Their Plan


Vivi's plan for Nami and Zoro

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Their Plan

Their Plan

Diclaimer: The owner was Oda-Sensei. No doubt!

My first AU one-shot story. Enjoy!

The orangehaired girl was walking out from her last class, crossed down the stairs. Turned right and headed out the building. As she reached the gates, a female voice called her back.

"Nami!" Vivi waved her hand, running towards Nami. She was her bestfriend although they didn't at same class. They knew each other because of Luffy, Nami's neighbour. Vivi was his girlfriend. The bluehaired woman panted a bit as stood infront of her friend.

"Vivi...why so hasty?" Nami put a hand on her hips, shaking her head. Vivi just grinned before grabbed Nami's hand, dragging her. "Hey!" Nami protested but she kept dragging her. Nami gave up, let her did it. They end up inside the canteen.

"So...your violin course had changed the schedule and..." Nami took a sip of her orange juice, "You want me to replace you as manager of Basketball Club, right?" rested her chin on her palm, staring Vivi with lazy eyes. Vivi nodded.

"So, this treat is a bribe?" pointing at the meals on their table.

"That's right!" Vivi gave her a thumb up, grinning like a child.

Nami sighed heavily, "Well...I think I can't deny it," she shrugged, "Moreover, I'm free on Friday." She twirled her spaghetti by her fork and put into her mouth.

Vivi pulled Nami's free hand, wrapping her palms around it. "Thank you, Nami! I promised, you won't regret it!" she assured. Nami stuck out her tongue before continued their chatting.

Vivi had been a manager of basketball club for one year – on purpose for exactly. It was because of Luffy. Vivi liked him since the first time they met. She always want to knew about him deeply. As discovered Luffy was the captain of StrawHat, the popular Basketball team around the School of Grand Line City, she entered the club as a manager. The coach, Franky-sensei, accepted her by the reason their current manager would be resign soon. Well, Vivi's effort was work successfully. Luffy was the first person welcoming her excitedly. He even liked while she was around, especially when she brought so much foods for him. Vivi didn't mind it as long as he was happy. Then at the forth month, Luffy confessed his feeling to Vivi. She accepted him without hesitation. After his confession, most of the girls sank into sadness, biting their fingers. Luffy was one of the popular boy in the school because of his cute personality. Vivi was the lucky girl could get his attention and heart.

"Nami-chan.." a soft female voice interupted her thought.

Nami bowed her head, "Robin-sensei," smiled at her. Robin was the popular female teacher in the school. Almost of the boys liked her attitude and beauty.

Robin returned her smile, "Why you still here?" She asked kindly as put off her glasses.

"I'm just with Vivi from canteen. I will go home now. Excuse me, Robin-sensei," Nami bowed again.

Robin nodded, "Take care, Nami-chan." Nami grinned before walking off.


Nami was entering the Basketball Aula. All of the members were training on their own, Franky-sensei hadn't come. She also hadn't seen Luffy, perhaps he still wondering of food. She took a deep breath before greeted them.

"Excuse me! My name is Nami! From today on, I will be the Manager of this club!" Nami bowed her head, then inspecting them.

Her presence took their attention especially two boys, the blondehaired-guy and the greenhaired-guy. The blondehaired-guy ran towards her then took her hand.

"What a beautiful angel I've ever seen! My name is Sanji. Nice to meet you, Nami-san!" he gave her a hearty eye, dancing like a ballerina. The greenhaired-guy grabbed Sanji shirt collar, threw him somewhere. The other members just shook their head at his behaviour then eyed Nami with questioning look.

"Vivi asked me to replace her," Nami explained more.

"Replace Vivi? What's with her?" The greenhaired-guy responded, wiping his sweaty face and circled the towel over his neck.

'He is a handsome one', she thought. "Her schedule had changed. So.." she was cut off.

"You stupid woman! It was her business! Why did you accept her easily?!" Zoro snapped at her face.

Nami glared him madly, "What did you say?!" she growled back, clenching her fists.

"You are the stupid woman I've ever met who want to take a hit of another people responsibility!" He yelled.

"Watch you mouth, Moss-Head!" Sanji interupted him, standing between them and glared Zoro.

"Move away, Love-cook!" he fought Sanji's eyes.

" down, boys! Don't get hard!" The longnose-guys tried to separating them.

"Yeah, guys! Wait until Franky-sensei come," The little cute boy with blue headband help him to take the fighting pair apart.

Nami just stood there, kept her cold eyes to Zoro. 'he is so annoying man!' she couldn't hold her anger back. She want about answered him but someone make her stop.

"What's with the commotion over there, Boys? If you argued about our new manager, leave it! Vivi had asked my permission!" Franky-sensei came towards them with Luffy behind him.

The strawhat boy looked at Nami, running towards her. "Nami...! Thanks for become our manager!" he hugged her tightly. Nami grunted annoyedly, tried to releasing herself from his crackbone hug.

"Get off, Shitty Captain! You're hurting my Nami-san!" Sanji said as grabbed Luffy's body from Nami. He eyed her angel, "Are you okay, My angel? Did he make you uncomfortable?"

"I'm okay, Thanks." Nami smiled sweetly.

Suddenly Sanji got nosebleed. Chopper screamed in fear as examined the cook. Luffy laughed hardly while Ussop shook his head. Zoro mumbled about 'ero-cook'. Franky smirked before walking towards Nami, put his large palm on her shoulder. Nami looked up to him.

"Don't mind, Young Girl! I will introduce them," Nami nodded at the Coach, "You have known Luffy, right? He is the captain." He pointed his finger to Luffy.

"Of course, we know each other! She was my neighbour! Right, Nami?!" Luffy jumped excitedly.

"Yes, Luffy." Nami grunted, crossing her arms. Sanji just healed from his nosebleed, twirling over her again. Zoro picked the ball, throwing it to the cook's face to shut him up. Sanji hit back then end up hitting each other with balls.

Franky shook his head, "Forget them! The longnose-guy is Ussop," pointed to him. Ussop grinned and Nami smiled in return. "The young boy with blue headband is Chopper, the younger member. He is also good about medical. You should learn it from him." Nami nodded before turned her eyes over the cute boy, smiling sweetly.

"I'm not happy because of your compliments! Baka!" Chopper swang his arms, blushing. Nami giggled.

"And he can't hide his happiness." Ussop added, smirking. Luffy laughed in agreement.

Franky chuckled before continued, "The fighting pair is Sanji and Zoro. Sanji is the blonde one and Zoro is the green one."

'Zoro, huh?!' she felt her blood boiling again.

"Actually there were another two member but they wouldn't come today. They are Jhonny and Yosaku." Franky finished. He faced the members, "Alright boys! Let's start our practice! The tournament just two months left!" he called them out.

Zoro and Sanji stop their balls war, walking towards the other. Zoro passed Nami who had sitting on the bench, crossed her arms and legs as she glared him. "Here, Manager! Clean it well!" He threw his towel over her face without fight back her gaze.

"I'm not your servant, Big Brute!" She took the towel, fisted it before dumped it on the bench. Zoro just walked away, holding back his smirk.

'What a crazy day!' Nami mumbled under her breath.

~Nami's POV~

It had been a month I've become manager of this crazy basketball team. I've learned about them closely. Luffy, Sanji, Ussop and Zoro were Vivi classmates and Chopper was one grade under them. Luffy was childish and stupid boy but when he faced the balls, he could be a serious person. He was the best captain I've ever met. Every member always listened his words even trusted him fully. As his friend and neighbour, I prouded at him.

Ussop was the best three-point shooter. His sharp and accurate eyes made him shoot perfectly. He was my bestfriend beside Vivi. We always shared our stories especially when talked about our lovelife. He told me that he had liked a blondehaired girl named Kaya. Fortunately, she was my classmate. He asked my help to make Kaya noticed him. Well, I accepted and it worked. They were dating now.

Chopper, liked Franky-sensei had said, besides he was good at medical, he was a good jumper. Although he just have the height about 1,6 meters. I looked him as my little brother and he saw me as his elder sister. Ussop and Luffy always played with his innocent personality. Sometimes I felt shame at him and would knocking them off for making Chopper did such crazy things. He loved the cotton candy very much and would bought it everyday after school or training. Jhonny and Yosaku were always together. They were just reserve players. They respected Luffy and other members, nothing special.

Next was Sanji. Eventhough he was womanizer, he really has a good feet. He was the fastest runner in the team. He always fought with Zoro especially when Sanji was flirting over me. I had no idea why they were acting like that. But they would be a best pair at game. Actually they understood each other feeling but they would express it with argue or fight. Cooking was his another talent because of his father's. Luffy would asked him to make some food or visited his father's restaurant. I admitted it too, his cooking was the best.

The last was Zoro. He was Luffy's bestfriend. He also acted so nice to Chopper while Luffy and the other made fun about the little boy. I think, It was sweet. All of the girls in the school listing him as the 'hot' boy. Ugh well, he had that nice body. He always spent his spare time at the gym to keep his body like that and got stronger. His toned body, gruffy face and eyes were hipnotizing every girls who looked at him. Even me. Wait! What?! Don't tell me that I like him! Oh, No! Ok, forget it, Nami! You think he would like you back? Of course not! Our first meeting was crazy. After that day, he just stared me with disguisting look. Probably he didn't like me replacing Vivi's job. Whatever! Just stop thinking about Zoro! He wouldn't like you, Nami! And now I admit that I like him. Oh God!

~End of Nami's POV~

One month later, The strawhat team was facing the tournament. They through it easily, entering the final. Their best rival, Blackbeard, was their opponent. Nami sat at the bench with Jhonny, Yosaku, Franky-sensei and his wife, Robin-sensei. Vivi and Kaya also were watching them from audience seats. The strawhat was playing well against them. Their scores were 103-101 for Blackbeard. The strawhat missed 2 points behind them and only three points shoot would change the state. It was Ussop's part but the Blackbeard didn't let him did it. The captain of Blackbeard, Marshal D. Teach hit Ussop's side -on purpose. He dropped on his side, hurting his arms. Unfortunately, the referee didn't seen it. Luffy was protesting but stopped by Zoro and Sanji. It was their plan. Ussop wouldn't be able played anymore and Franky commanded Jhonny to replaced Ussop while he was treating. The last minutes, Luffy trusted Zoro to make threepoint-shoot. He nodded. Jhonny threw the ball to Chopper then he took over Sanji. He was dribbling the ball through them before threw it to Luffy. He glanced to Zoro who had took his place. Luffy tricked Blackbeard then gave the ball to Zoro.

"You can do it, Zoro!" Nami cheered him up unconsciously.

He could hear her voice, smirking. He was ready to shoot. Lowering his body then jumped as high as he could. He launched the shoot. All of the stadium froze, holding their breath. Luffy jumped excitedly as the ball passing the baskethole. The strawhat's supporters cried out happily. The Blackbeard team dropped to their knees. Vivi and Kaya smiled widely, holding each other hands. Luffy and the other crushed Zoro with their body, they won again. Franky was crying like a baby while Robin chuckled amusedly, wipping her husband's tears. Yosaku and Ussop, who had heal, joining them to celebrated. Nami congratuled them as handing them the bottles of water and towels. Zoro got up after releasing from his friends' bodies. He still brushing his hair and shirt from dirt as Nami crouched down, smiling at him. He took the bottle and towel Nami had offered.

"Congratulation! You did it well," Nami winked then stood up, walking away.

"Ng...Nami.." Zoro's voice stopped her movement. Nami turned around to look at him, tilting her head. "May I pick you home?" he rubbed the back of his head as red tint appeared on his cheeks.

Nami blushed lightly, opening her mouth a bit. " O..of course." Her voice was trembling nervously. 'Oh, God! I think, I wanna faint!'

Zoro nodded before walked to changing room, smiling. Nami froze in the place, lifted her hand and holding her pounding chest. Her heart beat uncontrolable. Luffy and the other looked at the scene, smirking. Looked like their plan was working. Vivi tapped Nami's shoulder softly. Nami's jumped and facing the grinning Vivi. Franky and the strawhat were moving inside the changing room. Nami, Vivi and Kaya were waiting outside along with Robin.


Under the moonlight, they walked in silence. Nami was behind Zoro. There was no words come out from their mouth since they start walking. This time, they even couldn't face each other like usual.

"Actually," Zoro's voice broke the silence around them. Turned his head, "I want to say sorry for long time." He stopped, turning his body fully and faced Nami.

Nami also stopped in front of him, "Sorry? For what?" raising her eyebrows.

"I snapped at you on our first meeting," his voice was low and soft.

"Oh...Never mind. I have forgotten," Nami winked seductively.

"I was really mad at Vivi at that time," he said as they start walking again side by side.

Nami glanced to her side, looking up at him. "Vivi? Why?" she asked curiousedly.

Zoro closed his eyes, knitting his eyebrow. "She asked the girl I like – on purpose – to be our club manager." He couldn't hide the blush.

"Haah?!" she froze suprisingly. Her heart pounding again. Her mouth opened while her large eyes grew bigger.

Zoro stopped, facing the shocking Nami. "Still don't get it, huh?" He smirked. "I like you since I saw you eventhough I don't know you yet. There's something in your eyes that make me couldn't look another girl." He confessed.

Nami couldn't react, 'is it dream?' she whispered to herself.

Zoro eyed her softly, "Would you be my girl?" he asked with soft voice.

Nami felt her soul left her body. Her body liked a statue. Her voice held in her throat. Zoro waved a hand over her face to get her attention. She didn't react. He tapped her cheek softly, calling her name. Feeling a rough hand touched her skin, Nami composured her body. She was back to reality, looked Zoro in the eye. Seemed like, her dream came true.

"So?" He still need her answer.

Nami smiled sweetly, "I don't like you." Zoro frowned, looking away. He felt so stupid. "I love you, Zoro." he turned his head back to her after heard the words came out from her mouth.

Zoro took her body against his body directly, holding her tightly. Nami shocked at first but then replied his embrace, wrapping her arms around him. She rested her head on his broad chest, feeling his warm body. She felt his lips on her head. She smiled before looking up at his smiling face.

"I love you too, Nami." after said that, Zoro bent his head down. He closed the gap between their face. As their lips met, they closed their eyes. Their lips brushed each other. Nami slipped her hand between them, cupping his face. Zoro tightened his arms around her, pulling her closely. They didn't care if someone saw them at that state. All they cared that they were together now.

I hope you like this one-shot!

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I still working on "Inside Me" for the last chapter

Thanks reader and reviewer!

See you later!


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