Trouble - A Doctor Who Story

Chapter 2


"The diary is an artifact; it belongs to the British government." Kate was stern while they walked down the halls of the Black Archive at UNIT.

"The diary is a personal item that is none of your concern," The Doctor demanded, walking alongside Kate, with Clara trying to keep up behind,

"It was bequeathed to Unit upon the death of Melody Pond Williams aka River Song."

"Who happens to have been my wife!"

"And who happens to be the child of two British citizens. We have the right to the book whether she bequeathed it or not."

"And she was my wife, therefore all her belongs should then fall to me. It is my property and I want it back." He mashed his upper lip into his lower. "And it's private."

"Yes…" Kate smirked with a joking eye. "There are a few chapters that would make even my father blush." Kate smiled and then turned into another hallway.

"Well…" The Doctor seemed to take pride in the comment until he saw Clara's smiling face. "No, nooo, that's not what she meant…" He turned into the next hallway and followed Kate. "That's not what you meant!"

The Doctor caught up with Kate who was handed a piece of paper by Osgood. "Thank you, Osgood." Kate quickly pursued the paper.

"Still love the scarf, hello, Osgood." The Doctor greeted her and continued his fight with Kate. "It is the nature of Unit to take things that don't belong to them? What am I saying; you took my Tardis above London like it was a tin toy. Nearly killed me."

"That was an accident." Kate quickly put the hot spot back on The Doctor. "And didn't you just let a planet with all the books in the known universe blow up into smithereens?"

"Well, yes, but not before saving thousands of people in the process."

"What was that tour group doing there in the first place?"

"You know tourists, they go anywhere with a gift shop," he responded with great wit.

Kate tired no to smirk at him.

"...Use to fancy 'um myself, actually…."

"...and yes."

"Yes, what?" The Doctor asked confidently.

"Yes, we do have a habit of taking things that don't belong to us when we need to make sure it doesn't fall in the wrong hands."

"It is in the wrong hands, YOURS. Now give it back," he scolded her like a petulant child. "Besides. How do you even have it? I burned it after she..."

"The diary is a duplicate. Your wife was very clever, Doctor, her entire diary was downloaded and duplicated here at Unit."

The Doctor took hold of Clara's hand lightly for support. It was then that Clara noticed a picture of River and Kate on the big wall of The Doctors co-horts. For sure The Doctor's wife had been to Unit.

The Doctor let go of Clara's hand. "Next of kin! I'm her next of kin, you have no right!" The Doctor was now beyond agitated.

Kate handed The Doctor the yellowed piece of paper in her hand. "You will see here we have a signed document dated 1975 and delivered to Unit in 2012 from an Amelia and Rory Williams…"

"Oh, for god's sake…."

" full parental permission."

"That's not playing fair. Come on!"

"You're happy to sue us in the public courts," Kate smirked

"Yes, well, since you don't exist -" he grumbled.

"Yes, well..." Kate loved having the upper hand.

"How was this digital duplicate even delivered?"

"A Madam-"

"Vestra..." he finished Kate's sentence with the intention of a sad "Of course."

"- And her cohorts. They had an agreement."

The Doctor nodded his head. "Yes, they are a loyal bunch," he said kindly of them. Kate took the paper back from the Doctor and handed it back to Osgood who disappeared into an adjacent room.

Clara interrupted, "Can we at least see it? He deserves that."

Kate took a breath. "No, I'm afraid that's far worse than just handing it over to you."

The Doctor was not happy. "You see now why it is a dangerous weapon, Clara."

Kate continued. "The most comprehensive book ever created about the Doctor. Your wife, Doctor, send us that book to protect you. And we have every thought and intent in doing so."

The Doctor looked like he was still cross but resigned himself. He turned his back to Kate and paced.

Clara walked forward. "Did she mention anything about a child - something, anything you can tell us?"

"You know then?" Kate inquired.

The Doctor turned to Kate in shock. "And so do you, then?!"

Kate turned to Clara shocked. "He didn't know?"

The Doctor took a breath. "No. He didn't."

"We assumed - we just assumed you did- not that the story can really be confirmed – it's almost like a fairy tale..."

The Doctor looked at Kate with a gob smacked expression. Clara took his hand, like a good chum, as Kate continued – she could tell he needed it.

"...rumor gossip—legend…"

"You mean until you read River's diary…" The Doctor almost charged towards Kate and snarled, but stopped as he felt Clara's hand tug him back.

"No, Doctor, I swear to you - there is nothing in the book about a child - but there is something we can show you. Two things, in fact. "

Kate took a few steps, but turned to see The Doctor had not followed, in fact he had a very apprehensive look on his face. "Don't worry, I'm not about to show you where you die." She laughed, turned and walked into another room.

"Yes..." The Doctor said softly. "Well, already been, ever so dull," he continued in a deadpan voice.

The Doctor and Clara followed Kate into the open door.

The Doctor walked into the all-white room, followed by Clara. They both watched Kate nod to Osgood, who then turned off the lights and hit a button next to the door. Next, what looked like part of a constellation map in Gallifreyian appeared in front of them as a 3-D image.

Kate spoke first, as the Doctor circled the map as if he had seen a ghost.

"We think they're schematics…" Kate observed the Doctor with great detail.

"But they're unfinished -" The Doctor put his glasses on.

"Why can't I read it?" Clara asked. "I thought you said the Tradis translation, thing-a-ma-gigy, hangs around a bit."

"Transition circlet." The Doctor informed her. "This is Gallifreyian, it doesn't translate."

Kate continued. "We believe it was what Professor Song was working on before her death."

"That's my girl" The Doctor said softly. "Look what you did - you went looking for it, didn't you..." He was almost proud, yet had laser focus as he circled the 3-D image. "Space time coordinates."

"We can have it downloaded to the Tardis for you." Kate motioned to Osgood.

The Doctor took his screwdriver out and pointed it at the image. "Already, done." And then he placed the screwdriver back in his inner coat pocket. "Clara -" he said and the motioned with his head for her to leave with him. He nodded his head at Kate, turned to the door and Clara followed with a smile.

"Doctor," an intimate familiar voice spoke behind him. "Doctor," said the voice again and he knew whose voice it was – it was River's.

The Doctor slowly turned and set his eyes, not on the real River, but on a transparent image of his wife dressed in her white CAL dress, standing where the map had previously been. "Doctor-" the image repeated as if on a glitch - her image skipped for a moment, like static.

"What is this?" Doctor asked slowly.

Clara looked at The Doctor with concern.

Kate took a step forward. "We were able to save portions her data stream in the airways. We we're trying to reconstruct it, but I'm afraid we don't have the entire sequence. It's grown too impossible. It was how we came across the map."

"Turn it off," he said softly.

"Doctor -" the voice of River repeated.

He couldn't take it anymore. "This is sick - this is morbid - you can't do this to her. Turn it off!"

Kate nodded her head to Osgood, the lights came back on, and River was gone.

"I'm so sorry, Doctor," Kate said with great humility.

"It's like you're exhuming her body - she didn't want to be a book on shelf, I don't know why I thought that, I guess I couldn't let go and maybe I couldn't protect her when she was alive, but I sure as hell can do it when she's gone. And she's gone."

"It's just a data stream." Kate was confused.

"It's still not right." the Doctor mashed his lips together. "Just… just let her lie in peace."

"I'm sorry -" Kate blurted out. "We weren't thinking."

"It doesn't feel like anyone around here is….or cares about my ..." He paused in mid thought and changed his tune. "No, no... I apologize. You were just trying to protect me. Thank you - but just - no, it's wrong." He waved her off and left the room.

Clara didn't know what to do for a moment and then she said her goodbyes and ran after The Doctor.

"Wait!" Kate shouted after Clara who was already out the door.

Clara stopped and looked behind her to see Kate running down the hallway after her. Once Kate reached Clara she opened the girl's hand and put what looked like a USB in her palm and closed it firm. "Just give this to him; he has to see this too; it's important he sees this."

Clara nodded her head and then ran after The Doctor again.

Clara found the Doctor standing outside UNIT next to the Tardis, looking off at the stars in the night sky. She took a moment observing how sad and melancholy he looked, giving him a moment of space.

"You all right?" she finally asked.

"I will be; I always am. After all, I am the Doctor." He smiled, skipped a stone across the Thames, and then looked down.

"If you don't mind me asking… how long were you and Riv - I mean Professor -"

"You can call her River, I shouldn't mind. It was her name. Shouldn't bother me so much. It's been centuries." He choked up a smile. "But you were saying?" He turned to face Clara who was now standing next to him.

Clara didn't believe one word of what The Doctor was saying. "Nothing. " She took a pause. "I just wondered how long you and Professor Song were married?"

The Doctor looked towards the water again. "Simple question, funny answer, not funny ha, ha, just funny odd… you see, I don't know…"

"How can you not know?"

"Hazard of having a two time traveler household, I'm afraid. We never met in the right order. "

"How long was it for you?"

"Seems an even harder question - a few hundred years, or so… I really don't… " he drifted off and just stopped speaking.

"What was she like?" Clara asked and waited for an answer, but the Doctor gave none and his smile lowered. "Professor Song. The real her - In real life, I mean?" She threw off her question as if it was no big deal, but to Clara it was, and she knew it would be for The Doctor. She wanted to give him a reason to open up to her – to talk about it.

The Doctor took a moment before speaking. *"She was clever and brave and kind and funny. And had more love in one of her hearts than I could ever have in two." He clasp his hands together and faced Clara with a large fake grin. "So, shall we pop off…" He turned away from Clara and brushed a tear from his cheek. He then quickly walked into the Tardis.

Clara followed The Doctor into the Tardis. "Blonde in charge lady told me to give this to you." Clara handed The Doctor the USB. "Sorry, I don't know how to address her."

"No, I think "Blonde In Charge Lady" works just fine." The Doctor looked at the USB with much curiosity before searching for a plug on the Tardis console. "This is old technology for me. It's like trying to plug an 8-track into an iphone. Well, maybe more like a cotton gin to an iphone. Ohhh, that's an image." He felt under the console. "Oh, yes, there it is! How nostalgic."

Just then a 3-D version of Kate Stewart appeared in front of them.

"How very Princess Leia of her," Clara joked and then frowned when The Doctor didn't laugh, but gave her a terrible look. "What's that face for?"

"Shhhhh," he reprimanded her with a finger in front of his mouth.

The picture of a cave with Gallifrey writing appeared in front of them.

"Do you know this cave, Doctor?" Kate questioned.

"It looks like the Truths Caves of Prophecy on Tumtorum 2. But I've never seen this one before." He squinted at the image and then put on his glasses for a better look. His face slowly changed to a look of awe.

"It was just discovered and sent to us back in time three thousand years." Kate's voice continued on over the picture.

Clara could see the shocked look on The Doctor's face. She walked closer to him and the image of the cave with curiosity. "What does it say?"

The Doctor took his glasses off and the image disappeared. Kate reappeared and spoke, "We thought this would be useful to you."

"Yes, thank you, Kate." He put his glasses in his pocket. "And thank you," he said, as if to show his appreciation for everything she had done and that there were no hard feelings.

Kate nodded her head and her image disappeared.

Clara waited with anticipation. "Well…" She put her hands out. "What did it say?"

"'The moons of Gallifrey will bring the children back to reality; and be undiscovered no more'," he said with very little interest.

"Ohhh." Clara waited while The Doctor did nothing, but go on with his Tardis driving. "So… does it mean something?"

"You have to understand, Clara, the Truth Caves of Prophecy of Tumtorum 2 are like the fortune cookies of the universe. People can interpret them however they like. I mostly see them as rubbish. Convoluted sayings to make everyone think they're true. It was nice of Kate to give this to me, but I wouldn't read too much into it." He took the USB from under the control console and threw it in a rubbish bin. He smiled. "Great thing about a having a ship that's a desk top, there is always a rubbish bin around when you need one."

Clara smiled. "Okay, then." She shrugged. "I guess not everything can be a clue. I think I'll just go get a little shut eye before you take me home - since I've technically missed an entire day of it. My brain is started to go a little bonkers."

The Doctor smiled. "Sounds like a plan." Clara turned and walked away. Once Clara's back was to the Doctor his face turned remorse. He then flipped the USB out from his jacket sleeve, where he had hidden it, and covertly slipped it into his pocket.

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