Heart of The Team


Instead of marrying Chaz, Summer marries Dillon and stays the yellow ranger thanks to Dillon saving her.

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Chapter 1: Prolog to a love story

Dillon couldn't believe what was happening. Summer was being forced to marry. He didn't have any memory of anything beyond his and his sister's capture and reprogramming. But even then, he knew this was wrong.

Summer for one wasn't a very happy camper. When he looked into her eyes during the fitting of the gown he saw unhappiness, despair, and worse ,resignation. He hated seeing the woman he admired so distraught.

"Are you okay?" he asked sitting down next to the yellow RPM ranger.

She looked at him incredulously. "Is that a serious question? Of course I'm not okay! I'm being forced to marry some stupid idiot that I don't love! Then after that I'll will be forced to have sex with him and then be subjected to a life of servitude and dinner parties! And all for that stupid lame Landsdown diamond! If we didn't need that piece of rock to save everyone's lives then I would turn everyone down flat, get on my bike and get the hell out of here!" she finished panting slightly from her outburst and looked back down into her lap.

Dillon smiled to himself. He loved seeing the fire in Summer's eyes. But then he checked himself when she looked back up. "And worst of all, I won't be able to carry the yellow ranger helm. You'll have to find another girl to carry on in my place."

That thought caught the black ranger off guard. Another girl to replace Summer? There was no one in the city that could do that! No one could ever match up to her. No one!

But there was nothing he could do.

Chas walked up to them grinning at Summer. "Not much longer my little flower. Soon you'll have the privilege of being my wife. Any girl would have considered themselves lucky to be marrying me."

Summer looked up at him. "Yeah, any girl but me! I'm not one to be subdued and ordered around like a servant. "Even if we do marry, I'll not be broken by you!"

Silently, Dillon congratulated Summer for her bravado. But outwardly he said nothing. Instead he just glared at the rich momma's boy.

"Oh Summer, Summer, Summer." Chas continued grinning. "You'll soon change your mind when we get to our wedding bed. Then you'll be begging for me."

That was the last straw for Dillon. He got up and faced the other man. "Maybe, but not until you two are married and not until tomorrow night, until then you leave her alone!"

Chas just smirked. "Better tell your ex boyfriend to let go of me. I have the money and influence to put him back in prison."

Summer looked at him. "No you don't. Maybe your parents but not you. Your money is no better then mine and it'll do you no good with Vinjex attacking the city."

Chas was at a loss for words then he looked summer over before speaking to her again. "Maybe, but once you see what I have to offer then you'll leave lover boy here behind." To further make his point his hand grazed the bulge in his pants. Summer couldn't help but look at it. It did look pretty big…but still she wasn't going to allow the pretty boy to have the last word.

"That thing won't do you any good once I break it in half."

Dillon groaned at her words but Chas seemed unfazed. He advanced closer to Summer. "It won't be long till we're married, and then I'll show you your place." then he walked away.

Dillon growled and started after him only to be held back by Flynn and Ziggy who had heard the conversation.

What are you doing!" he hissed at his teammates.

"Keeping you from making a big mistake." Scott said walking in front of him. "If you're arrested you can't do a thing to save Summer. If you want to help her then you won't take another step."

"There's nothing you can do." Summer said softly as she walked up to them. "I would rather sacrifice myself then to let anything happen to you. My parents are doing this for the money. The house burned to the ground during the attack. They have nothing and have no work experience. I am a rich girl and this is a situation I can't get out of." Then she walked to her room up the stairs.

Dillon watched her go before hanging his head. He just couldn't let it go. He looked at his teammates. "What's you plan?"

Scott shook his head. "Not here, lets go to the other room." He said indicating the equipment room.

As they walked out, Dillon shot one more look in Chas' direction. He still didn't trust the guy. He hadn't missed the hungry look in his eyes.

That night after everyone was asleep, Dillon got up and walked to the door of Summer's room. Chas had begged to sleep at the garage near lilly that night...he loved her so and didn't want to be so far from her.

Dillon didn't buy it and he didn't trust the guy

He looked everywhere and saw no one else was up so he opened the door and slipped inside. Summer was fast asleep in her bed and her beautiful blonde hair was spread in a halo on her pillow. The sight took his breath away.

But then he shook himself. He was here for a reason…to guard Summer against Chas. So he sat down at the foot of her bed and waited for what he just knew was coming.

As he sat there he thought over all the time he had been a ranger. It hadn't been too long but it was the best time of his life…that he could remember. From the moment Summer had sprung him and Ziggy from jail. He'd admired her, she was the very spirit of a fighter and the flame that was always in her eyes made her look like a goddess in his eyes. She was definitely worth protecting.

Just then, the door creaked open and the silhouette of man appeared. The man was robed in rich fabrics that swished as he walked up to the bed. Dillon watched him as he approached the foot of the bed. He watched as the man who was obviously Chas stroke himself.

It was time to move. As Chas passed him Dillon got up and grabbed him from behind. The noise woke Summer from her sleep and she looked up at them in confusion.

"Chas? What the hell are you doing here?" Dillon covered the intruder's mouth with his hand. "I thought he might try something like this. What do you think he had on his mind? I saw how he mentally undressed you with his eyes. So I kept watch over you."

Summer covered up her silky pajama top with her blanket. She was slightly unnerved by having the men in her bedroom. "I'll deal with him in a minute. Dillon would you mind?"

Understanding, the black RPM ranger escorted Chas out of her room. She came out a moment later to see Dr. K standing at the foot of the stairs looking up at her room.

"Ranger Series Yellow, please come down here."

Summer hurried down the stairs and before Dr. K could say anything, she faced Chas and slapped him hard. "How dare you come into my room! Until we are married you have no right to me! Couldn't you even wait till tomorrow night!?"

"It was Dillon who wanted to rape you! He was in there first! I was trying to protect you!"

"Yeah right. I'd trust Dillon with my own life! His memory was wiped by Venjix when he was a prisoner! I doubt he would even know how to have sex!"

Dillon looked down at his feet feeling himself flush. He hated to be reminded of that fact that his memories were wiped away.

"And if you thought about it, he didn't come in my room half naked with only a robe on! He's still fully dressed!"

You make an excellent point Ranger Series Yellow. Ranger Series Black, secure him. I want to take care of this right now. She picked up the phone and dialed the right number.

"What is the meaning of this?" demanded Chas' parents as they walked in the door.

"I was attacked by the black ranger mother!" Chas complained piteously.

"Yeah, when he intruded in Summer's room half dressed." Dillon countered.

"I only wanted to look upon my bride. I wasn't planning on doing anything to her!"

"Yeah, I'll believe that when Fresno Bob starts up his own charity." said Ziggy speaking up. "I wasn't the only one to see the way he stared at her."

"It was just anxiousness. I mean what groom doesn't dream about his wedding night?" said Chas' dad.

"Yeah, you'd think so, until you factor in the way he was talking to Summer earlier. Dillon said darkly. "With all that talk about subduing her and breaking her. I expected him to try something. That's why I stood guard at the foot of her bed and not in her bed."

"My goodness." said Mr. Landsdown. "I never thought he would do such a thing!"

"Of course he wouldn't! We raised him better then that. But no matter. We don't have to put up with this nonsense. The contract is off! Go find yourselves some other rich family to marry her off too!" Then they were gone.

Summer's mother walked up to them. "Now what do you expect us to do! We're going to starve and loose everything we have!"

"Not necessarily." said Scott speaking up. "As it so happens, Dillon is loaded! He was holding out on us all this time!"

Summer looked confused.

"He is?"

I asked my father to do some checking. As it so happens, Dillon here is decended from the Roebuck family. He's the last heir to a small fortune. He's just as good as Chas."

"How is it that we are just now finding out about this?" Summer asked.

"He was a prisoner a Vinjex. He had his mind wiped. But I did some DNA testing and it came back positive." Dr. K answered. Not to mention that fact that marrying Summer to him would be offering you the prestige of marrying a power ranger. The parties you'll be accepted to would put you right back up where you were before the attack."

"And you would be okay with marrying me?" Summer asked in a soft voice. Dillon smiled at her. "It would be an honor."

Mrs. Landsdown clapped her hands together. "Wonderful, then the wedding can go on as planned!"

Dillon grinned at summer and then walked up to her. Placing his hands on her shoulders he leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"Don't think of it as being subdued…I'm giving you protection and your freedom." Then he kissed her forehead softly and walked up the stairs.

Summer watched him go and then smiled softly before heading to bed herself.

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