Chapter 10

Fang had thought this a thousand times. He imagined Max, he imagined himself, he imagined themselves standing in front of each other, he imagined Max throwing her arms around him and telling him how long she'd been waiting for him. May be they'd be standing in a meadow. Okay if that was too cheesy than may be a train station.

Was it him or was he really sounding like a girl?

Well, whatever.

So it wasn't a train station, but they were standing in front of each other. But the rest didn't happen. Maybe it was because of the little girl Max was holding hand with.

The girl looked confused. She looked at Fang, and then at Max, then she shook her hand.


And they came out of their trances.

Max put the grocery bag down on the floor and took out a key. She unlocked the door and then took up the bag again and pushed the girl in. "Honey, why don't you go inside? I'll be right in."

She faced Fang and closed the door behind her. Then she looked him straight in the eyes.


"Hi Max."

Max had changed a lot in the past nine years. Well that was normal, seeing that the last time he saw her, she was a teenager, and now she was a woman. But in Fang's eyes she looked as beautiful as ever. Her hair was in a messy bun; her eyes were the usual chocolate brown. She was wearing a windbreaker and a pair of blue faded jeans.

But to be honest, it was awkward. They hadn't seen each other for freaking nine years. What were they supposed to say each other? Hey Max! Nice to see you alive and kicking. Good to see you weren't food of erasers. So, you wanna go home now? Took us long enough to find you. Not letting you go that easily now. If you don't wanna go, I'll drag you back cause these nine years were complete pain in the ass. Ha! Ha! Just kidding! Not!

Yeah, not gonna work.

"So." He said to breaks the ice. "You look good."

"You look good too." She stared at him for a moment. "How did you find me?"

And that blew him off. He glared at her. "How…. how did I find you? Well, wasn't hard really. Took us only nine years. We looked everywhere for you but you were nowhere. Then after nine years I found out that you'd changed your name to May Siemens." He took a breath and she still stared at him. "Where have you been Max?" The question came out in a whisper. "Where have you been?"

She took a deep breath; it looked like she was trying very hard not to cry. "Go away Fang."

Fang wanted to scream. Go away? That was the best she could come up with after nine years?

"No. No I'm not going away." Then with much courage, he gripped her hand tightly. "Look Max, I know why you did that, we've read the letter. And we don't blame you for anything, Max, except for the fact that you're a world-class idiot. Please Max, the Flock need you, we need you…"

"It's been nine years Fang." She stopped him. "Nine years. It's not possible anymore. It's been too long."

"No, it's not too long." He gripped her hand tighter. "I know what you're worried about. If…. if she's dangerous, then we'll deal it together. We'll find a way out of this Max, and I know," he stopped her again as she opened her mouth to say something. "I know it won't be perfect like before. But I swear Max, I swear, we'll make it work. Just please, please come home. Please."

It took her a long time to convince him to leave. He left after she promised him that she'd think about it.

She'd think about going home.

Gosh, her life was one soap opera. It deserved an Oscar just for it's complicated plot.

When Max went in after Fang left, she found that Evan had already changed out of her clothes. She smiled when she heard her footsteps and looked right at her. But her sight-less eyes fixed a little over her eyebrows.

"Hi mom."

"Hey." She ruffled her hair and sat beside her on the bed. "You hungry?" She nodded. "Let's go get some dinner then."

Max was tired. All she wanted was to stop running and go home. Go home to her family. The only family she had ever known.

But Evan was a family too. Heck, she was the most important part of her family. She was her daughter.

Evan didn't know anything about the Flock. Or more specifically, she didn't know anything at all. Max always dodged the questions. Questions about her wings, about why she couldn't see, why the other kids didn't have wings like her and her mom, and most importantly, where was her father, why wasn't he there with them.

Max knew that eventually she'd have to come up with the answers. She'd have to tell her the truth about her past. But not now. Now was not the time.

And things even turned more complicated when Charlie disappeared a year ago. Max was completely lost. She didn't know where to go or what to do. What do you do when a person goes missing? Inform the cops? But what if they found out about her past?

But she had to do something. So she went to the cops. Thankfully, her cover was very strong, they didn't suspect a thing, but they didn't find Charlie either. They told her to be patient and to wait. She'd been waiting ever since.

Now Fang was here.

She didn't know what to think of that. She was happy to see him again. God knew how much she had wanted to see them. To see him. But now that he was here, he'd found her, what was she supposed to do? Should she ignore him? Should she go with him? Go home?

But what about Evan?

What if they hated her? She was Omega's daughter after all.


She hated him. Hated him.

She still had nightmares about that time. She hated him for making her feel like this. Feel so vulnerable.

And she knew they hated him.

What if they hated Evan too?

And besides, it had been too long. What if it was already late? Max had missed so much of their lives. They were all grown-ups now. What if they reacted differently towards her?

There were so many questions. Her life was one big what if now, and she was tired of it.

All she wanted was to go home.

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