Chapter 22

Evan was scared.

She was taken; she understood that much, and she understood that her mom wasn't here. But that was the only thing she knew. The rest was dark, like always.

Evan wasn't scared of the dark, like other kids of her age. In school, when her classmates would learn about her blindness, they would always ask one question. 'Isn't it scary to be always in dark?' She would always say, 'no'. Because she never understood what darkness was. They would say, 'Its black, you silly!' She still wouldn't understand, 'Black? What's black?'

But this time she was scared.

Scared of the fact that she was alone.

And then there were those…things.

Just before they were attacked, she had heard Iggy yell, 'Erasers!' Were they called erasers? Why? From what Sian understood, they weren't normal. They had fur and there were claws in their hands. No way they were humans.

What are they then?

They had left Evan in room. It wasn't big; Evan had explored the whole room when they left her alone, mainly to know where the furniture was. But there weren't any. It was empty.

They hadn't restrained either.

She heard a door open and close. There were footsteps, two sets of them. On was heavy, the other was the clik-clak of heels. They stopped right in front of her and she heard a female voice, as smooth as silk, speak.

"Hello, dear. What's your name?"

She stared at the scared girl sitting on the floor against the wall, and she felt smug.

The girl didn't look up at her, nor did she answer the question. She knelt in front of her and tried to take a good look at her face but again she didn't face her.

"I think you know about us, don't you?" She said in a soothing voice.

This time the girl did look at her. "Who are you?"

"Oh, so Max didn't tell you about us? That's harsh."

"How do you know my mom?"

She smirked. "I wonder girl, did she ever tell you about your father?"

Her eyes widened. But instead of answering, she looked away again.

Nope, it won't work like this.

She got up and walked out from the room. The door closed behind them and she looked at her companion.

"What do you think, doctor?"

The man, Michael Shepherd, looked at the clipboard in his hands. "She's blind."

"What?" Her jaw would've fall open if she wasn't so worried about her reputation. "She's blind?"

"Yes." Dr. Shepherd smiled. "But do not mistake it as a weakness."

"Do not mistake?" She said furiously. "She's blind! Our biggest project can go to the sewage if that's true! Dr. Shepherd we are trying to build the strongest specimen, not the weakest one!"

"Just because she's…"

"Tell me something, how can a girl who doesn't even know about her surroundings is supposed to fight and beat the enemy?"

Dr. Shepherd looked irritated. "There's only one way to find out, isn't it?"

Director Marian Janseen stared at him for a few seconds before a cruel smile appeared on her face. "Sure."

She was about to walk away when Dr. Shepherd stopped her.

"Before that, I think I have something for you." He gave her an envelope. When she saw the contents inside, the smile widened.

"Good job, doctor. You actually found her location, just as promised."

After a while, those erasers came back. This time, they restrained her hands in front of her and her wings with something that felt like metal. They made her walk and took her to somewhere else. There, they rebound her hands with a rod and left her standing.

Evan felt confused, what are they doing to her?

That's when she heard something move, and then the familiar growls and smell. She heard the thumping on the floor and she knew something was running towards her. And it was going to hurt her. In instinct, she snapped open her wings. The thing that was restraining them broke, and she pulled her wings around her, to save herself from whatever was coming.

Only when she was attacked, she understood that it wasn't just one thing.

It was many things.

They attacked her from all around, slashing at her, and punching her and kicking her.

And there was nothing she could do to stop them.

Omega stood in front of the one-way mirror and stared at the little girl getting attacked by erasers. There were at least twenty of them. He saw one of them clawing her back and blood poured out. He saw as another one slashed at her unprotected legs and blood poured out. He saw as another one bit her left wing and blood poured out. He saw as another one clawed her ankle and blood….

Omega didn't know how long he saw it. He felt like he was unable to move. He felt emptied of emotions. He remembered the same incident from nine years ago, only with Max instead of the little girl. He remembered when he saw her fighting against hundred erasers. That time, he was confused. He was full with doubt.

But what about now?

Didn't he feel anything now?

Omega wasn't sure.

His thoughts were interrupted as the door burst open and the Director stomped in. Only then he noticed that the fight was over, the girl was nowhere in sight. The Director threw something on the table angrily. It was the metal band that was restraining the girl's wings.

"Nothing!" She yelled. "She's nothing! Nothing but a weak chicken! There is no reason for her to…"

"She did break the band."

The Director looked at Omega, who had picked up the broken band and her eyes widened with realization.

"It's unbreakable, isn't it?" He continued. "But she broke it. And that's what you wanted."

"I wanted her to be strong."

"She is strong." Omega looked at the spot where she was bound moments before. "Just not trained." He glanced at her once before returning his gaze to the previous place. "At least wait for Woodcomb. Maybe she'll know something. She was in charge of the experiment after all." He saw Marian's reflection on the glass, she was looking at him suspiciously. "What's her name?"

"Don't know." She took a step towards him. "She didn't say." Another one. "Why are you saying this Omega?" Another one, and she were standing right behind him. She whispered in his ear. "You want to save your daughter? Are you going weak?"

The words felt like venom in his ear. He looked at her reflection again.

"I'm not weak." He said calmly. "And she isn't my daughter."

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