Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

The Palace Tour

While everyone was talking at the dinner table, the servants came in again and removed the dirty dishes. Again Kristian notices that the silverware that he had been using was removed. "I now know why you place so much hardware around these plates," says Kristian with amusement. "Your servants keep on taking them. They must take a lot of stuff away from the palace."

"There's no doubt about that," replies Kristoff with a smile on his face. "When you work for the palace there are many things that you can take away. You should see what I have managed to take."

"Oh really, so what have you taken away from my home?" amusingly asks Elsa. To Elsa, Kristoff had saved her evening. Now she knows that Kristoff was about to make some kind of silly comment. Elsa knew that her life story may have been interesting, but it was intense. Someone needed to make it more of a fun affair and Kristoff could possibly do that.

Kristoff turns to Elsa and then with a smile, he turns and looks at Anna. "A kiss from a beautiful princess," says Kristoff in a soft comforting tone.

Now Anna looks at Kristoff and a smile shows up on her face. Earlier in the meal she was cross with Kristoff because of his antics. However, Anna had settled down while Elsa's story was being told but she was still unhappy. Now Kristoff had found a way to amend his earlier verbal jests. "You're just lucky that I like you," says a smiling Anna. "Otherwise, you might have found yourself outside this palace."

"I know that I can get on your bad side from time to time," apologies Kristoff as he stretches his hand out to Anna. "So I thought that I would try and correct the last gaff that I did. Am I doing OK?"

Anna reaches out and places her hand on Kristoff's hand. With a smile, she replies, "You're not doing too badly at the moment. However, you still got a long way to go if you're going to get back in my good graces."

So Kristoff shifts his chair closer to Anna's chair. Then Kristoff pulls Anna's hand off the table and holds it with both hands. "I may not be the clean cut debonair royal prince that you want, but I do love you."

Now Anna reaches her other hand out and lays it on top of Kristoff's hands. "No, you are not a prince. You are more of the backwoods commoner type," replies Anna in jest. "Yet, you have gotten a hold of my heart, and now you're doing better at getting on my good side."

"I can't give you anything that you can't obtain for yourself," continues Kristoff. "All that I can give you is a promise. A promise that I will do the best that I can, and I hope that my best is enough to keep you happy.

Anna is beaming with joy now. Kristoff looks splendid in his clothes and now he is saying just about everything right. "Your best is better than any prince that I have seen," says Anna. "They put on facades. You have been as genuine as anyone that I have met. So what you say means more to me than what any prince would ever say."

"Really?" asks Kristoff as his warped sense of humor emerges again. "What I am wearing right now is not exactly what I would call my normal attire."

Anna lets out a slight giggle and says, "No it's not, but you don't put on false pretenses; for that alone, you make up for any short comings that you have over any prince."

Kristian and Elsa have been sitting there listening to the 2 love birds banter back and forth. Meanwhile, Kristoff and Anna have nearly forgotten that the other two were still in the room.

Because of this romantic display, Kristian is feeling out of place sitting at the table. So he leans in on Elsa and suggests, "Maybe we should leave these two alone and go somewhere else."

Elsa turns and smiles at Kristian. She replies, "Yes, let's move to some other room. When they get like this, it can feel pretty awkward."

So Elsa stands up quietly and heads out of the room. She is followed out of the room by Kristian. Meanwhile, Anna and Kristoff haven't even notice them leave the room. However, Olaf has and he chases after them into the hallway.

"Hey, Elsa and Kristian!" calls out Olaf as he enters the hallway. "You're forgetting about Anna and Kristoff."

"No, we are not forgetting about them," replies Elsa as she turns around to face Olaf. "We just thought that they could use some alone time together."

"Alright then, I'll come along with you," replies Olaf.

Elsa really didn't want Olaf to tag along, but she didn't want to tell him that he couldn't come. Kristian noticed the frown on Elsa's face, so he speaks up. "That's alright Olaf. You can stay and take care of Kristoff and Anna."

Olaf stops and looks at Kristian and asks, "Are you sure you don't need me to run interference for you?"

"The biggest part of the evening is over," replies Kristian. "If something happens, I should be able to manage it."

"OK then, I'll see both of you sometime later," says Olaf as he waves goodbye and heads back into the dining room.

"Interference?" asks a puzzled Elsa.

"Um, ya," replies Kristian. Olaf has managed to make Kristian uncomfortable about answering this question of Elsa's. "I never really wanted to come to this dinner and Olaf knew about it. To encourage me to come, he offered to act as some interference for me."

Elsa is feeling down again after hearing this. So she inquires this time about Kristian's reluctance. "Is it because of my magic that you didn't want to come?" Elsa asks.

Kristian is surprised again by Elsa's question. Kristian had not thought about Elsa's position on this whole dinner evening. "Your magic had very little to do with my reluctance to come here tonight," replies Kristian. "In fact, my curiosity about your magic is what helped convince me to come."

Now Elsa has become really curious about Kristian's reluctance. Since what Elsa thought were Kristian's reasons were apparently not his real reasons after all. "So why did you not want to come here?" she asks.

Kristian stands there. He is not sure how to respond. Kristian just stands there looking into Elsa's questioning face. Finally, with some hesitation he begins to speak. "The truth is I have some secrets that I want to keep," replies Kristian as he tries to evade direct answers.

"And you were afraid that these secrets would come out during the dinner," interjects Elsa. Now her mood has improved again.

"Yes," replies Kristian. "There are things that I desperately don't want others to know; and since I am not going to be here long, I thought there was no reason to associate with anyone."

"I know what keeping a secret is like," says Elsa as she tries to reassure Kristian. "It can work for a short while, but eventually keeping a secret becomes a great burden to bear. You can over stress yourself as you try and keep it from others. Once the secret of my abilities came out, my life has become much simpler. It has also been a very freeing experience for me."

"I only need to keep mine for a short while, Elsa," replies Kristian. "I will not be here in Arendelle for long."

Once again Elsa's mood drops, but not as low as when she thought that her magic was the source of Kristian's reluctance. "Yesterday, you mentioned that you are here on business. Has your business been finished here in Arendelle?" asks Elsa.

Kristian again hesitates as he thinks of what to say. Then he replies, "No, not yet. It apparently is going to take a few days to get the business done. Something that was only going to take a day is going to last a while."

Elsa smiles again as she turns and begins to walk down the hall. "While you are here then, I might as well show you around the palace and Arendelle," says Elsa.

Now Kristian follows after her. "You can't show me everything tonight," replies Kristian as he is confused by Elsa's suggestion. "There isn't much time left in the day."

"Oh, I didn't mean that I would be showing you all of it tonight," replies Elsa with a lint in her voice. "I can show some of it to you tomorrow."

"Wait, what?" stammers Kristian as he stops in the hallway.

However, Elsa reaches back and wraps her arm around Kristian's arm. Then Elsa pulls Kristian down the hallway with her. "I'm sure you won't be too busy to go on a little sightseeing tour tomorrow," lightly says Elsa. "Tonight we can view some of the palace before you leave."

Kristian has been thrown for a loop. Kristian's mind is spinning and he doesn't know what to make of what is happening. So Kristian relents to Elsa's leadership, and he lets her lead him down the hall. Eventually, Elsa takes Kristian to the part of the palace where many portraits are hanging.

"I thought we could start here in the palace," says Elsa as she beams with satisfaction. "The portraits here represent the royal family and my ancestors. It is a visual representation of my family's history."

After giving this limited description, Elsa allows Kristian to browse through the paintings at his leisure. As Kristian looks over the paintings, Elsa tells Kristian who each of the people are in the paintings and their relationship to her. Soon Kristian stops at one of the larger paintings. "I recognize these two from the ice sculptures yesterday," says Kristian. "Are they your parents?"

"Yes, they are my parents," replies Elsa. "This was their official portrait that welcomed visiting guests. Next to them you can see a few smaller paintings that show Anna and me."

Kristian then checks out these smaller paintings. One is of both girls at a young age. Another 2 paintings show the girls individually at an older age. A third painting shows the entire royal family. "I noticed that you are wearing gloves in the last 2 paintings here but not in the painting of you as a child," points out Kristian.

"I didn't start wearing gloves until I got older," replies Elsa. "Early on, my magic did not reveal itself easily. As I got older, I had problems keeping them from showing up. The gloves were my parents' idea, and they have worked well in helping me to keep my magic powers in check. My parents had always done their best at trying to help me conceal my powers."

"You were lucky to have such loving parents," says Kristian. "Not everyone has the kind of luck you did growing up."

Now Elsa has become curious. Elsa has been talking about her family this whole evening, and this is the first possible hint that she has heard of Kristian's family. "Did you not have a happy childhood?" asks Elsa.

Kristian stands silently in the hall. He just keeps looking at the family portrait of Elsa, Anna, and her parents. As Kristian stands there, he is pondering the best way to answer Elsa's question. So Elsa finally speaks up, "If this is one of the secrets you want to keep, you don't have to tell me. We can always move onto another subject." However in reality Elsa does want to know, but she does not want to end her association with Kristian just yet.

"Most of it I do not need to keep a secret, Elsa," replies Kristian. Then after a slight pause he continues. "I don't remember much of my early childhood. I know that I lived in a big house with my parents and an older sister. Then some trouble came to my home and I had to leave it."

"What kind of trouble was it?" asks Elsa.

"I was too young to understand what the trouble was all about," replies Kristian.

This was only partly true. Yes Kristian was too young, at the time, to understand what the trouble really was. However, when he was older Kristian did know. Like Elsa, Kristian's magic did not show up as a young child. Yet, as Kristian got older, his magic powers grew in strength. Unfortunately, Kristian's powers showed up during a family party. His aunts and uncles were attending and they had brought their children along. Like most boys, Kristian was rough housing with his cousins. Things got a little rough and a little flame came from Kristian's hand. This flame singed one of his cousin's hair in front of everyone. The small flame still flickered off of Kristian's hand as everyone else was aghast at what had just occurred. Out of fear, Kristian's father ran over to his son and put the fire out. However, to everyone's amazement, Kristian was not hurt by the fire. As Kristian stood there, he was puzzled by everyone's reaction. You see, Kristian was too young to understand that this was not a normal thing. Meanwhile, everyone in the room had seen what had happened; and they were afraid. Soon the adults began to argue among themselves and the children went to another room. As for Kristian, he was left in a separate room by himself.

"My mother took me away to keep me safe," continues Kristian. "She took us into the back country where there were few people around. We often had to move from village to village for a few years, until we came across a house in the mountains."

During that time, Kristian and his mother would have to keep moving from one village to another. This is because Kristian could not control his magic powers. Every once in a while, Kristian's magic would eventually come out. His mother would then pack things up and then head out into the countryside before the villagers rose up against them. During winter treks, Kristian could keep his mother warm by warming the air that surrounds them both.

On their last journey, they traveled through the high mountains to avoid running into people. The mountain winds were blowing hard and Kristian was barely keeping the cold at bay for his mother. The cold was getting through and they sought for shelter on a mountain plateau. They eventually came across a stone house and as they approached it, Goran stepped out of the door.

Kristian was flaming the best that he could to try and keep his mother warm; and Goran saw this. Also Kristian's mother saw Goran and told Kristian that they must leave quickly. As they were moving away from the house, a fire ball struck the ground in their path. As Kristian's mother turns, holding her son whose flame is barely lit in the winds, she sees Goran standing in the house doorway holding another fireball in his hand. After seeing the shocked expressions on their faces, Goran tosses the ball off to the side and motions them to come into the house. Now Kristian's mother stands still for a moment but the cold pushes her to go into the house.

"Was the house an abandon one?" asks Elsa.

"No, there was a man named Goran living there," replies Kristian. "He is a rough mountain man and he doesn't like people. He allowed my mother and me to live with him. When the weather permitted, a house was constructed for us to live in."

"You were fortunate to find a caring individual who was willing to take you in," says Elsa. "At least you and your mother found a place to live."

"I would not call Goran a caring man," replies Kristian. "He is gruff and often angry. As for a place to live, it was a difficult life on the mountain; but it was peaceful, for a few years anyway."

"Something happened to ruin the peace?" asks Elsa.

"When I was about 12 years old, the trouble that had sent my mother and me away came to the mountain," replies Kristian.

A man had showed up looking for Kristian and his mother. He rode into the compound on a horse, with the collar of his jacket pulled up to protect his neck from the wind. However, Kristian was out fishing in a river lower down on the mountain; and Goran was out hunting. Yet the man had found Kristian's mother in the house that Kristian and his mother were living in.

Later, that man was hunting for Kristian down by the river. Kristian had just finished picking up his pole and his catch for the day when the man saw him and called out Kristian's name. Kristian looked and saw this man calling to him. This man was a fair distance away from Kristian. However, Kristian became scared when he saw this man; and Kristian ran back to his house. Yet the man called Kristian's name two more times, each time louder than the first. Meanwhile Goran, who was close by, heard these calls and went to investigate.

When Kristian got back to his home, he did not find his mother there. So Kristian looked for his mother around the house but found no trace of her. A little later, Goran came walking back to the compound.

"I don't know exactly what happened, but Goran told me that he had stopped a man who was going to do me harm," says Kristian. "However, my mother had died in the fight. Since then Goran has raised me by himself."

"And you have lived up in the mountains ever since?" inquires Elsa.

"For the most part," replies Kristian. "There are the occasional trips to a local village for supplies, and rare trips like this one."

"You said this is a business trip. Are you here alone or did Goran come with you?" asks Elsa.

Kristian pauses for a moment as he thinks of an appropriate answer. Then he says, "Goran came on this trip but he prefers the isolation of the countryside. He is out there handling his end of business, while I take care of things here in Arendelle. I really don't have much to do until Goran gets done with his work."

Elsa smiles and says, "So you will be free tomorrow. Then I will make plans on showing you around Arendelle."

Kristoff turns towards Elsa and is about to try and make an excuse to get out of going, when Elsa speaks up. "Now let's not go through this again," Elsa says with a smile. "You can't let your past prevent you from enjoying life. Goran may have taught you how to survive in the wilderness, but he does not know everything. Everyone is trying to get through life the best that they can and having friends can make that journey easier. If you will permit it, I can be a friend of yours here in Arendelle."

Kristian looks into Elsa's eyes and can see the warmth of her spirit coming out of her. Kristian then drops his head and closes his eyes. He has committed himself to the demise of Elsa, and Elsa has just made Kristian's job a lot harder. "How can someone, who has the power of the cold, be so warm and giving," thinks Kristian.

Meanwhile, Elsa watches Kristian as he hangs his head. She is puzzled by his reaction. Out in the village square, Kristian showed more fear than anything else. Here Kristian is showing some kind of regret or sorrow. Elsa wonders if there is something in Kristian's past that he has not mentioned yet. Elsa knows that Kristian is keeping a secret that he does not want to reveal, but she does not want to pry into this secret. Elsa just wants to spend time with a man who seems to have no fear of her abilities. So Elsa stands quietly watching Kristian, waiting for him to make the next move.

Finally Kristian lifts his head, and with an almost emotionless response replies, "OK, I guess I can tour with you tomorrow." Kristian has decided that since his job here is to keep an eye on Elsa, he could easily do that by hanging out with her.

Elsa smiles brightly. "I'm glad you said yes," says Elsa. "Now I hope to see you tomorrow morning. Otherwise, I will have to send out Olaf to go fetch you."

"If nothing comes up, I should be here tomorrow," replies Kristian with a slight smile. For some reason, Kristian has gotten to like Olaf.

"With that settled, let's continue the tour of the palace," says Elsa.

So Elsa holds out her bare hand to Kristian, and Kristian takes a hold of it after first looking at Elsa's out stretched hand. Elsa is enjoying this adventure tonight. She considers this her first casual date and Elsa just wants to savor every moment. Maybe it won't last, Elsa thinks, but it will be a memory that she hopes will never be forgotten.

However, Kristian is torn by tonight's escapade. Elsa has been warm and kind to him. This is something that Kristian has not felt from another person since his mother. Now Kristian is holding Elsa's hand and walking alongside her. As they walk, Elsa explains the various rooms and artworks that they pass along their way. Kristian finds it very gratifying walking alongside Elsa. Yet a feeling of regret enters his mind as Kristian knows what Goran is planning to do. Not to mention the fear that Kristian has if Elsa finds out about his own magic powers. After all, in Kristian's mind, how can fire and ice coexist? They are natural enemies and one must eliminate the other eventually.

In the private dining hall of the royal family, Anna and Kristoff have realized that Elsa and Kristian have left the room. Anna is the first one to speak. "Elsa?!" exclaims Anna with a little concern. "Where has she gone to? Kristoff did you see where Elsa went?"

"No, I don't remember seeing her leave," replies Kristoff. "My mind was preoccupied with something else," he says with a smile. "What is the big deal anyway?"

"It's nothing really," says Anna trying to convince herself that nothing is the matter. "It's just that after the veiled threat that the Duke of Weselton made yesterday, I don't like not knowing where Elsa is."

"I'm sure she is fine, Anna," replies Kristoff. "Elsa is capable of taking care of herself. I'm sure that she and Kristian have just gone to check out the palace together."

However, Anna stands up and begins to move to the door when she sees Olaf. "Olaf do you know where Kristian and Elsa are?" she asks.

"Sure, they have gone to walk around the palace," replies Olaf. "They thought that you two could spend some time together alone."

"Why didn't you go with them?" asks Anna.

"I offered to go but Kristian said that he would be OK alone with Elsa," replies Olaf.

"Can you show me which way they went, Olaf?" asks Anna.

"Sure I can," replies Olaf. "Just follow me."

Kristoff then stands up and calls after Anna. "Anna wait, why not let them be alone together? They seem to be getting along just fine."

Anna turns around and with some concern on her face, she says, "We don't know anything about Kristian, and I want to make sure that Elsa is safe. So are you going to help me find them or not?"

So Kristoff moves towards Anna and replies, "Alright Anna, we can go look for them; but I thing you are over reacting to the situation."

"Maybe I am over reacting, but I rather be safe than to have anything happen to Elsa," replies Anna as she follows Olaf out the door, and Kristoff is right behind her.

Once out in the hallway, Olaf leads them in the direction that Kristian and Elsa went. However, when they reach the area that the pair had been, Elsa and Kristian had moved on. "Olaf, are you sure this was the direction they were heading in?" asks Anna.

"Of course I'm sure," replies Olaf. "But it has been awhile since they came this way. They most likely have moved on."

"What do you mean awhile?" asks a concern Anna. "They should have only left a few moments ago."

"It's more like several moments ago," replies Olaf. "You were enjoying your time with Kristoff. So I didn't think it was worth interrupting you two about Kristian and Elsa's leaving."

Anna looks over to Kristoff in puzzlement. So Kristoff responds to this by saying, "We were really into each other at the dinner table. So it is possible that time flew by faster than either one of us would have cared for."

Now Anna is feeling real uneasy about not finding Elsa. "If they are not here then Elsa must be showing Kristian the rest of the palace," says Anna. "Come on, we have to find Elsa."

So Olaf cheerfully heads off with Anna to begin the search of the palace. However, Kristoff thinks that there is no real danger; and that this search is not necessary. Yet he reluctantly follows Anna, since trying to reason with her would be a pointless effort. When Anna sets her mind to something, it is difficult to change her thinking.

For the next hour, it is a search of near misses. Just as Elsa and Kristian leave a room; Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff enter. Also sometimes just as the trio leave a room, Kristian and Elsa enter. As the search is unproductive, Anna suggests that they split up and search. They do cover more area, but by this time Elsa has taken Kristian out of the palace.

The sun is low on the horizon and the light of the sun is partly blocked by the mountains at the mouth of the fiord. Yet the sun light shines across the waters of the fiord and light up the mountainside on the opposite bank. So Elsa has taken Kristian to the bank of the palace island to watch the sunset. While outside, Elsa stands close to the bank, watching the sunlight on the water. Meanwhile, Kristian stands behind her and just looks at Elsa's back.

"This time of year always produces some of the best sunsets of the year," says Elsa. "This one is pretty good." After this comment, Elsa turns towards Kristian and asks, "Don't you think so?"

So Kristian finally focuses on the sunset and replies, "Yes, this sunset is sure something. I've seen some pretty spectacular ones up on my mountain home as well. Sometimes the shadows will dance on the mountain as the sun sets. It gives it almost a mystical feeling. Sometimes I can almost believe, that the mountain fairies are out there. I like to think that they keep an eye on all things that belong on the mountain."

After hearing this, Elsa turns back towards the light of the sun and says, "I know what you mean. Some of the sunsets here make me feel the same way. When I was younger, I would hope that those mystical beings would relieve me of the burden of my magic. In a way they have answered my prayer. I still have my magic, but I no longer have the burden of keeping my magic a secret."

Now Kristian moves up alongside Elsa and starts to check out the scenery. As he does, Elsa turns her head towards Kristian and smiles. Then Elsa goes back to watching the sunset. After a moment Kristian speaks up. "You must have really enjoyed this last year. Since you no longer had to keep your abilities a secret."

"Yes, the past few months have been wonderful," replies Elsa. "I have mingled with others from the village and I have connected with my sister on a deeper leave than I did in the past. It has also been a joy to share my abilities with others in a much more fun way." After a short pause Elsa then asks Kristian, "So do you like to ice skate?"

"I never have skated," replies Kristian.

"I could teach you," responds a smiling Elsa. However, Kristian is puzzled by Elsa suggestion; and just before the question is asked, Elsa steps out onto the water and it freezes under her feet. After this demonstration of magic, Kristian comes to the realization that Elsa could have done this at any moment. So Kristian's reaction was not one of surprise but one of stupidity on his part. Elsa notices this, and she finds Kristian's reaction humorous.

While Elsa begins to slide around on the ice, Kristian stands on the edge of the shore. Shortly, Elsa comes up to Kristian and says, "Come on, I can hold you up on the ice."

With some hesitation, Kristian stands there for a while. Finally he steps out onto the ice and quickly grabs a hold of Elsa's out stretched hand. Neither of them is wearing gloves and Elsa is delighted. However, all Kristian can think of is to try to not fall down. Meanwhile, Elsa places her arm around Kristian's back to stabilize him and Kristian drapes his arm over Elsa's shoulder and holds onto her side. They skate like this until the last rays of light diminish in the sky and the stars begin to come out. With limited light to see by, the pair of them step off of the ice and sit down on a nearby rock.

"Too bad there wasn't a lot of light left in the day," says Elsa. "I could have spent hours out on the ice."

"Maybe you could have, but I was beginning to feel a little tired out there," replies Kristian. "It took a lot of energy to stay up right."

With a smile Elsa replies, "It can be difficult for beginners to skate, but with practice it will become easier."

"Well, at least the setting sun got us off the ice," replies a relieved Kristian. "Now I don't have to concentrate on my skating."

Elsa has mixed emotions about the skating session ending. On one hand, she was close to Kristian and having a fun time. On the other hand, Kristian was so focused on his skating that he barely seemed to focus on her at all. Now Elsa is looking at Kristian's face and she sees him looking out into the distance. So Elsa turns and looks at the water, wondering what she should do next. Then she hears Kristian speak up.

"It looks like a good night for the stars to be out," says Kristian.

Because of this statement, Elsa looks up and sees the sky full of stars. She then replies, "Yes, it certainly is going to be a gorgeous night. There is a place on the bridge that will be a great spot to view the stars, if you feel rested enough to go."

So Kristian gets up and offers his hand to Elsa to help her up. In response, Elsa gladly accepts the help. "I may be a little tired, but I have enough energy to go for a short walk," says Kristian.

So Elsa leads the way and Kristian follows her to a spot in the middle of the palace bridge. Here they lean on the stone arm rail to look at the stars.

Back in the palace, the search has lead up into the guest quarters and the private quarters of the royal family. Anna has become agitated by the fact that they have not found Elsa. Meanwhile, Kristoff is beginning to feel uneasy about the situation as well. Finally Anna and Kristoff meet each other in the hallway after they each had checked separate rooms.

"I don't like this at all," says Anna as she approaches Kristoff. "Elsa should be in the palace somewhere, unless something bad has happen to her."

"There is no need for concern just yet, Anna," replies Kristoff trying to calm Anna down. "The sun has only just set. We can wait a little while longer before we have to alert anyone of Elsa's disappearance."

"If something has happened to Elsa, it will be too late to notify anyone," responds Anna.

Then Olaf calls out from one of the rooms. "It looks like something has happened to Elsa!"

In response, Anna and Kristoff come running into the room. However, all they see is Olaf standing at the window. Olaf was looking out the window, down towards the ground. "Olaf!" exclaims Anna. "You said that something has happened to Elsa. Where is she?"

So Olaf turns towards Anna and points out the window, and he says, "It sure looks like something serious."

With fear, Anna and Kristoff run to the window. It is dark out and only a few street lanterns provide any light. As their eyes become adjusted to the dim light, they see two figures standing on the bridge.

"Elsa," quietly says Anna. So Anna then turns and runs out the door. This is because, Anna just wants to make sure that Elsa is OK.

Meanwhile, Kristoff just turns towards Olaf and asks, "I thought you said that something has happened to Elsa?"

"Well, romance is a very serious thing," replies Olaf. "And it looks like the two of them might be making a fair attempt at it."

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