Chapter 19

Once again Grey found Sian asleep on the couch. It was five in the evening and she looked tired.

That explains why she isn't answering my calls. He thought. Though he was dying to know what happened to Charles Siemens, he didn't want to wake up the girl again from her sleep. It didn't look like she was having much of that lately. So, he sat there waiting for her to wake up.

About half an hour later she started to stir. She slowly blinked open her eyes and stared when she saw him.

"Hey." He greeted.

"What are you doing here?" She sat up, rubbing her eyes.

"Came to check on you, you weren't picking up your phone."


"What happened with Charles Siemens?" He asked.

She sighed. "Nothing. He…" She stopped as a nurse came in. The nurse checked on her father, it took her about five minutes. The whole time Grey saw Sian staring at her with squinted eyes like it will help her to see the nurse better.

"You okay?" He asked after the nurse was gone.

"Huh?" She looked at him confusedly. "Yeah, its just, something's not right. There is something I can't put my finger on but its right there…"

"Something about the nurse?"

She looked even more confused. "I don't know. Must be the lack of sleep."

"Well, you were saying…?"

"Oh, yeah. Charles Siemens didn't tell me anything, instead he gave me this address and said that if I could convince this woman that they could trust me she'd tell me everything I want to know."

"So? Did she tell you?"

"No." She still looked distracted. "Apparently I wasn't convincing enough. She told me she didn't trust me."

Grey was about to ask something when he noticed the cast on her wrist. "Hey, what happened to your hand?"

She glanced at her wrist. "I…wait…" She looked at it again, and then she looked at Grey, her eyes wide and every trace of sleepiness gone. "Oh my God!"

"What? What is it?" Now Grey felt confused.

"I know where I've seen him!" She jumped and grabbed her jacket; in a matter of second she was out the door.

"What?" Grey followed her. "Seen who?"

"Jeff, the blind guy! I told you I've seen him somewhere!"

Both of them jumped up lunged to the direction the scream came from. Though Fang couldn't help but curse inside.

Can't a guy just kiss the girl of his dreams without some interru…?


He fell on his back as something hit him, hard, on his head. His vision went blurry and he had a warm feeling in his scalp. A voice screamed his name and through his blurry vision he saw that Max had stopped her sprint and was facing his way. His vision cleared a bit and he saw an eraser standing over him but staring at Max with a cruel grin and Max looking at him with a horrified face.


"Go," He tried to say but nothing came out. But maybe Max noticed it because the next moment she was sprinting at full speed again.

The eraser growled and was about to lunge after her when Fang stuck out his foot and he stumbled and fell on his face.

Let's see how much shit you can take beastie.

"EVAN!" Max screamed as she opened the door, which was her first mistake. She came to a halt when she saw the scene before her. There were two erasers, each holding Iggy and Angel in a headlock, the only exception was Evan, who the eraser was just holding with one hand, using her body to cover himself.

"Hello birdie." He grinned.

"Get off of my daughter." She growled out.

"None can do." His grin widened. "You see the Director wants your little birdie."

"Mom?" Evan whispered in a shaky voice.

"Baby, it will be okay." Max whispered back. "It'll be fine."

"What's happening?"

"Aw. Is little birdie scared?" The eraser cackled and ran his claws over her face. "Don't worry birdie. I'll take good care of y…"

Again, SMACK!

Somewhere along there conversation (gag!) they had started to circle each other and the eraser had come to stand in front of the doorway which none of them noticed until Nudge sneaked up behind him and smashed a vase on his head.

"Shut up, will ya?" She snapped and grabbed Evan, the same time the hell broke loose as the other erasers came to their senses and both of them let go off Angel and Iggy and lunged for Nudge.

Max wasn't sure how it happened but suddenly she was fighting two new erasers who literally had come out of nowhere. There were five new erasers and through it all Max looked for Evan. She threw a punch blindly but successfully hit an eraser on his jaw and she finally noticed Nudge who was holding Evan the same time she was trying to fight two erasers.

She wasn't making much progress.

They were outnumbered and also out of practice. Sure they could take fifty erasers once, but it had been a long time. At least Max hadn't fought one eraser for the past nine years.

It seemed a lot easier when she was fourteen.

Suddenly she heard Nudge scream with pain, one of the erasers was pulling her wings. Max threw a roundhouse kick and made her way towards Nudge. But the damage was already done, Nudge was on the floor and Evan was again nowhere to be seen.

Angel! She screamed inside her head.

I can't see her!

Max punched the eraser on the stomach. Why the hell these fucking things won't DIE!

She saw an eraser kicked Iggy on the head, another one pulled Angel's hand backwards and she screamed with pain. Sometime, Gazzy had joined the fight but was also on the floor as an eraser kicked his stomach.

It was official.

They were hopelessly out of shape.

Max, the window!

Max looked at the window and saw an eraser holding Evan jumping out the window. Right before he jumped, Evan screamed,


Anger and panic surged through her body as she threw a final punch at the eraser and lunged at the window. She didn't slow down even when she was near it and in a moment she was falling through it. She snapped open her wings and saw the eraser throwing Evan inside a taxi.

By the time Max collected herself and pour her speed to her flight, the taxi had turned a corner. It was faster than a normal cab but there was no other difference.

Something grasped her waist and pulled her back. Max screeched and started to elbow the person behind her.

"Max stop! It's me!" She stopped recognizing Fang's voice. They were now standing on the road and as soon as she stopped struggling Fang let go of her and started to run as fast as he could. "We can't fly here!" He shouted when he saw her sprinting beside him and Max understood. It was broad daylight, there were enough trouble already, and they didn't need some stupid humans too.

They turned the corner, and came to an abrupt halt. They were in the busy main road of New York and were now faced with New York traffic.

But that wasn't the reason why they'd stopped.

There were at least hundred of taxis in front of them, waiting for the red light to turn green, and all of them looked exactly the same.

There was no way to find out which one had Evan.

"No," Max whispered and was about to run toward the first taxi when the light turned green. Fang grabbed her again. "No, no," Max kept whispering, "This isn't happening." She thrashed again, trying to get away from him. "No, EVAN! EVAN!" Fang pulled her to him, trying to calm her down as the passer-byes gave them weird look. Max kept struggling, screaming Evan's name, like suddenly she will pop up from somewhere and come running to her mother.

But even she couldn't deny the truth.

Her daughter Evan was taken and this time there was no way to save her.

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