Chapter 20

Max burst inside the house and rest of the Flock followed her. She ran upstairs without giving anyone a second glance and all of them heard the loud 'BANG's that was soon heard.

The others had met with them shortly after the incident. They said that right after Max and Fang left, the erasers stopped fighting and were gone in an instant. They didn't understand what had happened back then, but now it was pretty clear.

They were here for Evan.

"How the heck did they know where we are?" Gazzy demanded, looking at the mess that'd been made after the fight. The whole house was in ruins and there didn't seem to be a single furniture left intact.

"They must've known." Iggy said absentmindedly as he picked up a broken piece of glass.

"But we haven't had an eraser attack since…" He squinted his eyes as he tried to find the right word.

"Since Max left." Nudge finished it for him.

"Fang, I think you should go to Max." Angel said worriedly. "She doesn't sound good…"

Angel didn't finish the sentence when she saw Max stomping down the stairs. There was blood in her shirt, which she guessed was from the gush on her arm, and a bruise was forming on her cheek. Her hair was messy and her eyes bloodshot, it wasn't a very pretty sight.

Max rushed and was about to cross them when Fang saw the duffle bag in her hand.

"Hey," He grabbed her hand and forced her to stand still. "Where are you going?"

"To get Evan back." She said sternly.

"Yeah? And how do you plan on doing that?"

"Damn it Fang!" She jerked away her hand. "She's my daughter! I can't just leave her with them, they'll…" Her voice broke as she stuttered out the next part. "They'll kill her!"

"Max." He put his hands on her shoulder and faced her to him. "Nothing will happen to Evan. We will find her and we will get her back. I promise." He stared deep into her eyes, making sure that she understood him. "But you need to calm down, Max. We won't be able to do any of this if you're not calm. Right now, we need the leader that you were nine years ago. We need you; Evan needs you to be strong. Okay?"

Max nodded and it seemed like she tried to pull herself together. "Okay." She said in a hoarse voice.

"So," Gazzy said trying to sound cheerful. "What's the plan?"

Right that moment Ketty Perry's Firework blared the whole room. Everyone looked at each other confusedly, trying to figure out where it was coming from, and Gazzy looked at Iggy weirdly.

"Dude, its your phone!"

Iggy face turned bright red, "Oh."

"So you think he's here?" He asked as they crossed the gate.

"Yes! I've seen him here that night. He's a nurse!"

"A nurse?" Grey felt even more confused. "But isn't he blind?"

"I know, all right!" Sian said for the hundredth time. "But I saw him here."

Grey felt like slapping the girl so that she would wake up. A blind guy working as a nurse? What is this the X-men?

The receptionist looked up at them from the computer screen and smiled. "Hi, how can I help you?"

Could we please get a seat in the Psychiatric Department? I think the girl beside me is crazy. And also, I would like to get the Hospital Security; I think I might start punching her any moment.

"Hi, I was looking for one of your nurses." Sian said. "He has strawberry blond hair, blue eyes and was about this tall." She held her hand way up from Grey's head.

"Jeff?" The receptionist looked at her confusedly.

"Yes! Jeff!" Sian turned at him and gave him the look that said 'See? Told you I was right! Lol! Noob!' She looked at her again. "Can you please give me his address?"

"I'm sorry ma'am." She looked at her apologetically. "But we don't give our staffs address to anyone. If you have any complains about Jeff Ride, you can report to the office."

Sian stared at her and Grey stared at Sian, waiting to see what she would do next.

Almost immediately Sian started to tear up. "Listen, Stacy? Right?" She said in a broken voice and it was so good that even Grey believed it. "I don't know h-how it h-happened but I," She sniffed and Stacy looked at her a bit worriedly. "I…I am…." She sniffed again. "But I'm p-pregnant," She spitted out the word and Grey almost choked on his own saliva. What?! "Pregnant with J-Jeff's…" She broke down crying.

Oh boy! What have I gotten myself into?

Iggy stared at the screen.

Stacy? Why is Stacy calling? This isn't my shift.


"JEFF RIDE!" Iggy flinched. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?"

"Stacy? What's wrong?"

"What…what's wrong? What is wrong is the fact that you made a girl pregnant!"

"What?" He's mouth fell open and the rest of the Flock looked at him worriedly. "I did what?"

"Oh don't you dare to deny it! That poor girl…"

"Stacy what the fuck are talking about?" Iggy panicked as he totally forgot about the cursing deal.

I'm a virgin for God's sake!

"You wanna know what I'm talking about?" Stacy said furiously. "Well, listen Ride. This girl came about half an hour ago and she said that you hooked up with that girl for a night she didn't even get your name and now she's pregnant with your kid!" Stacy took a breath. "What the heck Jeff? Haven't you heard of protection?"

Hm. Something is wrong because I'm pretty sure that I'm still a virgin. "What was her name?"


"Did you ask her name?"

"Uh- no, actually, I don't know her name."

Something's definitely not right.

Iggy felt his heart come up to his throat. "Did you give her my address?"

Stacy scoffed. "Of course I did…" The same time the doorbell rang.

Angel tried to move but Iggy held up his hand, indicating her to stop. He crept up to the door and looked through the peephole. Yep, there was a girl. And he remembered her very well.

"Describe her." He whispered.

"Why are you whispering?"

"Just do it!"

"Okay, well, she's a brunette with chin length hair, and, um, green eyes and as tall as me I think."

Yep. That's her!

"All right. I'll talk to you later." He cut the line and looked through the peephole again. What was he supposed to do? Open the door or act like nobody's home?

The bell rang again.

Angel must've told the others about what was happening because none of them asked anything about his weird behavior.

"What should we do?" Gazzy whispered.

But Nudge asked the real question. "Why is she here?"

"She knows about us." Angel spat out. Her face looked like she was concentrating and Iggy knew she was reading the girl's mind.

Suddenly Iggy was thrown to a side and he saw Max throwing open the door. The next thing he saw was Max holding the girl up by her throat against the wall.

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