Chapter 25

Janice woke up when she heard a loud bang. When she opened her eyes, all she saw was dark, she was lying on something hard and it felt like it was moving.

Another loud bang, and her already sore head were smashed against the wall.

Yep, that hard something was definitely moving!

In a flash, everything came back to her. She tried to sit up but failed when she found out that her hands and legs were bound. Just great. She looked around and was surprised to see two silhouettes in the dark.

"You're up." A female voice said.


"And Gazzy." Another voice, this time male, added. Her eyes slowly adjusted with the dark and she saw them both sitting against the wall facing her, both of their hands and legs bound.

"I thought you got away." Janice tried to sit up again but with no avail.

"Rest of us did." Gazzy said. "But we got stuck."

"Don't worry." Nudge tried to assure her. "Max will find us."

"Uh-huh?" Janice sighed. "Well, this is just pure bliss, isn't it?"

Sometimes, she thought. I just love my freaking sorry life so much that I want to jump from a bridge.

"How the heck did this happen?" She roared out the moment her feet touched the ground.

"Max." Fang dropped Sian on her feet and went to her. "Calm down." He said. But it was evident in his eyes that he himself wasn't very calm.

"Hey," Angel put her hand on her shoulder looked straight in her eyes. "Just calm down."

"She's…" Finally, Sian found her voice. "She's freaky." She whispered.

"That's my sister, you know." Iggy whispered back in a kind of irritated voice.

"No she's not."

"Well, not by blood maybe, but she's still…"

"How are we going to find it?" Max snapped at no one in particular.

"The file she gave us." Angel held it out and then sat under a tree. She motioned for the others to join her as she explained. "Do you remember the Institute we broke into in New York and all the experiments that were freed?"

"No." Before anyone could say anything Sian answered and Iggy looked at her irritated.

"You weren't even there!"

"What about it?" Max demanded ignoring their squabble.

"Later most of the experiments got caught again. But one or two of them did survive and some of them knew about the head branch. They're locations are in this file."

"How do you know all these?" Sian seemed like she was in awe.

"Janice told me."

"Well, let's get on with it…."

"But first," Max cut off Fang and looked at Sian. "We need to do something about her."

"Why do I feel like there's an evil aura emitting from you?"

"What about her?" Again, they ignored Sian.

"You need to go back."

"What?" Her jaw dropped. "Why?"

"Because this is dangerous and we can't always protect you." Max reasoned.

"You don't need to protect me." Sian felt like screaming. She couldn't loose it after all these. "And besides we had a deal. You said you'd give me information."

"I will, after this is over."

"And how am I going to find you then? It isn't like you're gonna come waltzing to me, I'm pretty sure you won't."

Max couldn't say anything to that; it was true. The first thing she'd be doing after rescuing her family would be leaving this place far behind and never looking back. So she made a different approach.

"Listen, you can't come. I've told you…"

"You don't need to protect me. Just do whatever you do. All I need to do is to find some information." She said desperately. "If it's the head branch they'll have every kind of information there."

Now, Max felt helpless. What should she do? Should she take her with them?

It's all right Max. Angel said in her head. She won't betray us.

"It will be dangerous." She said finally.

Sian looked relieved, as she understood that it was just a warning.

"You better be prepared kid."

"I'm not a kid, stop calling me that!"

It was dark, again. They had blindfolded them when they took them out from the van and forced them to walk. She wasn't sure where they were being taken; after about three left turns and two right turns and one hundred and seventy-seven steps, a door was being opened and she was shoved in. they forced her to sit in a chair and was again tied. When they opened her blindfold, she was greeted with the sight of Omega and Director Marian Janseen.

"Hello again." The Director smirked.

Janice furrowed her brows and looked around. But there was no one else in the room except them.

"Where are they?" She demanded. "Gazzy and Nudge, where are they?"

"Ooh. Mama Bear's angry."

"And where the fuck is Evan?"

"Well," Marian sat in a chair on front of her and crossed her legs. "That's the reason you're here. Tell me something Janice, did you continue your research on her after all that?"

"No," Janice lied. "I didn't." In truth, one of the deals between her and Charles Siemens was that he was going to send her all the information of Evan, so she could keep a record on her health.

"Are you sure?"

Janice looked at Omega and a simple thought crossed her mind, could it be?


"Hmm," She stood up. "Well, then. There's nothing else to do. Omega, arrange everything. We'll start with the maze."

"What? Are you crazy?" Janice broke. "Her body isn't strong enough for your stupid runs!"

"Well if she isn't strong enough what good is she?" She glared.

Janice stared at her, trying to decide what to do. If it goes this way, Marian would probably lose it and would decide to execute her. But she couldn't let that happen, the least she can do right now is to buy some time for Max to find them.

"I said," She decided. "That her body isn't strong enough. Body, as in her structure."

"What do you mean?"

"God, you're so shallow." She taunted. "Her brain structure is stronger that any normal human being."


"Give her an equation, any kind of equation, or maybe a puzzle. She doesn't know what she is capable of doing." She looked at Omega who was still standing in a corner silently. The next words, even though Marian hadn't noticed, were directed to him. "She may appear that way, but do not mistake her as weak. She is far from that."

The Director left after that.

Janice looked around her. It wasn't a large room, but it was full with file cabinets. In a corner, there was a desk with a computer. If she was assuming right, then this was the Director's room, and the fact that they had kept her here also somehow indicated that she didn't have long to live.

She tried to make an escape route, but it was impossible with Omega keeping an eye on her.

At first, Janice thought he had stayed behind to guard her, but after a while he spoke.

"What did you mean?"

She looked at him. "About what?"

Omega didn't answer; he kept staring at her. Both of them knew what the other was talking about. So they kept staring. None of them backed down as they observed the other in calculating eyes. Even though Omega had never really acknowledged her, Janice was always painfully aware of Omega. From the very star she knew it could result like this, but she'd hoped it wouldn't. Now that it was staring her I n the face, Janice started to feel uneasy.

How will this ever work out?

"You felt something, didn't you?" She finally said. "When you went near her?"

His eyes flashed with something foreign. Something, Janice never knew could exist inside him.

"What's happening?" He asked in a very quiet voice.

"Something," She said. "Something, for which I'm not sure you're ready yet."

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