Legolas Greenleaf tried not to dwell upon his mate, no matter how much he longed to seek her out. The last name of 'Fay' had been long forgotten. Only recalled within the old fables told of the olden days, of the fairies. Now it has resurfaced, etched upon his skin to lay claim as the name of his mate. He just didn't expect her natural form to be one that made Hobbits look like giants.

Romance / Action
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The Awakening

A series of soft groans emitted through the otherwise quietness that had come to rest within the thick forest of Fangorn, home to the last inhabitants of both Ent and Huorns. It had been previously rumoured that some foreign element had contaminated the water given to the trees to allow them to come alive. Chasing away all whom dared to enter, as if they were protecting some sort of precious treasure deep within the stiff limbs of oak. Every root that had once been seeded long ago when the Middle of the Earth was still young and possessed 'infinite' hope, was now enlaced with the hatred and despair that was plagued upon the lands.

As an overwhelming threat upon the lands that had once been a peaceful place, Saurman the esteemed dark lord wanted every corner of Middle Earth under his command, under his deathly grasp. All the while laughing maniacally while the days of it's people were trapped within a downward spiral of destruction and mayhem, corruption tainting everything he touched.

However, what the world had no knowledge of as of yet, was that there was indeed a fighting chance. Hope was far from lost as long as someone carried it's torch. A new dawn was coming, awakening from it's slumber. For deep within these trees, while most people of various species felt overwhelmed and hesitant to enter.. to another being it was forced to call these woods home. Hidden in secret by those of her kind, a spell had been cast upon both the earth and sky, trapping her within the sun's bright rays that had once cast themselves upon the ground of Fangorn.

The sunshine that shone from above, surrounded by the swirls of blue that the sky possessed this bright morning, began to succeed against the ever present battle to leak it's shining rays through the wayward branches. Illuminating down upon the soft grass and mud that made it's home upon the forest floor.

A soft bell like sound mingled pleasantly with the sounds of nature amongst the forest, consisting of the swaying of leaves within the cool morning air and the playful squawks that emitted from the small beaks of the birds that took flight above the treetops in swift blurs of color.

Despite these noises of nature, not a single movement of life stirred through the hauntingly beautiful forest as animals had long since abandoned this place for their own survival. Even the birds that danced upon it dared not to take rest within the trees.

The only life that the forest held in secret, slowly began to awaken for the first time within more than two thousand years. Showing through the beam of sunlight that consequently crossed paths with a wayward tree branch that reached halfway a crossed the old, forgotten path that had once safely led travellers through the forest.. as if it waited patiently for this moment to give the being a perch to take rest.

A shape began to form within the beam, a small tear drop delicately hovered and lightened as of a moonstone amongst the spotlight gifted from the heavens. Slowly emitting bright, rich colors of baby blue, lavender, metallic silver and aquamarine that began to spiral upon their own accord into a design that resembled that of a butterfly's wings.

They fluttered once in unison before taking flight a few inches within the air and with what was left of the magic that still resided with the teardrop, an outline of a beautiful young woman that looked to be trapped within her mid twenties twisted and twirled until her outline was finally complete. Upon the light that was birthed, radiance engulfed everything around her with color, effectively casting away what was left of the shadows that were hidden on the edges of the forest.

The young woman's face appeared when the luminous light slowly began to recede, sharp angles of her olive skin tone made up her now sleepily expression, yet it was captured in her soft cinnamon brown orbs that showed for the world to see that she held life within her, currently dancing with happiness and mischief. Midnight long, straightened hair cascaded down the back of her nude form that was only a couple of centimetres short of a pint, her bangs still framing her heart shaped face, allowing her the pleasure of feeling the texture of silk that had not receded her locks within the unknown amount of time that she laid at rest.

During of which, it heartbreakingly appeared, that the Middle Earth had erupted into absolute chaos. The truth of it being so vibrated through her bones already even if the time span of her awakening was short, she could feel the darkness was of an inescapable dark cloud upon these lands. War was pounding it's soundless drums through both the air and within each one of her senses, innocent blood was shedding and burning her nose with it's decay and sorrow.

A heartbroken sigh was released from behind the downward curve upon her lips, the emotion of pity and dismay burning coals within both her stomach and her heart. The bones of dragons and all the other Fays had now been ground into the dust that rested upon the earth, which meant that now she was a rarity that others would no doubt try to torment, use or simply gawk at. For one of the few times within her life, she felt both alone and terrified, almost giving into the impulse to attempt to put herself back into her resting state.

To distance herself from the horrifying realization that both her parents and everyone she knew and loved.. were now gone from this earth, despite having possession of the power to stretch their existence through the ages and even grant others they cared for to do so..

Her mother's smiling face that was now within the forefront of her mind, was now haunting her as she pictured her graceful, kind mother frantically running for her life after she regrouped with some other Fay. Her father, she clearly pictured, would stand strong until he took his very last breath. Fighting side by side other men so the rest of his people could get to safety, to have a chance at freedom.

Cinnamon brown orbs stung with tears that were rapidly blurring her vision, but she willed them away with all the willpower that resided within her veins. She could almost hear her mother's voice in her slightly pointed ear, scolding her playfully for crying over something that she had no control or knowledge of. Something that wouldn't be changed by the sight of her tears trailing down her cheekbones..

And what would have been a half smile, if it weren't for the sadness that was held within it, curved upon her lips in what was more of a pained grimace than anything else. What she wouldn't give to rush into her parents arms once again, to smile all the while as they scolded her for running in her faux human form should she accidentally trample over someone. To which she would reply cheekily or mock hurt that she was always very careful of where she stepped, they would sigh at how she acted as someone not of her 'standard' within their kingdom.. and they would all have a great laugh about it sometime after.

A sob escaped her lips, her body moving sharply forward with it.. only to pause when a soft jingle sounded somewhere around her. It was almost equivalent to a Fay's joyous laugh only it certainly didn't emit from her own lips. Cinnamon cast downward in complete surprise, only to widen even more when they had come to rest upon a familiar necklace that hung delicately around her neck. An aquamarine colored pendant was in the design of a tear drop, one that threatened to escape her eyes at the sight of it coming to rest gently between both of her plump breasts. A familiar 'Legolas Greenleaf' curved in the shade of royal blue on the left side of her cleavage, taunting her with the mate that she never found.

She did not quite understand how she didn't take notice of it before, but at the prolonged sight of it the previous strength to hold back her tears now gave way. It was the larimar and diamond pendant that was hand crafted by her people long ago, constructed by solid white gold. A small, genuine diamond rested upon the point while a small fay wing design was at the bottom, curving to the right ever so slightly. With it's striking blue color and swirling inclusions of silver glints, the gemstone of Larimar was held securely into place within the tear drop design. Radiating magic from where it rested upon the brightly glinting silver chain around her neck.

This was the most prized possession with the royal blood's heirlooms, the ultimate source of their power. Why would her parents leave her such an object if they thought they weren't going to die? What had come of such an act as taking this away from them all? Was it because of this that they were all gone, unable to use such powerful reserves to defend themselves? .. And what exactly was the threat that led to their downfall if they were in possession of eternal life?

What had the world come to?

She felt herself getting overwhelmed by all the questions running muck within her mind, due to her current situation and the loss of everything she knew, so much so that she almost tuned out the rustling of movement and tree branches. She landed quickly upon the tree branch closest to her, her sensitive wings fluttering frantically to conserve modesty before falling silent as she wrapped them around her to curve ever curve.

She slowly turned her head to the side, still hesitant even when she knew her body was covered underneath her wings and no longer needed to hide behind her long flowing hair that rested just a few inches below her butt. to make eye contact with a pair of huge, round eyes that were the color of amber. An Ent, she had thought with awe as she ran her eyes over the moss that covered the truck with it's spots of soft green, and it appeared to not be just any Ent. For she knew that beard well..

He bowed his head respectfully, his intelligent eyes never leaving her own as he grounded out his words pleasantly, "Your Majesty Elesia.."

The Fay known now as Elesia blinked once hesitantly before pulling her eyebrows together with both thought and confusion. When she finally had the courage to speak for the first time since waking up within this strange new world, she couldn't help but notice the slight surprise and disbelief that her low, bell like voice held. One tiny word that she didn't even know for sure that the old tree had taken note of, fell from her lips, "...Fangorn?"

Fangorn had changed from the last time that she had laid eyes upon him. It was to be expected, she supposed. To her it was only a yesterday bit to him it was an unknown amount of time that ad passed between them. He was still overwhelmingly tall compared to her size and still still despite all the time that had come to pass. His body was covered with more moss than she remembered due to old age and there was a permanent look of seriousness within his eyes, within his commanding movements, that she had not recalled him to have possession of.

How long had she truly been in slumber? What unknown events had come to pass to make the once pleasant but strict tree so.. grim? All these questions may have been what one would have come to expect when everything is suddenly so different, and yet it cause her a great deal of emotion to attempt to settle within this new time frame. For it was time that had escaped from within her grasp: dragging her home, family, friends and everything she had ever cared for with it.

"Yes Elesia, it is I. It is good to finally see your face after all this time.." His voice would have simply seemed pleasant enough to any other but her, for she caught the emotions laced within his rough voice that he still couldn't hide from her. His tone of voice was of one that made her suspect that it had everything to do with not being able to use his voice for so long and she instantly felt apologetic towards the tree that had been her friend since she was but a little baby pixie.

Elesia nodded her head gently in agreement before giving the tree a look of mischief and mock accusation, two things that have always gotten her into even more mischief and trouble. She heavily pouted her lips up at him, narrowing her eyes just a bit before speaking, "Yes, it seems it has been a while, my dear friend. Though, may I take but a mere moment to remind you that through all of the time that has passed I still despise being called 'Your Majesty', Fangorn."

She took note of the small, upward twitch upon his beard that was the only sign that he was indeed amused. Like she was, he was most likely remembering all the times that she had dared to yell at him for calling her as such and she thought she actually heard him murmur under his breath something about 'At least some things never change..'

Though the happiness within her due to her awakening was, as it always seemed to be, short lived. It gave way to the hesitancy that grew within her now, before she forced herself to try and ask him one of the questions that plagued her mind since she had awoken from her dream like state,even when a shiver of dread threatened to curve down her spine with protest.

A wince showed through her movements at not just her nervous tone of voice but the stuttering that was also present, "So.. Er, how long has it been exactly?"

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