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'There will be three ties: one of ivy, one of maple, and one of storm, only them can tie the blood-stained claw and the sleekest of the shadows.' Hazelberry, the medicine cat of ThunderClan, receives a strange sinister-sounding prophecy. Meanwhile three kits are born in the nursery, Ivykit, Maplekit and Bluekit, to Spottedtail and Duskstorm, formerly of WindClan. However, life is not what it seems. Secrets lie undiscovered everywhere as the ThunderClan deputy rises to power... Copyright: The cat drawings on the cover is drawn by NzumiFangs on DeviantArt. The story plot and characters are from my imagination.

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Leader: Squirrelstar: an orange she-cat with white dapples and a bushy tail. Mother to Whitepaw and Specklepaw. Apprentice, Ashpaw

Deputy: Bumbleleap: a grey tom with black stripes. Former mentor of Inkpaw

Medicine Cat: Hazelberry: a fluffy white she-cat with pale blue eyes. Apprentice, Cinderpaw


Dewflight: a grey she-cat with lighter flecks and forest green eyes. Aunt to Ivypaw, Maplepaw and Bluepaw, littermates with Spottedtail, Lilymist and Clovershine. Apprentice, Ivypaw

Lilymist: a pale sandy she-cat with warm amber eyes. Apprentice, Maplepaw

Clovershine: a ginger and white tabby cat with blue eyes

Redclaw: a reddish tom with amber eyes. Father of Darkpaw and Heatherpaw. Apprentice, Darkpaw

Stormfall: a black tom with lively amber eyes. Apprentice, Hollypaw

Thornpelt: a serious brown tom with brown eyes. Apprentice, Frecklepaw

Tornfall: a grey tabby with a torn ear and green eyes

Blackblaze: a black tom who looks like a tuxedo cat with yellow eyes. Father of Hollypaw and Frecklepaw. Apprentice, Bluepaw

Patchclaw: a black and white cat with smooth fur and amber eyes. Apprentice, Inkpaw

Spottedtail: A white calico cat with blue eyes. Mother of Duskstorm’s kits, Ivypaw, Maplepaw and Bluepaw. Apprentice, Specklepaw

Halfheart: a black and orange calico cat with blue and yellow eyes. Mother of Redclaw’s kits, Darkpaw and Heatherpaw. Adoptive mother of Ashpaw. Apprentice, Heatherpaw


Whitepaw: a white tom with yellow eyes. Brother of Specklepaw.

Specklepaw: a beautiful light ginger she-cat with amber eyes. Sister of Whitepaw.

Inkpaw: a Siamese apprentice she-cat. She’s a former kittypet. Her mother, Mousepelt, was also a kittypet

Cinderpaw: a grey she-cat with blue eyes

Ivypaw: a silver and white she-cat with emerald green eyes

Bluepaw: a bluish grey tom with blue eyes

Maplepaw: a white calico she-cat with orange eyes


Snowfur: a white cat with green eyes. Mother of Blackblaze’s kits, Hollypaw and Frecklepaw. She’s also Cinderpaw’s mother, as Cinderpaw is her first kit. Cinderpaw is older than Hollypaw and Frecklepaw


Mousepelt: another Siamese she-cat, mother of Inkpaw, former kittypet

Featherfall: a grey and brown tabby she-cat.

Stoneear: a bald furred tom with unusually long ears. He’s mysterious and was the medicine cat before Hazelberry. He’s also a bit deaf.


Leader: Runningstar- a tom with short brown fur with stormy green eyes

Deputy: Greyfoot- a grey she-cat with dark yellow eyes, mother to Jaypaw

Medicine Cat: Mintwind- a black she-cat with amber eyes. Apprentice, Barkpaw.


Iceclaw: a grey tom with yellow eyes. Brother to Redclaw, Spidertuft and Duskstorm. Apprentice, Jaypaw.

Falconshade: a smoke tabby tom with green eyes. Littermate of Greyfoot.

Petaltail: a calico she-cat with yellow eyes

Russetfern: a ginger she-cat with blue eyes. Apprentice, Jettpaw

Sleekshade: a black and orange she-cat with freezing blue eyes. Mother to Iceclaw, Redclaw, Duskstorm and Spidertuft

Spidertuft: a brown tom with green eyes


Jaypaw: a dark grey tabby tom with dark blue eyes.

Jettpaw: a black she-cat with lime green eyes.

Barkpaw: a brown tabby tom with red-orange eyes.


Windflower: brown she-cat with blue eyes, mother to Runningstar’s kits, Mudkit ( a white tom with brown splashes and blue eyes) and Snowkit ( a snow-white cat with green eyes)


Wildmoon: white tom with one grey-blue eye.

Tawnywolf: a brown tabby tom with ragged fur and amber eyes.


Leader: Mistystar: a greyish-blue she-cat with blue eyes.

Deputy: Reedfang: a brown tabby tom with orange eyes.

Medicine Cat: Barkfern: a dark brown tom with blue eyes.


Flameflight: a ginger tom with amber eyes. (father of Sandpaw)

Willowbreeze: a cream-ish she-cat with blue eyes. (mother of Sandpaw)

Blossom: a tortoiseshell she-cat with one green and one blue eye. Former loner. (Mother of Patchpaw)

Shadowstorm: All black tom with orange eyes. (Father of Icekit, Smokekit, Frostpaw and Hawkpaw)


Frostpaw: a light grey she-cat with fading black paws and green eyes. (sister of Hawkpaw)

Hawkpaw:: a grey tom with dark green eyes. (brother of Frostpaw)

Sandpaw: a ginger tabby she-cat with orange eyes.

Patchpaw: an orange and black tortoiseshell tom with green eyes.


Silverpond: a silver tabby she-cat, mother to Icekit and Smokekit. (also mother of Frostpaw and Hawkpaw from first litter)


Scrawnytail: a Siamese tom with red eyes and a very boney tail, hence his name. (grandfather of Willowbreeze)

Raggedfoot: a dark brown tom with yellow eyes. (grandfather of Reedfang)


Leader: Nightstar: a pitch-black tom with piercing orange eyes

Deputy: Flowerclaw: a dappled tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes who hates her prefix.

Medicine Cat: Flamepelt: a ginger tom with green eyes


Rainpool: a dark grey she-cat with lighter flecks and blue-green eyes

Tallflower: an orange and white she-cat with green eyes, mother of Thistlepaw

Brokenclaw: a dark tabby tom with green eyes, brother of Flowerclaw

Darkpelt: a dark smoky tabby tom with blue eyes, father of Hopkit and Toadkit


Thistlepaw (Thistledawn): a black tabby she-cat with some white stripes and orange eyes

Wolfpaw (Wolfwhisker): a grey and white patched, tom with green eyes. The only kind cat in his clan. Son of Rainpool and Nightstar. Brother to Pantherpaw.

Pantherpaw (Pantherfoot): a dark grey tom cat with darker grey spots. Brother to Wolfpaw.


Poppyfur: a calico she-cat with blue eyes, mother of Hopkit (a grey she-kit with blue eyes) and Toadkit (dark smoky tom-kit with blue eyes)


Yellowclaw: a black tom with yellow eyes

Snowfrost: an elderly snow-white tom with blue eyes. He can’t hear very well.

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