget about all the magic that is going on around here. Think of Elsa as another girl that you have met. Find out who she is as a person. After that, then you can decide to do whatever it is you think is right."

Finally, Kristian relents to the persuasion that Olaf was giving and heads across the bridge. Once inside, Olaf asks a servant, "So where can I find Elsa and Anna?"

The servant replies, "They are waiting in the library to greet you. I can take you to them."

"No need to do that. I know the way," replies Olaf as he hurries in the direction of the library. "Come on Kristian! You are falling behind!"

So Kristian runs after Olaf. He can't help but shake his head. "Olaf hasn't been giving me a moment to think," says Kristian to himself.

Once Olaf reaches the library, he goes in. Kristian is about 30 feet behind and slows down as he reaches the door. He hesitates there for a moment.

In the library, Olaf runs up to Elsa, who is sitting in a chair, and says, "Hi guys, I'm sorry that I'm late. I totally lost track of time."

Elsa is still holding her cup in her hand and reaches out to grab a hold of Olaf's hand with her other one. "Olaf, I'm glad that you came. Did you bring Kristian with you?" she asks.

"Yes, he brought me," says Kristian as he enters the room and walks up to everyone.

"And I tell you this much, it wasn't all that easy to get him to come either," adds Olaf.

"You are a little late," says Elsa with a smile. "But at least you are here. Perhaps we should head off to dinner then before the meal gets too cold."

The chairs that Elsa and Anna are sitting in were made for relaxed sitting. It takes a little effort to get out of them. It takes even more when you are wearing a fancy gown like the one Anna has on. Kristoff sees the difficulty that Anna is having and goes to her. "Here, let me help you up," says Kristoff as he stretches a hand out to Anna to assist her out of the chair.

These chairs are arranged in such a way that this gentlemanly act blocks Elsa from rising from her chair. So she waits for Anna and Kristoff to clear the area before attempting to rise. However, Kristian watches Kristoff help Anna. So when they have moved away, Kristian steps forward and offers his bare hand to Elsa. "Here, I might as well offer to help you as well," says Kristian.

Elsa hesitates for a moment. She does not have her gloves on and her hands are bare as well. Elsa is also aware that Kristian knows about her magic powers. Yet, Kristian is offering to help her up without gloves; and he does not even seem to be concerned about it. Finally Elsa offers her hand to Kristian, and he assists Elsa out of the chair.

Elsa smiles as she is lifted out of the chair. "Thank you for the help," Elsa says as she holds onto Kristian's hand and looks into his eyes.

"Um, sure," replies Kristian. He is feeling a little uncomfortable, but he likes looking at Elsa's face. After a moment Kristian says, "I'm afraid that I'm attached to my hand."

"What?" replies Elsa as she is surprised by the comment?

"My hand," replies Kristian. "You're holding my hand like you want to keep it."

"Oh sorry," says Elsa as she lets go of Kristian's hand. She is just a little embarrassed by her actions and turns away. "I'm just not use to such acts."

"What? You mean when I helped you up just now?" asks Kristian.

"Yes," says Elsa as she turns slightly back towards Kristian. "People don't offer to help me like that. I often do things myself or someone has to be wearing gloves. No one, other than Anna, has ever touched me willingly with their bare hands. Sometimes being who I am is a curse."

Kristian had spent most of his life isolated from other people. His concern was always that people might find out about his powers. Often that was not a problem because Kristian had learned to be emotionally distant from people. His mother taught him to be polite and how to have proper manners, but Kristian has little experience in using them.

When Elsa told Kristian about the physical contact problem she was having, he never even thought of that problem existing. Kristian could tolerate the cold like Elsa could tolerate the heat. He could feel the cold but his magic powers would moderate the extreme cold to point where it was bearable.

"I never really thought about your magic powers in that way," says Kristian hoping to ease Elsa's mind.

"I should get my gloves before we go," says Elsa as she moves towards the table and grabs her gloves from its surface. Elsa is feeling a little down because she thinks that this revelation is going to change how Kristian has been acting.

As Elsa turns around towards Kristian, Kristian reaches out and grabs a hold of her hand with the gloves. "You can wear them if you want," says Kristian, "but it won't bother me if you don't wear them."

Once again Elsa's face brightens up. She moves towards Kristian and wraps her arm around his. This move surprises Kristian. For a brief period he is motionless, then he reaches up with his free arm and holds onto Elsa's hand that is holding his arm. "I guess this means that I'm your escort to the dinner table then," says Kristian. "Now all I have to do is find the dinner table."

"That won't be a problem," calls Olaf from the library door. "Kristoff and Anna are already heading that way, and I can lead you there myself."

"Thank you Olaf," replies Elsa. "You may lead the way." So Olaf heads down the hallway and Elsa then says to Kristian, "Shall we go?"

So Kristian and Elsa then head down the hallway following Olaf. Kristian is feeling uneasy as he walks down the hall but he pushes that thought towards the back of his mind. Instead Kristian focuses on Olaf walking ahead of him. However, Elsa is feeling happy until she looks at Kristian. She sees the emotionless expression on his face and Elsa's smile fades. Elsa thinks Kristian is uncomfortable because of the palace and her royal upbringing. As they walk down the hall, Elsa looks at how immaculate everything seems and what her sister has done to make it so.

Soon Olaf turns into the private dinning quarters and Kristian and Elsa follow him in. Once inside, Kristian stops in the middle of the room. He doesn't know what to do next. However, what Elsa sees is that Anna had more royal flags and banners in the room. More lights were in the room as well. The dinning room had always been clean, but now it literally gleamed. On the table, Elsa could see a complete set of formal silverware around each place setting. Just as Kristian and Elsa entered the room, Kristoff pulled out a chair for Anna to sit in.

When seeing all this, Elsa put her free hand up to her face and shakes her head in a negative fashion. "Oh Anna," she quietly whispers.

In the meantime, Olaf moves around to a chair that was opposite of where Anna was sitting and pulls it out. "Here you go Elsa. You can sit here," says Olaf.

Elsa lets go of Kristian's arm and walks over, and sits down in the chair. "Thank you Olaf," says Elsa politely.

Olaf then goes and pulls out a chair next to Elsa and which was across from Kristoff for Kristian to sit in. "And Kristian, this can be your spot," says Olaf.

"Um thanks," says Kristian as he goes and sits down at the table. Kristian finally takes some time to check out the room and the place settings. The room looks very impressive to him but he is bewildered by all the extravagant work that someone has bothered to go through.

"I see that you are checking out the room," says Anna as she beams with self-satisfaction. "Do you approve of the furnishings and displays?"

"Um sure, everything looks neat and clean," replies Kristian. "I just have one question. How many people are going to be eating off of my plate?"

"I don't understand?" asks a puzzled Anna.

"There is enough silverware here for 6 people. I could get by with just one of these pieces," says Kristian.

"I'm sorry Kristian," replies Elsa. "This was supposed to be an informal affair. My sister, however, decided to turn it into a formal one; right down to the formal dinnerware."

"There is nothing wrong with having a formal dinner Elsa," responds an indignant Anna. "It can be the best way to display such finery to visiting guests."

"It can also be considered showing off," replies a displeased Elsa to Anna's comment. "There was no need to go to the trouble of putting this formal farce together."

"Elsa, you may have been more open this past year but you still like to hide yourself too much," snipes back Anna. "You don't open up and show yourself fully to people. Tonight was to be a night to show yourself in all your glory and yet you are acting like a prude."

"Anna, you know very well why I am reserved in my actions," sternly replies Elsa. Because of Elsa's raised emotions, ice begins to form, on the table, under Elsa's hands. "I must keep myself under control and you can see why! Not to mention, that I am the Queen of Arendelle and I have a kingdom to run! Too many people depend on me, for me to act reckless in my behavior!"

"You use that excuse too much Elsa!" replies Anna. Anna is not backing down from her sister on this occasion. "You have got to let loose more often! The kingdom will not fall apart, just because you are having fun and being silly!"

Meanwhile, Kristian and Kristoff are sitting silently in their chairs, listening to the sisters argue with each other. Kristian then leans over the table and asks Kristoff," Are they always like this?"

Kristoff leans on the table and replies, "Naw, you are catching them on a good day."

This exchange between the two men, have caused Elsa and Anna to stop arguing. They begin to listen to the exchange between Kristoff and Kristian.

"A good day?" asks Kristian.

"Ya, normally they act like sweet angels with each other around other people," replies Kristoff. "Now they are acting like normal siblings. So the fact that they are acting like normal people means it is a good day."

Now Kristoff is smiling at Kristian. This makes Kristian realize that Kristoff was joking around, and Kristian begins to smile as well. Meanwhile, Elsa sits there in stunned silence. She cannot believe what Kristoff had just said. Anna is surprised as well but she does not keep silent. "Kristoff!" exclaims Anna loudly as she turns to look at him. However, both men begin to laugh out loud as they fall back into their respective chairs. Anna now sits there in stunned silence. Meanwhile, a smile has appeared on Elsa's face as she realizes what Kristoff was doing.

"OK, but seriously people; I have no idea what to do with all of this silverware," says Kristian as he suppresses his laughter.

"Yes of course, you are not use to a formal dinner setting," replies Elsa. "The knife on the right is the main dinner knife. Next to it is the soup spoon. The spoon on the outside is meant to be used for your tea. On the left side you have your salad fork, your dinner fork, and your dessert fork. That's from the outside coming in."

"In reality, you can use whatever utensil that is handy," adds Kristoff. "In this little gathering, manners are nice but not a necessity."

"Honestly, I would say this is just a make work for the servants project," says Kristian.

"That's Anna for you," replies Kristoff in a cheeky mode. "She is a real taskmaster. You should see some of the things that Anna has me doing."

Kristian begins to laugh a little. Anna, however, is not amused and she goes and slaps Kristoff across the arm. "All right, I'll take it back! Your royal highness," says Kristoff as he is laughing. Kristian opens up with laughter as well and even Elsa begins to laugh.

"What is this?" says Anna as she sits back into her chair. She is not amused by what is going on. "Is this pick on Anna night?"

Elsa stops her laughter and in a cheerful tone says, "You are an easy target at the moment, Anna."

Just then a servant and Olaf walk into the room carrying the first course. The servant carries the meal too Anna and Kristoff. Olaf carries the meal to Elsa and Kristian. "Has your evening been going well?" asks Olaf.

"It was a little shaky early on, but I think things will smooth out from here on," replies Elsa.

"Personally, I thought it was amusing," adds Kristian.

Olaf then retreats from the room to help with the second course. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Kristian begin there meal. However, Anna is still angry because she thinks that Elsa and Kristoff have ruined her evening. However, Elsa believes that Kristoff was the one person who has managed to save the dinner from being a big disaster.

As everyone begins to eat, Kristian is the first one to ask a question. "Earlier today, you said you would tell me the history of Arendelle and yourself," says Kristian as he turns to address Elsa. "I'm mostly interested in your own story. How did you manage to live openly in Arendelle? I would have thought that someone with your abilities would have been driven out of the village."

"To answer that question, I will have to start with my parents," replies Elsa. "My parents were married before my father ascended to the throne. My mother was also a princess from a neighboring kingdom. She came to Arendelle with her father during a spring festival. You see, my father was of marrying age and so eligible girls from miles around came to the festival. However, it was my grandfather who decided to bring my mother. Because she was not at all interested in leaving her home. However, my grandfather was not going to inherit the throne so he wanted to make arrangements for the future of his daughter."

"I've heard this story too," interjects Anna. "Our mom met with our dad as our granddad wanted her too, but she was not interested in connecting with him. However, she did think that our father was handsome. Dad felt pretty much the same way mother did. He had already seen over 2 dozen ladies, and he was tired of the whole affair that day. They did have one dance together that night, but dad also danced with nearly all the other young ladies as well."

"Yes, our parents were not having a great time at that spring festival," adds Elsa to the conversation. "Mother left the party in the palace and headed to the water's edge. Our father managed to sneak away from the celebration himself, and he found himself on the same shoreline as our mother. Our mom actually watched him walk up to the water's edge and noticed his relief of getting away from the celebration. That was when our father then noticed our mother."

Now Anna speaks up, "Dad hesitated for a moment. He was looking for some solitude but he knew that he had to be cordial. So he walked up to our mother and they began to talk. He learned of her desire to remain close to her home and how this was her father's idea. Dad felt a little offended that Arendelle was not given enough credit in mother's eye. So he set out to show her the virtues of Arendelle."

"For the next few days, father showed our mother around Arendelle and the surrounding countryside," adds Elsa. "It was during this time together that they fell in love with each other and mother fell in love with Arendelle. Their courtship went through the summer and father proposed to her on the first day of fall."

"Dad proposed on that day so he could always remember the day," adds Anna. "However, since this was an important royal wedding; it didn't occur until after the next spring festival. Plans had to be made and the fiord waters had to thaw. Our mother's family had to be able to attend and they were coming by ship."

"A little while after they got married, mother was pregnant with me and in the middle of January of the following year, I was born," says Elsa.

"Our mom said that was one of the harshest Januarys that she could remember," adds Anna. "The winter winds and snow were literally coming into the palace. Our grandfather, our father's dad, allowed many villagers to spend their days and nights in the main hall to get out of the cold. Who knows, maybe it was that winter that gave Elsa her magic."

"That's just speculation," says Elsa. "Anyway, when the next winter came along; that was when our grandfather, the former king of Arendelle, passed away. Our father became king, and in the middle of summer of next year Anna was born."

During the telling of this history, the servants came and took the dirty plates away and brought in the second course. Kristian couldn't help but notice that the fork he was using was also taken away.

"So you are almost 2 years older than your sister," says Kristian as he speaks with Elsa. "How old were you when your magic revealed itself to you or someone else?"

"It is difficult to tell exactly when I first noticed my magic," replies Elsa. "I was growing up with them, so they were a normal occurrence for me. I remember people saying they felt cold in a room, whenever I was around but I did not notice it. However, the first time I remember my powers showing themselves was when I left a frost hand print on my bedroom window in the middle of summer. I was about 4 years old at the time. It scared me at first, but Anna saw my hand print and tried to make one herself. However, all she left was a dirty hand print. So Anna then asked me to make another, so I did. I made several prints in our room that day. Anna then left her hand prints in the middle of my prints."

Kristian then turns to Anna and asks, "Do you remember that day? Where you actually not scared of your sister?"

"I do remember that day," replies Anna. "But I do not remember it like it happened. What I remember is that it was a cool fall day and frost was everywhere. I remember having fun with my sister, but my memory, of my sister's magic, was wiped from my mind. So all the fun things, that I did with my sister concerning her powers; all happened in the winter months for me. The time of year you would expect to find snow and ice."

"Wait, your memory was erased?" asks a puzzled Kristian. "How did that happen? I would have thought that something like Elsa's magic powers would be one of the last things you would have forgotten."

"Elsa can tell you the full story," replies Anna. "But in simplest terms, there was an accident that happened with Elsa's magic and me. It was thought, that for the safety of me and Elsa, that my memory should be erased."

Kristian turns back towards Elsa with a questioning look on his face, but when he sees her looking sad he does not ask his question. He did not need to ask it for Elsa already knew what the question was going to be.

"That accident was a major turning point in my young life," says Elsa sadly. Then her face lights up as she remembers the time before the accident. "Before that I was happy and having a fun time in the palace with my sister. For almost a week after the frost hand prints, my magic powers were my sister's and my secret. Yet with all children, we could not help share exciting events with people we knew. I was lucky that it was our parents that first heard of my powers. I remember them being worried but I also remember their love for me. They told me to keep my powers private and not tell anyone. It was fairly easy for me to do in a palace. It was also fortunate that I could share my magic with my sister."

Elsa then pauses for a moment. Then in a more somber voice Elsa says, "The tragic accident happened, during a night, when Anna couldn't sleep. She woke me up and wanted to play. I eventually relented and we went downstairs. Once we were in the great hall, I used my magic and we played in the snow inside the palace. We made the first snowman of Olaf back then. However, my magic powers were not as strong as they are right now. So back then, the snowman did not come to life. Anna was full of energy and she was pushing my powers to their limits. I was getting scared because I had trouble keeping up with her. I just couldn't make snow fast enough. Then out of panic, I accidentally hit Anna in the head with my powers. Eventually my cries of fear were heard by our parents and they hurried to our sides. Anna was unconscious and cold to the touch. So my father sought help from the mountain trolls that lived nearby."

This time it was Kristoff that interrupted Elsa's story. "I was up that night as well, and I saw the king and queen riding through the woods that night. I also saw a trail of snow behind one of the horses. It was that snow trail that got me curious. The trolls made me part of their family when I was very young, and I was living with them. I knew where they were heading, because anyone in this part of the forest is always heading for the troll king; and I knew where to find him. I got there just in time to see the whole event go down."

"Yes, our parents sought the troll kings help," continues Elsa. "He was able to remove the damage that I had caused, and warned my parents and me of other people's fears of my magic powers. It was decided that for my safety, and for my sister's safety, that the memory of my powers be removed from Anna. However, the troll king left the memory of the fun that we had."

"Palace life changed for us after that day," interjects Anna. "I remember Elsa moving into a separate room and our contact with each other became much less. We almost never played alone together and Elsa became withdrawn. There were still moments that were enjoyable, but the fun that we had as kids was gone. I so wanted to recapture those happy days with my sister. Never more so, after the day that we found out that our parents died."

With a sad tone Elsa continues the story. "Our parents went on a royal mission to another kingdom. They went by ship and a storm came up and sank the ship. For days I could not control my emotions and my magic was uncontrollable. I had ice and snow literally hanging in the air of my room. So I stayed shut in my room for over a week before I ventured out again for only brief moments."

"As isolated as our life was before our parents died, it was even more difficult for the three years up to the day of Elsa's coronation," adds Anna. "Before, our parents kept us entertained and they were our teachers. We may have been isolated, but we were not lonely. Afterwards, Elsa had to become the decision maker of the palace. For me, life in the palace became very lonely. So I was actually very excited when the day of Elsa's coronation came last year. It meant that the palace was going to be opened to the public for the first time in years. I wanted that excitement. It was going to be the first party that I was going to attend where other people would be there. I enjoyed that day, up until the evening when Elsa's magic was revealed."

Elsa then continues with the story. "My parents kept me safe before they passed away. Then I was left alone with my secret and the sole responsibility of protecting myself and others from my powers. I dreaded the day of my coronation. To ascend to the throne, I had to go through the ceremony. It wasn't easy for me, but I made it through that event. Everything else was going smoothly, until that evening when I got into a fight with Anna."

"That fight was mostly my fault," interjects Anna. "I wanted so much to experience the world that I tried to do it all in one day. I made a bad decision and Elsa tried to correct it. However, I did not want to go back to being isolated in the palace anymore. So I fought with Elsa in front of everyone and her magic powers came out."

"For me, my worst fears were being realized," adds Elsa. "I saw the fear in people's eyes and I heard the Duke of Weselton making demands of actions against me."

"The Duke of Weselton was at your coronation?" asks Kristian.

"My coronation was a big event for Arendelle," replies Elsa. "And Weselton was a large trading partner of Arendelle. So of course the King of Weselton would have sent a representative. He was also responsible for one attempt on my life."

"Since you are here, it must have failed," interrupts Kristian.

"Yes, his fear got the better of him," replies Elsa. "I was scared and my powers got out of control. I put all of Arendelle into a winter in the middle of summer. The Duke wanted to return summer and he thought by killing me it would stop the winter. I was afraid of people's fears, so I fled to the high mountains. There I thought that I would be safe."

"Down in Arendelle, people were beginning to panic," adds Anna as she continues the story. "The Duke was becoming a problem and not helping matters. So I set out to find Elsa to try and bring summer back. During my journey, I ran into Kristoff. Together we found Elsa, but it didn't turn out like I wanted it to. Elsa sent Kristoff and me away, but not before she accidentally hit me with her magic powers again."

"Later, I was capture by men from Arendelle," says Elsa. "I almost died too at the hands of the Duke's bodyguards during that capture. I later woke in a jail cell in the palace, and for the first time I saw the problem my powers had caused. I managed to escaped the jail cell and was hoping to get away from Arendelle to stop all the problems I had created. However, I was found before I got too far, and was told that I had killed Anna. Of all my fears, that one was the worst one. I never wanted to hurt my sister; and when I found out that I had, life no longer had any meaning."

"Now I wasn't dead yet," interjects Anna. "Elsa had put ice in my heart but I was still moving. So my main concern at that time was to try and save myself. However at a critical point, I saw Elsa totally broken from the news of my death, and I saw her about to be executed. So I rushed to her side and stopped the fatal blow before I was completely frozen. In the end though, it was that act of love that brought me back to life from my frozen state."

"It was that act of love that allowed me to figure out how to reverse the winter that I had caused. Everyone in the village saw both this act of me reversing the winter and Anna's act of love. So it was these two acts together that won the village over. It has not yet been a year but so far things have gone very well for me in Arendelle."

Everyone at the table sat quietly for a moment as Kristian digested the tale. Finally Kristian speaks. "Anna never gave up on you did she," says Kristian as he addresses Elsa.

"Of course I didn't," replies Anna. "Elsa was the only family that I had left, and I loved her dearly. Knowing about her magic has just made things easier for everyone. Now the whole village has adapted to her abilities, and we all try and act accordingly around her."

"Living with my abilities has been a lot more fun as well," adds Elsa. "I now can use my magic more openly and have had more practice in using them."

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