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Lilo and Stitch, revenge of Dr. Hämsterviel

By NazoTheHedgehog

Adventure / Scifi

Lilo and Stitch, revenge of Dr. Hämsterviel chapter 1

Lilo and Stitch, revenge of Dr. Hämsterviel

Chapter 1 Hämsterviel's new Experiment.

On the planet Earth lives a little alien known as Experiment 626 aka Stitch, he is one of the galaxies most powerful beings to have been created by Dr. Jumba who once was a criminal for his crime of making illegal genetic experiments. However both Jumba and Stitch after redeeming themselves on Earth became part of the family of a little girl known as Lilo who lives with her older sister Nani. Not long after Stitch along with his creator Jumba and Pleakly became part of Lilo and Nani's family it was revealed Jumba kept with him all of his other 625 experiments and kept them in a safe storage as tiny pods, after Captain Gantu attempted to kidnap all the experiments for the evil former lab partner of Jumba known as Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel. However thanks to Stitch and Lilo Gantu failed in his mission to capture all the experiments with the exception of Experiment 625, the experiment pods ended up on Earth on the island of Hawaii where Lilo and her family live.

After Gantu's ship crash landed on Hawaii he and Experiment 625 (who would later be named Rueben) tried to find all the other experiments but failed many times over, even after having a few victories in time those experiments they captured were freed from them by Stitch, Lilo and sometimes other experiments. After nearly two years of looking for the other experiments Lilo and Stitch fond them all and in time Dr. Hämsterviel tried to use one of Jumba's latest experiments which he named Leroy to find the experiments and destroy them all at once. However this plan failed and Hämsterviel along with Leroy and all the clones of Leroy were sent to prison and Gantu along with Rueben became good and are helping the Galactic Federations, as for Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakly they still live with Lilo and Nani and are having a peaceful life on Hawaii.

Meanwhile unknown to our heroes deep in the galactic prison where the most terrible criminals of the galaxy were held captive for their crimes against the Galactic Federations Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel was working on his latest plan to escape and get his revenge on the two he blames the most for his failures. LILO & STITCH!

"Mwahahahahaha; soon I will be free from this place and have my revenge" Hämsterviel yelled.

"Ah shut up Hämsterviel, I've been trapped in here for years and have never broken out even with my massive body. Besides you always say that every night before bed, plus you'll never make it out believe me on that" Dr. Pestus aka the Mosquito King, sometime a few years ago after Stitch and Jumba moved to Earth an evil cyborg giant mosquito named Dr. Pestus kidnapped Lilo with the help of his evil minions.

But thanks to Stitch, Lilo was rescued and Pestus's plan to take over the galaxy with an army of cyborg mosquito warriors was stopped thanks to both Lilo and Stitch. Ever since that day Pestus tried to break out of prison but failed each time, Hämsterviel, Leroy and his clones were moved to the same prison as Pestus after Dr. Hämsterviel's plans failed for hopefully the last time. But Dr. Hämsterviel never knew when to give up or truly quit, which is exactly why this time he would be sure to have some robotic muscle and try a plan he had been planning for many long years to try but never had his chance. But now especially after getting to kind'a know Pestus, Hämsterviel was sure this time around things would turn in his favor.

"Hmm….okay so if I mix these chemicals with this blue one, and then mix with some of 626's DNA. And then mix with some more interesting DNA, and then add this little something I've had for a while which I used my older version on that bratty Earth girl" (meaning Mertle) "but this version is the true beauty, ahahahahaha it will work. And soon after so many years I Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel will have my own Experiment!" he yelled as a lightning bolt passed by the prison.

Shortly after Hämsterviel finished his little as he called it chemistry project for show, he went to meet Dr. Pestus in hopes of forming an alliance with the massive cyborg. Once in the prison yard where the prisoners were allowed to exercise and get some fresh air, Hämsterviel slowly made his way to the area where Pestus was busy working on scrap metal, once the small evil Doctor was as close to Pestus as he felt comfortable he began to talk.

".a…..ah…..hello there big guy" Hämsterviel said.

"Hmmmmm…why if it itzzzzzzn't the marvelous Dr. Hämsterviel, what buzzziness do you have with me" the giant cyborg said to the very small gerbil like creature.

"I……I was wondering if you and I can negotiate Dr. Pestus" Hämsterviel said sounding more like the evil and confident doctor he once was.

"Really…and what would that be my little rodent friend" Pestus said expecting something hopefully interesting.

"Well rumor has it a few years ago you were thrown into this prison because of Experiment 626 and an Earth child named Lilo" he said with a bit of bitterness in his tone.

"What's it to ya, if that's true" he said eyeing the small doctor with his massive eyes.

"Because I know exactly how you feel, being brought down by that wretched Experiment and that annoying child who are with that fat-head Jumba. They are the very reason why I'm trapped in here, with all those useless clones of Leroy whom at this point I can't tell the real one from the clones" he said as he saw a few Leroy clones dancing to music.

"We all know of that Hämsterviel, can you just get to your point" Pestus said as he was starting to lose his patience.

"My point is…" he paused when some guards came walking by to make sure the inmates at the prison were behaving.

"It's clear now" Pestus said with a look of relief.

"Anyway, I have a genius plan to not only leave this place once and for all. And to get revenge on Lilo and Experiment 626, and I need your help" Dr. Hämsterviel said with an evil grin as he rubbed his hands together.

"And what will I get in return for this" Pestus asked as his eyes narrowed on the little doctor.

"Well…..yo…you will have back everything you once had before those two ruined you, and I do mean everything including your old bounty hunter Bob" he said.

"Hmm…very well then, when do you plan to leave" the cyborg asked.

"Three days from tomorrow night ahahahahahaha I will give the details tonight" he said with his evil chuckle.

And so Dr. Hämsterviel that night detailed every part of his cleaver plan to Dr. Pestus, once Pestus could hear the plan in full details his wings buzzed with triumph. And shortly after the two doctors had their plan come together on the day Hämsterviel planned the escape everything went as planned, he let the Leroy clones and other inmates make chaos in the prison while Dr. Pestus and Dr. Hämsterviel escaped from the prison and made it to a new ship for Dr. Pestus.

Pestus with Hämsterviel on his shoulder made it to the ship and blast off far into space. Once they were able to make their escape they got their hyper-drive was activated by their ships pilots, it sent them into a safe area of space where the two doctors along with Bounty Hunter Bob and his remaining crew began to put all the details of their plan together.

"Now that we are free, its time Pestus for us to capture Lilo and to use my little present for that girl" Dr. Hämsterviel said.

"BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZHAHAHA…..Dr. Hämsterviel, soon we shall get back at those two for what they've done to us" Dr. Pestus said with his mosquito like laughed.

"Indeed Dr. Pestus, now time to launch phase one" Dr. Hämsterviel said as he pushed a button which sent a special probe to Earth.

Down on Earth in the islands of Hawaii Lilo and her family were having fun at a beach, Stitch's cousins were enjoying time at the beach with him and Lilo notably Angel, Bonnie, Clyde, Sparky, Cannonball, and others. Jumba was enjoying his sandwiches which Rueben aka 625 made for everyone as a gift he sent to them since he and Gantu couldn't make it to the party, Nani and Pleakly were busy trying to keep everyone under control and obedient.

After all just because the Experiments were all good now, doesn't mean that they are easy to keep in one place.

"Attention everyone" Lilo yelled out to everyone once they were seated.

"Lilo would like to make a speech" Stitch said in the language the Experiments commonly used.

"I would like to thank everyone who was able to show up for coming to our Ohana party" Lilo yelled out to about half the Experiments whom were the ones able to make it to the party.

"Oh boy lots of food and a nice big party" Clyde said to Bonnie as he dug into the food enjoying himself.

"Clyde! You're ruining my outfit please try to not make too big of a mess" Bonnie said to her partner-in-crime.

"Yup" Sparky said as he got to enjoy some food.

"Dig in everyone" Lilo said with excitement.

Shortly after everyone ate as much food as they felt like eating, they began to have fun at the beach making sand-castles. Surfing (with some help from Cannonball) swimming, and other kinds of fun things. Nani and Pleakly were busy trying to keep things cleaned up but they were able to have their own fun as well.

Jumba was happy to see a lot of his Experiments happy especially since the chaos with Leroy and his clones, Jumba was truly happy to be living on Earth with the rest of his family both his Experiments and the adopted family. Even though Jumba was at home with Lilo and the rest of their Ohana on Earth, Jumba couldn't help but feel from time to time just something was missing, perhaps it was the lack of will to try and work on more brand new Experiments. But after the 627 incident and the chaos with Leroy and his unexpected clone army, perhaps it was best at least for some time he didn't work on any new Experiments and waited for things to settle down.

But then again he is Dr. Jumba the galaxies greatest EVIL GENIUS! Maybe for the time being he could try to make 627 less evil and a little more good, at least good enough to be able to know right from wrong and try to make right choices much like 626 and other Experiments. But then again he might…oh what was the point of trying to be evil after all he is a good person not evil like before.

As the hours went by and everyone went their homes and said their goodbyes for now, shortly after Lilo Stitch, Nani Pleakly and Jumba came home Jumba's galactic phone was beeping with a call from Rueben.

"You have one call from agent Rueben of the Galactic Federations" Jumba's phone said.

"Experiment 625? What could he possibly be calling for" Jumba asked himself out loud as he turned on his phone and put it on full screen mood so everyone could listen.

"Hello Jumba, come in Jumba" Rueben said.

"Dr. Jumba Jookiba here Experiment 625, what's the emergency" Jumba asked his little yellow Experiment.

"Nice to see everyone is alright" he said with a salute "I'm calling you guys because word has it some odd meteor is heading for Earth somewhere around your location" he said while showing a galactic map with the meteors location.

"Is that all 625" Jumba asked.

"Um….no the Grand Council Women wanted me to warn you all Dr. Hämsterviel has once again found a way to escape from prison, only this time he's escaped from some guy named Dr. Pestus" he said while reading a report handed out to him by Gantu earlier that day.

"Not Dr. Pestus" Lilo said remembering when she was kidnapped by that giant alien mosquito cyborg.

"Pestus, big mosquito cyborg" Stitch said remembering when he saved Lilo from that terrible doctor.

"Be on the lookout for them alright guys" Rueben said.

"Ih" Stitch replied. Everyone else said yes.

"Oh by the way, sorry I couldn't make it to the party Lilo. I'll see if the Council Women can give me and Gantu some vacation time next time you throw a party" he said with a big grin on his face.

"I'll be sure everyone can make it Rueben" Lilo said to her friend.

"Agent Rueben over and out all" he said as the phone call ended.

"So once again that no good Dr. Hämsterviel has escaped, no doubt he'll be trying to get revenge on us for putting him in prison and…wait who is Dr. Pestus?" Jumba was saying as it occurred to him he had no idea who Dr. Pestus was.

"Well…'s a bit of a long story but I can explain" Lilo said

"Ih it long story, happened before Stitch learned about cousins" he said.

"You see sometime shortly after Stitch, Jumba and Pleakly moved in with us I was kidnapped by these weird otter like aliens. And then they sent me into outer space where I tried to escape from the alien spaceship along with the other prisoners on the ship, a nice big alien prisoner told me we were all captured to be food for the mosquitos on the ship. While I was on the ship Stitch was able to fly a spaceship to come and rescue me, after I was able to call him I got to see the giant evil Dr. Pestus who's a giant cyborg space mosquito. After Stitch saved me and an alien planet from Pestus and his mosquitos the Grand Council Women gave us a ship to go home in, and that's how it happened" Lilo said as she finished her tale.

"Wait a minute, did you say giant cyborg space mosquito?" Pleakly asked.

"Yeah" Lilo said.

"No… can't be THE Pestus I use to know….I thought he went to help bring mosquitos back to the galaxy and look after them all" Pleakly said in a surprised tone.

"Stitch no like Pestus he hurt Lilo" Stitch said.

"Wait a minute, you two went into space and you got kidnapped Lilo!" Nani said in surprise.

"Sorry for not telling you, I didn't want to worry you back then Nani; so me and Stitch decided to keep it between the two of us" Lilo said.

"Oh Lilo" Nani said as she hugged her sister.

"So question is what will we do if Dr. Pestus come back possibly for revenge" Jumba asked.

"It's simple, Stitch and I and maybe a few of his cousins will stop him before he hurts anyone" Lilo said bravely.

"Little Girl still is willing to face danger to help everybody, Jumba is always happy to see such bravery ahaha" Jumba said.

"Ih Stitch still brave against bad guys" he said getting out his antenna spines and other two arms.

"Of course 626, you always are incredibly lucky, brave and very strong. You truly are a work of marvel from my evil genius" Jumba said with happiness.

"Stitch go warn everyone else about Hämsterviel and Pestus" Stitch said.

"Good idea Stitch" Lilo said as she was about to open the front door for him.

"And just where do you two think you're going" Nani asked while guarding the door.

"Nani Stitch needs to warn his cousins Hämsterviel is back along with Dr. Pestus" Lilo said.

"Lilo its bedtime for you two" Nani reminded them.

"…I…..I know but"

"No buts, bedtime now you two" Nani said kindly.

"But what about Stitch's cousins" Lilo asked.

"Don't worry look I'll call Cobra and ask him to help tell everyone, and you two can go tell everyone after school okay" Nani said reasonably.

"Okay….." Lilo said trying to understand her sister meant well.

Within a few minutes Stitch and Lilo went to bed trying to sleep, Stitch had a nightmare that night Lilo would be taken away from him and he couldn't save her at all. Lilo also had a nightmare that night, but her nightmare was being taken away from everyone and being turned into a savage monster with little control of any of her actions and was attacking Stitch.

Lilo and Stitch both woke yelling each other's names and looked to one another for a moment before noticing it was morning, Lilo and Stitch got breakfast before Lilo had to leave for school with Mertle and everyone else.

Meanwhile not too far from Earth the meteor Rueben talked about was heading straight for Hawaii, however once it was in the skies of Earth it slowed down and eventually came to a stop and revealed itself to be a robot no bigger than a football right now. The robot scanned the islands until it found where Lilo was living; once the robot was there it spied on Lilo at her school waiting for the right moment to make its move. And surely enough the robot got its chance when it fired its small payload into Lilo's lunch where its little package would do the rest, Dr. Hämsterviel was pleased to see everything going to plan.

"Mwahahahahahahaha everything is going according to plan" the small creature said with his evil laugh.

"Yes it appears to be, now only to see if your little formula will work on the Earth child Dr. Hämsterviel" Dr. Pestus said as he looked down at his smaller comrade.

"Oh it will Dr. Pestus, it will" he said as he chuckled evilly "Now began phase two of my plan" he said to a member of the crew who pushed a button with a small robot with a needle in it. Soon on the monitor Dr. Hämsterviel was looking at he could see the food Lilo had packed for lunch, thankfully she ate her lunch which sent the robot into her stomach.

"Yuck, I never realized how ugly Earth creatures are on the inside" Dr. Hämsterviel said as he looked at his monitor and piloted his small robot towards Lilo's brain.

After having to fight a few anti-bodies and white blood-cells Hämsterviel's robot made it towards his target "So the Earth child does have a brain after all, that would explain why Gantu always failed me" he said implying Gantu was not only dumb but without a brain.

"We are now ready Dr. Hämsterwhiel" said one of the men at a monitor.

"It's Hämsterviel, Hämsterviel! You idiot, go and sit in a corner until you get my name right" Dr. Hämsterviel said to the man with anger in his voice, after all no one truly likes getting their name misspelled by someone they don't know especially Hämsterviel.

"Okay sir" the man said as he left the bridge of the ship.

"Now we begin phase three of my little ehe Experiment, begin phase three" he yelled as the crew worked hard on the ship only to simply make the robot in Lilo's brain put its needle safely into her brain and inject the formula Dr. Hämsterviel made.

Back on Earth after school Lilo got a terrible headache from the needle which the poor girl didn't know about, Stitch and Clip took her home that day so she could get some sleep. As for Dr. Hämsterviel's robot; it left out of Lilo's ear while she slept and made it back to the bigger robot safely. Shortly after Dr. Hämsterviel's plan seemed to come together so far he made the football size robot sneak into Lilo's bedroom where it remained hidden for the next day.

The next day Lilo's headache seemed to go away, she was able to go to school and was able to enjoy herself until she got to hula class to dance where while in the middle of dancing she felt a sudden sharp pain in her legs, her hula teacher called Nani who came over to take Lilo home as soon as she heard.

"I think you need a little more rest Lilo" Nani said to her little sister as she tucked her into bed.

"Alright….goodnight Nani" Lilo said weakly to her sister.

"Goodnight Lilo" Nani said as she kissed Lilo goodnight.

Soon after Lilo went to rest she felt more pain in her body as it slowly changed, Lilo woke up when she heard an all too familiar evil laugh coming from the corner of the bedroom. She turned her head to face a video monitor from the football sized robot which had on it the face of non-other than Dr. Hämsterviel!

"Dr. Hämsterviel, what are you doing in my bedroom" she asked the evil doctor.

"ohohohohohoho, if it isn't Lilo the annoying little girl" Dr. Hämsterviel said with a grin on his face.

"It seems you finally got my name right" she said to him.

"Indeed now you know what it feels like to never be called by your name now do you!" he yelled at her.

"What are you up to this time Dr. Hämsterviel trying to get revenge on Stitch and his cousins and everyone else" she asked him without noticing rather unusual hair growing on her body.

"Yes and no annoying girl, I am having my revenge on just you and Stitch!" he said.

"Hey you called Stitch by his name and not just 626" she said impressed with how many simple details about him changed but she remembered he is still evil.

"Yes….now let me detail my plan to you since you are phase four of my little plan, you see after me and my new partner Dr. Pestus escaped from our prison I sent a robot to your planet with a special formula I made especially for you, once I got you to eat the small tiny robot hidden in your food I got my robot to your brain and then I used its needle on your BRAIN!" he said very triumphantly.

"That explains the headache from earlier" Lilo said.

"Yes and if you haven't noticed my little pet you are transforming into; a monster" he said.

"What a monster" Lilo said as she noticed just now the hairs growing on her body and her feet changing form, she felt a stabbing pain along her back and beneath her arms.

"Yes and unless you do exactly as I say I will let you die a painful death of trying to become the monster without let's say some special things of mine, and do exactly as I say" Dr. Hämsterviel said evilly.

"But…..what'll you do with me after you make me a monster" Lilo asked nervously.

"Why you see I'm going to use you to do good for me across the galaxy" he said.

"I thought you were going to get revenge on me and Stitch" she asked looking at him with one eye.

"Don't you see I am, by having you my monster you work for me and Stitch will never see you again it's the best revenge ever!" he half lied to her.

"….will you promise I won't hurt anyone" she asked him.

"Unless their bad guys" he lied.


"Yes really" he said.

"…alright…I think Stitch would rather have me alright then be in pain then" she said with tears in her eyes.

"Yes….well shall we get on with it" he said, as Dr. Pestus was crying to himself.

"Okay" Lilo said as she laid in her bed waiting to be turned into what Dr. Hämsterviel called a monster.

After a fairly painful half hour Lilo became Dr. Hämsterviel's monster, when she looked in the mirror she screamed when she saw the cute terrible creature she became. However Dr. Hämsterviel's phase four wasn't over just yet, the robot shot a dart at Lilo which got rid of most her memories and put them safely into a computer chip and placed some fake memories into her. For a while she acted like a newly activated Experiment, and ripped her clothes up, Nani came to see what happened and screamed when she saw what looked like one of Jumba's Experiments which had fur the same shade of red as Lilo's shirt.

With a few patterns of leafs here and there, the Experiment had a small cut only in her right ear similar to the cut in Stitch's left ear. She had eyes much like Stitch's but with one eyelash on each of them, she also had light red claws and a body much like that of Angel, she had spikes like Stitch coming out of her back along with two extra arms and two antenna similar to Angel's (Experiment 624) but a bit shorter. She also had some black fur on her ear tips and white fur on her belly and the leaf patterns on her arms and back her antennas were black with red at the tips her nose was black.

Lilo now an Experiment alien roared at Nani and broke out the window, the robot made itself bigger and captured Lilo easily and took her away to meet Dr. Hämsterviel. After everyone came to Lilo and Stitch's room to see what had happened Stitch was surprised and sad when he saw Lilo's shredded clothes, after Nani explained what looked like an Experiment did this one she never saw before. Jumba asked her for every detail she could remember, once she told Jumba he said it didn't match any of the description of one of his Experiments which lead everyone to believe either Dr. Pestus or Dr. Hämsterviel created that Experiment and had it destroy Lilo which angered Stitch at the thought of such a thing.

In orbit of Earth was Dr. Pestus's ship awaiting the robot of Dr. Hämsterviel, once it was close enough to the ship the tracker beam pulled in the robot and its cargo. Once onboard the robot moved to the bridge of the ship where it presented its prize to Dr. Hämsterviel and Dr. Pestus, the two evil scientists looked at the new Experiment that was once Lilo. Dr. Pestus was surprised that Dr. Hämsterviel knew how to transform another life form into one of Jumba and Hämsterviel's Experiments the very idea was something Pestus never saw coming and he could only wonder what Dr. Hämsterviel was going to do with her.

"It was a complete and total success I now have my perfect weapon for taking down both Lilo and Stitch" Dr. Hämsterviel said as he looked at Lilo now his Experiment he created.

"Will she obey like a good little dog" Pestus questioned in a bit of a joking manner.

"My new Experiment will not only obey she will be the one way how I will destroy Experiment 626 and have my revenge" Dr. Hämsterviel said in his triumphant voice.

"But what will we do with her once she destroys him if all goes as plan" Dr. Pestus asked.

"You me what will I do, I will simply keep her around build up an image everyone can trust and then have what I've always wanted" Dr. Hämsterviel said.

"Hmmm….indeed…..but what will we call her zzzzooo no one will recognize her" Dr. Pestus questioned Dr. Hämsterviel.

"It's simple really based on how her original name was spelled and how I am good with making letters into numbers. I shall from this day forth call her Experiment 636" the evil Dr. Hämsterviel said with his evil laugh as his evil plan for revenge was finally actually working after all these years.

As for poor Lilo, she was as good as clueless and seemed to behave much like Stitch before he met her. But the question of the hour is will she ever be same again after this?

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