Chapter 7

"Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of forever."

- Dante Alighieri

Even before she got into trouble, Sian Dent was having an awful day. She almost lost her job because of her argument with the editor, and she was annoyed to hell with that man. Someday, she was sure she'd go to jail for murder.

She thought she had the worst day of the month, pouring coffee on her shirt, tripping in the stairs and making a complete fool of herself, calling her editor an idiot right on his face – accidentally, and finally the argument which threatened her job. On top of the cake was the heavy raining. The wipers were moving so fast to clear the water from the windshield, she could hardly see through the rain as she was driving.

And then suddenly, as the red cherry on the top of the cake, something shot out from the side of the street and crashed in front of her car. Sian stomped over the brake, her car skidded to a halt, and that something lay crumpled in a distance.

Sian got out from the car hurriedly, panicking that she must have hit a person. But as she closed in, what she saw in the headlight was rather confusing, and a bit terrifying.

At first she only saw a lump of feathers, but as she looked closer, she saw a face.

It was a girl breathing raggedly, with feathers covering her body and blood all over her.

Sian had no idea what was happening as she sat in the white room with the FBI agent looming all over her. She came into this room an hour ago with the agent, since then he had been interrogating her, which was the last thing she had wanted.

"Why don't we go over what happened again, Miss Dent?"

Sian sighed and rubbed her eyes tiredly. "I've already told you….." She stopped and looked up as the door opened.

A woman in suits came in. "That would be enough for now Agent," She said. "Thank you." She gestured him to get out from the room and looked at Sian. "Miss Dent? I am Agent Rhodes, the head of FBI's New York Department."

Really? Sian thought bitterly as she shook her hand. The department head? What the heck is happening here?

"I'm sorry," She said. "But what's happening here?"

Agent Rhodes shrugged. "Well, as you can see, the thing you've brought here…."

"The thing." Sian rolled her eyes. "I think you mean the child."

Agent Rhodes smiled, "Miss Dent, when you first saw the…the child, what did it look like to you? Did it look human?"

Sian stared at her, she wanted to get angry. But as she went over what happened out there, she found out that, apparently, Agent Rhodes was right. The girl's body was covered with feathers, her own feathers, and she had talons in her hands. Even her face weren't human enough. Her eyes were like a reptiles and instead of hair, her scalp was covered with feathers too.

So, yeah, looking back at it, the girl did not seem human.

Sian had called 911 and taken her to the nearest hospital, and even before she knew it, she was being mugged by a bunch of FBI agents. Even the department head was here.

Why in the world was this girl so important?

"Is she okay?" She asked.

"I'm afraid not." Agent Rhodes frowned. "I don't think she'll make it. According to the doctor, she has a very poor physical condition. They don't think she'll make it out. But Miss Dent," She gestured her to follow. "I'm afraid there's something else I need to talk to you about."

"What is it?" Sian asked confusedly.

"Well," Agent Rhodes opened the door and got out from the room as Sian followed. Immediately, she was hit by the business of the hospital as doctors and nurses rushed around. "You do understand that this is a national threat, right?"

How can a little girl be national threat? Sian wondered, but she nodded.

"We would like it," Agent Rhodes continued, "If you did not breathe a word outside. I know you are a journalist. And I will appreciate it, if you did not put something about this in your newspaper. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Sian nodded, too tired to argue. It had been a long night. Let's just agree to disagree.

"Then I guess we're ready to move." She said cheerfully.

"Can I at least see her one last time?"

Agent Rhodes frowned at her request. "Okay. I'll see what I can do about it."

An hour later, as Sian was sitting in the waiting room, a nurse rushed in and stood in front of her.

"Miss Dent?" Sian looked up and he continued. "Can you please come with me?"

Sian followed the nurse and ended up in front of a white door, the nurse opened the door for her and as Sian stepped in, his phone started to ring violently. He apologized and hurriedly closed the door. Which left her alone in the white room.

She stood there speechless, as she saw the girl lying on the bed with a blanket covering her. She had many tubes coming out from many sides of her body as the heart monitor beeped with a faint sound.

Sian approached and stood there silently, thinking about what to do. Suddenly the girl opened her eyes and Sian tried to smile. She stared at her groggily and then gestured her to come closer. As she did, she whispered.

Her voice was faint, but strong. "Are you….the one who …..Brought…me?"

Sian nodded. "Hey, it's fine. You're gonna be fine."

The girl smiled, and she didn't seem so horrible anymore. She raised her hand slightly, and shoved something in Sian's hand. It was a roll of papers wrapped neatly in transparent plastic. Sian wondered how she had managed to hide it from the doctors. But when she looked at the girl, she grasped her hand tightly.

"Others." Her faint voice sounded like it was coming from a distance. "Save the others."

With that her hand loosened and eyes rolled up.

There was no beeping of the heart monitor anymore.

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