Chapter 4

Director Marian Janssen was about to snap at her again when suddenly the alarm bells started to ring. She spun around with proper shock written over her face. Janice felt proud knowing that she was the one who had created it.

"What did you…...?" The Director couldn't finish her sentence, before that the baton landed on her face with a thump . She didn't even know that it had left a very decent mark where it had crashed as she went unconscious. Janice stared at the limp body lying on the floor with satisfaction.

"Hmm." She smiled to herself. "That felt exceptionally good!"

She pulled out her phone and dialed a number. It was being received before the first ring even ended.


"Daniel, listen to me very carefully...…"

"Is everything alight? What happened? Why did you…"

"My cover's blown." He stopped talking. She could hear his ragged breathing.


"Yes. I'm going out." She waited for his response but there was none. So she continued. "Listen. Write this number down."

They flew out from the building and took off, leaving the chasing erasers behind. Fang looked around for Max, She was flying a few feet behind him, and he slowed down a bit to catch her.

"You okay?" She nodded, not looking at him. "That was something in there."

She again nodded. "Yeah. It was."

After flying for a few hours, Fang noticed that Max was panting. She was also flying very slowly. So he decided that they should stop for the night.

"Let's go down and rest for the night." He said showing a clearing in the forest. "We'll find the nearest city tomorrow and call your mom."

Max thought something before answering. "All right. Let's do it."

"So I will say, 'Is this the C.E.O of Free Umbrellas Only for You?'"


"And I'm going to be answered with, 'No this is the Chief Executive Officer. Isn't it a harsh raining today? Do you want me to deliver an umbrella?"'

"Yeah. And if he says anything out of ordinary…."

"Hang up the phone, get out of the house and get rid of the phone." He chuckled. "You've already said that five times." He paused and she held her breath. Both of them knew that eventually they would have to say goodbye.

"When will I see you again?" He asked desperately.

"I don't know." She tried to stop her voice from trembling. "But I do hope it's soon."

He sighed. "I love you Jane."

"I love you too."

Fang woke up as Nudge shook his shoulders.

"What?" He looked around. "What is it?"

"Max! She's not here!"

And she was right. Max was no where to be seen.

"No." He got up and looked around frantically. Everyone was looking at him now except Iggy.

But unfortunately he was the one who had the guts to tell him the truth.

"She's gone Fang. She left."

It'd been two months since Max had left.

Dr. Valencia Martinez stared at the picture of the Flock and Ella taken a few months ago before they were captured. It was the last time they had visited and the last time she had seen her daughter.

When the flock showed up at her doorstep two months ago, she didn't know what to feel. Her daughter was pregnant at the age of fourteen. More than that she was gone. She had left. She didn't know what to do, where to search. May be you can find a person if she's taken away from you, but how do you find a person who wants to be taken away from you? Who wants to be invisible? Gone? It was all so hard to except.

And it still was.

Suddenly there was a scratching noise on her front door.

Someone was trying to open it.

put down the photo and walked to the door. At first, she didn't see anything or anyone when she opened it. But then something touched her feet and a muffled sound followed it. Startled, she looked down.

And there she was.

Trying to sit up straight but was failing miserably. Her body covered with blood. Her blood. Her pained face coated with sweat and possibly tears. It didn't take long for to understand what it was.

Max was having an abortion.

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