Nami's Complicated life

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Could you give me the strawhat's member to me, Oda-sensei? Please~~

Hello everyone! It's me putrijayanthiwa had changed into mikan3swords, I guess. Have anyone used that name? If it yes, that's my bad and must be change it quickly. But if it no, I will keep that.

This is AU story and the main character were Zoro and Nami for sure. I love them and couldn't help to collected their pictures and arts. The other crew were included. I just rate this story at T-rate and planning to change into M-rate for sexual content. I still get difficult to write the lemon scene but I will try. Special thanks to navitor3 for couraging me. I have been asking her about this story and she kind and patiently responding me. Well, this is it! Enjoy!

The young girl was running through the pouring rain after came out from the large gates. She had drenched and her long hair soaked. Her warm sweater couldn't keep her body from freezing. She kept walking straight eventhough the heavy rain covering her sight and hearing. The bruises and marks on her body had been forgotten. Her eyes tried focusing on the road but failed as her body start to complained and the road exchanged by the darkness.

Zoro was driving his car carefully as the rain pouring unpitied. His hand wiped the cold glass repeatedly, clearing the sight. He stopped as the car-light catching a trembling figure was walking towards his car. His eye grew big as noticing the figure was a young woman. She even barely unwear an umbrella. Directly he went out from the car while the orangehaired woman start to collapsing. She fell down on the road but quickly caught by him. Wrapping an arm around her shoulder to supported her body.

"Hey!" he had no idea how to called her so decided just used that word. He tapped her wet face but she had unconscious. Brought her body against him, placing her head on his left shoulder and holded her tight by her waist. He carried her to his car, pulled out the door and lied down her body on the passanger seat carefully then closed the door. He moved fast to driver seat and drove it directly somewhere, probably hospital.

She opened her eyes and groaned as feeling her head spinning. Glancing around, she got up shockingly as noticing she was in a car. There was a greenhairedman at the driver seat. He drove fast and she wondered where he would take her. Some bad things crossed her mind and suddenly she held out her finger, tugging his hair hard.

"Ouch!" Zoro yelled at the sudden attack and instinctively his feet pressed brake-paddle hard, the car stopped directly. His hands left the steering wheel then grabbed the hands on his hair.

"What the hell, Woman?! Let me go!" their hands struggling each other, the woman hands tightened her garsp while his hands tried to pulling off hers from his hair.

"I won't before you let me get out of here!" she grunted.

Using all of his strength, he could pulled her hands off of his hair successfully and locked them together around the head of the driver seat with one hand. He turned around and glared her, resting his knee on the seat.

"I won't do anything stupid that had twirling inside your brain, woman! You fainted and I just wanna taking you to hospital! You need treatment!" he unceremonially snapped at her, panting heavily.

"Liar!" she raised her voice, spitting out on his face.

"I'm not!"

"So why you pass it?!" she pointed out.

"Pass what?" he asked with dumb face, lossened a bit his grip.

"The hospital, Moron!" she shrieked.

"Really?" he looked over her shoulder then grimaced, "Shit! The buildings in this town always change everyday!" he cursed.

"Don't blame the buildings but you! You're the one who got lost!" she snarled.

"I don't get lost, woman!" he defenced with a red tint on his cheek, "Anyway, I must bring you there." he reminded himself suddenly denying his cruel sense of direction.

"Why you help me?" she eyed him, changed her attitude all of sudden. "You don't know me. Are you bent on poking your nose into this?" she asked him curiousedly, enjoying his warm hand against hers.

"How can I leave you alone when you're so helpless?" his voice became softer as explaining and took advantage feeling her soft and wet skin.

She closed her mouth tightly and dropped her gaze down, taken a back with regretful face as remembering what had happening before. He was right. Zoro sighed in relief as looked at her apologetic face and slowly releasing her hands. Pulling her hands back as he removed his from hers. Straightening his body back to the front, he started the engine again.

"Wait!" she grabbed his shoulder fast before he could move the car.

"What now, woman?" he growled, irritated and impatiently with low voice. Couldn't she just sit there peacefully?

Pulled off her hand from his, "Please, don't take me there," she pleaded.

Zoro looked over his shoulder, examining her facial. "So, where? Your home?" she shook her head. She couldn't let her sister seen her at this state. He raised an eyebrow curiousedly.

"Please take me somewhere I can rest," she whispered as placing her palms on his seat, leaning her face closer to him. Her cold breath brushed against his face.

Zoro could feel his neck become warmer as their face just inches apart. He saw the hurt, hope and something else he couldn't describe in her large brown eyes. He thought a moment before replied, "I will bring you to my place, then?" he offered but didn't quite understand of his own words.

"Y-your place?" she said a bit surprisingly. He nodded seriously.

"I live at Water 7 Apartment." he explained as pointing his finger to the bulding at the edge of the street, "Well, you can refuse it and I will take you straight to hospital then," he shrugged, facing back at hers.

The young girl took her eyes on him concern and deeply. Another people who looked at his face would tell that he was a rude and scary man but maybe he was a honest and good guy, she thought as barely stared his one good eye intensedly. Perhaps, she could trust him. Swallowing a deep breath, she nodded weakly. He smiled brightly at her acceptance.

The orangedhaired woman was sitting quietly as watching him driving the car to his place. She had already knew where the apartment he mentionted before but seemed like he just circling the same street in three times. She also could hear some curse words came out from his mouth repeatedly. 'Why he always got lost? Is he suffering a blind direction sickness?' She sighed before leaning forward.

Tapped his shoulder softly, his respond just a grunt. "I think that's the way, Mr. Smart," she said in irritate voice as pointing the opposite way.

"I know, Woman! Dammit! Stop ordering me!" He groaned in annoyance but obeying her words. She rolled her eyes and leaning back at her seat.

Five minutes later, they arrived at Water 7 Apartment. Zoro parked the car before went out. He helped that woman by opening the door. He noticed that she hugged herself and shaking. Straightly he took off his thick jacket, wrapping it around her body.

She lifted up her eyes to meet his concern gaze. They stared each other for several second. He cleared his throat and looked away to hid his blushing cheeks, then asked her to followed him. She clutched the coat tightly before walking behind him, hiding her pink face. They were walking in silence, wiped away their red faces.

Zoro unlocked the door as they reached his room. Turned the handle then pushed it, he walked in first before let her in next. She was eyeing around the room as he closed the door. There was brown couches in the middle, three doors in front of her after the couch, a room without door probably kitchen. At her right side behind the single couch, there was a tall cupboard which filled by some tools, next to it was a door. There was also a sandbag hanging on the ceiling and few dumbells lying on the floor of the edge of the room at her left. Her inspection interupted by Zoro who asked her to put off the jacket.

"Can I use the shower?" she asked as he handed her a towel. Accepting it after removed the jacket, hanging it at her arm.

"Sure. But wait here," he rushed to the room beside the cupboard. He went out with some clean and dry clothes in his hand. "Change your clothes or you'll catch a cold." he gave the clothes to her.

She just nodded and following him behind towards the shower inside the kitchen. He showed and let her inside, left her alone. He moved to the kitchen, making some coffee. He could hear the flowing water through the door.

The young orangehaired woman had removed her dumped clothes, moving towards the shower. Turning the handle, water came out from it onto her hair and body. She touched the scars all over her body with darkened face. Glanced over her shoulder, looking her reflection against the glass door, she could seen the red marks that crazy man had left.

Zoro poured the coffee to the cups he had prepared on table, sitting down at the long couch. He still wondering who the heck that woman had been doing in the bad weather. He remembered there were so much bruises and slash marks on her face. It was possibly something bad had happen. Who on earth would done that to the cute but gorgeous woman like her?

Wait! Where did it come from? But that was right. Eventhough she had that big mouth, he admitted she was cute especially those chocolate eyes. So big and beautiful. Her hair was long but soft while you touched. She would be more beautiful if those scars uncovered her. He didn't know much things about woman, neither he need to know. But this woman had made his brain work out. He jerked from the thought as hearing the shower door opened.

She was walking out from the shower, drying her hair with the towel. Zoro stared her intensedly. She still wearing her drenched clothes but also his T-shirt he had given on them.

"You don't change?" he asked, stood up then walked towards her standing figure. She just looked down, refused to answer. He sighed, then showing his identity. Maybe she still aware at him.

The woman eyed the card then looked up, "Roronoa Zoro?" she inquired.

Zoro nodded amusedly, "So, what's yours?" he asked softly, placing back the card into his pocket.

She glanced down, "I don't have name," she replied with whispering tone.

Zoro chuckled a bit, "What? Did your parents forget to named you?" he joked, grinning cockily. She just gave a frown, kept drying her hair. He felt a bit regret as looked at her facial but also curious at sudden change of her reaction. He sighed and decided to change the topic. "Coffee?" offered a cup to her. She nodded before took it in silence. Walking pass him, sat down on the edge of the long bench.

Zoro followed her, dropped himself on the single bench beside her. Bent forward his body and resting his folding arms on the thighs. He examined concernly at her face like a doctor. The red marks still looked fresh and couldn't help to know where did they come from. "Your injuries, are they serious?" She just shook her head, sipping her coffee then placed the cup on the table.

Zoro got up, moving toward the cupboard and took the white small box. Put it on the table as sitting down back then took out a cotton ball and a bottle of alchoholic. Without a word, he placed the alchoholic cotton on her cheek gently after making an eye contact, ready for her slapping but it never come. She just stared him, amused but still awared. They just met once and didn't know each other but he acted like had known her before. She even also felt safe and familiar around him. Thanked God, she met the right man this time. She let him patch her wound as thinking, couldn't move like her body had trapped in his gaze.

Zoro had no idea where did it come from, why his body moved on its own without he could hold back. He noticed her eyes never left him as he patching her wound with some ointment by a cotton buds. She even let him do that, didn't give any sign of protest. Why her presence didn't bother him, even made him comfortable. Actually he still feeling suspicious at her. He could seen a thick wall around her, covering the real her. He didn't knew why she hid her name but it made him want to dug her deeply.

"May I know why you end up like this? Were you robbed?" he asked as done patching her wounds.

She blinked with blank face, back to the reality. Would she trust him? Will she told him the truth? No, she wouldn't. No one even him, the stranger. But what should be the best so she would get out from here? She shouldn't let herself took more time around this man.

"I'm a thief and get caught," she lied bluntly although it was a half of the truth. She thought he would be mad and threw her away. But for her surprise, he gave his deep chuckle. She rose the eyebrows, "What so funny?" she yelled a bit almost back to her old self before.

"A pretty woman like you? A thief? What a joke!" He said between laugh, yet unrealized a bit what have he said.

She narrowed her eyes, "Did you just call me 'pretty'?" asked as placing the towel on her lap.

Zoro stopped laughing and just realized it. He blushed lightly and made a faking cough, keeping cool. "You refused to mention your name so I just said how you look like," he took off his eye on hers.

"Yeah...yeah...whatever," She rolled her eyes unsatisfiedly. "Well, you shouldn't let a thief get into your place," she said ironically as removing his T-shirt from hers. Directly, she got up and dumped the clothes and towel on the couch beside her.

"Where are you going?" stood up surprisingly, following her motion.

"Time's up. I have to go back," she shrugged with cool gesture. "Thanks for everything," she walked towards the door.

"I'll escort you then," he grabbed the key. She waved her thin hand. "It's still pouring outside." he explained.

"No, thanks. I can take care of myself well," she refused and turned around facing him. "Mark my words. I am a thief, a bad and dirty person. You shouldn't help me and let me suffered back then. And..." she paused then inhaled sharply, "This is.." pointed the gap between them, "...our first and last meeting. We will never, ever face each other at another time."

"But what if we will?," his one good eye challenged hers. She silenced a moment and giving a disbelief but shocking stare. So he expected to meet her again.

"You will be surprise," she challenged back.

Zoro smirked brightly, "May I know your name?" he keep pushed her.

"Is my name so important to you?" she crossed her arms with uninteresting look.

"Well, you have known mine. And I think I deserved to know yours as a payback." he shrugged nonchalantly.

"Could you stop that?! Haven't I told you before, I don't have name!" she shouted impatiently.

"I never met anyone who's so reluctant to reveal their name. You're so complicated," he folded his arms over his chest.

"Hmph! And maybe a little dangerous too." she grinned cockily.

Raising his eyebrows interestingly, 'Oh, I love danger,' he barely thought.


Usopp walked up the stairs, he had drenched. He brushed his soaked curly hair and shirt. Reached the door, he heard woman voice from inside the room, "Did Zoro bring a girlfriend back?" he muttered as checked his camera which had covered by his coat. "Are they quarrelling?" He glued his ear against the door.

She twirled her body then pulled the door. As the door opened, she jumped and left the door handle surprisingly. Someone had fell to the floor. She looked at the person curiousedly.

Usopp falled to the floor with a loud thud as the door opened from inside. "My new camera! If it's broken again, I'll be finished.." he said in panic as checked his camera, still lying on the floor. "Zoro, why are you up to?" he blamed his friend.

Her eyes moved to Zoro, giving who-the-hell look. Zoro looked at her then Usopp, "Usopp, stand up!" he told him.

The longnose-guy thought a moment before got to his feet slowly. He turned around to meet by a girl with orangehaired. He placed the coat and camera on the table near him. He smiled at her, "I'm Usopp," held out a hand. She ignored him and walked away. "Hey!" he called out.

"Miss, hang on!" Zoro also ran after her but stopped at the door, bumped onto Usopp's back.

Usopp turned to his friend, "What's going on here? Out with it." he stopped Zoro by his upperarms. "Who's that pretty girl? What have you done to her?" he asked him teasingly and raised an eyebrow, crossing his arm.

Zoro sighed heavily, "I... I've done nothing to offend her! " he defenced himself.

"So what about the bruises on her face?" Usopp grinned knowingly. Zoro tsked and walked back inside. "Oi!" Usopp followed him.

Zoro hit the sandbag disgruntedly. How could he let her escape with ease, he almost broke her wall. Perhaps he could find something if she stayed any longer. He still didn't trust that she was a thief. There was something behind. But why should he care then? None of his business anyway.

"What's with you?" Usopp asked him as looking for a towel and circling around his neck. He never seen Zoro like this, chasing after a woman for the first time. It was the end of the world for sure.

"Nothing." He punched the sandbag again twice. "Just you, come untimely," He mumbled without looking at Usopp.

"Me?" Usopp said as drying his curly hair. "Did I interupt your fun?" he teased again unrealised he just fuel the fire in Zoro's head.

The greenman growled like a wolf making his longnose friend shiver, "We've done nothing just talking!" his dark eye glared Usopp's.

"Relax, Zoro!" waving his hands over Zoro. "So who is she? Your friend or family or..." Usopp trailed suspiciously.

Zoro tensed down, "Just a stranger guest. She had drenched and collapsed when I found her on the way back." Usopp grew his eyes bigger, "I took her to hospital at first but she refused then I brought her here. But the worst thing, I still don't know her name!" Frankly he snapped Usopp but refuse to told him that she had mentioned herself as a thief.

Usopp sighed and shook his head, "Chill out, buddy! She is just some strange woman. You had been met a thousand women and didn't bother while they unmentioned their names. Why you so work up this time? You had never touched and always cut off your ears from women's topics." Zoro backed away at Usopp's words. "But seems like, the demon has found his heart back." he commented as finishing his assumption.

A nervous Zoro glanced down, inhaled and exhaled regaining his composure as rubbing the back of his head. Usopp was right, why he looked like that love-cook. Of course not. He was a man not a pervert. Hope he could manage to erase her from his brain.


The bluehaired woman still doing the dishes when she heard the sound of the door. She wondered if it was her younger sister. Drying her hands with the towel, then left the kitchen. She exhaled in relief as looking the orangehaired woman stood by the door, her back facing her.

She smiled, approaching her sister. "Why you come this late, Nami?" she asked, stood behind Nami.

Nami turned around, water dripping down from her hair and clothes. "Oh, No! Change your clothes first then we will discuss it later!" she grabbed her arms towards the bathroom. Nami let her did it. Removing her soaking clothes as The bluehaired woman rushed to Nami's room, took some clothes from her wardrobe.

She stood by the door, "What had he done to you this time?" she asked, helping her sister cleaned her body.

"He whipped me in front of his men," Nami growled madly, her brown orbs showed her anger as looking through the mirror.

Her elder sister gasped, covered her mouth with her palm shockingly. "I have told you. Leave him! He was a crazy man!" she grabbed Nami's shoulder, turned her body facing her.

Nami held her sister hands, removed them from hers then rested between them, squeezing reassuringly. "Nojiko, I'm fine. You don't have to be like this everytime." she tried to keep smiling eventhough her heart screaming.

"But, Nami..." Nojiko whined but stopped by Nami's finger against her lips.

"I'll be alright and take Bellemere back to us." she tapped Nojiko's shoulder with brightening eyes. "Arlong won't kill me because he needs me more than everything. I will make him begging over me. We will laugh again while he suffer." Nojiko smiled as nodding. She would trust Nami and would support her whenever she needed her.

"Stay safe, Nami. Promise me." Nojiko whispered. Nami nodded.

Nami's POV

One year more and our mother will back home. I don't care about the pain if it can make mom unprisoned. I will go on living no matter what. The tougher and stronger for Mom's sake and Nojiko too. I won't let Arlong touch Nojiko. He had had my mother in his grip, was her enough for him?

I will make sure he deserve the pain my mother had suffered. I will protect them with my own hands even if my life must taken away. That's my promise!


Nami sat crossing legs on the armchair beside her boss, Arlong. It was her first time entering his new nightclub named Arlong's park. Kuroobi and Chuu stood protectively behind them while Hatchi cooking in the kitchen. They still enjoying Jasmine performance who singing on the stage.

"I sing better than her," she smirked mockingly as said in low tune but was loud enough for Arlong to heard it.

Arlong glanced her from the corner of his eyes, "pardon?" raising an eyebrow questioningly.

She crossed her arms over her chest, "I sing better than her but I won't sing in such places," she said without looking at him.

"My, you are arrogant." took a sip of his wine, "But I don't believe you. Young girls these days tend to boast about themselves. The moment they get on the stage, their legs start trembling. You're not at some school concert, Nami." he smirked mockingly. She just rolled her eyes in disguisting.

"Don't believe me? Go up and prove me wrong." he continued, nodded his head towards the stage. Finally she turned her eyes to glared him, tightening her lips together.

"Scared, eh?" resting his elbows on the back of the chair, his body faced the stage fully. "Well, talk has always been cheap," he laughed.

Nami clenched her fists then got up directly, walking up to the stage and answering his challenge. Kuroobi told Jasmine to went down, let Nami replaced her. Nami asked the band to playing the music. She start singing 'Break Free'.

Arlong smiled satisfiedly as enjoying her performance. Kuroobi was looking around at the other and servants. They also liked her performance. Nami smiled arrogantly as seeing their expression. She walked down from stage and back to her seat with smug face.

Arlong bent up his one knee, his right hand rested on it. "I'll let you sing at my club for a few days. If you're popular, I'll pay you double than usual. You must be agree or..." Nami moved her head with paled face towards him, "You'll never see your mother anymore," he whispered darkly.

Nami growled madly under her breath, "I trapped," she whispered ironically.

"Shahahaha! Yes, with your own game," Arlong added.

"Fine, I agree!" she stated defeatedly, "But I have few conditions. One, I only sing beside working on the maps. I won't entertain clients." Arlong eyed her, raising an eyebrow. "Two, I'll do only one show each night." he put down his leg back on the floor. Chuu and Kuroobi looked each other

"Three, I'll choose my own songs. You'll have no say in my repertoire." she paused, examining Arlong's reaction.

"Are you done?" Arlong responded with slight smirk, "Will I get to hear more conditions?"

She snorted, "Four, no dinners with the manager or the boss." she glared dagger at his eyes.

"Shahahahaha! What a joke! I've not heard such a funny joke for a long time." Nami didn't change her facial at his respond, "What makes you think I'll accede to your inequitable terms?"

Nami lifted up her chin confidently, "All because I'll become the star singer of this nightclub."

Kuroobi and Chuu dropped their jaws, this girl was braver now. Arlong's smirk gone and suddenly replaced by hard laugh. "Fine...fine...I get it. But..." he paused, "I doubt you'll use your real name. Have you got a stage name?"

Nami rolled her eyes, thinking hard. "A stage name? Don't you have Jasmine? I'll be Himawari then."

"Himawari? Okay, you will be Himawari!" he exhaled in relief. Nami wore a cheeky grin. "And..." he continued, moved his face closer to her, making her back away.

She lifted her eyebrow, 'what the hell is that? Oh, no! I don't like that face.' she bit her lips hard.

"Tomorrow, you'll stay at my mansion for the last one year." he stated in whispering tone.

Nami's large orbs grew bigger, "No way in hell!" she yelled at his face.

Arlong roughly grabbed her neck, "That's my term. You'll be my maid. Only serve me." he breath out against her face. "Or should I take your sister to replacing your job?" he wore a wide devilish smirk. Nami shut her mouth tightly, holding back her tears. He was really insane.

"Now, pack your things and tell this happy news to your sister! She will be excited." He released her neck by hard push then laughed loudly along with Kuroobi, Chuu and his other men. Hatchi watched them from bar counter in pity. Poor Nami. She didn't know that her sacrifice was useless. She let herself buried in Arlong's prison for protecting someone she would never met anymore.

"Hatchi! Pick her home and help her preparing herself!" Arlong ordered, throwing the key to his cook. Hatchi had been at his side, catching the key.

"Come on, Nami." the octopus guy called her. She got up without a word, walking behind him.

'I'm sorry, Nami. I can't help you this time,' Hatchi whispered in his mind as looking at Nami who sat quietly since they were in the car. Her eyes focused at nothing, just blank stare.

What do you think? Is it lame or good? Should I post another chapter? Share your mind guys, please~. I'll just put one chapter and will continue if I get enough review and follower. You can check the words and tell me the mistake I had made. I'm waiting for your response. Thanks for reading my story. See ya~~


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