Chapter 18

"May," Her boss Claire called her from the counter. "You have a call."

Her brows furrowed. A call? Max never had a call. Unless…


"Ms. May Siemens?" A gruff voice said from the other side. "I'm Mr. Jones, the principal of your daughter's preschool."

"Yes?" Max's stomach did a double flip.

"I think you should get here Ms. Siemens, it's about your daughter Evan."

The preschool wasn't far from the bookstore Max worked at. She was there in a matter of five minutes, her mind full with worry and thoughts of what might've happened. This had never happened before, Evan was a very quite kid. Though she went to a normal preschool, there was never a problem, at least not that Max knew of.

The Secretary showed her inside the Principal's office and Max found Evan sitting in a chair with a very angry look in her face. There was another a boy of her age sitting beside her who looked also angry and was sitting as far from Evan as possible, and a middle aged woman who looked like the boy's mother.

"Ms. Siemens?" The Principal got off from his chair and held out his hand. "I am Mr. Jones and this is Elizabeth Walker." Max shook his hand and Elizabeth Walker gave her a somewhat guilty smile. "Please take a seat all of you." They all sat and Mr. Jones cleared his voice. "Ms. Siemens, we take this kind of things very seriously in our school, that's why we've called both you and Mrs. Walker."

"I'm sorry," Max, said confusedly. "But, uh, what's wrong?"

"Your daughter, Evan, had a fight with Mrs. Walker's son, Tyler. No," He held up his hand as both Max and Mrs. Walker tried to say something. "Let me finish, please. Both Tyler and Evan are very attentive students; none of them had a fight before this with anyone else. So I'm going to go easy on them for now. I'm leaving this stuff to you. Please explain to them how much of a bad thing…this is. And how its not proper to deck someone," He glanced at Evan. "In fact its very inappropriate."

Max was very confused when they got out from the office. Deck someone? She thought. Evan doesn't even know what decking is!

She faced Evan after getting outside. "You want to tell me what that was about?"

"No, I'm sorry, it wasn't her fault." Mrs. Walker stopped her. She grabbed the boy's arm and glared at him. "You shouldn't have done that Tyler."

"She started it!" Tyler scowled and glared at Evan.

Evan glared back though she didn't know about it. "You grabbed my cards."

"You punched me!"

"You scared me!"


"That's it." Mrs. Walker scolded. "Enough. Tyler you shouldn't have taken her cards without asking her because you startled her that way and she got scared so she punched you." She cleared it out. "You should've asked her first. No more arguing, now. Go and play, I'll be there in a minute."

Tyler ran to the swings. Max looked at Evan. "You can go too, but no fighting."

After Evan ran away, Mrs. Walker smiled at her guiltily. "I am so sorry. Tyler isn't exactly like this."

"No, it was probably Evan's fault, I can't believe she punched him."

"Well, it's normal actually, Tyler scared her and she was maybe nervous from something so she just reacted."

"I'll have to talk to her about it, it's weird, she's never done this before…"

Their conversation was cut short with high-pitched yells and screams.

"It was you, you started it!" Tyler yelled.

"No it wasn't! You did!" Evan soon followed.

"No, You!"

"You did!"


Well, that's that.

Fang was just back from work and sitting with Iggy on the couch watching TV when a very angry and fuming Max burst open the door and stomped to them dragging a scared looking Evan with her. She pointed the sofa opposite theirs and growled out, "Sit."

Oooh! Scary!

God knows how Evan knew where Max was pointing but she took the sit and looked down.

Max directed her glare towards Iggy.

"You taught my kid how to punch?" She demanded.


"I, uh, I," Iggy stammered.

"Did you or did you not?" Max snapped.

"I may have showed her the basics…"

"Do you know what she did today?" Max didn't wait for answer. "She punched a boy in her school."



This time Max glared at both of them.

"I mean, oh my!"

"That's horrible!"

Max scowled then turned towards Evan "Honey," She lowered her voice. "You cannot hit people like that even if they startle you. It's not right. And you can't argue with anyone like that."

"But he said I started it…" Evan protested.

"You did punch him right?"

Evan nodded guiltily.

"Well, then, he is kind of right."

Evan looked up. "Are you mad?"

Max sighed and knelt. "No, but I will be mad if there is a next time. Will there be a next time?" she shook her head. "Good. Now go to your room and get changed."

When Evan was gone she faced them again.

"Iggy you cannot teach her how to fight like this." She said in a much calmer voice.

"Oh come on!" Iggy threw up his hands. "Even Angel knew more than her when she was six Max."

"Well, it's not the same is it?"

Iggy sighed. "Whatever. But you must admit that she's pretty cool. I mean, I just taught her the basics and she already punched a kid? She's got talent Max."

Max visibly stiffened. "Don't you have work?"

"I have the day off," Iggy said acting like he didn't notice the sudden change of subject. "And Fang got off early. What about you?"

Max shrugged and sat beside Fang. "I got off early too. What's for dinner?"

The next day was pretty much the same, with only the exceptions of Iggy and Gazzy setting off a bomb inside Nudge's dresser and all of her clothes were dyed yellow, (she was furious about it, saying that yellow didn't suit her at all) and a furious Nudge chasing them with a hair dryer (don't ask) and Angel bugging everyone out of their minds (literally) and Fang not talking the whole day (as usual) but she caught him staring at her sometimes, it was pretty much normal.

Max couldn't say she didn't enjoy it, because she did. It felt the same, same as nine years back. And it felt great.

So it was a good day until she found Evan with Angel and Iggy.

Iggy found Evan sitting on her bed cross-legged with a stack of cards.

"Hey Evan." He greeted as he sat in front of her. "What're you doing?"

Evan smiled, but instead of answering she held up the cards to him, "Choose a card."

"Oh." He saw a spades of five. "Okay, I did."

Evan shuffled the cards and then did some more tricks that they did in TV and Iggy vaguely wondered how she learnt them. Then she held out one single card to him. Spades of five.

"Is this the one you chose?"

Iggy's jaw dropped.

"How did you…?" He managed to choke out. "How did you do that?"

Evan grinned. "I just did."

"Yeah, but how?"

"I don't know. It felt like the right order."

"The right order?"

"Uh-huh." Evan started to play with the cards again and Iggy stared at her, not sure what to say or how to react.

"Hey Iggy, what are colors?" She suddenly asked.

"What do you mean?" Iggy asked, confused.

"You know, like they say that apples are red and oranges are orange, but what are they? Red, orange? I mean I can understand the shapes like what are they shaped like, but what do you mean by red and orange? How do you feel colors?"

Iggy was dumbfounded. Being blind was tough. But at least he knew about what things looked like because he'd seen them before. But what about Evan? She was blind from her birth. She didn't even know what were colors. Iggy could at least imagine how things were when Gazzy described them to him, but Evan wouldn't even understand what he was saying.

Suddenly he had an idea and he was so startling that he was sure that a light bulb just went on his head and felt like running around naked screaming 'EUREKA' like Einstein.

Or was it Newton?

Who cares? The important thing was that there was a way to show Evan everything.

Max found Evan with Angel and Iggy, all of their faces beaming with happiness.

"Hey," She walked in and sat beside Evan on the bed. "What's up?"

"Mom!" Evan screamed and laughed. "Angel is showing me things."

"What?" Max asked confusedly.

"She's showing me what everything looks like."

Max looked at Iggy and Angel who was both sitting there with proud looks on their faces.

"Angel developed her powers a bit." Max looked at the direction of the new voice and sure enough Fang was standing in a corner lurking in the shadows. "She can show anyone anything in their minds."

"Yeah, and she showed me what colors look like." Evan exclaimed. "She even showed me you, you're so pretty!"

"All right, what next?" Angel asked grinning.

"Show me the sky!"

Max felt something move inside her. Evan looked so happy. Had she ever seen her this happy before?

She got up and left the room as quietly as possible,

He found her in the living room, sitting on the couch, her head in her hands. He sat beside her and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

Max shook her head but didn't look up.

"Come on, Max, tell me."

Max sighed in her hands and choked out the words. "I…am a horrible mother."

"What?" Fang felt confused. "No. What makes you say that?"

"I am Fang!" She looked up at him, her eyes swimming with emotions. "I am! When I…when I found out she was blind, I…I was happy, Fang! I was happy! Because if she's blind she couldn't be strong then right? She couldn't hurt anyone!" Tears fell and a little sob escaped her. "I was…was so relieved! And look at her now; she's so happy that she finally knows what everything looks like. How could I…. how…?" She didn't finish her question, instead buried her head in her hands again.

Fang threw his hand around her shoulder and forced her to look at him. "Hey…look at me." He met her warm brown eyes and felt his chest swell with something that has been there for years. "You are not horrible, Max. You can never be horrible even if you try to. You're the most amazing mom and the best Evan could've had or asked for."

"Yeah?" Max asked dumbly.

"Yeah, and don't you think otherwise." Maybe it was the fact that his little pep talk wasn't very developed (couldn't blame him, that guy hardly talked) or maybe it was just the fact that he'd wanted to do this for forever. Whatever the case was, it didn't matter.

Because his fate was already written.


He kissed Max.

It was short, but very sweet. Her lips tasted like strawberry, her skin felt soft, and she smelt like fresh wind.

But he didn't notice any of that.

No, really, he didn't.

Because his mind was still in shock with the fact that she didn't push him back and didn't kick him where the sun doesn't shine.

Instead, she kissed him back.

It was the best kiss ever and the only thing he could think was 'hot damn'. (Hey, don't judge, he's still a guy!)

And then, their kiss was broke off with the sound of shattering glasses and a scream.

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