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The Mirkwood Tales: A King's Love

Chapter 2

She’d come to us, a joining of houses, with her marriage to my son.

I would have taken her for myself, if she wasn’t being used to keep my son from straying too far.

A plan that failed, and in the end, she’s left to me. Staking my claim, she refused me. Had I read her incorrectly?

I thought that I knew her heart, she’s unsure, when in my company. Her eyes said what she dared not, a lust filled craving in their depths.

I saw it in her eyes, as she watched me, as I watched her through her mirror. I’d given her the Queens Gems, and she’d denied me.

Watching her now, in the arms of another, my jealousy is at it’s highest. Accepting a refill of my drink, my attention’s returned to her, and the hand that lingers too long at her waist.

I want to hack it off, do the owner harm, and shaking off those violent thoughts, I turn my attention to the other couples.

Locked together in loving embraces, it’s gatherings such as this, that hits me the hardest.

It’s been too long, since I’ve felt a woman’s touch, too long since I’ve been loved in return. The many nights of war, has left me drained, body and soul.

With a heavy heart, tired body, and weary mind, I take my drink to the gardens. One spot in particular, a great distance away, where I’ve memorialized my wife.

I rarely visit this part of the garden, and tonight will be my last time. Sarya won’t have me without love, and if I’m to have her, then my heart must be free to love again.

Making my confession of love to her, I’m finally able to grieve for my loss. It’s liberating, and mentally freeing...

“I give you leave to return home.”

If she wants love, then she shall have it, and so much more. But, I cannot give her something, and get nothing in return.

Over supper, she nearly chokes on her wine at my statement.

“I had thought, that this was my home, your people are now my people.”

“But you’re not one of us, by blood or marriage.”

In her silence, she moves about uncomfortably.

“You can go tomorrow, the jewels will stay... I cannot have you here, when the other suitresses arrive.” I add.

“You gave them to me, as a gift.” Indignation’s, evident on her face.

“They are the queens gems, and you are not the queen.”

“You’re going to have to rip them from my body, because I’m not giving them to you.”

“That can be arranged...”

“You wouldn’t dare!” She states, going to her feet.

“Tomorrow then?”

“I’ll leave tonight.”

“It isn’t safe.”

“What do you care, I’m just a suitress that didn’t accept you.”

Her departure echoing loudly in the hall, there’s a loud clamorous bang, followed by running footsteps.

Smiling inwardly, Princess Sarya has a temper, that boils my blood in a good way.

She’s packed and ready to leave, when I have her detained in her rooms.

“You’ll let me leave, or so help me... I’ll...”

“Yes?” Inquires, the guard with her.

“I’ll gut you!”

“If you were wielding something other than a grooming brush, I’d be afraid.” He replies.

Outside of her room, I can hear her struggling to remove the guard, from the entryway.

A loud rap on the door, and it’s opened to me.

“King Thranduil...”

Dismissing him with a nod of my head, he exits the room, closing the door behind him.

“I’m being held against my will.”

“You’re free to go, if you would just return the jewels.”

“They’re mine...!”

“Then you are the Queen of Mirkwood, yes?”

Awaiting her admittance of what she feels for me, her acceptance as my wife, she responds with a small humorless laugh.

That’s not the response that I was expecting, nor the reaction.

The removal of her clothing, slowly... teasingly, I watch her expression for any signs, of this being a game. “What are you doing?”

“You said that I should wear the jewels, and only the jewels on my wedding night. I’m obeying your request.”

Waiting expectantly, she’s down to her undergarments, when I notice a slight quiver of her fingers.

“Aren’t you going to have the decency, to look away?”

“No, I plan to see it through.”

Her chin set defiantly, the challenge isn’t accepted. My gaze wanders past her angry expression, to the dark circles straining against the sheer fabric.

She’s lovely, standing before me, and reaching out to touch the curve of her hips, she takes a step back. I should let her be, but my arrogance and desire reigns supreme.

Her retreating steps from my advancement, has her backed up against the bed.

Unable to shy away from my caress, she tolerates it in silence. My fingers gently brush her soft skin, and her eyes closing, her lips greet the back of my hand.

I love her scent, a light floral aroma, mixed with her natural fragrance. My hands straying lower, her breasts rise and fall... quick intakes of breaths, as a tremble involuntarily racks her body.

Her dark eyed stare widens, and a small gasp escapes her lips, when my roaming fingers makes contact with her thigh.


“Do you accept me?”

The king’s words, before his lips lightly graze my neck, elicits a soft moan from me.

Yes, I accept him...

My body’s ablaze with a heat, that started below and has moved upwards. His hand upon my neck, I love his aggressive nature.

“Yes.” I state, disrobing him, my arms circling his neck.

“Yes, what?” He probes, lifting me, my legs opening, straddle his waist.

A light breath leaves my lips, as his hard body connects with mine. The bedpost, pressed against my back, causes a slight discomfort, but I’m too consumed with lust, to pay it any mind.

Those icy blue eyes, regards me with a passion filled longing, as his fingers seek out and tenderly tease my nub.

Breathtaking... the fire in his gaze, has my legs shaking, my body trembling with pleasure. “Yes?” He inquires, again.

“Yes... I want you.” I make out.

“That’s not what I asked.”

“Mmm...” My murmur of approval, is met with an increase in the pressure of his hand, on my bud.

“Yes... I accept you.” I state, giving in to his request.

“Good.” His teasing has stopped, and his lips meet mine hotly. Demanding, aggressive... my flower’s slick with anticipation.

His clothing’s quickly discarded in between kisses, and his staff, hard and thick fills my sex.

Clinging to him, I inhale deeply at his assault. Holding tightly to him, his quick deep strokes, has me moaning his name.

Keeping pace with his tune, I’m loving his strength, and the heat of his bare skin on mine.

Craving every inch of his length, I stop him, pushing him away. A small smile at his questioning gaze, my back is turned to him, grasping at the post, my rear’s arched, legs spread, an offering, that he accepts.

His hand pressed into my back, forcibly directs me lower, and his unrestrained invasion, warm and welcoming, quickens my breathing.

A swell of sensations, sparks of pleasure, at his rough handling of me, is intoxicating.

The pressure building from his forceful thrusting, I grind back on his stroke.

A groan of sexual gratification from him, and his fingers entwined in my hair, I receive a vicious yank, his request for me to let him lead.

I do so with a soft moan... Immersed in ecstasy, I love his sexual savagery.

I’ve always been rebellious, why should I stop now?

My hips continuing their rhythmic rocking, he tries to bring me to heel again, and fails. My pace increasing, his grip on my hips tightens, and his seed spills forth into my core.

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