Chapter 23

Agent Daniel Grey cursed inwardly as he entered the restaurant. He was late, and he didn't want to make a stupid first impression for being late. He didn't want this man to be irritated at him, not only because he was important in this, but also because he was a very important person. And Grey just didn't want to lose his job right then.

He spotted the man sitting on a corner table.

"Agent Sutcliff, sir".

The man looked up, his brows furrowed with irritation as he held out his hand. "Agent Daniel Grey, I presume?"

"Yes, thank you for coming."

"Well, it isn't everyday you get message to get to New York from DC without getting any explanation." He nodded at Grey to sit who flinched at his choice of words. It was true. Grey did sent an email to Sutcliff saying that it was important that they met even though Sutcliff was a senior agent. "You better have one ready though," Agent Sutcliff smiled, but the slight anger was evident in his voice. "I don't want this trip to be for nothing."

"But it isn't for nothing is it?" Grey dared to say. "You came here to meet with Agent Rhodes. I'm just a little side trip…sir."

Sutcliff's blue eyes sparkled with amazement. "I see, you've done your homework. Now if you would please elaborate as to why we're here."

So, for the second time that week, he started to tell his story. His mind was also swirling with facts and information. From what he'd learned, Agent Sutcliff was a decent man. He'd been working for the FBI for almost twenty years now, twice he was offered a job in the CIA, but he had declined. His profile was full with success. He was described as honest, intelligent and hard working, while at the same time he was one of the most influential agents in the FBI. If nothing went wrong, he was sure to be the Director soon.

In a word, he was just the person Daniel Grey needed to take down Itex.

Hey, Angel?

Max called out hesitantly as they stood in front of the flat.

Yeah? Angel confusedly responded.

Where's Jeb?


Angel was quiet for a few seconds and Max looked at her to make eye contact. Unfortunately Angel avoided her. She saw Sian ringing the bell as she waited for her to answer.

Jeb is gone Max.

What? Max had to try hard not to show any emotions in her face.

After you…left, we looked for him to see if he knew anything, but we couldn't find him anywhere and ever since then he kinda disappeared. Angel sighed. I'm sorry, Max.

No, it's okay.

What about the Voice? Does it tell you anything?

Actually, no. I haven't heard anything from it either since…then.

That was it. There was nothing else. They didn't have Jeb, who always seemed to know everything (Max was kind of tempted to find him and beat some sense into him so if he knew, he'd tell them about Evan's whereabouts), they didn't have the Voice, who also seemed to know everything (Please see the previous bracket), so if this Sian kid couldn't give them anything, there wasn't much they could do…..

The door finally creaked open and Max had to halt her thoughts as the familiar face stared at them.

"You?" Venom seeped out from her voice as she saw the familiar blond white coat from nine years ago.


Agent Sutcliff stared at the man in front of him with a perfect poker face. Inside though, he was shaking with disbelief.

"You're saying…"

"Yes." Agent Grey nodded.

Sutcliff furrowed his brows as his eyes burned holes at the man. His inner self screamed bullshit but he didn't let it cloud his judgment.

"Are you even aware of what you're saying?" He asked in a monotonous voice.

"Yes." Again, Grey nodded.

"Not only you are telling me a disbelieving story, but also you're referring to one of your colleagues as a mole in the FBI." Grey didn't respond to that. "Who is this mole?"

"I can't tell you that, not without evidence."

Sutcliff eyed him. Clever. "Do you have anything to prove these?"

"Not now." Grey shook his head. "But if you give me some time I can prove it to you. I can give you evidence. Just give me a month, that's all I need. Please Sir."

Sutcliff thought about what he had said. Could it be true? Was it even possible? Agent Sutcliff was a man of reasons, for that it seemed impossible to him. But Daniel Grey didn't seem dense. He knew of the consequences he might suffer. Also, this was a terrible matter. Could he ignore something this big and important? Wasn't it a bit risky?

"Okay. I'll give you time." He said calmly as he prepared to get up. "But not a month, I'll give you a week."

Grey nodded, but Sutcliff continued.

"If this goes downhill, I won't even acknowledge that we've met. And if you can't prove anything within a week, I will make sure that you pay for all these, Agent Grey."

"So, are you convinced now?"

The Flock stared at the two women in front of them, speechless. Well, no, actually, make that three. Since Sian Dent had barged in the glaring contest between the two blonds. The white coat, whose name was Janice Woodcomb, directed her glare at Sian.

"How did you find them?" She demanded, ignoring Sian's question.

She shrugged and pointed at Iggy. "I saw him in the hospital. It was dumb luck, really."

"How did you find her?" Max pointed at Janice and glared at Sian. Sian's left eye twitched as she tried not to flinch.

"You know, it's kinda unfair. All of you just keep glaring at me it's my fault." This time Max looked ready to hit her. "All right, geez, I did my research and a man gave me her address."

"Where is your daughter?" Janice asked and the two blonds went back to glaring at each other, ignoring the rest.

Sian pouted. "This is unfair. All of you know everything except me!"

"That's the reason why we're here." Max snapped at Janice. "Where is my daughter?"

"She's not with you?" Janice's brow shot up.

"Your dogs took them, bitch!"

"I'm not with Itex!"

"The last time I saw you, you were!"

"It was a cover! I was trying to help you!"

"Okay let's stop right there!" Fang cut in. "How did you know it's a girl?" He demanded.

"Yes." Nudge joined as she too glared at Janice. "How did you?"

Janice didn't answer; instead she kept glaring at Max.

A weird silence fell over as all of them kept glaring, except Sian, who looked like she was getting irritated.

This is awkward…and unfair. She thought as her brows furrowed. Seriously, if all of them keep glaring at Janice, how is she supposed to glare back? She can't glare at all of them at once, right? It isn't like she has six eyes really.

"All right, okay!" She threw up her hands and forced her way between Max and Janice, making sure that they couldn't lunge at each other. "How about we calm down a bit, huh? I'm pretty sure that none of us are the villain here. Let's just sit and talk it out. And all of you can start from the start!" They looked at her weirdly. "Like start telling the story from the start, huh?" No response. "Come on!"

"This is getting nowhere." He kept staring out the one way mirror. The stuffs were now cleaning the mess. He watched as one of them started to wipe the blood. "What are you planning to do?"

"You know what." Director Marian Janseen said as she went through the papers given by Dr. Shepherd.

Omega looked at her surprised. "But I thought they didn't find her."

A satisfied smile appeared on her face. "Shepherd took care of it. And now it's time I returned a long kept favor of Janice Woodcomb."

Omega tried not to shiver at the Director's creepy behavior. He returned his gaze at the one way mirror. And his mind wandered off to the small girl, who was supposedly his daughter.

Finally, they were able to settle down, but the glaring contest was still on. Sian coughed nervously as she tried to get their attention.

"How do you know that she's not with Itex?" Max suddenly asked her.

"Oh, um," Sian stuttered.

"Yes." Janice perked up. "If we're going to share stories, why don't we start with you?"

"Well, you see." Sian smiled nervously. Should she tell them everything? "The man that told me about Itex, he gave me another man's address and that man sent me to her." See, it wasn't too hard to dodge the question.

"Who told you about Itex?" Iggy demanded.

"It was um, it was Daniel Grey."

"Who?" Janice snapped.

"Daniel Grey?"

"And who was the other man?" Fang demanded, ignoring Janice's shock.

"Charles Siemens."

"Charles Siemens?" This time, Max went frantic.

And Sian knew that it was a bad idea to start from the start.

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