Disney's Magic Kingdom: New Fantasy


It's normal day in Disney World, Orlando and Amelia Sanderson is planning to enjoy it with her family. But all that goes down when dark clouds cover the sky abd dark creatures appear and scare people out. Amelia manages to escape, but soon discovers to be stuck in magical theme park where all Disney characters are in danger. Who is behind this and why? To find answers Amelia has to travel in every Magic Kingdom and other Disney theme parks around the world. But luckily she is not alone. The magic in the Kingdom has awakened her own characters; Wilhelmina, Elizabeth and Kilera from different Disney stories and with help of other characters, especially one called Love Guardians, they may have chance to save Disney World. During their adventure they go face an Snow white's evil queen in scary ride and Jafar in enchanted entrance to look for magic mirror and rescue other characters while learning truth behind the true villain who is behind all of this.

Adventure / Fantasy
Eeva Andersson
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Welcome to Magic Kingdom

It was a sunny day in Orlando, where cars drove to many different attractions and theme parks. One of the most famous parks was the Disneyworld which includes 4 theme parks, two water parks, and a small-town type shopping area. One silver car is parked in the car park just like any other car. After stopping there came a middle-aged couple, Allan and Martha Sanderson, their two young teenagers, Maria and Amelia, and younger daughter Christine. Just like other people, they went to the main entrance and picked up the entrance cards and went on a riverboat to the most famous and oldest theme park in Disney World, Magic Kingdom.

After entering Main Street’s entrance, Allan reminded the girls of what they had been agreed.

“Remember that the parade starts in the afternoon. We meet at Walt Disney’s statue five minutes before the parade.” Allan reminded.

“Yes, Dad,” the girls said.

“And be careful. Although now is not a holiday there are still a lot of people. If you get lost, come to the same place and wait there.” Martha recalled.

“We know, mother,” Maria said calmly to her mother.

“Amelia, what if you look after Christine,” Allan said to the middle child. Amelia was not very excited to watch her little sister. Christine would like to go first to other places, while Amelia would like to go to look at the new Fantasyland. Last time they were in the Magic Kingdom, most of the Fantasyland was in extreme makeover. Time has passed since the last time and Amelia would like to see it. According to the information, there is Beauty and the Beast’s castle and much more. But knowing her Father, he doesn’t like when girls complain about small things, especially when he wants to stick to the agreed timetable.

“All right.” Amelia sighed. Allan smiled at his middle child. Unlike Maria, who has become like her mother, Amelia had become to her father.

“I’m sure you have time to see a new area. We do have a week for a vacation here. “Allan recalled. Amelia smiled and nodded.

When things were clear girls went to the Disney castle square and there they then began to separate. Maria went to Adventureland.

“Let’s go that way,” Christine said and started dragging Amelia with her.

“Liberty Square?” Amelia wondered. “You are not planning to go to the Haunted Manor, are you?” Amelia knew her little sister well. Christine is a pretty scary cat on ghost stories, actually, just about the whole subject scares her. The only ghost thing Christine likes is the Phantom of the Opera if it can be said as a ghost. Normally, girls do not go to the Haunted Manor unless there’s a “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme. Christine is not afraid of Jack Skellington, even when he is with Sally.

“Of course I don’t. This is the fastest route to Splash Mountain. “Christine said. Amelia sighed with relief. Most recently, when some of the sisters suggested something to a wild amusement park ride and have started to chicken, Amelia has ended up alone into the ride. Well, that’s what Maria did, but since then she has been careful.

The girls continued their journey until they discovered a few dancers dancing and entertaining the audience. Amelia and Christine stay to watch and as music changes, they try to guess where Disney’s movie music comes from.

After guessing three songs, Amelia guessed the song “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” when someone went past her and hit her a little.

“Oh, sorry,” Amelia said.

“Hmph! Everything is now being shown here. What a waste of time. “The woman said and continued to travel.

‘What an unpleasant woman.’ Amelia thought as she watched the woman continue her journey. What is she supposed to do here if this is a waste of time for her?

“Amelia, let’s go,” Christine said.

“S-Sure,” Amelia replied and went on.

“Stop that woman!”

Amelia paused for a moment. Who shouted?

“Stop her before it’s too late!”

Amelia looked back. Did the sound mean that woman? But why?

“Amelia, what is it?” Christine asked.

“Mm ... Christine, would you wait for me on this bench? I’ll be in a minute. “Amelia said and leads Christine to the nearby bench.

“Where are you going?” Christine asked.

“I ... um ... I’m looking for something to drink. Do you also want something? ”

“Yeah, but I can come ...”

“No need. Just wait here. “Amelia said and started running back to the castle. She wasn’t sure what was happening, but something was going on. The sound she heard sounded really worried. And she had no idea what going to happen to her and that she won’t see her family for a while.

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