Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

The Tour of Arendelle

The next day, Elsa is already up and down in the private dining area. On the table, Elsa has a small stack of papers next to her breakfast. She reads one of the sheets from this stack as Elsa slowly eats her meal. It is when Elsa is just about done eating when Olaf comes walking into the room.

"Good morning Elsa," calls out Olaf. "You always have been an early riser. Yesterday, Anna was still in bed at this time."

"I prefer to sit and think in the morning. Where Anna needs to sleep in. She needs it, with all the energy Anna spends," replies Elsa.

"So what do you have to think about?" asks Olaf. "I bet it has to do with Kristian. Are you trying to think of what to say?"

"Kristian has crossed my mind a little," replies Elsa. "However, I am trying to focus on these papers here. They represent petitions from some of the people of Arendelle."

"Petitions? What do they say?" asks Olaf.

They're just asking me to do certain things," replies Elsa. "Some I can say yes to and to others no. There are a few that I will need some time to think about before I give my decision on them."

"They sound like boring things to read," says Olaf.

"They can be at times," replies Elsa. "But they are a very good way to understand how things in Arendelle are running. However, you are not here to talk about my business. So what brings you here so early in the morning?"

"Like you really need to ask," chirps Olaf. "Last night you said you would go and ask Kristian if he wanted to tour Arendelle with you. I'm here to lead you to him."

Elsa's eyes drop and she takes a deep breath before she responds to Olaf. "I was really trying not to think of it," she says. Elsa then looks at Olaf and continues. "I was sort of hoping, that if I ignored it, that the situation would just go away."

Olaf cheerfully replies, "The situation is all about having fun. It will be an adventure. Just think about going through the streets of Arendelle, visiting the businesses and shops along our way. All the people that we can say hello to and who will say hello back. There isn't anything more fun than hanging out with friends."

Elsa smiles a little and says," Yes, but Kristian might say no."

"So does that mean you won't take me on a tour of Arendelle then?" asks Olaf a little sad.

"Of course I can take you on a tour Olaf," replies Elsa with a slightly bigger smile. "If Kristian won't come I can still show you around, but you have already seen everything."

"I haven't seen everything today," replies Olaf. "Each day is different from the last. New enjoyments are just a short time away. I can't wait to see what fun we are going to have out among the people."

Elsa gets up from the table and collects her papers. "Yes, today will be a fun day no matter what," says Elsa with a smile, "Especially when I have a friend like you."

"So are we heading out then to see Kristian?" asks Olaf.

"Yes, but first I need to drop these papers on my desk and have a quick word with the royal adviser before we leave," replies Elsa.

"Then I will meet you out in the village square when you're done," says Olaf as he waves good bye to Elsa and heads out of the room.

It was about a half hour later when Elsa finally comes walking out of the palace. Elsa had decided to bring her gloves along. Considering how things had turned out last night with Kristian, Elsa did not want the same thing to happen today as it did last night on the bridge. As Elsa reaches the far end of the bridge, Olaf comes running up to her.

"I was wondering if you were going to show up soon," chirps Olaf. "I was just about to go looking for you."

"You're a bit impatient," replies a smiling Elsa. "It has only been a half hour since you last saw me."

"It's a beautiful day out," replies Olaf. "It would be a shame to waste it just standing around."

"Perhaps we should be on our way then," says Elsa as she motions to Olaf to lead the way. "We don't want to waste any more of this wonderful day."

"My sentiments exactly," replies Olaf as he moves off in the direction of Kristian's camp with Elsa following right behind.

As the pair move through the streets of Arendelle, they pass some of the most visited inns in the village. Elsa is beginning to wonder where Kristian has been spending the nights. "So where in Arendelle is Kristian staying?" asks Elsa.

"Kristian isn't staying in the village," replies Olaf. "He has a campsite out in the countryside."

Elsa is surprised by this. "A campsite?" questions Elsa. "The nights are still cold. Wouldn't he have preferred a warm room in one of the village inns?"

"Kristian prefers to be alone," replies Olaf. "Besides, I'm sure the cold doesn't bother him, and Kristian has a really cool campfire as well."

"So how far is his campsite?" asks Elsa.

"It is a bit of a walk," replies Olaf. "So it is good that we got going right away."

"Then talking with Kristian will take more time than I thought," replies Elsa. "So after we talk with Kristian, where would you like to go first?"

"Why don't you ask Kristian where he would like to go first?" asks Olaf.

"Because Kristian will most likely say no to going on a tour with us," replies Elsa feeling a little down now. "So I thought that we would be visiting things that you would like to see."

"Sure, we can go to some of my favorite spots," chirps Olaf. "But let's first talk to Kristian before we decide on where I want to go. OK."

"OK, Olaf," replies Elsa. "We'll go see Kristian first. Then we will make our plans for the day."

Now outside of Arendelle, Kristian had woken up early with the sun. One of the first things that Kristian did was to pull a frying pan out of his pack. He also pulled a lard lined cloth wrapped with string out of his pack as well. In this package were some cured meats. Kristian had fried some of this meat along with some eggs he had picked up in Arendelle the day before.

As for Mattias, the fire bird, he was still in the campfire. Mattias always likes this time of day because of the attention he gets from Kristian. Now Kristian cooks his meal by handling the hot frying pan with his bare hands. He does this without even thinking about the heat that the pan is letting off.

Once Kristian is done cooking, he sits on a rock near the campfire and slowly eats out of the frying pan. As he eats, Kristian is contemplating what he has to do today. Kristian is beginning to resent his role in the plans of Goran. "This whole affair is really beginning to be a disaster," says Kristian partly to himself and partly to Mattias. "A job is a job, but this one is getting to me. I'm really not looking forward to watching Elsa again. I actually should be keeping my distance from her. I just can't afford to get emotionally involved with someone like Elsa anyway."

When Kristian is done eating out of the frying pan, he goes and scoops up some snow into it. Using his magic powers, Kristian heats the frying pan and melts the snow it contains. Kristian then proceeds to scrub the pan with a rag. As Kristian scrubs the pan, he begins to talk with Mattias. "It looked like it was a cold night last night," says Kristian. "My blanket got covered in frost. It is a good thing that you and I can generate some extra heat when needed, huh Mattias."

When Kristian is done cleaning his pan, he dries the pan by sending his flame around the pan and evaporating the water. Kristian also does the same thing with the rag he was using. Kristian then goes and puts the pan and rag back into his pack.

"It certainly helps that drying things is a breeze," says Kristian. "Now let me take care of the frost on that blanket."

Kristian picks up the blanket by grabbing a corner in each hand. Then Kristian flaps the blanket in the air and at the same time he lets small wisps of flame come from his hands and body. These wisps make the blanket flap, and they quickly dry the blanket in no time. Kristian then examines the blanket to make sure that it is sufficiently dry before he folds the blanket up. Kristian then kneels down and works on putting the blanket back into his pack. Now Kristian takes his time on doing this job, because he wants to make sure that he doesn't accidentally make a mess. He would hate to have to clean his blanket or pack if some of his food supplies spilled. Just then Kristian hears a voice coming from behind him.

It was Olaf and he had just showed up. "Hi Kristian! Did you sleep well last night?" calls out Olaf.

Kristian recognizes Olaf's voice so he doesn't look up and finishes with his pack. "Olaf, what are you doing….here?" says Kristian until he looks back at Olaf and sees Elsa next to him. Kristian has to pauses for a second before finishing his question.

Kristian is startled to see Elsa at his campsite. So he quickly stands up and turns to face Olaf and Elsa. Kristian also clenches his fists to stop any potential flame development from his hands. After last night, Kristian thought that Elsa would not want to see him right away. Kristian had even partially hoped that Elsa would have become angry with him.

"Elsa has a question to ask you and I said that I could take her to you. So here we are, "replies Olaf.

Elsa could see that Kristian was tense and was beginning to regret coming here. "I am sorry for showing up like this," says Elsa. "Especially considering how things ended last night. It's just, I wasn't sure about something."

Now Kristian was puzzled. Kristian thought that he was very plain and blunt with Elsa. How could she not understand what he was saying? "I thought I was fairly clear in my intentions," says Kristian.

"You were very clear about not wanting a relationship with me," replies Elsa. "That is not what I am here about. It's just that I had invited you on a tour of Arendelle and I was uncertain if you were still planning on coming."

Now while Elsa and Kristian spoke, Olaf had moved himself over to the campfire. Olaf had gone there to see if Mattias was in the fire. Mattias was there but he was not in a solid state. However, when Olaf approached, Mattias solidified enough for Olaf to make out the fire birds shape in the campfire. Anyway, during Olaf's inspection, Kristian and Elsa were facing each other. They were a distance away from the campfire with their sides towards the fire.

Meanwhile, Kristian was still trying to coup with the shock of Elsa being there. "I had assumed that the tour of Arendelle was off," says Kristian a bit befuddled. "I would have thought that you would be upset with me."

"I was upset last night," replies Elsa as she approaches Kristian. "But that was last night. Today is another day and I was wondering if you still wanted to take that tour."

In the meantime, Olaf had picked up a stick and was giving it to Mattias. Mattias takes the stick from Olaf in his beak and consumes the stick in flames. It was now that Kristian glances over at Olaf and grimaces a little. As Kristian winces, Elsa is standing within arm's reach of Kristian. While Olaf is interacting with Mattias. The potential for Elsa seeing Mattias is high and Kristian is getting nervous.

"I…um…really shouldn't…ah…the thing is…um…just can't…you know…seem to be…ah…available," stammers Kristian as he keeps glancing back and forth between Elsa and Olaf.

Seeing this odd reaction, Elsa was puzzled by Kristian's behavior. "What is going on with Olaf that has got you so flustered?" asks Elsa as she turns to look at Olaf.

"No," says Kristian quietly as he steps forward and grabs a hold of Elsa's lower shoulders. Now with his hands on her shoulders, Kristian turns Elsa so her back was towards Olaf and Mattias.

Kristian's fear had caused his hands to flame up when he grabbed a hold of Elsa. The flames were small and the motion of the turn was quick. So Elsa did not notice the flames. However, she did notice the warmth from Kristian's hands, but Elsa did not notice her powers extinguish these flames.

Elsa smiles as she looks at Kristian. Kristian, meanwhile, is looking over Elsa's shoulder at Olaf and Mattias. "You're still holding me," lightly says Elsa.

"Oh, sorry," apologies Kristian. So he lets go of Elsa and steps back from her. "I didn't mean to handle you so roughly."

"I didn't mind," replies Elsa. "You're hands are warm. I would have thought that the night's air would have made them cold."

"Um, ya," responds Kristian. "I was able to warm them with a fire this morning. My body temperature…um… runs warmer than most too."

"You certainly must run warm to handle the cold nights," comments Elsa.

"Well, you know when you live in the mountains you get use to the cold," replies Kristian. He has also stepped off to the side a bit. Kristian wanted to glance over at Olaf without Elsa getting in the way of his sight.

Well, Elsa notices Kristian's attention going back to Olaf. So she asks, "What is Olaf playing with that has got you so nervous?"

"What?" says Kristian nervously as his eyes dart back towards Elsa. Kristian also clenches his hands to make sure that any flame that might form was snuffed out.

"Is Olaf messing around with one of those secrets of yours?" asks Elsa without turning around to look at Olaf.

Kristian's fear has escalated now. He swings his fists behind his back before they light up with flame. He also takes a step back. Then he asks, "Olaf, did you tell Elsa?"

In response, Olaf moves away from the campfire, but before he can speak Elsa responds. "Olaf didn't tell me anything. However he did say, that you think, that I would harm you because of those secrets. If that is the case then perhaps I shouldn't know about them."

Now Kristian's fear are being displaced by disbelief. The flames on Kristian's hands subside, and he opens his palms. The remaining flames gather in his palms and Kristian smothers those flames by clenching his fists. "You're not interested in those secrets?" asks Kristian. He just can't comprehend why Elsa wouldn't be curious about something that he thinks is potentially harmful.

"I would be lying if I said that I wasn't interested," replies Elsa. "But I don't want to pry into something that you would be uncomfortable talking about. To put your mind at ease let me just say that I wouldn't harm another individual on purpose. I had four men, who in one way or another were involved in attempts on my life. All four of those men I left alive. So if I didn't harm them, I can't see what would make me harm anyone else."

"Maybe you wouldn't harm me, but I can't see it ending any other way," says Kristian as he looks away from Elsa.

Elsa feels that the outcome she had been expecting is coming true. For Elsa, there was no need to continue any further with trying to invite Kristian. However, Olaf was not yet ready to give up.

"You really are a funny man," chirps Olaf as he approaches Elsa and Kristian.

So Kristian glances over at Olaf, who is coming up alongside Elsa. "What are you going on about?" asks a puzzled Kristian.

""I said you are a funny man," repeats Olaf. "You're getting yourself all twisted up between what you believe and what you are experiencing."

"What I believe and what I know is all that I can go on," replies Kristian. "I can't afford to do anything else."

"Last evening, you came to dinner," chirps Olaf. "I know you thought it was a mistake before you came but you came anyway. It looked like you were having a good time too."

"I thought you were enjoying the evening as well," adds Elsa, "at least most of the time anyway."

Kristian looks over at Elsa. He sees the look of concern on her face and Kristian begins to regret what he had done last night. Yet, he still thinks it was the correct course of action, but Kristian wished that he had done it a better way. "The dinner was fine," says Kristian, "even if the meal was over the top."

"I know it was," adds Elsa. "Anna had made it more than I wanted it to be. I do love my sister, but she can be a little too enthusiastic at times."

"I noticed Anna has a way of going over the top," replies Kristian, "especially when she was chastising me last night."

"Yes, she told me about that," interjects Elsa. "Anna said she would apologize for those remarks that she made."

"Would she actually be sincere about that apology?" asks Kristian with a slight smile.

Elsa notices the smile and smiles back. "Well, maybe only some of what she said Anna would truly be sorry about," replies Elsa.

Kristian's smile gets bigger. "Anna certainly made the evening interesting," comments Kristian. "Both she and Kristoff made the dinner unusual."

"I was glad that Kristoff was there too," adds Elsa. "I felt that he had saved the evening."

"Don't I get any recognition?" chirps Olaf.

"I was happy to have you there as well," replies Elsa as she looks down into the smiling face of Olaf. "Without you the dinner would not have even happened."

"I was just trying to do my part," replies Olaf. Olaf then turns to Kristian and asks, "So did you learn anything from last evening's affair?"

"Um sure, I learned how Elsa got to live openly in Arendelle," replies Kristian.

"Then you learned how Elsa is a kind and caring lady," says Olaf. "She likes you and I like you, and all Elsa wants to do is share what she likes about Arendelle with you. I would like to do the same."

Kristian looks at Elsa and sees that she is a little embarrassed by Olaf's comment. Elsa notices Kristian's gaze and responds by saying, "I promise not to make any more unwanted gestures towards you. If I do, just tell me and I will refrain from them. So if you want, I can still take you on that tour."

Kristian just stands there silently. He doesn't know what to say. On one side, there is Goran and the mission that the two of them are here to do. On the other side, Kristian has begun to like Elsa and Olaf.

"Just say yes," says Olaf. "I will be going along too. You can see some of my favorite places I like to go. After all, I need to show my new friend Kristian a good time."

Kristian looks down at Olaf and smiles. Olaf has become a significant friend to him. After a moment Kristian replies, "Alright Olaf, if you're coming along I guess that I can come too."

"That's great!" exclaims Olaf. "We can visit some nearby hills that are covered in flowers. There is a great view point of Arendelle not too far away from those hills too. Once we get into Arendelle, I can show you one of the favorite spots that the kids go to have fun."

"Thank you Olaf, that will be enough," interrupts Elsa. "If we try and see every place you want to go, we won't have enough time in the day. We will take things as they come. If we are lucky, we will be able to see most of the things that you want to visit."

"You're right, we should get going," says Olaf excitedly. He starts to run down the path and calls back. "Come on, we are wasting a beautiful day just standing here!"

"Hold on a minute!" calls out Kristian. "I should get something out of my pack." Kristian moves towards his pack and kneels down to open it.

Elsa and Olaf watch Kristian as he heads to his pack. It was at this point that Elsa glances over at the campfire. She is wondering what Olaf had been doing over there that had made Kristian so nervous. She sees the fire burning in the fire ring of rocks but Elsa does not see the fire bird. When Olaf had walked away, Mattias had settled down again and once again had become one with the campfire. Only if you looked closely into the fire could you make out the faint shape of Mattias. When Elsa looks back at Kristian, she is disappointed when she sees Kristian get up with a pair of gloves in his hand. It was one of the things that she liked most about being with Kristian, the ability to touch another person without them being afraid of her. Elsa sighs a little and says, "Are you ready to go then?"

Kristian puts on the gloves and he throws a satchel over his shoulder. Then he replies, "I am good to go. You may as well lead the way, since I will be in your charge on this journey."

A little more disappointment enters Elsa's emotions. She wanted to forget many things about her life today. Elsa wanted to forget about her powers and she wanted to forget about being queen. Kristian's comment has reminded Elsa of the responsibility she has in Arendelle. Now she has the responsibility of directing the tour. Elsa was beginning to think this tour was going to be a disappointment.

"Don't worry Elsa," speaks up Olaf. "You don't have to be in charge for the first bit of the tour. I can lead the way to the wildflowers and then I can take you to one of my favorite viewpoints."

"Thank you Olaf," says Elsa as she brightens up. "You may lead the way." Olaf had taken some of the responsibility away from Elsa, and she was happy to relinquish that control. Now Elsa can try and enjoy some of the journey. Though at this moment, Elsa thinks that Kristian will be a drag on the enjoyment.

Olaf begins walking down the trail. He is followed by Elsa, with Kristian just a stride behind her. As they walk down the path, Kristian has time to think. "This is such a mistake. I almost got caught using my powers last night. If Elsa does find out, I'm going to be in serious jeopardy. I might stand a chance against Elsa, but how long will it be before someone else intervenes on her behalf?"

As Kristian was thinking this, Elsa looks back at him and gives him a slight smile. This snaps Kristian out of his train of thought and he gives a smile back at Elsa. "Elsa certainly is a kind lady," thinks Kristian. "She is fairly attractive as well."

Soon Kristian hears a voice from up ahead. It is Olaf. "Here is the first stop on our trip to the sights of Arendelle," chirps Olaf.

Elsa stops just behind Olaf and Kristian comes up alongside her. In front of them is a rolling field full of spring flowers. "This is one of the best fields of spring flowers around Arendelle," cheerfully says Olaf.

"It certainly is beautifully," replies Elsa. "There are flowers all over this field."

"I see why you like this place, Olaf," adds Kristian. "This place gives you a feeling of rebirth and hope."

"I thought it smelled pretty," replies Olaf.

"It certainly does," says Elsa as she smiles brightly.

Kristian smiles too at Olaf's comment. He looks at Olaf and then he looks at Elsa. Kristian sees Elsa's bright smiling face with the field of flowers behind her. Kristian can't help but keep smiling as he looks at Elsa. Elsa glances over at Kristian and sees his smiling face looking at her. So Elsa's eyes transfix onto Kristian's eyes for a moment as she continues to smile.

For a moment, Kristian forgets everything that has lead up to this point and is solely focused on Elsa's shining eyes. Kristian then realizes that he forgot why he is here in Arendelle. So Kristian quickly glances away from Elsa and looks off into the distance. Now Elsa's smile fades as she too looks off into the distance at the field of flowers.

"It can be easy to forget the world when you have such a serene place to lose yourself in," quietly says Elsa. "One can believe that the world is beautiful and that everything that you want the world to be can actually occur. You can feel like anything is possible and that one's life will be perfect."

"That is a nice sentiment," responds Kristian as he continues to look off into the distance. "But reality is more about hardship than beauty. It is a mistake to have such false dreams."

Elsa turns towards Kristian and looks at the side of his face. Elsa does not like the fact that Kristian has tried to put a damper on her dreams. So Elsa replies, "Perhaps those dreams are not real, but I need to hold onto those dreams to make it through each day."

Kristian turns towards Elsa and looks at her with a questioning look. Before he can ask a question Elsa continues. "I know that the world is not perfect, and that there will always be people out there who will hate me. Yet, I also know that there are people out there who will give me a chance to be who I am. I try to live up to those dreams of perfection of myself, but I know that I make mistakes. Yet, it is the hope of achieving that ideal world that keeps me moving forward. Even if that world is unattainable. I would hate to think what I would be like if I didn't have my dreams."

"I don't see how you would be any different than you are right now," says Kristian.

"Early on my dreams were about keeping my family and sister safe from my magic," replies Elsa. "That dream became false, but it was through that dream that led me to become the respected ruler of Arendelle."

Kristian looks at Elsa's stern face with a blank look on his own. Kristian has to run through everything that Elsa has just told him and put it into some kind of acceptable form. "I am impressed by how far you have managed to get yourself by chasing those ideals," says Kristian.

Elsa's face softens at Kristian's compliment. "Thank you," replies Elsa. "Fortunately, I didn't have to do it all on my own. Others have helped me, especially my sister."

Just then, they hear Olaf's voice from across the field. "Are you two going to be standing there all day or are you going to come and look out at the view of Arendelle!" calls out Olaf.

"Perhaps we should move on," suggests Elsa.

"Yes, it probably would be the best thing to do," replies Kristian. "We don't want to get Olaf upset with us."

Elsa smiles and replies as she begins to walk towards Olaf, "I don't think Olaf is capable of getting upset."

Kristian walks towards Olaf as well. However, this time instead of being behind Elsa, Kristian is walking right next to her. Elsa smiles a little as she can see that Kristian is right there. After a short walk across the field, the pair finds themselves at the foot of a hill. At the top of the hill is Olaf who is waving at them. Elsa and Kristian soon reach the top of the hill with Olaf and are able to see across the countryside and look down at the village of Arendelle.

"This is one of my favorite spots to hang out," says Olaf as Elsa and Kristian stop.

"I can see why," replies Elsa. "You can see Arendelle very well from up here."

"Oh that," says Olaf. "Yes, you do have a good view of Arendelle from here, but I think the better view is of the field of flowers that we just left."

Kristian and Elsa turn around and look back at where they came from. From the vantage point of the hill they can see the entire field of flowers. "That is impressive," replies Elsa. "I do think that is a beautiful sight."

"I will admit that this hill does have a good vantage point," says Kristian as he looks at the field. However, Kristian's eyes soon move up to the North Mountains. The mountains can be seen very well across the tops of the trees from the hill that Kristian is standing on.

Elsa notices Kristian's gaze up at the mountains. So Elsa looks up as well to see what Kristian is looking at. "Those are the North Mountains," says Elsa. "They tend to stay snow covered for most of the year. Very few people go up there because of the snow." Elsa turns to look at Kristian and asks, "Is your mountain home like the North Mountains?"

"A mountain is a mountain," replies Kristian. "It is hard to tell just by standing here, but I would think that there are lots of similarities. My home would be just inside the edge of the tree line."

"That's a pretty cold place to live," comments Elsa as she looks back up at the mountains.

"I've gotten used to it," replies Kristian.

"I guess that is why you aren't bothered by my magic powers," adds Elsa.

"Um yeah, I guess that could be it," replies Kristian wanting to be evasive about his powers.

Meanwhile, Elsa's gaze has moved to a cloud sitting on the side of the mountain. "That's odd," says Elsa. "That cloud seems to be out of place. Normally they hang around the top peaks. This cloud is hanging low on the mountain. It is as if something is keeping it there."

Kristian looks at the cloud and a sensation of regret enters his mind. Kristian believes he knows what is causing that cloud. He turns away from the mountain and looks at the village of Arendelle. Kristian knows what is coming to the village, and he doesn't know how to handle the emotional turmoil that is going on inside of him.

Up on the mountain, Goran has just exited his cave. The steam from the harvesting of snow and ice by the fire creatures has condensed into a cloud over the whole area. This cloud hides the work that these fire creatures have been doing. Now the first thing that Goran does, is to walk over to the mountain of snow and ice that the creatures have been building. It is difficult for Goran to see the massive mound in the fog of the cloud. Yet soon Goran stands at one end of the retaining wall. He can barely see the top of the wall in the fog but the other end of the wall is completely hidden in this fog.

"Very good," smiles Goran. "This project should be ready in three days." Once Goran is done viewing the pile, he proceeds to walk to the top end of the large mound. The ground around this mound is now bare. Every speck of snow and ice has either been thrown into the mound or was melted away by Goran and the fire creatures. When Goran reaches the top side of this mound, he calls out. "Demons assemble!" In a few moments the ten monsters that have been building the mound appear. Goran looks over his creatures. "Work has progressed well," booms Goran. "In a few more days your work will be complete. However, I will not tolerate weakness in my workers."

So Goran stretches out a hand toward a fire creature. That creature roars as his flame builds into an inferno. In a short while, the roar fades and the flame is entirely spent and disappears into the air. "Now to reward those that have shown strength and endurance," says Goran. After this comment, ribbons of flame come from Goran's hands. A single ribbon enters each of the remaining creatures. Once again the monsters roar and grow in size. Then Goran sends out another two ribbons that swirl on the ground and form two more fire creatures. Now a total of eleven creatures stand before Goran. "Now get back to work!" shouts Goran as he emits a super heated flame that cracks in the air.

As these monsters leave, Goran heads down to a lower elevation. He wants to get below the cloud that has formed around the large mound. In a short while, Goran is below the cloud and he finds a vantage point where he can view Arendelle through his telescope. Goran quickly scans over the village until he settles his sight on the palace. Then he slowly scans away from the palace. Goran is looking for Kristian.

"Where is that boy?" asks Goran as he is not pleased at not finding Kristian. "He had better not be slacking in his duties."

After having looked at every possible spot he can see in Arendelle, Goran takes the telescope away from his face and looks down on the village. Goran then returns it to his eye and starts to scan the area around Arendelle. Soon Goran's gaze comes across the field of flowers and above this field on a hill he comes across two figures.

"Is that Kristian?" asks Goran as he focuses on the pair of individuals. "What is he doing that far out of town, and why is he with that girl?"

Now Goran becomes angry. "He is supposed to be keeping an eye on the queen!" fumes Goran. "Not hanging out with a local girl! He is letting his emotions interfere with my plans. The fool has always been an emotional weakling." Goran puts his telescope away and growls. "Now I've got to go down there and set that kid right. The dam fool!"

Down on the hill, Elsa has been talking about the village to Kristian. She has been pointing out some of the different places and suggesting different spots that they could visit. Meanwhile Olaf had walked back down to the flowers and was picking a couple of them. After he had gotten together a handful of flowers, Olaf heads towards the path to Arendelle. Once he got to the edge of the trees he turns back and calls out to Elsa and Kristian.

"Hey guys!" cries out Olaf as he waves his free hand in the air. "I'm heading back to the village! You can catch up to me there!"

Kristian and Elsa watch Olaf disappear into the trees. Elsa then turns to Kristian and says, "We should catch up to Olaf. It is pleasant out here in the country, but there are lots of things to see. Olaf would be disappointed if we didn't go see some of his favorite places."

"I don't think he would be disappointed with anyone or anything," replies Kristian as he begins to walk alongside Elsa towards the village.

Elsa smiles at Kristian's comment. Then she replies, "Olaf does always have a way of looking at the positive side of things."

As Kristian and Elsa walk back to Arendelle, Elsa points out a few landmarks along the way. Kristian listens to Elsa talk with interest. When they first started the walk on the path, Kristian was deep in thought. Goran was on his mind. His responsibility to Goran was as well. However, when Elsa began to speak; Kristian began to forget his train of thought and began to focus on Elsa's voice. There was something about the way that she spoke that he liked. Elsa's voice somehow made Kristian forget about the future and made him enjoy the present. The enjoyment was short lived because, what seem like no time at all, they were at the village of Arendelle. Slowly Kristian's enjoyment faded and the future conflict came to the forefront again.

As they enter Arendelle, Kristian and Elsa notice Olaf handing out flowers to the some of the people of Arendelle. Olaf notices them arrive, and he heads towards the pair.

"I see that you have picked some flowers," says Elsa.

"Flowers always brighten up people's day," replies Olaf. "But I made sure to save one flower for my friend."

Elsa smiles and says, "That's nice of you Olaf, but you didn't need to save a flower. You could have given it to someone else."

"But I wanted to give it to my friend," replies Olaf.

Olaf extends his hand with the flower and walks forward. Elsa extends her hand to receive the flower, but to her surprise Olaf does not hand the flower to her. Instead Olaf walks up to Kristian. "Here you go, Kristian," says Olaf. "I think you need something to cheer you up."

For a moment, Kristian is befuddled by Olaf's action. Then hesitantly he accepts the flower. "Um, thanks," replies Kristian uncertainly.

Elsa watches the interaction of Olaf and Kristian, and can't help but laugh a little at Kristian's awkwardness. After giving the flower to Kristian, Olaf still had a few flowers left and he departed to hand them out to other people. Kristian stands there, looking at the flower he is holding. He then looks up at Elsa and sees her laughing.

"I'm sorry," says Elsa. "But you look ridiculous holding that flower."

"Well, what am I supposed to do with it," replies Kristian as he holds the flower out in front of him. "It's not like I have a use for it."

"You can start by not acting like the flower is toxic," amusingly says Elsa. "Other than that, you simply need to enjoy it. It's colorful and smells beautiful. It is a wonderful reminder of how everything is fresh and new in the spring."

Kristian looks down at the flower and ponders what Elsa has said. Then he lifts his head and looks at Elsa. "Perhaps I should give it to someone who would appreciate it more than me," says Kristian as he holds the flower out to Elsa.

Elsa reaches out to accept the flower. "Thank you," says Elsa as she takes the flower. She raises the flower to her face so she can smell its fragrance.

As Elsa smells the flower, Kristian gazes at her. To him, she radiates warmth and gentleness. "I think that flower has found a better place to be," says Kristian. "I'm just a rough mountain man."

"Nonsense," replies Elsa. "Everyone needs a little beauty in their life, mountain man or not."

"I'm hanging out with you," replies Kristian. "Isn't that enough beauty for one guy?"

Elsa smiles and replies, "Sometimes, you can be quite remarkable. Every now and then you find a way to surprise me. I just wish that they were all as pleasant as this."

"You don't know the half of it," says Kristian as he turns his head away from Elsa.

Elsa, seeing this, turns her whole body away from Kristian as her smile fades from her face. She looks down at the flower wondering what she can do to improve their interaction.

Kristian notices the sadness of Elsa and turns back towards her. "Well if you think that I am remarkable, you are downright amazing," says Kristian. "You control the snow and ice without a second thought. You rule over hundreds of people and they do not even fear you. You even have friends and family here that care about you. I almost envy everything that you have Elsa. So you deserve something a lot better than what I am."

Elsa looks up from her flower and looks at Kristian. Her mood has once again improved. "Don't sell yourself short," says Elsa. "You have been kind and have put up with Anna and me. Since I have known you, you have always tried to be respectful of me. I sometimes wonder if you are the better person between the two of us."

Kristian stands there a little stunned by Elsa's comment. "I am not the better person here Elsa," replies Kristian. "Most of my motives have been fairly selfish. Curiosity is what has been bringing me to you. Seriously though, we are two totally different people."

Olaf was just walking back towards Elsa and Kristian. He had finished giving away all of the flowers he had and heard the end of the conversation. "I would say you are two different people," interjects Olaf. "You're a man and Elsa is a woman, not to mention you both grew up in different places."

"Olaf there is more than just that," replies Kristian. "There's Elsa abilities and my um-." Kristian pauses for a moment. He realized in time what he was about to say and stopped himself. "You know about it Olaf."

"Oh, you mean your secrets," says Olaf. "With the way you look at it, it is a big difference. Yet if you look at it a different way, it also makes the both of you a lot alike."

"Olaf please," pleads Kristian. "You promised not to tell."

"Fine, I won't say another word," replies Olaf. "Besides we are not here to chat, we are here to explore and have some fun. So let's go and check out Arendelle!"

With that said, Olaf heads off in a direction waving at Kristian and Elsa to follow. After a brief pause Elsa follows and looks at Kristian and asks, "Are you coming?" Kristian relents and begins to move as well. Soon he is walking alongside of Elsa.

Elsa had been listening to the conversation between Olaf and Kristian. She was a little dumbfounded by what they had said. Now Elsa's curiosity was at its peak and she just had to ask Kristian a little about it.

"So these secrets of yours, you really are worried about me finding out about them?" asks Elsa.

"I don't think you would care anything for them," replies Kristian without looking at Elsa.

"Perhaps not," adds Elsa. "But I do find myself caring about you and I would like to see you not burdened by those secrets."

Kristian looks over at Elsa, perplexed and surprised by her admission. Elsa glances back over at Kristian and notices his confused expression. "What can I say, I do like you; despite some of the things that you have said to me," says Elsa.

"You really shouldn't care about me," replies Kristian. "I've been trying to create some distance between us."

"I kind of figured that is what was going on," says Elsa. "And you have managed to create some distance. However, part of me still wants to be a gracious hostess and honor a commitment I made to you last night. So today, I will be focused on enjoying my outing with Olaf; but you will be welcomed to come along and perhaps you will enjoy yourself as well."

Kristian stops walking and Elsa takes a few more steps before turning around and looking back at Kristian. They look at each other. Neither one of them is saying a word. Elsa is wondering what is going on in Kristian's mind. As for Kristian, he is uncertain about what is going on. In Elsa he sees an enemy and a friend. To Kristian both seem to be right and yet both seem to be wrong.

"I wish you would tell me what you are thinking," finally says Elsa.

"I wish I knew what I was thinking too," replies Kristian.

Just then Elsa and Kristian hear a shout coming from Olaf. "Hey, are you two going to come or what? There is a whole village here to explore!"

Elsa turns and looks at Olaf and replies, "I will be with you in a moment." Elsa then turns back towards Kristian and asks, "So will you be coming as well? Olaf does have a way of making things enjoyable."

Kristian looks past Elsa at Olaf. Olaf is waving back and smiling. Kristian begins to smile too. "I guess it will be nice to look at things in a different way," says Kristian.

So Kristian begins to walk towards Elsa and she brightens up. Soon they are once again walking alongside of each other, following Olaf. They eventually end up at the shops of craftsmen and artisans. Olaf has spent much time down in the village. He knows things about the shops that even Elsa doesn't even know about. So Olaf is able to show things to Kristian and Elsa that are remarkable. They visit the blacksmith, the woodworkers shop, and the weaver.

On their journey through Arendelle, they get side tracked a bit and end up playing with some of the kids in the village. Elsa creates an ice slide in the middle of the street for the kids to use. It starts at one end of the street and ends up going along the ground and stops at the end of the block in a big snow pile. Eventually a brief snowball fight emerges with Elsa becoming the victor. Everyone is laughing at the end, including Kristian and Elsa. Afterwards, Elsa treats the kids to some hot drinks from a nearby street vendor. As she does this, Kristian just watches Elsa and the kids, and he cannot help but admire how Elsa is able to interact with the children so freely.

With drinks in their hands; Kristian and Elsa head into a bakery with Olaf following. They end up picking up some sweet rolls, freely given to them by the baker. Then they leave the bakery and enjoy their rolls as they watch the ships in the harbor of Arendelle. As they watch the harbor, a few people warmly greet Elsa and Olaf and they both warmly return the greetings. Kristian just sits back and watches Elsa and Olaf interact with the people. Once again Kristian sees the warmth of Elsa's spirit on display, and Olaf's interactions are delightful. Kristian cannot help but smile as he watches the both of them. After finish giving a cordial greeting, Elsa turns around and sees Kristian smiling.

Elsa approaches Kristian and asks with humor, "So what are you so happy about?"

"I just can't get over how well you interact with people," replies Kristian.

"As queen, I have to interact with lots of people. It's part of the job description," says Elsa cheekily.

"So does part of your job description include throwing snowballs at children," replies Kristian sarcastically.

"No, that is just one of the perks of the job," replies Elsa with a smile.

"It must be great to do whatever you want, when you want to," comments Kristian.

"It is nice to get away, but there are responsibilities that I must take care of," replies Elsa. "Fortunately, I can arrange my schedule to accommodate days like today. What about you? How do you handle work and your free time?"

"Most of my work revolves around getting enough to eat to survive the winter months in the mountains," replies Kristian. "So my free time is limited during the warmer months. The winter months have more free time but the snow makes it difficult to go anywhere."

"So you being here is an odd event then?" asks Elsa.

"Yes, it is rare to find a paying job to supplement our normal livelihoods," replies Kristian.

While Elsa and Kristian where talking by the docks, their interactions have not gone unnoticed by the Duke of Weselton. He had happened to see them walking around Arendelle and decided to keep an eye on them. The Duke has become frustrated by the fact that Kristian and Elsa were hanging out together. This was not what he wanted to happen. To the Duke, it looked as if Kristian and Elsa had become friends. Elsa thought that they had become friends. Kristian thought the same thing, but only when he forgot his responsibility to Goran and his job here in Arendelle.

"What is Goran's companion up to?" says the Duke displeased with what he is seeing. "After I saw him in the palace, I would have thought Goran would have attempted something by now. Instead all I see is a friendship developing between these two."

The Duke of Weselton turns to his body guards and says, "I need you two to keep an eye on the queen and her companions. I want to know when the young man is separated from the others. For I need to have a word with him without anyone else knowing about it."

"Yes sire," reply the guards.

"If an opportunity arises, I will be having a meal in the local establishment. You can find me there," says the Duke of Weselton. The Duke then departs, leaving his guards to keep an eye on Kristian and the others.

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