Chapter 3

When two erasers were escorting Max back to her crate, the male doctor came with them. On the way another doctor joined them.

"Hey, I've been looking for you." He said to the first doctor who looked at him.

"Did it work?"

"Yes the subject can see again and it has advanced sight."

Max stopped dead on her track and the eraser behind her pushed her harshly.

"That's…" The first one stopped in mid sentence as his phone buzzed and he pulled it out from his pocket. "Hey listen I have to go. Can you put this one back in its crate."

"Yeah sure."

"All right then. See you later."

The Director was pacing nervously in her room. The experiment with Subject 000338, or as they liked to call him, Iggy, was successful. which was weird because it wasn't supposed to.

Marian tried to remember what went wrong. She had never wanted to pick Subject 000338 for this experiment. But somehow, that chirpy doctor convinced her to. But then again, she was sure it would not be successful. Then what happened? Was something unusual?


She was there. That chirpy doctor was in the surgery because one of the doctors got sick suddenly. They had to replace him with her. And now the experiment is successful.

Something was off. She could smell it. But where was the smell before?

A few minutes ago, one of the doctors who were supposed to examine Maximum Ride today came. He said that the other doctor had some words with her and told him to get out from the room before that.

And who was the other doctor?

Obviously the chirpy one.

And when Marian Janssen saw the tape of what they were talking about, the doctor did not chirp once. She wasn't chirpy at all.

Who was she?

Most of all, how did she do it? How did she blind Marian Janssen for two months straight and became the second handler of the project? She was almost as powerful as the Director now. And the Director had given her the power.

There was a knock on the door as the Director straightened herself and wiped of the worry from her face. A face showed up and she smiled. "Dr. Woodcomb. Please come in." she pulled out a chair in front of the desk and gestured her to sit. Dr. Woodcomb, or as the Director liked to call her, the chirpy one, sat on it. Her face completely calm and flawless and obviously there was no sign of said chirpiness.

"So, Janice." The Director smiled. "How's it going?"

Janice smiled back. "Excellent."

"I'm sure it is." She stared at her with stone eyes. "What did you do Janice?"

"What me?" Janice looked up at her with fake shock. "Nothing! What can a girl like me possibly do to you Oh Great One?"

"You think it's funny?" Marian felt the anger rising in her. She brought her hands down on the table with force and glared at the doctor. "Who gave you the authority to tell the subject about the experiment?"

"Um..Don't you do it all the time?" Janice put on an innocent face.

"Shut it!" Marian snapped. "Enough of this play! Who are you?"

"You know who I am. My name is Janice Woodcomb and I am a research scientist…"

She slammed her fists again and the table shook with force. She brought her face down to Janice's level. "You think you're smart? What about your family huh? You think you can protect them from me?"

Her face darkened a bit. "You don't even know if I have a family."

"You think you can outrun me? You think I'm a fool?"

"No." Janice smirked. "I simply think that you don't have enough of that gray stuff in your head."

They brought her in the room and stopped in front of her crate as one of the erasers started to unlock it, but it wasn't very easy because of his claws. The rest of the flock looked up at her excitedly as they waited to give her the news. Iggy still had bandages over his eyes but they were new.

Max looked at the doctor standing beside her. "So he can see now?"

The doctor seemed shocked to see her speak, but he answered her question. "Yes."

"When can you open the bandage?"


"Does he need any medicine?"

By then, the doctor was shockingly shocked as he spoke. "No. He's perfectly fine."

This time, she smirked. "That's good."

As the flock watched her to slam her fists into the doctor and as she beat two erasers to unconsciousness, they simply thought if it was okay to fight like that when a girl's pregnant and as Max turned to unlock their cages unfortunately she was wondering the same thing.

"Come on guys. We have exactly ten seconds to get out of here."

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