Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

A Bad Break-Up

Out on the palace bridge, Kristian and Elsa lean on the stone side rails of the bridge as they star gaze. Then after a quiet moment of enjoyment, Elsa speaks up. "I always did like this spot for looking at the stars," comments Elsa. "When the water is calm, you can even see the stars reflecting in the surface of the water."

"I can see why you would like this spot," adds Kristian. "It's not far from your home and yet it's safe. The reflecting water also gives you a unique perspective of the stars."

"Yes, when Anna and I were kids, our parents sometimes would take us here and tell us stories that were hidden in the stars," says Elsa. She then points to one of the stars in the sky. "That blue star over there, my parents said that was my star; and that red one close to it was my sister's. My parents said that as long as those two stars shone, my sister and I would never be separated."

"That is a nice sentiment," says Kristian before he drops his gaze to the surface of the water. Elsa notices this, and she turns to look at her companion. She has not known him long, but Elsa has learned to recognize this look of regret. "It's unfortunate that such sentiment is nothing but false promises," continues Kristian.

Kristian has had a difficult upbringing. First Kristian lost his father and sister when he had to leave his home. Then for a few years after that, Kristian had to move from place to place because of his magic powers. Finally, Kristian lost his mother and had to live alone on a mountain with Goran. Well, Goran was not a caring individual. Still, Kristian felt that it was thanks to Goran that he managed to survive to adulthood. So with all of this in Kristian's past, listening to Elsa speak about her sister has made Kristian think about his own family. Kristian's mother had made similar promises to him; but in the end, even she could not keep those promises.

With these depressing thoughts, Kristian was looking down at his hands as they rested on the stone rail. Kristian's sadness for his own life and the resentment of Elsa's life has caused him to lose control of his magic powers. So Kristian notices a small flame develop under each of his palms as they rest on the stone rail. However Elsa did not notice theses flames because she was looking at Kristian's face.

Anyway, Kristian begins to smother one of the flames by clenching his fist. Yet before he can do this with the other hand, Elsa surprises him. Elsa had reached down and grasps this hand with her own. Now Kristian is shocked by this because he thinks Elsa will discover his magic powers. So Kristian quickly looks up at Elsa; but before he can react, Kristian feels a soothing sensation on his hand. In response, Kristian looks back down at his hand that Elsa is holding. The flame had actually gone out on that hand. Just like what happened earlier that morning, when Elsa grabbed the hot tea kettle. Her magic had cooled the flame on Kristian's hand and put it out without Elsa even knowing about it.

"What little I know about you, I do know you had a tough life," says Elsa trying to comfort Kristian. "It is also true that there is no guarantee that I will always have my sister with me. Yet in some ways, she will always be with me in my heart. It is a very comforting thought to have, especially in times when you have nothing else to hold on to."

In response, Kristian looks up at Elsa and notices the sympathetic look on her face. However with a tone of hostility, Kristian asks, "Why are you doing this?"

Well Elsa was taken aback by his tone. So she pulls her hand away from Kristian's and takes a slight step back. With confusion Elsa replies, "I was just trying to ease your mind. You appeared to be upset about something."

"I understand that much," replies a stern Kristian. His tone had eased but it still was not a friendly one. "What I don't get is why are you spending all this time with me?"

Elsa stands there, just looking at Kristian's stern face. Finally she says, "This night came about because of my sister. Anna knew that I was feeling sad about seeing her and Kristoff together when I had no one."

"I was supposed to be a date for you?" asks Kristian in an unfriendly tone. "Why in the world did Anna choose me?"

Elsa replies, "It was because of what happened last night in the palace. Anna and I caught you in the palace with Olaf. Normally, I wouldn't have thought too much of our first meeting. However, when you pushed past the two of us you startled me."

"I startled you?" questions Kristian.

"When you pushed pass me, you placed your hand on my bare arm without a second thought," replies Elsa. "Only Anna would have done something like that and I told her what you had done. Anna put it on herself to make tonight happen. I didn't object to the idea because, since my magic powers have come out, I haven't seen anyone show any interest in me."

"Neither of you know me at all!" angrily responds Kristian. The last thing Kristian wants is to form a connection with Elsa. So Kristian wants to create distance between Elsa and himself. "You were foolish to take a stranger into your home."

"That was what this night was supposed to be about," counters Elsa. She doesn't know why Kristian has decided to become so agitated with her. "We were going to find out what kind of person you are. For most of the night, I thought it had gone well."

"Elsa, I have been trying to make it clear to you that I was not going to be hanging around Arendelle!" states Kristian with determination. "And it is almost certain that I will never be returning here after I leave! So you are wasting your time with me!"

Elsa begins to tear up as she places her hand on the stone rail of the bridge. Once she touches the rail, ice forms and it moves quickly down onto the water. So a section of water then freezes. This action shocks Elsa. So Elsa runs past Kristian towards the palace with tears running down her face.

Now at this moment, Anna had just reached the bridge as Elsa comes running towards the palace. "Elsa what's wrong?" exclaims Anna as Elsa approaches.

However, Elsa does not respond but keeps running towards the palace. Still Anna can see that Elsa is crying and there is a trail of snow being left behind her as she runs. Angered by this, Anna turns back towards Kristian who has begun to walk towards the village. "What did you do to upset my sister?" calls out Anna. Kristian stops and turns towards Anna, while Anna walks towards Kristian with determination on her face.

"I set her straight on what see can expect from me," says Kristian coldly. "This whole dinner date was a bad idea. I'm not what either one of you wants or expects."

"What our expectations are don't matter!" replies Anna in a huff. "There is such a thing as manners and being polite! You have just shown neither to Elsa and your presence here is no longer welcomed!"

"I was planning on leaving," replies Kristian. "And I wasn't planning on coming back." Now Kristian turns, to walk away, but Anna grabs his arm to stop him.

"I'm not done with you yet," says Anna sternly.

Meanwhile, Elsa has entered the palace and she passes Kristoff and Olaf on the stairs. "Hey Elsa!" calls out Olaf. "Are you OK?"

Elsa does not respond and she continues to head to her room. Moments later, Kristoff and Olaf hear Elsa's door slam. Once in her room, Elsa quickly moves to her bed; and she falls on her bed and cries. With tears falling on her pillow, the room begins to show snow and ice everywhere.

"I think Elsa is upset," says Olaf.

"That is an understatement, Olaf," replies Kristoff. "She is definitely upset. The question is what was it that made her like this?"

"Why don't we just go and ask her?" says Olaf as he heads up the stairs.

"Olaf wait!" calls out Kristoff. "You just can't walk in and ask someone to share their problems."

"Why not?" asks Olaf. "I walk in on people all the time. They always light up when I'm around."

"Well ya, but you're a snowman," replies Kristoff. "You cheer everyone up with just your presences."

"That's more reason for me to go to Elsa," says Olaf. "You, however, should catch up with Anna. Knowing her, she is probably confronting the problem that has upset Elsa."

Kristoff looks down the stairs and replies to Olaf, "You're right. Anna is probably getting herself into trouble right now." He then turns back towards Olaf and continues. "Alright then, you go take care of Elsa while I go handle Anna." With that Kristoff heads down the stairs.

"Good luck!" calls out Olaf to Kristoff. "You're going to need it with Anna!"

Outside on the bridge, Anna is giving Kristian a verbal lashing. "Elsa and I have gone through a lot of trouble to arrange this dinner! Even if things were not what you would have liked, it would have been good to show some appreciation for the effort!"

"Appreciation," coldly replies Kristian. "You and your sister were trying to coral me into a relationship with Elsa! That I cannot accept! The attempt had to be ended before it went any further! I did Elsa a favor by ending it now."

Now Kristian begins to walk away from Anna, but Anna moves in front of him and blocks his path. "You think making my sister cry is doing her a favor!" snipes back Anna. "You have no respect for how Elsa feels! She has had to live nearly all her life being alone! We were trying to open up a new area for her to explore in social settings, and you have gone and smashed her hopes! Because of you, she will most likely go back into her isolation!"

Kristian feels sorry for Elsa, but he also believes that what he had done is for the best of both of them. He cannot afford to like Elsa if he is going to participate in her demise, and Elsa needs to hate him for her own sake.

"Elsa had done well enough for herself before I showed up," says Kristian. "And you're not giving your sister enough credit. One bad night will not cause her permanent harm. Elsa will recover soon enough and then you both can snare the next poor guy who walks into the palace."

Now Kristian moves around Anna to try and continue down the bridge, but once again Anna grabs his arm and stops him. This move angers Kristian as he just wants to get away from the palace. Yet Anna is not letting him. So Kristian's anger causes his free hand to flame up. Now Kristian quickly notices the flame and smothers it out against his leg. However Anna doesn't notice this flame because she is looking at Kristian's face.

"You think we are doing this as some kind of game!" angrily exclaims Anna. "Elsa deserves to have everything that any other woman wants to have, and I am not going to let you or any other arrogant male prevent her from trying to obtain that!"

Just then Kristoff comes onto the bridge. He calls out to Anna. "Anna, will you hold up for a minute!"

So Anna and Kristian turn their heads to look at Kristoff as he runs towards them. As Kristoff nears, Kristian jerks his arm free of Anna's grasp and proceeds to walk down the bridge. Anna was about to go after him when Kristoff grabs a hold of her shoulder.

"Hold it Anna," says Kristoff. "Just let him go."

Anna turns towards Kristoff and says, "But he needs to be taught a lesson about hurting Elsa!"

"I'm sure you have already given him a lot to think about," replies Kristoff. "Besides, what do you expect him to do, after you're done lecturing him?"

"I - don't know," replies Anna. "I just want Elsa to be happy again and he has upset her."

"Chastising Kristian will not make Elsa feel better," replies Kristoff. "What she really needs is someone to comfort her. Right now Olaf is trying to accomplish that."

Anna looks back at the palace and the area where Elsa's room is. She can see the light on in Elsa's room, but she cannot see any movement in the room. Anna then looks back at Kristoff.

"I'm sorry that the dinner had to end like this," apologizes Anna. "It had not gone the way that I wanted it to."

"The dinner was fine," replies Kristoff. "You just had your expectations too high. Next time, try to let it be a fun event. After all, enjoyment is the most important thing to have at a gathering of friends."

Anna smiles and replies, "Yes, I did get carried away tonight didn't I." Anna grabs a hold of Kristoff's hands and then they kiss each other. "I'll see you tomorrow," says Anna as she lets go of Kristoff and moves towards the palace. "Elsa needs me right now."

As all this was happening outside, Olaf had reached Elsa's bedroom door and knocked. He then pushed into the room before Elsa responded to the knock. Elsa hardly noticed the knock on her door, and she wasn't willing to respond to it anyway.

"Hey Elsa," says Olaf as he stands in the middle of the room. "Is it alright that I come?" He looks at Elsa who has been crying on her bed.

In response, Elsa lifts her head and looks at Olaf. His silly smile and fun demeanor makes it difficult for anyone to be upset with the snowman for long. "I'm not in the mood for company right now, Olaf," says Elsa as she wipes some of the tears off of her face.

"Then it is a good thing that I am not company then," says Olaf as he walks over to the bed. "What you need right now is a friend, and that is what I am."

"Yes, but I don't want to talk to anyone right now," replies Elsa as she drops her head back down on the bed.

"Did Kristian say or do something that upsets you?" asks Olaf. However Elsa does not respond to Olaf's question. So Olaf turns away from the bed and looks at the rest of the room. Now Olaf likes all the snow and ice that is displayed in the room. "I certainly like what you have done with your room," happily chirps Olaf. "It's pretty the way the room sparkles with all the crystals in the air."

In response to Olaf's comment, Elsa turns her head and looks at the room. Then she sits up in the middle of the bed. "I never thought of it being beautiful," says Elsa sadly. "To me it is just a terrible reminder of my powers and how I still have difficulty controlling them."

"I wouldn't call them terrible," replies Olaf. "Everyone in Arendelle loves what you have done with them. The kids like to play in the snow. People can ice skate in the middle of the summer, and you can cool even the hottest days. Not to mention that fact that you made me. Without you I would not even exist."

A slight smile comes to Elsa's face as she listens to Olaf's cheerful voice. Then in a sad tone she says, "Yet, I get shunned by people. I never get personal contact with anyone."

"Now that is a false hood," replies Olaf. "What about your sister Anna? Don't forget about Kristoff too. He hangs around with you. Plus you are forgetting about all the palace staff that interacts with you on a daily basis. What about all the people that say hello to you every day in the village of Arendelle? Elsa, you have more contact with people in one day than some people have in the entire year."

Elsa smiles weakly again. Then she says, "But I don't get the kind of interaction that I want. I thought that Kristian might be able to provide that, but even he shunned me."

"Oh, Kristian is just worried that you will hate him," counters Olaf.

"Hate him?" questions Elsa. She had been enjoying most of her time with Kristian. "Why would I even consider hating him?" asks Elsa.

"He thinks that if you find out about his secrets that you will go all snowy blizzard on him," replies Olaf.

Now Elsa swings her legs off the bed and sits on the edge of it. She is perplexed by what Olaf has said. "What secret could be so bad that would make me harm another individual?" questions Elsa as she talks to herself.

Sorry Elsa, I am not allowed to tell you that," replies Olaf in a cheerful way.

"Not allowed?" questions Elsa as she turns to look at Olaf. "Olaf, do you know Kristian's secrets?"

"I have no idea if I know them all," replies Olaf. "But I do know a few of them. Kristian thinks that his secrets make you and him unsuitable for each other."

"Unsuitable? Olaf, will you tell me the secrets that you know about Kristian?" asks Elsa.

"Sorry, but I promised Kristian that I would not tell anyone," replies Olaf. "I did tell Kristian that he should share his secrets. I even said that you would understand, but somehow he got the idea that you would not like who he is."

"Goran," quietly says Elsa to herself.

"Who is Goran?" asks Olaf.

"Goran is a mountain man that raised Kristian," replies Elsa. "According to Kristian, he is a very antisocial individual. If that is the case, it wouldn't be difficult to see Kristian picking up some of Goran's negative attitudes."

"Wow, you know things about Kristian that I don't," chirps Olaf cheerfully. "All I can tell you is that Kristian is a pretty good guy. His thinking is a little messed up, and Kristian is insecure around others. Yet, despite all the prodding and pushing that we have done to him, Kristian hasn't shown any aggression and has accepted our behavior with no reservations."

"Our behavior?" questions Elsa. "You think we were expecting too much from Kristian and have been pushing him further than he wanted to go?"

"All I have to do is look at what happened this noon," replies Olaf. "The four of us ganged up on Kristian to come to the dinner tonight. Then the big fancy dinner that was held. What did anyone expect from a guy who has lived alone on a mountain?"

Elsa drops her head a bit and says, "My behavior after the dinner didn't help matters much either. I was overwhelming Kristian with everything that I was doing. With showing off my magic and trying to comfort him at the end when Kristian barely knew who I was, I must have really intimidated him."

Just then a knock comes from the bedroom door. A voice then comes from the other side. "Elsa, it's me Anna," says Anna a little wary of being too forward at this moment. "Is it all right if I come in?"

"Yes Anna, you can come in," replies Elsa with her voice sounding a little down.

Anna enters the room slowly. She sees Elsa sitting at the edge of her bed with Olaf standing close to her. "Welcome to the gossip room," chirps Olaf. Elsa smiles weakly at Olaf's comment.

"Are you feeling OK?" asks Anna as she approaches Elsa.

"I'm not feeling 100%, but Olaf has help to put some things into perspective for me," replies Elsa.

With this said, Anna sits down next to Elsa and reaches out to take hold of Elsa's hands. "I am here for you if you need to talk," says Anna.

Elsa looks into Anna's face and replies, "I know you will be. I just need some time to take in everything. This night just ended very badly for me."

"I know Kristian hurt your feelings," adds Anna. "So I'm letting you know, that you don't have to worry about Kristian bothering you anymore."

Elsa looks at Anna with concern and asks, "What did you do tonight that makes you say that?"

"After you ran into the palace, I confronted Kristian," replies Anna. "I told him that his presence will no longer be welcomed at the palace. If Kristian does show up, we can have the palace guards remove him forcibly."

"Oh Anna," replies Elsa with disappointment. "You shouldn't have confronted him."

"What?" asks a puzzled Anna. "He hurt you and does not deserve any sympathy. I should have done even more to him than what I did."

"I appreciate what you have tried to do for me," replies Elsa. "But the situation was not entirely Kristian's fault. We were partly to blame for this outcome."

"How can you give Kristian a pass like this?" asks Anna. "He has been cold and distant since we have met him. Then the last straw was when Kristian hurt your feelings."

"I am not giving Kristian a pass, Anna," replies Elsa. "However, there are circumstances that I must give some consideration."

"What circumstances would give you a reason to go easy on Kristian?" asks Anna.

"Oh, there is the fact that Kristian was raised alone on a mountain with a grumpy man," replies Olaf. "Also he thinks, if Elsa finds out about his secrets, she will try and put him into a deep freeze."

Anna looks at Olaf and asks him, "How do you know all this about Kristian?"

"Elsa was the one who found out about Kristian's life in the mountains," replies Olaf. "As for the rest, I've become Kristian's friend and he shared some things with me. As his friend, I promised to keep those secrets."

So then addressing Elsa, Anna asks, "He told you about his past? He seemed to be withdrawn most of the time I was around him."

"Yes, I got onto the topic of my childhood and how our parents tried to do everything they could for me," replies Elsa. "That opened up the topic of Kristian's parents. I always thought that I had a troubled upbringing; but after hearing Kristian's story, I was fortunate to have a safe and stable home. The thing is, I could see that Kristian needed a friend; but I guess he was too afraid to accept me as one."

"So what are you going to do now?" asks Anna. "Since, I verbally kicked him out of the palace."

"I don't know what I am going to do now," replies Elsa. "I had invited Kristian to explore the sights of Arendelle; but after the way this night ended, I doubt that he will be showing up tomorrow."

"You can always invite him again," suggests Anna. "I will even apologize to Kristian for the remarks that I made earlier tonight. Between you and me though, he deserved some of those remarks."

"Oh Anna," says Elsa with a slight smile on her face. "You can be terrible, sometimes."

"At least I got a smile out of you," replies Anna with a grin. "So are you going to ask him again?"

"I don't know if he would accept," says Elsa. "Besides, I don't know where Kristian is staying."

"I know where he has been sleeping," chirps Olaf. "I can take you to the last place I saw him, if you want."

"That's some good news, Olaf," says Anna. "See Elsa, if you want, you can go over to him and offer another invitation."

"I don't know if I should," replies Elsa.

"Well the decision is up to you," says Anna. "The last time I tried to get involved, things didn't turn out that well."

"The last time you got involved was when you wanted to set up this dinner," replies Elsa.

"Like I said, the last time," says Anna with a grin on her face.

"Well, I can't answer for you Elsa; but I would say to give Kristian another shot," interjects Olaf. "Kristian is a friend of mine and I like to see all my friends happy. Seeing Kristian again will make you happy, and Kristian can use another friend. He doesn't have many of them and doesn't know how to make more."

"Olaf does have a point," says Anna. "This time however, treat him more like you would treat an average person off the street instead of a potential date."

"A potential suitor is definitely out of the question," replies Elsa. "Kristian made that perfectly clear, but I don't know if being a friend is even in the realm of possibilities."

"Oh, the possibility is there," replies Olaf. "You just need to let Kristian be Kristian. So what do you say? Want to go say hi to him?"

"Go on Elsa," encourages Anna. "The worst that he can do is say no, and you already had him say that to you tonight."

"I have my reservations about this, but I might as well do it," says Elsa with a sigh.

"Great!" exclaims Olaf. "What are we waiting for? Let's get going. I'll take you to him right now." With this, Olaf turns and starts walking towards the door.

"Wait!" exclaims Elsa. "I didn't mean that I would go see him right now. I was thinking more in the morning. I need to rest and recover from tonight's disaster, and it would be good if Kristian could do the same."

"Yes, emotions are high right now," adds Anna. "Everyone needs to cool off and a good night's rest will improve everyone's temperament."

While all of this was happening at the palace, Kristian was moving quickly through the village of Arendelle. Once he got away from Anna's grasp, Kristian did not want Anna to follow him. Anna had been persistent on the bridge, and Kristian feared that she may attempt to catch up to him. When Kristian reached the edge of the village and had gotten out of sight of most of the buildings, he stops and looks back.

"At least Anna didn't follow me," says Kristian to himself. "She doesn't need to be part of Elsa's demise."

Then Kristian begins to walk back to his campsite. He picks up a large stick and like what Goran had done earlier, he sends his flame up the stick to the top and uses it like a torch. On his walk back to his camp, Kristian has time to think.

"How can Anna not be involved in what is coming next?" Kristian asks himself. "Anna is close to her sister and has already shown a willingness to protect Elsa. She will get in the way. It was good for everyone that I ended things the way that I did. They both need to hate me if they are going to get through what is coming"

After a short distance traveled Kristian talks to himself again, this time with agitation. "What's wrong with you Kristian? Why do you even care about them? They are the enemy and you will be partly responsible for their deaths. You have got to be cold about this. Goran says that ice and fire cannot coexist. One must eliminate the other."

Out of frustration, Kristian stops for a moment and his right hand lights up with fire. Then Kristian lets out a roar, and he fires a fireball at one of the few snow piles that still remain at the lower elevations. It melts instantly and stem rises from the melting snow.

"That was smart of you," comments Kristian in disgust. "Why don't you notify everyone that you are here?" Then Kristian continues his trek back to his campsite. "This was supposed to be an easy job. All you had to do was keep an eye on Elsa. You weren't supposed to get emotionally involved with her."

After this last statement, Kristian finishes his trip back to camp in silence. Only the sound of wind through the trees and the animals in the woods break the silence. Finally Kristian reaches his campsite, and Mattias is asleep in the campfire. Kristian approaches the fire and calls out. "Hey Mattias, you up?"

Now Kristian sits down near the fire and looks into the flames. Shortly, Mattias begins to take shape and lets out a squawk. "Here you go boy," says Kristian as he tosses the stick he was carrying to Mattias. The firebird catches the stick and begins to consume it. Then Kristian leans back against a rock and looks through the treetops at the stars in the sky.

"This day was a lot crazier than I thought it would be Mattias," says Kristian. "I got boxed in at the village square by Queen Elsa, her friends, and her sister. Then I got roped into a dinner with the queen."

Mattias jumps up and perches on a rock that surrounds the camp fire. He lets out a question squawk. Kristian looks at the fire bird as if he understands what the bird is thinking.

"The dinner went fine," responds Kristian to Mattias. "A little over board on the cutlery, but the food was good. The queen was even a gracious hostess."

Now Mattias hops off his rock and moves closer to Kristian. Tilting his head and looking into Kristian's face, Mattias then claps his beak a few times.

"The queen?" replies Kristian to Mattias' noise. "She was a pretty lady and kind. She was willing to show me around the palace and tell me about her past. She had a difficult beginning, but she managed to make a real home here in Arendelle. She even has friends and family here that care about her." Now Kristian leans back on his rock again. "I do envy Elsa and her life," adds Kristian.

Now Mattias claps his beak again and flaps his wings.

"Be serious," replies Kristian again to the noise of Mattias. "I can't be a part of her life. We are opposites of each other. Not only is she royalty but she is the ice witch that we are here to destroy. I'm just a mountain man and a fire demon."

Now Mattias spreads his wings and lowers his head. He lets out a hiss of objection to Kristian's comment.

"Don't you start on me as well," replies Kristian as he sits up and looks at the fire bird. "Olaf has already said the same thing. How can I possibly connect with her? She is a queen and is use to the finer things in life. I needed help just to understand the silverware at the dinner table. Besides, how can fire and ice coexist?"

To this comment from Kristian; Mattias ruffles his feathers, turns away, and hops to a nearby rock.

"Don't be so indignant with me," says Kristian. "How can I possible go against what Goran wants anyway? He plans on destroying Queen Elsa. I can't betray the man who raised me. Even if I think what he is planning is misguided.

Now Mattias turns around and hisses at Kristian again and ruffles his feathers afterwards.

"Oh sure, stand up to Goran," replies Kristian. "If I push too hard, I could end up exiled from the safety of the mountain; if not physically injured."

So in response, Mattias turns his head sideways and claps his beak.

"Head out on my own?" questions Kristian. "Perhaps I should someday; but being what I am, it will take planning and preparation. I can't just leave and go anywhere I want."

So again Mattias squawks and flaps his wings. He temporarily lifts himself off the ground and lands back down on the same spot.

"No Mattias. After what is going to happen, I can't come and live here," says Kristian. After a short pause and looking off into the distance Kristian continues. "The North Mountains seem pretty isolated. Perhaps I could move there if I ever decide to leave Goran."

Now Kristian gets up, goes to his pack, and pulls out his blanket. Then Kristian spreads the blanket on the ground and sets his pack on one end. "We should be getting some sleep," says Kristian as he stretches his arm out towards the fire bird.

So Mattias flies over and lands on Kristian's arm. Kristian carries the fire bird over to the campfire and lets Mattias hop off of his arm into the campfire. Soon Mattias' form dissolves into the fire and he becomes one with it. Kristian then returns to his blanket and lays down. He then pulls part of the blanket over himself. "Goodnight Mattias," says Kristian. "Hopefully tomorrow will go easier." With that said, Kristian drifts off to sleep.

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