Chapter 5

There was an odd buzzing noise. It reminded her of a heart monitor.

It also reminded her of the sound of the heartbeat she had heard while in school. The doctors had said that it was of her child, now as she was drifting in and out, she wondered it was true. If it really was her child.

The room she was in was dark but she recognized it. It was in her mom's clinic.

Where's the baby?

She tried to sit up and the buzzing noise quickened. Someone walked in hurriedly. Max tried to look at the door and saw her mom as she came and stood beside her.

"Hey, you're up."She said cheerily. "How're you feeling?"

Max nodded. "Where's the baby?" She asked hesitantly.

"She's in the other room." Her mom smiled. "She's really pretty… And she has wings."

"It's a girl?" She said, surprised. For some reason Max had always thought it would be a boy.

"Yeah. Do you want to see her?"

Suddenly Max felt exhausted.

These two months had been harsh. She had to fly around. She had to break in and steal because she didn't have any money. And most of the times she couldn't sleep well, she was always worried about erasers attacking her and capturing her again. And she was worried about the baby. She felt like she wasn't ready for this yet. Yeah, may be she did raise three kids. But they were more like her siblings and she obviously had Fang and Iggy.

But now, Max didn't have anyone.

She shook her head. No, she needed a bit more time. Just a bit more.

Valencia didn't say anything about that. Instead she took Max's hand in hers.

"Max, I know you're tired, but I need to know something." She said softly. "According to the others, you were only two months pregnant. But the baby is as healthy as a matured baby."

Max nodded again. "It…she was growing fast. Because of we were, uh, two different species, she has some, um, something, I guess. That's why while I was only two months pregnant, the baby was matured."

"Okay. I get it. Kind of." She stood up. "I'll get you something to eat."

When she was gone and Max had closed her eyes again, it occurred to her.

Did her mom call the Flock?

May be she did, may be not. But Max couldn't risk it.

When Valencia returned with a tray of food, Max's bed was empty. She checked the baby's room and it was empty too. The only thing she found was a letter left on her bed.

Even before reading it, she knew, she had finally lost her daughter.

Max was gone and she was never coming back.

Dear Mom,

I hope you forgive me for what I'm doing and so do they. And I obviously hope there are no spelling mistakes in my first and last letter to you.

I know all of you are angry at me for leaving like this. But you must understand that all I want is to protect you. At school, I've learned about their experiment. It's about how strong and powerful the child becomes. Because of being two different species, her physical condition is complicated. When she grows up, the baby can become extremely strong, or extremely weak. If the baby is weak, they will kill it because there will be no use of her.

But if the baby is strong and powerful, then there's a good chance that she will become a monster. She will likely have no control over herself. She will most probably end up hurting all the people around her.

And I can't let that happen.

No matter what mom, she is still a part of me. And I will never forgive myself if somehow any of you are hurt because of her. In my whole life, all the things I've done were to protect you and to keep you safe. I will never let anyone hurt you in any way.

So, yeah, I'm leaving.

Tell the Flock that I love them with all my heart. Tell them that this is the only way. And if they can, tell them to forgive me. Tell Ella I'm sorry and I love her. And I love you. May be I didn't know you for long. But I know as hell that you are the best mom that anyone can ever have in Planet Earth.



Max sat on the porch of the house tiredly, the house was dark, it seemed empty.

Max couldn't remember the last time she was this exhausted. The baby on her arm made a soft disappointing sound letting her know she was uncomfortable. Max tried to rearrange her in her arms. The baby was wrapped in a blue blanket. Max moved the blanket out of the baby's face and tried to have good look. She didn't really have the time to actually see the child until now.

The baby opened her eyes and stared at her. Max gasped with shock.

She had Omega's silvery blue eyes. The eyes that were always full with hatred and anger were now full with innocence. Max peeked inside the blanket and saw the deep brown curls. Her mom was right, she was pretty.

Max woke up in a room full with sunlight. She bolted up and every muscle of her body screamed at her like a banshee.

"You're awake."

Max jumped up, ready to defend herself from any kind of danger.

But fortunately, it was only an old man seemingly in his late fifties. He smiled at her and pushed a tray full of food at her. "I found you unconscious on my porch with a…."

"Where's the baby?" Max demanded.

He smiled again and showed something in a corner. "She's right there." Max saw a crib and the baby sleeping in it. I found you two on my porch. I think you were passed out. The baby was crying. I took you in." The man said. "By the looks of it, I'm guessing she's your daughter."

"I think I'll leave now."

"Sure, why not." Max stared at him. Is he insane? "But before that, tell me something. How old are you?"

"What?" She snapped.

"I'm guessing you're around 17." He said calmly. "Now the next question, how are you planning on raising a kid all by yourself?"

"That's none of your business. I don't even know you!" Why weren't she walking out of here again?

"Good point." He chuckled. "My name is Charles Siemens. You can call me Charlie." He paused and suddenly he looked serious. "I've seen your wings. And the baby's."

She again only stared at him, not knowing what to say. So he continued.

"I'm not going to ask anything about how is that even possible. I'm just going to show you the facts." He paused. "I'm a doctor, and I know that in your present condition there's not a chance that you're going to survive out there with an infant. Where will you stay? What will you eat? She's a baby, she'll need food, warmth. What are you gonna do? Steal?" He looked right into her eyes. "So here's a deal. How about you stay here until you get back your strength and recover fully. Then you can go wherever you want."

Max considered it for a moment. Then she asked,"Why are you doing this?"

Charlie sighed and sat there silently. After a moment he answered the question. "I had a daughter of your age." "She died a few years ago." He smiled."You remind me of her."

He left abruptly, saying he needed to get her some food.

Suddenly the baby started to cry. Max got up hurriedly and took her in her arms. The baby instantly stopped crying and stared at her with her silvery blue eyes.

"There's something I'm not sure you know." Charlie said, standing on the doorway. "I think, your baby…..she's blind."

Max stared at him, not believing a word. Then she looked at the baby and saw her staring wide eyed. The bright sunlight was not bothering her in any way. Max moved a hand in front of her face fast, she didn't blink.

The truth hit her like a rock.

The baby was indeed blind.

She didn't know when her hold loosened and the baby started to fall, her startled cry brought Max back and she gripped her again just in time. Then slowly, she pulled the baby close to her chest and shooed her to stop. But as the baby continued to cry, she rocked her gently and whispered into her ear as she tried to process her mind.

The baby is blind.

"It's okay." Max cooed to her like she did to the baby Angel, or Iggy when he was crying so hard after he found out that he was blind and she had held him close.

Now she held her like a mother would hold her daughter.

"It's okay honey. I've got you. I've got you."

My daughter is blind.

"It's okay Evan, I've got you."

Charles Siemens walked out from the room as his phone buzzed. He received it and a voice spoke.

"Is this the C.E.O of Free Umbrellas Only for You?"

Charles smiled, knowing that she was okay."No this is the Chief Executive Officer."

"How's the umbrella I had ordered?"

He looked at Max who was cradling the baby and whispering to her. "Just the way you wanted. Absolutely safe and sound."

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