Frozen 2 Fire and Ice

A Displeased Duke of Weselton

Now after their brief rest by the harbor; Elsa, Kristian, and Olaf begin to walk through the docks. As they walk, they watch as men load and unload cargo from the ships. Among these ships are fishing ships which are returning to port to unload their catches. In a short while, these sightseers end up following the fish catch to the warehouses nearby. Once there; Elsa , Kristian, and Olaf find ice peddlers with their carts of ice. Here the fish are placed in the warehouses and packed with ice to help keep them fresh. Among these ice peddlers is Kristoff and Sven.

"Good day Kristoff!" calls out Elsa as they approach him.

"I'll say good afternoon myself," replies Kristoff. "There isn't much day left. Though I am surprised to see you out today and with Kristian no less, especially after how things ended last night."

"I am a bit surprised as well," replies Elsa. "But Olaf wanted to see the village again and I was willing to go with him. With Kristian, I offer the tour again but I thought he wouldn't be coming.

"Well, I probably wouldn't have come but it was hard to say no to Olaf," adds Kristian.

"I know what you mean," replies Kristoff. "Olaf has this way of making everything seem better. Plus, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body."

"I don't have any bones," chirps Olaf.

"No, but you do have one of the warmest hearts in the village," says Elsa with a smile.

"Giving people warm hugs will do that," replies a cheerful Olaf.

"So how have you been enjoying our little village so far?" asks Kristoff as he looks at Kristian.

"It is a nice place," replies Kristian. "The people are friendly and I have two excellent guides to show me around."

No one knows the people of Arendelle better than Olaf," comments Kristoff. "And Elsa knows the village as well as anybody. She also knows the history of Arendelle better than most."

"Well the history of Arendelle is also my history," adds Elsa. "My family is directly connected to the village. So Arendelle's history is the history of my family."

Just then a voice is heard coming from one of the warehouses. "Hey, Kristoff! Are you going to be working today or what?"

Kristoff turns towards the warehouse and calls, "I'll be there in a moment!"

As Kristoff turns back towards Elsa and the others, Elsa speaks up. "We should be letting you get back to your work and we should continue our tour."

"I should see you tonight at the palace then. When I go there to see Anna," says Kristoff as he takes a hold of his hand cart of ice and begins to wheel it off to the warehouse.

"Not if we smell you first!" calls out Olaf as Kristoff nears the fish warehouse.

After leaving the warehouses, Olaf leads Elsa and Kristian through the residential area of the village. Olaf introduces Kristian to some of the residence and Elsa explains the structures and their importance in the village. Eventually Olaf leads everyone back to the market area of the village. Once there, Elsa and Kristian enter a local inn establishment to have an early afternoon meal.

As Elsa and Kristian enter, the inn owner sees Elsa walk in and comes up to her. "Ah, your majesty," says the inn owner as he bows to greet Elsa. "What may I do for you in my humble establishment?"

"Hello Vidar, I am here to have one of your fine meals with my guest Kristian," says Elsa as she makes a motion with her hand to introduce her companion. Kristian nods at Vidar and in return Vidar bows towards Kristian.

"So would you prefer a private table then?" asks Vidar.

"No, I would think some place that would be little more open to the room," replies Elsa. "Yet it should still have some privacy."

"I think I know just the table," says Vidar as he turns and walks towards a corner of the room. Elsa follows Vidar and Kristian follows Elsa. The table that Vidar takes them to is located in the back of the room. It is mostly open to the rest of the room except for a support pillar that partly blocks the table from others. "Will this table be satisfactory?" asks Vidar as he pulls a chair away from the table.

"It will be fine, Vidar," replies Elsa as she sits down in the chair. Kristian moves to the other side of the table and sits himself down in a chair opposite to Elsa.

Now Vidar moves to an open side of the table and asks, "Is there anything special that you would like to have to entertain you and your important emissary?"

"Why don't you surprise us with something delicious," replies Elsa. "And Kristian's importance is only to Olaf and me, not to Arendelle."

"Ah yes, but anyone that is important to you is also important to Arendelle as well," replies Vidar. "I will make this one of my finest meals for you and your chaperone." Vidar then bows as he leaves the table.

"I hope Vidar hasn't upset you with his mannerisms," apologies Elsa as she looks over at Kristian.

"It definitely was odd," replies Kristian. "But since I have been here in Arendelle, everything has been unexpected. I thought that I would be going through Arendelle barely noticed. Now it looks like I'm going to be the topic of the town."

"That would be my fault," says Elsa. She is sorry about Kristian circumstances but Elsa also has a slight smile on her face. "My importance in the village makes everyone I interact with important as well. I just hope that all this new fame of yours won't put you out of sorts."

A smile comes across Kristian face as he replies, "It is not my fame that is the issue here. It's just my rotten luck that I'm having dinner with a famous celebrity."

Elsa smiles and says sarcastically, "You're just jealous that you are not me. You wish that you could be living in a palace and have servants waiting on every need that you have."

"There are parts of your life that I envy," says Kristian as he continues to smile. "You have a beautiful home and friends, both of which I would enjoy having. However, the servants and the responsibility of your throne are things I would care to do without."

"Well you can't have the former without having some of the later," replies Elsa. "There sort of a matching set."

"That is a shame," says Kristian with a smile. "If I could get rid of a few things, I could really enjoy being with the owner of that beautiful home."

"I wish that owner could get rid of a few things as well," replies Elsa. She still has a smile but it has faded a bit. "But like the home and the responsibility, the owner is a package deal."

While Elsa and Kristian were talking the body guards of the Duke came into the inn. They scan the room, and find where Kristian and Elsa are sitting. One of the guards also notices another individual sitting in a secluded part of the room. It is the Duke of Weselton. The Duke then motions to the guards to come over to him.

When they approach he says, "I see that things are as bad I thought. There is no question that the queen and Goran's companion have become friends."

The Duke then takes a sip from his wine glass. When he does one of his guards speaks. "The queen and her two companions were never separated. The snowman only has just left their side when they came into this place."

"I can see that for myself," replies the Duke a little annoyed by the guard's obvious statement. "They are sitting just over there." Then with some disgusts he continues. "Look at the two of them. They are talking with each other like they are friends. They are even laughing with each other. I would have expected Goran's companion to be more hostile than this. Instead he is acting friendly and social with the queen. I'm concern that my plans may have been upset by this youth's indiscretions."

"Do you want us to go now and retrieve the young man for you, so that you can speak with him?" asks one of the guards.

The Duke glares over at this guard and replies, "No, I still need to try and maintain some anonymity here. I need to get him alone without alerting the queen. If you two go over there and request his presence in front of the queen, she will realize that I am involved. This whole operation has to keep Queen Elsa out of the loop. However, I think we can use the inn keeper to help us get the young man's attention."

Just then, Vidar comes out of the kitchen area carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses. He is followed by a serving lady carrying a tray of food. He approaches the table that Elsa and Kristian are sitting at. "Your meal has arrived," says Vidar as he sets a glass in front of Elsa and then Kristian. The serving lady copies Vidar's actions by placing a plate first in front of Elsa and then Kristian.

"I hope the meal will be up to your satisfaction," says Vidar.

"I'm sure that it will be," replies Elsa. "It looks delicious and you have never disappointed me."

"I hope to continue your trust in me," says Vidar. "In the meantime, does this wine selection meet with your approval?" asks Vidar as he holds the bottle up to Elsa for her to examine.

"Yes, it will be fine," replies Elsa.

As Viddar was attending to Elsa and Kristian, Kristoff appears in the doorway of the inn. Vidar notices this so he turns towards Elsa and says with a bow, "I must excuse myself your majesty. There are some matters that I must attend to. Some supplies I requested earlier today may have arrived and I must see to their proper placement."

"I understand perfectly, Vidar," replies Elsa. "We will be fine on our own. Go take care of what you need to and if we need anything we can ask one of your servers."

Vidar bows again and leaves the table heading towards the front door and Kristoff.

"Now is the time to get the innkeepers attention," says the Duke to his bodyguards. "One of you, go bring him here so that I may have a word with him." So one of the guards gets up from the table and follows Vidar to the front door.

As Vidar nears the front door, he holds out both of his arms and speaks to Kristoff. "Ah, Kristoff! Are you here to deliver my order of ice?"

"Yes, I was able to get done at the docks early and thought that I would take care of you today instead of tomorrow," replies Kristoff.

"That is kind of you to do," says Vidar. "I also see you bothered to clean yourself up before entering my establishment." Then with a bit of sarcasm he says, "Or perhaps you are just on the way to the palace to visit a certain princess there."

Kristoff smiles and replies, "Everyone in the village knows that I frequently visit the palace and the reasons why I do. There is no secret about Princess Anna and me, and yes I am on my way to the palace this evening. So how many blocks do you want before I head there?"

"Two blocks will do for now," says Vidar. "When the temperature warms up I will be requiring more than two."

"You and everyone else," replies Kristoff. "When summer comes around, everyone needs more ice. I'll go out and bring the blocks in individually then."

Kristoff turns around and heads out the door to his cart. He grabs a pair of ice tongs and waits for Vidar. Vidar was about to follow Kristoff out the door but the Duke's guard calls out to him.

"Sir, I need a moment of your time," says the guard.

"Sorry young sir," replies Vidar. "I need to attend to my shipment of ice right now. If possible ask one of my servers for help otherwise you will have to wait until I'm done with my shipment."

"But sir!" exclaims the guard, as he watches Vidar walk out the door. He stands there for a moment before he returns to the Duke of Weselton.

"Did you notify the innkeeper of my desire to see him?" asks the Duke?

"Sorry sir," replies the guard. "The innkeeper was busy. He did suggest we ask one of the serving girls for help."

"I cannot use a serving girl for something like this," replies the Duke. "I should not be asked to settle for anything less than the innkeeper himself. We will wait and try again later for the proprietor of this inn."

Outside, Vidar is checking out the blocks of ice on Kristoff's cart. He wants to make sure that the blocks are of good enough quality for his establishment. "You have excellent quality here Kristoff," says Vidar.

"It's early in the delivery season," replies Kristoff. "So I have many fine blocks still available. Still I try to make my customers happy. I save the better blocks for customers like you."

"I appreciate the effort you put in for me," says Vidar. "Your dedication to your job helps to maintain my businesses reputation."

"I try to do what I can," replies Kristoff.

After looking over the cart of ice Vidar says, "Any of the blocks on the back of the cart will do. I'll let you decide which ones and I will show you where they should go."

"Not a problem," replies Kristoff as he takes the ice tongs he is carrying and grabs a block of ice with them. He then swings the block of ice through the air and up over his shoulder. The tongs land on his shoulder and the ice block hangs from the tongs behind his back. Kristoff then turns and follows Vidar back inside the inn.

As Vidar and Kristoff head to the back of the inn, where the kitchen is located, they are intercepted by both bodyguards of the Duke of Weselton. "Sir, our master insists that you meet with him," says one of the guards.

"I am sorry sirs, but I have a shipment that needs my attention," replies Vidar. "Once I have placed it in its appropriate spot I can then accommodate your wishes." Vidar then tries to move by the two guards, but one of the guards grabs a hold of Vidar's arm.

"I must insist sir," says the guard sternly as he holds onto Vidar. "Even if I have to do so by force, you will speak with our charge."

"Hey!" exclaim Kristoff, as he moves towards Vidar and the guard. However, the other guard steps in front of Kristoff. He stops Kristoff by place his hand on Kristoff's chest.

"I don't think you know who I am asking for," says the guard who is holding onto Vidar.

"And you don't know who it is you are making this demand on," replies Kristoff angrily. "And who you are making it in front of. Vidar has catered to many of the important people in Arendelle including Queen Elsa, and I am dating her sister Princess Anna. So if you want to continue this action, you can expect some sort of action from the royal household."

After hearing this both of the guards then back off. The last thing they want to do is anger the Queen of Arendelle. They have already witnessed what she is capable of when they were here two days ago during the spring festival. The last thing they want is her attention on them right now.

"I will try and be quick about my duties sirs," says Vidar trying to be polite. "You can tell your employer that I will be with him as soon as I am capable, but I have duties that I must attend to first." With that said Vidar and Kristoff head off to the kitchen.

So after being unsuccessful, the guards reluctantly return to the Duke of Weselton without Vidar. This failure displeases the Duke. "You return without the innkeeper," says the Duke. "What reason do you have for this failure?"

"It was the safest move we could come up with," replies one of the guards as both of them take a seat on either side of the Duke.

"If we had pressured Vidar anymore, the queen would have been notified of our presence," replies the second guard. "Since you didn't want the queen to know, the prudent move was to back off of the innkeeper."

The Duke has a scowl on his face as he takes a sip from his wine glass. "Your judgment seems to be sound," says the Duke as he places his wine glass down. "However, this means the conversation that I wanted to have with Goran's companion is not going to take place."

"It may yet happen, sire," interrupts the first guard. "Before we departed from Vidar, he said he would come once his dealings with the ice peddler were completed."

"If the innkeeper doesn't show up soon, Goran's companion and the queen will be leaving," says the Duke. He is annoyed with how things are going. The Duke of Weselton expected some sort of action by now from either Goran or Goran's companion, Kristian.

Just about the time that Kristian and Elsa finish with their meal, Vidar comes out of the kitchen. He has left Kristoff alone to handle the ice, so he can attend to the impatient customer of his. Vidar heads towards the last location he knew where the guards were last seen. As he approaches that spot, one of the guards stands up from the table and motions to Vidar to come over. Vidar moves towards the table with the three men around it.

As he approaches the table, Vidar says, "I must apologies for not being able to respond to your request sooner, but I have many duties that require my attention from time to time."

"Your disregard for my needs leaves much to be desired," replies the Duke. "Back in Weselton, I would not have to wait for service from the proprietor of an establishment."

Vidar bows to the Duke and replies, "Was not the food to your liking?"

"It was agreeable," replies the Duke.

"And the wine as well. Was it not a decent vintage?" asks Vidar.

The Duke takes a sip from his glass and places it back on the table. Then he says, "The wine is decent for such an establishment. I can't complain about it."

"Were not the servers available to you during your stay and could they not attend to your needs?" says Vidar politely to the Duke.

"The servers were sufficient in their duties," replies the Duke. "However, someone of my standing should not have to be dignified with speaking to serving girls for help."

"Well I am available for your wishes now my lord," says Vidar as he bows. "What do you desire of me?"

"There is a young man sitting with the queen," says the Duke. "I wish for you to deliver a message to him. I want to have a private word without letting everyone in the inn know."

"I will notify him at once my lord," replies Vidar as he bows and walks away from the table.

Vidar now heads towards the table where Elsa and Kristian are sitting. On his way, Vidar has a quick work with one of the serving girls. Meanwhile, Elsa and Kristian are having a laugh. Elsa has been talking about the people in her life and the current person she is talking about is Olaf.

Kristian suppresses his laughter and then replies to the current topic of Olaf. "Olaf is certainly a funny snowman."

"He certainly is," replies Elsa as her laughter is replaced with a bright smile. "He has helped to bring joy back into my life and has been a very good emissary for me to visitors. I am glad that I decided to build him and to keep him around."

"So why did you build Olaf?" asks Kristian.

"It was during the time I ran away from Arendelle because of my abilities being revealed," replies Elsa. "When I got to the top of the mountain, there was no one around and I felt free to experiment with my magic. Olaf was something that my sister and I built when we were kids. We actually made him in the palace by rolling the snowballs from snow that I had made. It was one of the happier times of my life. I was feeling nostalgic; and so I recreated Olaf up on the mountain, totally with my magic powers. At the time, I didn't realize that I had actually brought him to life."

"That must have been quite a surprise for you," amuses Kristian.

"That event was full of surprises," replies Elsa. "First seeing my sister up on the mountain, then Olaf walking in on us, and finally learning about what my powers had done back in Arendelle. Each surprise seemed to be bigger than the last one."

"I can understand that feeling," replies Kristian in a much more somber tone. "The day that I lost my mother, felt like each event was bigger than the last one."

For a moment, both Elsa and Kristian are quiet. The conversation has taken on a sadder tone. Then Elsa speaks up. "It is a sad event to lose a parent, but at least you still have the memories of happier times with your mother. Her love will always be a part of you."

Kristian looks up into Elsa's face and smiles. "In some ways you remind me of her," says Kristian.

Elsa smiles in return and replies, "I hope it's in a good way."

Kristian continues to smile and replies, "It is in the best way possible."

Just then Vidar walks up to the table. "Has everything been satisfactory," says Vidar as he gives a slight bow.

"Yes everything has been wonderful," replies Elsa. "You have delivered another excellent meal."

"I try to do my best to please," replies Vidar. "Now I must apologize for interrupting your conversation, but there is a gentleman that wishes to have a private word with you," says Vidar as he glances over at Kristian.

With displeasure but trying to be polite Elsa replies, "Can you please tell the gentleman to call at the palace tomorrow morning? You can tell him that I am currently engaged and wish not to be bothered right now."

"My apologies your majesty," says Vidar. "But the request was not directed towards you. It was meant for your companion Kristian." Vidar always tries to remember the names of his guests and anyone with the queen is always someone significant.

Elsa is shocked by the fact that the request wasn't directed at her. Elsa looks over at Kristian with a puzzled looked on her face, but what she sees is Kristian looking very white from fear. Kristian believes that the man is Goran. That could mean trouble for Elsa and himself. Kristian had taken his gloves off to eat and he was holding a glass on the table with his arm stretched out. However Kristian's hands had flamed up because of his fear. One hand was hidden under the table and the other hand was partly hidden by the red wine in the glass. Unfortunately the flame in one hand caused a dramatic temperature change in the wine glass that Kristian was holding. This change was more than the glass could handle. It fractured spilling its contents over the table and Kristian's hand. A slight hiss is almost heard as the wine puts out the flame on Kristian's hand. Elsa and Vidar are surprised by the breaking glass and hiss and look over at the mess.

"Are you alright and what happened?" asks a concerned Elsa.

"I'm fine," replies Kristian as he grabs a napkin. He didn't use it to dry his hand but to cover it up. Kristian managed to smother the flame out on his other hand before bringing it above the table. "I was just surprised that I was asked for, that's all."

"Do you need help or something?" asks a concerned Elsa. "You looked pretty scared for a moment. If you are in trouble, I can always call on the palace guards for help."

"No, that's not necessary," replies an uneasy Kristian as he gets up from the table and quickly puts on his gloves before his hands could possibly flame up again. "It most likely has something to do with the business that I am here for. I should really go see what he wants."

"Alright, but perhaps I should go with you in case you need something," offers Elsa.

"No!" exclaims Kristian in fear. Well Elsa was taken aback by Kristian's reaction and Kristian saw this. Seeing Elsa's response makes Kristian compose himself and then he continues. "That won't be necessary, Elsa. Besides, the request was for a private conversation. I'll be just fine and will try to finish as quickly as I can."

"Very well, then I will meet you outside when you are done," replies Elsa.

So with that matter settled, Vidar escorts Kristian away from the table. Then after they have left, Elsa turns her attention to the broken glass on table. "That's odd," says a puzzled Elsa. "The table seems to be dry." Elsa then picks up and examines the napkin that Kristian was using. "This is dry as well. I'm certain there was some liquid in that glass."

Meanwhile, Kristian is following Vidar with apprehension. Kristian expects to find Goran, at his eventual destination. Once he reaches his destination and is able to see who it is he going to meet, Kristian is somewhat relieved. However, Kristian is still feeling a bit uneasy. Now seated at the table before him is the Duke of Weselton and his two bodyguards. The Duke had come to his mountain home, to hire Goran to do away with Queen Elsa. Now the Duke motions for Kristian to sit down as Vidar leaves the two men to have their discussion.

"You're taking a bit of a risk to talk to me," says Kristian as he sits down at the table.

The Duke nods with his head towards the two guards to indicate that he wishes to be alone with Kristian. So the guards get up and move to another table. "I felt that it was necessary," replies a scornful Duke. "Especially since my money is being spent on you consorting with the Queen of Arendelle."

"None of your money has been spent on the queen," replies Kristian. "It's been the queen that's been paying. Your money has only been spent on supplies and the trip to get here."

"So far it seems to be wasted money," counters the Duke. "It has been a full two days since I first saw you here, and the queen is still unharmed. Instead, all I see is you being friendly with the queen; and paling around with her and her freaky snowman."

"Again, it wasn't my idea to be doing that," replies Kristian coldly. Ever since Kristian had met the Duke, he had disliked the man. "It was the queen's sister that initially set events in motion."

"You shouldn't have gone along with it," says the Duke with displeasure. "You're just wasting time fooling around when you had an opportunity to strike at the queen. I'm not paying you to play around. I expect action."

"You're not paying me to do anything. You hired Goran not me," replies Kristian. "The only orders I have to follow are Goran's, and his orders were to keep an eye on Elsa. My hanging out with her has made that assignment easy."

"Then where is Goran?" questions the Duke angrily. "Why is he not here taking action? Have I hired a coward to handle this creature?"

"We are not fools sir," replies Kristian hotly. "Once we found out that she was living openly in Arendelle, we knew it wasn't going to be an easy matter to take the queen on. The people here would be willing to defend her, and Elsa's powers alone would be difficult enough to handle. So right now Goran is out in the mountains working on a plan that should be able to separate Queen Elsa from her people."

"I hope this plan of his will be occurring soon," says the Duke as he takes a sip of wine. "I'm becoming very impatient with the two of you. I need something to happen before I have to travel to Weselton to inform the king about matters here in Arendelle."

"Well, I can't tell you when it will happen," replies Kristian. "I'm waiting here just like you. It might only be a few days or it could take over a week."

"A week?" questions the Duke with displeasure. "I'm not happy waiting over a week to resolve this matter. Someone of my standing should be spending his nights at the palace as an honorary guest of the royal family. Instead, I have to put up with a modest inn in a small kingdom. Just because a dangerous monstrous being dwells and rules here. I'd prefer seeing this unnatural threat removed permanently, sooner than later. That should be the fate of all such devilish beings."

Kristian had a difficult time listening to the Duke talk before, but this last statement made Kristian snap. "What in the world, do you have against such unique and amazing people anyway?" asks an angry Kristian as he slaps his gloved hands against the table.

The Duke is surprised a bit by Kristian's reaction. "How can you be sympathetic to someone so unnatural?" asks the Duke. "Unless, you have become smitten with the queen. She has managed to twist your mind from knowing what should be natural to accepting what is unholy, just like she has twisted the minds of everyone here. The queen has even managed to place my station in life at risk. I mean to rectify that. So if you cannot overcome her powers over you and cannot complete your charter of our deal, then it won't be just the queen's life that will be in jeopardy."

Kristian remains angry from the last comment the Duke made. Kristian stands up and leans on the table as he looks at the Duke. "You think you can try and threaten me!" sternly says Kristian.

"There are other mercenaries out there besides you two," replies the Duke uneasily. As the Duke was speaking, his two guards have come to the table and are standing on each side of Kristian. Kristian stands up right as he notices their presence. Then in a more calm voice the Duke says, "I would be well within my rights to defend myself against any sort of attack. So think carefully before you do something that you will regret."

Kristian doesn't like the situation he has gotten himself in. For a moment he just looks at the Duke. Then with a deep breath, Kristian takes his seat again and the two guards return to their separate table. However, the disturbance at the table has caught the attention of someone else.

Kristoff was just coming back into the inn with the second block of ice for Vidar, when the commotion at the Duke's table caught his eye. Kristoff could not see the Duke but he could see his bodyguards and Kristian standing. So Kristoff moved closer to the table to listen in on the conversation.

"You don't have to worry about Elsa's powers over me," says Kristian coldly. "However, you are wrong about who the queen is. Of the two of you, you are more of the monster than she is."

"You have lost all sense of what is right," replies the Duke. "I am of royal blood, and I am the uncle to the King of Weselton. I deserve respect due to my position there. You will be well advised to realize that I am the closest thing this village will have to nobility. In time the people here will see that as well. Right now, all I need form you is for you to do your job. You think you can handle that?"

"All I have to do is keep an eye on Elsa, and that I can do without any difficulty," replies Kristian.

"And what about later when the real deed needs to be done?" asks the Duke. "Will you be able to do your assignment then?"

"I am loyal to Goran," responds Kristian. "I will follow his orders to the best of my abilities."

"I hope your abilities won't be diminished by your sympathy for the queen," says the Duke as he questions Kristian's commitment to Elsa's demise.

Kristian stands up at the table and then addresses the Duke. "May I have your leave then? I do have a job to do."

The Duke looks at Kristian for a while. Finally, the Duke says, "Very well, you have my permission to proceed with your duties."

Without bowing to the Duke, Kristian turns away and walks towards the outside door. Kristoff, who had been listening to the conversation, begins to follow him. However, Kristoff had not delivered his second block of ice; and Vidar stops Kristoff before he gets to the door.

"Kristoff, what are you doing?" ask Vidar. "You haven't given me my second block of ice yet. You just brought it in and now you are taking it back out."

"Oh sorry," replies Kristoff. "Something had come up that distracted me. Is it all right if I finish this later?"

"Please Kristoff, you have already come this far. It will only take a few minutes to finish your work here, and then you can be on your way. Can't this distraction of yours wait for a moment?" says Vidar.

I, um, guess it can wait for a while," replies Kristoff. "All right, I can finish up for you before I leave."

Meanwhile the Duke of Weselton's bodyguards have returned to the Duke's table. As they sit down, the Duke says, "This boy's heart is not into this adventure. He will most likely be a liability to Goran and his plans. No matter, even if they fail, I can make the attempt work for me to convince the queen to open up a dialogue."

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