Trouble - A Doctor Who Story

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The Doctor and Clara stepped out of the Tardis into an amazing vista of blue skies and green as far as the eye could see.

"I don't understand?" Clara looked around. "This isn't America? I thought you we're taking me to America?"

"Why does everyone go so crazy about America? It's not all it's cracked up to be, you know? You've been to one mall; you've been to all of them. If I wanted to go to M & M World I'd just go to Leicester Square. Ohh, yes, remind me after we leave to find some chocolate. Good plan. I like that plan." He took out his screwdriver and checked out their surroundings. "Plus, every time I go to America something bad happens. " He read the readings on the sonic.

"Isn't that every place we go to?

"Shhhh." He finished checking the sonic and then looked up. "I thought so…." He closed the sonic "We're in Scotland," he said surprised by his own deduction.

The Doctor looked at the bottom end of his sonic to be sure it was working properly, making the front of the sonic face Clara.

"Human," spoke a voice from the screwdriver.

"It talks? Haven't seen it do that before. That's new."

"It's a byproduct of the DNA search - I relayed it into the sonic so I can keep track of the scan's progress. Bad bit is it scans every life form it's pointed at." He took the screwdriver and pointed it towards himself.

"Time Lord," it squeaked.

"See," he smiled. "Comes in handy at costume balls. And much better than the machine that goes ding - what a disaster that was."

They looked up at the house in front of them off in the distance. It was a white two level home with no sight of another property for miles, green shutters and a door with a large wrap around porch.

Clara decided to take up the reigns and forge ahead. "Well, let's go up to the house and see if we found the right place. Clue hunting, eh?" And Clara raised her eyebrows at the Doctor with a spirited grin and then forged ahead.

The Doctor and Clara walked up to a few kids playing in the yard - the Doctor smiled.

"Hello, children." He waved and the children stopped playing Football. "Can you tell us if we've found the Williams home? We're looking for Anthony Williams."

A little boy about ten years old with an American accent spoke up. "That's my grandfather."

"Okay then…" The Doctor took a breath. "Can you bring me to him?" He clasped his hands together.

A girl about eight with black braids looked at the Doctor oddly. "You're wearing a bow tie…"

The Doctor fixed his tie and got a little cocky. "Yes, I am."

The Doctor followed the little boy from the lawn into the open door. Clara and The Doctor waited in the foyer, as the boy ran up the large wooden stairs. The girl with the braids and five other children hovered in the outside doorway and watched. Clara noticed pictures on a table near the door, they were of Rory and Amy, but the picture was old and in black and white – the couple looked in their forties.

"Can I help you?" spoke a booming American voice from the top of the stairs - a New York accent for sure.

The Doctor and Clara faced the stairs to see a man in his 60's holding a wrench in a way that made it look as if he didn't know how to weld one.

"You're not here to fix our plumbing are you?" Anthony joked and wiped the sweat off his forehead with his forearm.

"Grandpa!" A second girl with two little black braid whined in the older man's direction, appearing behind him. "I wanna take a shower."

"Soon, baby, I'm trying as fast as I can." He hugged her to his side.

"Are you Anthony Williams?" The Doctor asked.


The Doctor smiled large. "Hello," he said with a few tears in his eyes.

Clara spoke up. "We're friends of Brian Williams."

The girl, who now held Anthony's leg, whispered to him in her American accent, "Grandpa, he's wearing a bow tie."

Anthony looked at his granddaughter. "Sweetie, go outside and play with your cousins, okay."

The girl nodded and walked out somber, as if she was about to miss all the fun.

Anthony looked at the Doctor as if he was staring at a ghost or a character from a story book. "You're wearing a bow-tie," he said with great pathos. He knew this day would come and he was more than pleased.

Clara, The Doctor and Anthony stood in a dark study at the corner of the house, lined with books and brown wood. Anthony spoke to the Doctor, but every so often would glance out the window to check on his grandkids playing in the yard.

The Doctor eyed a large row of books with a familiar name on the binding: Amelia Williams. He took one of the books off the shelf and looked at the cover: The title of the book was "The Disappearing Men" with a drawing on the cover of a man in a black suit and an arm outreached, looking very much like a human version of a Silence. Next to the man on the cover were two scared children with hash marks on their arms and faces.

"I see your mother used our travels together in her books." The Doctor smirked and put the book back on the shelf and turned to Anthony. "You should hear what really happened."

The Doctor smiled, but Anthony seemed to have an agenda, deep in thought, looking out the window. The Doctor then noticed a bowl of chocolates with an excited face. He reached for them, but was stopped by the slap of Clara's hand who then gave him a cross look and nodded her head towards Anthony. The Doctor mouthed "sorry" at an exasperated Clara who took a breath and thanked god it had all happened behind Mr. Williams' back.

Anthony continued speaking. "At first you think your parents are crazy, but then they start to predict sporting events and historical moments and then one day on a gap year you run into your parents looking younger than you've ever seen them in a pub in London." He turned to the Doctor and Clara. "I went to their wedding." He said in shock. "More like I hid in the back." He took a photo off a desk table and showed it to The Doctor. "One day they just picked up and went to Florida and came back with an arm load of pictures. The summer before my junior year of college." The picture was that of a young River from the orphanage. "Told me the whole story. It was the first time I saw my father cry." Anthony gently set the framed photo back from where he had taken it.

"But they never mentioned if River, I mean Melody…." The Doctor couldn't say it. He sat down in a chair a few inches from where he was standing.

"Had a child?" Clara was far more blunt about asking.

"No." Anthony sat down in a chair in front of The Doctor while Clara stood behind The Doctor's chair and listened.

"I assume since you can't ask my sister herself…." He couldn't say the words he felt to be true, that River was dead.

The Doctor nodded his head and tears came to Anthony's eyes, for a sister he had never met.

Clara chimed in. "She died a hero; she saved thousands of lives."

Anthony looked the Doctor in the eye. "She was happy? You made her happy? That's all my parents wanted."

The Doctor made sure the tears didn't fall. "She often told me so and I chose to believe her." The Doctor stood. "We should go. We've imposed enough." He sent his hand through his hair and off his forehead.

Anthony stood. "No, please. Stay. My entire family is here, they all know the stories. Stay. We only come here once a year."

"I'll do you one better." The Doctor smiled. "I'll fix your plumbing." He raised his screwdriver out from his jacket pocket.

The Doctor laid on his back under the pipes of William's cellar, trying to figure out how to fix their water issue.

Clara stood above him holding his jacket folded over her arm. She didn't have a happy look on her face. "I thought when you said you would sort out their plumbing you meant you were gonna sonic it."

"You don't think I tried? It's using too much energy on the DNA scan you conned me into doing."

"Conned you?"

"Go outside and play with the children."

"I love children, but outside school it feels more like a busman's holiday most of the time." She shifted her weight and looked at her feet for a moment. "What you told me outside Unit…." She waited for the Doctor to say something, but he didn't. "About River…." Still the Doctor said nothing. "I bet Anthony would luv to hear that, yeah? About a sister he never met?" She leaned in with her head. "It helps sometime, I find, to talk with another person… over the loss of a mutual loved one - someone close to you –"

"What do you want from me, Clara?" The Doctor grumbled." I said good-bye at Trenzolare - at the Library. I've had my closure. Now, lay off my back," he said the last line trying to sound cool and modern, but it only came out awkwardly. The Doctor then accidentally smacked his hand with the wrench and he shook his fingers in pain. "Owww. That hurt," he said, seemingly shocked.

"Yeah, you deserve that, you do," she scolded him for his tone and attitude.

One of the young girls with the black braids came down the stairs. "Is it working yet? "

Clara smiled at the girl. "No, not yet. We might have to wait for the real workman to come." She gave the Doctor a cheeky look and he stuck his tongue out at her. She turned back towards the little girl "You're Amanda, right?"

"No, that's my younger cousin; I'm "the other one"." The girl seemed to feel less than her similar looking cousin. The girl then walked closer to the Doctor "Are you really The Doctor?"

"Yes. You've heard about me." He seemed delighted.


"Great things?" The Doctor stopped what he was doing with the pipes and looked at her – a conceited look on his face.


"Oh." He was not expecting that answer.

Clara tried not to laugh. The Doctor returned to the pipes with his wrench.

"I heard you trapped my great grandparents in the past."

"Well, technically, the Weeping Angels did, but… well, long story. What's your name?" He sat up and tossed the wrench next to him on the floor.


"Daphne." The Doctor leapt to his feet. "What a name! Daphne! Deviation: Greek Mythology – a Naiad or a Female Nymph associated with streams brooks and other bodies of freshwater. What a perfect name for a Pond!" He approached Clara and the little girl.

"I'm not a Pond, I'm a Williams."

"Same difference. Why aren't you playing with your cousins?" The Doctor took a rag off a shelf and cleaned his hands of grit.

"I don't like sports. I like to read."

"Reading is sport." The Doctor noticed a book under her arm. What are you reading?" He took the book and put on his glasses. "Quantum Logic," he read the title out-loud. "Seems like heavy reading for a ten year old?" He handed the book back.

"I'm eleven. Just small for my age." Daphne took her book back from The Doctor.

"And smart. Which one of the adults out there are you parents?" He gestured towards the outside.

"My parents are dead, I live with my grandfather."

"I see." The Doctor smiled. "Do you want to hang out here with us? Down here?"

"Yes," Daphne said gleefully.

The Doctor grinned back at her.

After dinner The Doctor was surrounded by the children in the house. All twenty of the Williams' grandkids ran around him like the pied piper - a mix of mostly dark hair, blonde and few ginger heads. Off to the side about four of Anthony's children and spouses watched with delight and more than a few glasses of wine.

Clara walked up to Anthony, as the rest of his children cleaned the dishes and cleared the table in the kitchen and dining room.

"Is he always like this?" Anthony asked.

"I'm afraid so," Clara responded joyfully, causing Anthony to laugh. "He's a bit weird, but you get used to it," she said playfully.

"Come on kids, let's play a game." The Doctor motioned all the children together.

Daphne ran past her grandfather with a smile on her face and joined the group of children with delight.

Anthony folded his arms and leaned into Clara. "Daphne usually hates playing with the other kids. He's really taken her out of her shell."

A man came up from the basement washing his hands with a rag. "Water all fixed," he said with a Scottish accent.

Everyone cheered.

Daphne ran for the stairs. "I get the shower first."

"Daphne!' The Doctor yelled. "You'll miss the game."

"I need to wash my hair!" she shouted, as she exited up the stairs and disappeared.

Anthony chuckled. "She's already a teenager."

"Okay, children," The Doctor exclaimed and clasp his hands together.

The kids shrieked back in excitement and The Doctor started explaining a new game for them to play. After about thirty minutes of play time with the Doctor the children were getting a little bored. The Doctor pointed to young Jeremy with his sonic; as he was next to play. He was a boy with an English father, brought up in Sussex, and therefore spoke with an English accent.

"Human." The sonic sounded and the young ones laughed.

"Is that all it does?" Jeremy questioned in an ill-mannered way.

"Don't be rude, Jeremy," The Doctor reprimanded him. "And sometimes, lately, yes." The Doctor pointed his sonic in the direction of each child and each time it repeated the word: Human. He next pointed it towards a chair, repeating the word chair - the same went for much of the things and objects in the room, each time telling the object or person's history - the children loved it.

He pointed it at Jeremy next. "Jeremy Williams. Sleeps with a night light."

The kids laughed, Jeremy did not. The Doctor gave Jeremy a look with his eyes and head that said,
"Don't mess with me." He then blew on the end of the sonic like it was a gun in an old western.

The Doctor pointed the sonic at himself and it said, "Time Lord". The children laughed and he then pointed it toward the stairway, only to have it repeat the words, "Time Lord" again.

"Oh, no, it must be broken," he pointed it toward Clara and it said "Human". He pointed it toward the staircase and it again spoke: "Time Lord. Time Lord. Child of Gallifrey."

The Doctor took the screwdriver and shook it, "Well, that can't be right." He put his ear to the sonic.

Daphne appeared from the stairs, her hair now clean, dry and curly to high heaven. "Okay, I'm ready to play now."

The Doctor saw her hair and gulped. He pointed the screwdriver towards Daphne with a hesitant fear. The room was silent. "Time Lord. Time Lord. Time Lord. Lost child."

"You lied to us." The Doctor was very unhappy, back in the same room where just hours before Anthony had kept the truth from him.

"I promised Melody. I promised my sister." Anthony seemed fraught with what he had done, but he knew it was for a better good.

"So, you've met her?" The Doctor seemed to find a sense of joy in the moment, yet also a sense of betrayal at perhaps another lie.

"No, no. Through my parents. I promised them I'd keep the secret."

"So, the story is true?" Clara asked with all seriousness.

The Doctor wasn't buying it and gestured toward the other room. "It can't be! That girl was born almost twelve years ago, not in 1969."

"You found the manuscript." Anthony seemed to be ahead of them.

"Yes…" The Doctor was not use to people being ahead of him, only River.

Anthony paused before speaking. "You don't know the whole story then, do you?"

"It would appear not," The Doctor answered indignantly. He waited for an answer.

"Daphne isn't your daughter, Doctor...she's your granddaughter."

The Doctor sat down. "I feel I need to sit." He took a breath. "So, one of Daphne's parents, one of her dead parents is… was…" He knew what that meant; another of his children were no longer living.

"Yes." Anthony walked up to the Doctor. "I don't know why she didn't regenerate. Or if she could. I wasn't there when she… She was like my own sister. I took her in after my parents passed away. Treated her like my own daughter, my wife and I both did."

"Do you have a picture?" He gummed his lips for a moment deep in through. "A picture. Do you have one?"

Anthony nodded his head and pulled out his mobile phone. He scrolled through a few pictures and then showed The Doctor the photo he had settled on. The Doctor took a breath and took the mobile from Anthony. She looked just like River, almost a little like Amy too, and barely in her thirties, with ginger hair. The tears in the Doctor's eyes began to fall.

Anthony put his hand on The Doctor's shoulder. "It's one thing to find out you have a daughter, but to also lose her in the same day. I'm sorry." Anthony took a breath and The Doctor handed him back the phone.

Clara put her hand on The Doctor's arm for support.

"I've been a father and a grandfather and after over a thousand years… it never gets any easier." The Doctor held in his composer in such an emotional moment, but his stoic face still gave away his despair. He looked up at Anthony. "When?"

"Ten years ago. She never knew she wasn't completely human. Daphne doesn't know either."

"So, you kept this secret from them. From me." The Doctor glared at Anthony.

"I made a promise."

The Doctor knew all about promises. "I could have protected them. I could have - this is a secret that shouldn't have been kept from me." He stood, distraught, and then appeared to argue the other side of the coin. "Yet, don't know these days. I've been thinking, ruminating, that maybe it should have been. Clara had to drag me here, kicking and screaming. Maybe... myself… knowing gives away the secret even more. And River knew that. Maybe she was protecting them from me." He lowered his head.

"Wait." Anthony saw he had taken them down the wrong path. "You think they were the secret? Daphne and her mother?" This got Clara and The Doctor's attention for sure. "No, no. Well, I guess I can't keep it from you any longer." Anthony opened the door to his study and motioned Daphne to come in.

The sweet girl with the dark curly locks slowly walked into the room. The Doctor lit up as Daphne entered the study. Clara closed the door behind Daphne and stood a few paces behind the girl.

"Come here, Sweetheart," Anthony beckoned, before leaning down to her level as she approached. "Show me the pendant – your locket."

The girl nodded and pulled a blue locket from around her own neck, it had been hidden under her jumper the entire time. The piece of jewelry was a Tardis blue with what looked like Gallifreyan writing on it. The Doctor stood and walked closer to Daphne, and the locket, to take a better look.

"What does it say?" Clara asked The Doctor, trying to take a peak.

The Doctor took hold of the face of the locket in his hands and read it out loud with shock and emotion. "It says "Melody Pond." It was a big clue for sure. The Doctor let go of the locket, letting it gently fall onto Daphne's chest.

"It was my mother's," Daphne spoke up, "How can it say "Melody Pond" - it's just pictures." She looked at The Doctor with disbelief.

"That's Gallifreyan, right?" Clara questioned in a whispered now that she could see the face of the locket more clearly. "Why I can't read it – even with the translation thing-a-ma-bob, yeah?"

"Old High Gallifreyan, in fact. Virtually a dead language, even to the Time Lords… before they were… lost.

"I bet you River knew it." Clara egged him on.

"Yes..." He seemed frighten at what they had discovered. "She did." He swallowed hard – he didn't look well from Clara's point of view. "Very well, in fact."

Anthony spoke to the Doctor and Clara. "Melody left it with Daphne's mother when she was born and we've never been able to open it. She told my mother the locket was the secret, to keep it close; as long as she or any offspring of my sisters had this pendent – the locket - around their neck they would be safe - protected. She said it was 'the key.'"

The Doctor lost his balance for a moment and whispered to himself: "The key to finding what is lost lies with the child of two Doctors. Then what is lost will be returned. For better or worse."

Clara looked at him oddly. "What? What are you saying?"

"The prophecy," he whispered and ran his hand over his mouth for a moment.

"The prophecy?" Clara looked at The Doctor in an off center matter. "Hang on, that can't be right, that's not the prophecy. told me it was rubbish, you told me it was nothing." Clara was not happy with The Doctor.

"It's true," he said to himself, scared for what was to come. "It's all true." He took a step back.

"You lied to me?" Clara felt wounded.

Anthony spoke before The Doctor could. "Rule number one: The Doctor lies."

"So, what does the prophecy mean?" Clara asked exasperated.

"Time to find out." The Doctor said with excitement and a small amount of trepidation. "Time to look inside."

Clara looked puzzled at The Doctor and then towards Anthony. "But you can't open it."

"It doesn't open," Daphne spoke up to concur.

"That's because it's sonic locked." The Doctor took out his screwdriver and zapped the locket. He then got a sore look on his face and viewed the sonic's readings. "Looks like someone else was here before us."

"How can you possibly know that?" Clara asked and folded her arms.

"The sonic can tell," The Doctor said softly.

"Why are you so interested in my old locket?" Daphne placed both her hand on the locket, as if for protection.

The Doctor looked at her intently. "I'm sorry, Daphne, I promise we will tell you, but for now I need to borrow this locket for a moment."

Anthony nodded his head towards Daphne to trust The Doctor. Daphne dipped her head down and took off the locket as asked, but still she looked unsure. Anthony walked over to Daphne and put his hands on her shoulders from behind for support. The Doctor crouched down and Daphne placed the locket in the palm of his hand.

"Thank you." The Doctor grinned at her. "I promise to take extra special care of it."

The Doctor stood and opened the locket carefully. As he did an old and folded piece of paper fell from inside the locket, but just as if was about to hit the floor The Doctor caught it with one hand.

Clare was anxious with anticipation as The Doctor opened the paper to find it was a ripped piece of parchment.

"What is it?" Clara inquired, while Anthony looked on breathless to know the answer as well. "Is that a page from River's diary? It looks like a page from River's Diary."

The Doctor finished reading the paper and took a breath, looking ashen-faced. "It's half of coordinates. In River's hand. A little more than what Kate showed us." He gestured toward them with the paper.

"Half?" Clara questioned.

The Doctor showed the group how it had been ripped in half.

Clara's eyes sprouted up. "The missing page."

"I beg your pardon?" The Doctor looked at Clara, feeling a sense of déjà vu.

"When I read River's diary, there was a missing page. I assumed it meant she was like you, didn't like endings - ripped out the last page or two." Clara smiled large.

The Doctor scanned the locket. "This locket, it's a DNA cloaker, except for sonic tech, well my sonic tech - It's configured to my signal." He got quiet all of a sudden and spoke softly, as if to himself. "Oh River, you clever girl. You clever, clever girl." He shook his head and still spoke softly. "She wouldn't have access to a Chameleon Arch, so she improvised. " The Doctor continued to scan all around the locket with his screwdriver and then checked the readings. "This locket," The Doctor spoke up to the group. "... is made from three different types of the strongest metals in the known universe: Crantinum, Impervium and Arnickleton." He gestured with the locket. "This device was made with great care to be impenetrable and indestructible."

Anthony was floored. "I'm guessing my sister didn't buy it at the shop around the corner?"

"Not unless that shop is in the 51st Century," The Doctor answered with panache.

"The fifty-what century?" Anthony's head was spinning. "I think I need to sit." Anthony sat down in the same chair the Doctor had previously been sitting in.

"She found it. Didn't she?" Clara asked trying to hold in her enthusiasm.

"Found what?" Anthony questioned.

"Gallifrey," The Doctor answered with pathos and whimsy.

"She found it! I knew it." Clara almost jumped for joy.

"Not so fast - this is half a page - and we know someone else has been in that locket. Who and why? And why rip it in half?"

"Name a million people who don't want Gallifrey found?" Clara questioned, knowing there were tons. "You can't tell me that locket wasn't made to house a very big secret. If not the biggest secret in the entire universe."

"It doesn't necessarily mean it's Gallifrey… or that's what the prophecy means..." The Doctor tried to convince himself it wasn't true, but he couldn't.

"You looked pretty convinced before when you went white as a sheet on Sunday."

" But…" The Doctor took a breath.

"But?" Clara's eyes sparkled at The Doctor.

"The evidence seems to suggest so, yes."

"Why did she give it to her daughter, then?" Clara questioned.

"Yes, why indeed... For protection? For safe keeping? She wasn't joking, River, she needed some way to project her child, our child from the universe, from suffering her own fate. And what would be the best way to do that – by, yes, protecting her with the biggest secret in the universe... Hidden in plain sight…."

Clara chimed in, "So, she ripped her biggest findings out of that book and stuffed it in that locket. Like insurance?" Clara excitement was through the roof.

"Yes." He nodded his head. "It would appear so." He shook his head again. "Not to mention if the Time Lords do come back it proves to them whoever is wearing this locket is a friend. It keeps the map hidden and from falling into the wrong hands, as well as keeping watch over whoever is wearing it. Protection of all shades. Omni purpose; one device. " He was becoming more and more impressed with River's actions. He did one final scan of the locket with his screwdriver. "Ohhh, yes, of course! The inside cover doubles as a scanning device – ripping the page makes the map appear to still be present, but folded. If the map is not detected the locket would emit a distress pulse."

"Where? To who?" Clara was surprised by the Doctor's last discovery.

"To the Tardis." The Doctor got a goofy grin on his face. He closed the screwdriver with a satisfied look, as if that was all the proof he needed to know this was all River's doing and mostly for his benefit. "She thought of everything. "

"If she was trying to hide all this from you why send a distress signal to the Tardis?"

"The Tardis is smart. River knew that. She knew the Tardis would know just where to re-direct the call through the Time Vortex… to whomever,wherever, could help. Like a cosmic switchboard. Maybe even when it was appropriate... to myself. In the right time. Or she wouldn't have locked it except to my sonic only." He smiled large. "She's good, huh? Really, good." He was almost giddy.

Clara smirked. "A clue, yeah?" she stated with rhetorical sass and a raise of her eyebrows.

His toothy grin had yet to leave The Doctor's face. "Oh, BIG clue!"

Anthony looked on dumbfounded. "I have no idea what you two are talking about."

The Doctor turned his gaze on Anthony. "Yes, indeed, let me explain." He put his sonic back in his inner jacket pocket. "But, first you wouldn't happen to have some tea and perhaps a Jammie Dodger or two?"

Clara rolled her eyes.

The Doctor walked out of Anthony's study finishing their conversation while at the same time brushing a few crumbs off his jacket sleeve. "I've scanned the document into my sonic and placed the paper back in the locket and sonic-ed it closed. This way the locket can still protect Daphne."

"From what?" Anthony was concerned.

"I don't know. But I promise to come back and find out," he said with all sincerity. "For now, the locket needs to continue what it already has been doing," He put his hand on Anthony's shoulder. "Protecting her."

"Are you leaving already?" Daphne spoke up while her cousins ran behind her in a huddle.

The Doctor looked at the girl dotingly and knelled down to her level. "Yes…" He put the locket back around her neck and clasped it closed. "Thank you for…" He got emotional looking into her eyes. "Thank you for lending me your locket." He smiled and held in his feelings. "I put it back in safe hands. Never take it off, promise me that. " He put both his hands on the side of her head and brushed her hair for a moment, before sending a few strands to the side of her face and kissing her forehead. He looked into her eyes again. "You remind me of one of my granddaughters. Susan. You have her eyes." He took her wrists. "You be a good girl and I'll be back soon…" He looked down for a moment trying to get his footing through his emotions when he noticed something on the inside of Daphne's wrist: three hash marks. The Doctor's face grew grim. "Daphne… where did these come from?"

Daphne peered oddly at the marks. "I don't know…"

Anthony walked closer to see. "What is it?"

The Doctor looked concerned. "Daphne, do you read your great grandmother's stories?"

Anthony spoke up. "She's read them all... at least three times."

The Doctor stood up and pulled down his jacket from the sides. "Anthony, I need you to retrieve your children and grandchildren and bring them into the house and do it promptly. Make-sure no one is unaccounted for."

Anthony nodded his head and ran out the door.

The Doctor clasped his hands together. "Children: Daphne, Allen, Geoffrey, Rory, Zev, I need you to all go into the living room and wait for your family to meet you. Go along now."

The children did what the Doctor told them, but Daphne took a final look at The Doctor as if to say, "please don't go".

The Doctor smiled bitter sweetly and nodded his head. "Run along now. I'll be right there." Once she was gone The Doctor's face turned back to concern.

"What's wrong?" Clara asked. "I've never seen your face so worried."

"Clara, do you by chance have an eye liner pencil?"

"Yeah…" She was perplexed. "But I don't think it's your colour," Clara sassed him, but he didn't play back and that worried her.

"Just take it out quickly, please." The Doctor took out his sonic and pointed it towards different areas of the room, before ending up at the back door entrance from the kitchen to the foyer.

"Okay…" Clara took an eyeliner pencil out of her purse, after a moment of searching. "What am I using it…" But she stopped speaking mid-thought as she looked up in front of her - for that was when she saw it. Dressed in a suit, its hand out stretched with its large bony fingers - was a Silence. Soon there were two hanging from the ceiling, and three behind the first one, as if out of thin air.

"Where… did they come from?

"They've always been here." The Doctor didn't take his eyes off the main one in front of them.

"What are they?"

"Trouble." The Doctor looked terrified - not so much for himself, but for the William's family safety. "They are Silences. The Order of the Silence."

"Wait, you mentioned those, I thought they were your friends now or something?"

"A certain sect of them, yes. But there is a sect that broke off - the Korvorian sect, not my friends. Not my friends in any sense of the word. At least in their time stream."

"Their time stream?"

"Funny thing about being a time traveler..." The Doctor walked backwards slowly and Clara followed suit. "Don't turn around, trust me. Just keep looking at them..."

"Okay?" Clara was perplexed, but she did what she was told.

"...When you're a time traveler someone can one day be your friend and another day be your enemy... for something you did in their past andyour future. "

"I'm gonna guess these guys haven't caught up, yet?"

"Yes. And fast."


"I should have sorted out the locket had some kind of DNA cloaker on it sooner. How could I be so careless?" This was the first time Clara noticed how many hash marks the Doctor was making on his arm, as many as there were Silences, who were now slowly following them. "As soon as I took it off, that locket, anyone scanning the universe for a Time Lord could hone in on this spot. The Tardis usually runs interference for me, unless someone knows where to look." He took Clara's hand. "Okay," he looked at her. "You ready?"

"For what?"

He looked at her. "To Run." And they were off like a shot, out the door, across the green lawn, and into the Tardis.

The Doctor made a bee-line to the control console

"Where are we going? We can't just leave them!" Clara exclaimed. "What were we running from again?" She took a moment. "I keep forgetting and remembering them."

"It's what they do. In 1969 I fixed a little something; let's just call it a thing – one of my greatest of many things. Made them scared to be seen on Earth ever again, but for some reason they're back. And we are not leaving The Williams... we're bait." He hit a few switches. "As long as Daphne keeps that locket around her neck they will have no idea what is right under their noses - " He ran past Clara to another side of the Tardis. "Hopefully they will assume it was my DNA and come after us." He hit another button and a keyboard sprung out, he hastily typed in a message Clara couldn't see.

Clara didn't look happy at The Doctor's last remark. "Hopefully?!"

"Besides, we have a time machine." He smiled, flipped a switch, and then another on the dash to his left.

"An unreliable one!"

The Tardis shook and Clara had to get her footing for a moment.

"She didn't mean it, Darling." The Doctor kissed the dash. "She doesn't understand our relationship."

"Men and their toys." Clara folded her arms. "Bait, eh? What are we going to do, out run them through time and space, and the galaxy? That's worked out so well already for us? Well, for you."

"We're going to stop them from coming here at all, aren't we?" He looked up at the Tardis ceiling. "Time to save, River again," he whispered. "After all we owe her for saving us so many times more, don't we?" The Doctor looked at Clara. "And don't worry about the Williams', I've called in reinforcements, just in case."

A good-looking man with a gun and a flowing coat stood in the doorway of the Williams home.

"Hello," he said in an American accent. "My name is Captain Jack Harkness, I'm a friend of The Doctor's, and I'm here to protect you."

"Where are we going?!" Clara folded her arms back in the Tardis, still unconvinced.

He looked at Clara. "1969 New York." The Doctor went back to piloting the Tardis. "Landing lights on. Check."

"Wait, no –no! You said we couldn't go there – that you didn't know how - that we were guaranteed to burn the universe or the planet, or something - whatever it is. I'm IN that right now - that universe I mean, and I'd like to stay in it, the universe, you know - living - thank you very much."

"That was 1938, New York. And it wouldn't burn the entire universe," he said to her as if she was being terribly dense. "Just New York. You haven't been paying attention. " He pointed to his temple. "Attempting 1969 New York would be about a fifty percent chance of burning it and us off the face of the planet. That's how River got in. We'd need far more ships to burn the entire universe."

Clara almost snorted sarcastically, "Oh, yeah, I feel better about it now!"

The Doctor continued to fiddle with the console deep in thought and action. "…Too many time distortions... New York itself is a temporal hot spot. Time distortions are like scar tissue along certain places in space and time. Caused by …anachronisms. Things. People. Out of place, out of time. The denser the scar tissue, the harder it is to get through.Pushing against that scar tissue causes friction. Last time I had to use a signal lock just to get the Tardis through and even that was a bit dodgy. I created so much scar tissue it sealed off the entire time line – I scrambled it. Most of it. But that was before I had this." He pulled a strand of hair from his pocket, opened a slot and threw it in.

"What's that?"

"A strand of hair. I took it off Daphne's head. A perfect DNA lock can cut our odds in almost half… well, about thirty five point five five percent."

"I'm a school teacher; I know math and that's still not great odds! You know what are great odds? One-hundred percent!"

The Doctor wasn't listening as he focused on his task. "Yes, yes, I think I have it, I don't know how I didn't think of it before. Ohhhhh, I am soslow!! That's how River was able to hone herself in - she used her DNA to lock in on Rory and Amy. And I can do the same. I can use Daphne's DNA to hone in off her mother's DNA… Okay, I've almost got it." He dashed around the console like a choreographed dance, pulling levels and pressing buttons. "The more specific a pin point the easier a lock to pull us in. My DNA wasn't pure enough - All Time Lord - Daphne is a direct descendant, enough human and enough Time Lord to work... YES!" He pulled down a level and they shot off like a bullet. "We have to find that map before someone else does or the entire universe could be toast. Or at least eggs Benedict. "

Clara still looked terrified. "Didn't you say a scan like that could take millions to billions of years?"

"Like I said." His face had a confident glee to it. "Not unless we know where to look." The Doctor stopped what he was doing when he saw Clara's face. "That map is far too dangerous in the wrong hands. Trust me, Clara, I know I what I'm doing." He paused. "Well sort of. Kind of. Maybe. " He pulled another lever and the Tardis went ever faster through the Time Vortex, shaking violently. The Doctor's hair flew behind him. Clara grabbed onto the console for dear life, as The Doctor yelled, "Geronimo."

"You could have told me to find something to hold on to!" she shouted to The Doctor over the noise.

"You'd better hold on to something!"

"It's a bit late for that!"

"Doctor!" They heard a muffled voice from under the console. "Doctor!?"

Clara and The Doctor looked at each other as if to say "do you hear that?" They both determined a certain hatch it was coming from and then they each made their way towards it, holding on to something at each step. The Doctor, who was the closest now, opened the hatch to find a terrible surprise: none other than his granddaughter Daphne poking her head out.

"Daphne?!" Clara and The Doctor shirked.

"Am I really a Time Lord?" Daphne asked.

"Oh, noooo" The Doctor looked at Clara. "Oh, nooo."

The Tardis jerked and Daphne fell into The Doctor's arms, there was another jerk and the Tardis slowed down a bit – still another visitor was approaching and another familiar voice ripped through the air.

"What in god's name do you think you're doing!?" And River Song, alive as can be, appeared from one of the doors to the console room.

"Ohhh. Nooo." The Doctor said softly and in shock – his eyes nearly bugged out of their sockets. "This is not good, not good at all."

"River!?" Clara said loud enough for River to hear. "Is here?" She looked at the Doctor in shock. "Here." Her eyes were as big as saucers.

"Doctor..." But before Daphne could say another word The Doctor covered Daphne's mouth with his hand. "Don't say a word." He motioned to Clara with his head to approach him and replace her hand with his. "Just be silent for a moment and I promise to explain everything later." Daphne nodded her head and The Doctor looked at Clara. "That was not meant as a pun." The Doctor walked towards the Tardis console, and River, meeting her in the middle.

River was livid. "You think you can do anything, don't you?" River spied the dash with dismay, she even tried to move a few knobs, but nothing worked to stop the Tardis. "Have you literally gone mad?"

"River…" The Doctor put his hands up, but she kept on talking.

"But of course you have - of course you are. Mad man and your box. No matter her feelings. Do you want to burn us all up, just to see Amy and Rory again? Burn New York. You think I don't want to see them again - you know you can't. What could have made you fathom you could do… oh wait, you clever boy..." She looked at another screen. "A DNA match." She looked at him. "Brilliant! You're using a DNA match to go back to see… to see…" She was so touched her eyes glittered for a moment. "Mum and Dad." She looked at him evilly. "Did you steal a piece of my hair when I wasn't looking? Well, it gets on everything, it's really not that hard," she smirked; but quickly changed her tune. "This is still too, too risky, just for a visit; I thought you had resigned to that. What has gotten in to you? Be sensible."

"River. Can I speak?" The Doctor interrupted.

"Clara!? What are you doing?" River walked past the Doctor toward Clara.

"You know me?" Clara asked, considering she was sure they hadn't meant while River was still alive.

"Oh, opps, miss-read that one, sorry. Life of a time traveler. I guess you're the one to tell me. You knew my name, I figured we'd met already. I'll have to be more careful next time we meet. We've met in my past, but perhaps that's your future. A little spoiler for you, dear."

River bent her torso over in front of Daphne's face with a smile. "And who are you?"

Clara, off the nod of The Doctor's head, removed her hand from Daphne's mouth reluctantly – fearful of what would happen next.

River's face fell and she stumbled backwards, almost tripping after a step or two, but the Doctor was there to stop her with two firm hands on her forearms.

"River. Deep breath," he instructed to her calmly.

"But... how... how did you? No." She turned and looked at The Doctor in distress. "How did you?"


"You know." She took a gulp. "How? Who told you?"

"I can't tell you that. And yes."

Daphne spoke up like the smart little girl she was. "What's going on?"

River turned to Daphne and spoke to her in a fast nurturing matter. "Nothing, Sweetie, nothing at all. Everything's fine." She turned to the Doctor still shaken. "So, you found it. The map I mean?"



"We have half of it."

"Half of it? That map was meant to protect her. Her and her Mother. What do you mean you only have half of it?!"

"Well, somewhere between it belonging to her mother and her, part of the map disappeared."

"That can't be. I made sure it was sonic locked. You're sonic locked."

"Well, someone got a way in!" He wasn't happy about that fact.

"You're just full of answers aren't you!?" River barked back.

Just then the Tardis seemed to take a large dip. The Doctor and River manned their battle stations, so to speak, at the Tardis console.

Clara took Daphne's hand and made sure they both were holding onto a handrail for safety.

"A DNA lock, very clever, very clever," River almost scolded.

"There wasn't a guarantee it would work."

"Oh, you knew, you always know..." she complained.

The Doctor knew this had to be an older River, as this was the kind of action the younger River loved him for.

"I got the idea from you, you know!"

"I had a vortex manipulator; you have a Tardis - that's like using a canon to go through a mouse hole." The Doctor and River switched places and then the Tardis seemed to stop. "I don't see a lock, though. Perhaps, it didn't work."

"What's that blip?" Clara questioned towards one of monitors. She pointed and looked at it sideways.

The Doctor took two long steps of his lanky body to see what Clara was looking at.

"Oh, of course!" The Doctor exclaimed.

River, with an inquisitive look on her face, walked over to the monitor to take a look herself. "Well, look at that?" River took in the red blip with amazement.

"I know…" The Doctor nodded with an impressed look on his face.

"I don't. What is it?" Clara was feeling very left out of everything. Her eyes opened and she waited to be let in on the joke.

"Do you…?" River nodded her head towards The Doctor..

"Oh, you know you'd rather tell her." The Doctor grinned.

"No, go ahead. Go first for once."

River gave The Doctor a sassy look and he smirked back at her, but Clara had had enough.

"Will someone tell me already?!"

"It's me." River smiled.

"What do you mean you, you're right here? "

"Well, not me, me." River smiled.

"Well, no one, even you will never be you." He bopped her on the nose and looked at Clara. "Yes, her first incarnation - I'd say about, what?" He turned to River.

"1969… I'd say about eight years old," River said matter-of-factly.

"That's you?" Clara asked and squinted with her eyes a bit at the red blinking dot.

"Eating out of rubbish cans. I bet I'm due to regenerate in a few months." She looked at her wristwatch and then she and The Doctor engaged themselves with the Tardis console as if nothing of importance had just happened.

"The DNA scan - it keyed into all parts of the DNA strain, makes sense." The Doctor informed everyone.

River nodded her head. "I don't see another blip; I think Daphne's DNA must have locked into mine and not her Mother's."

Clara seemed shocked. "And you're just going to leave her there? Her. You."

"We have to," River said in a very straight forward way.

"Why?" Clara was lost.

"Because that's what happens," River said very practically.

"But River…" Clara went right up to you. "You could grow up with your parents, really grow up with them."

"I may have had a bad childhood, but I wouldn't trade one line of my life." She looked up at The Doctor. "Not one line."

The Doctor took a break and smiled at River, but seemed to shorten his body when she wasn't looking - Clara noticed and her heart hurt for her friend.

River's attention was now on one of the view screens and a few instruments on the console. "I still don't see a second blip; we may be here too early?" She looked at the Doctor. "I was going to take this secret to my grave – I don't know how you found this out and whoever told you, I'll wring their neck."

"Spoilers." The Doctor answered softly and with wide eyes.

River stopped what she was doing and gave the Doctor an evil look. He gave her a childish look back, almost as if he was about to stick his tongue out at her, but he didn't.

"Who's to say someone told me? Maybe I found out on my own," he responded churlishly.

"Spoilers. And this was something I knew you could never figure out on your own."

The Doctor gave River a terribly offended look.

"What happened to the distress scanner protocol I installed?" River asked.

"The ripped map fooled it into thinking the map was folded."

"Of course. How could I have not thought of that," she scolded herself, but seemed to resign herself of what was now in the past. "Right now." She stepped away the console. "...what's done is done. Nothing can be done about it now."

"River?" He asked with a deep concern. "The map. Is it true? Is it Galifrey?"

River got the biggest grin of sheer delight on her face. "Of course it is, you idiot."

"Ohhh! Rivvver!" His grin was the largest River and Clara had ever seen it and he shot his arms out at her with complete joy and exhilaration. "Oh, you, you!" He ran to River and lifted her up off the ground and let her down three paces from where he had lifted her. He spun around in a state of happiness, euphoria, and sheer bliss. "I married right!? Didn't I!? Huh? Huh?"

The Doctor now noticed that River had turned her attention to Daphne with a motherly look on her face. This made the Doctor's demeanor turn far more serious as he watched his wife just stare at their granddaughter in a mix of pride and melancholy. A smile now crept to her face.

"Who are you?" The little girl asked, a little scared, a little nervous.

River took a breath. "Well, it would appear... " Tears came to her eyes and they had an impish look. "I'm your grandmother."

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