The Snow Queen and the FireHeart

Pacing Through the Snow


Pacing Through the Snow

A gentle rocking dragged Anna from darkness. She opened her eyes to a room she didn't recognize, littered with ropes and barrels, and musty with the smell of sweat and mead. Groaning, she sat up and reached up to feel her sore neck, but found her wrists bound together tightly with rope. It surprised her, but then the memories of the man in her room made her gasp, as if she wanted it only to be a bad dream. The cabin was dark, but she soon found a figure at the other end of the room, sitting cross-legged on a barrel and silent, like a lifeless gargoyle perched on the trusses of a cathedral. She recognized the mask instantly. Taking a shaky breath, she couldn't tell if his eyes were open, but judging by his response to her movements, she suspected he might be asleep. She didn't know what this masked man had in store for her, but she didn't want to stick around to find out.

Quietly, she wrenched around on the makeshift bed she had been lying on, which was nothing more than stacked boxes and folded canvas, her eyes staying on the figure for any signs of movement. She stood, though the floor beneath her nearly threw her back onto the bed, much to her surprise. She wrestled with a hanging rope silently while trying not to disturb him.

"This must be a ship," she thought as she untangled the rope around her.

Managing to finally stand, all she could think of was getting away from this creature and back to the world where she belonged. Her eyes found a door at the other end of the room, past her assailant, and she swallowed heavily, realizing how treacherous her path was. Taking a deep breath and creeping slowly forward, she found it hard to adjust to the movements of the ship, which rolled and yawed against the invisible sea. It was slow and painstaking crawl, with her breath hanging heavily over her parted lips. Before she reached him a sudden lurch below threw her against a table, disturbing an empty bottle which rolled off the end and nearly crashed to the floor had she not caught it with nimble fingers. A great breath slipped from her lips as she froze, looking to the man and finding that he was still silent, still asleep.

"That was close."

Keeping the bottle as a makeshift club, she continued to creep towards the door, although it was now the creaky floorboards that groaned under her feet, trying to betray her. She grimaced and froze again, but the man didn't move. She blew back some of her hair from her face.

"I'm glad this guy's a heavy sleeper."

Fighting the room, she continued, passing him slowly and pointing the bottle at his head with a fierce look in her eyes. Secretly, she wanted to club him for the soreness in her neck, but she wasn't sure such a monster would succumb to anything she could do, so she slowly kept moving, making broad steps like a dancer until she was then backing away, her lips still pouting and her shaky hands barely keeping the bottle in hand. Her entire, noisy trek didn't bother him and she felt her heel strike the door, making her look back before giving him once last glance to make sure he was still quiet. Satisfied, she slowly turned, clawing her hand out for the handle.

"That would be unwise, Princess."

Anna shrieked in surprise and juggled the bottle, barely grabbing it in a tight hug to keep it from shattering on the ground. She slammed her back against the door and her eyes locked on him, her chest heaving wildly. While he hadn't moved, it was obvious he had been awake the entire time, his eyes following her on her dramatic journey across the room. Oddly, she felt embarrassed by that.

"Oh, you're awake?" she asked nervously, regaining her grasp on the bottle and wielding it like a club once more.

"Where might you be going, I wonder," he said, finally moving as he leaned forward on his barrel, his elbows propped on his knees.

She laughed sheepishly, swinging the bottle casually and wondering if she could get the door open and call for help before he managed to stop her. "Oh, I thought I'd just step outside for some fresh air. Kinda stuffy in here, you know," she replied.

He let out a slow breath behind the mask. "Listen carefully, Princess, and heed me well. You are helpless, with not a royal guard to be seen. You are on a ship, sailing through frigid waters many fathoms deep, several miles from shore, and crewed by men of questionable character, with only a wooden door between you. Your safety is assured solely by your willingness to do as I say," he explained.

"Do not open that door."

Her chest seized by his tone, she suddenly heard the movements of others beyond the door. The voices she heard were loud and brash, cursing with profanity she could barely make out and sounding rough by their nature. There was a grime in the air that stuck to her skin and the ship suddenly seemed as terrible as he described. Although they hadn't started off well, she strangely felt like even though the masked man terrified her and had already proven to be villainous, the vulgarity in the noises beyond the door felt darker than the room and that any self-respecting princess wouldn't want to go skipping out to meet them.

For the moment, she could believe that he was the lesser of the two evils on that ship.

"Oh. Well, stuffy isn't so bad, I guess," she remarked with a defeated shrug, stepping away from the door.

A heavy silence settled in the cabin. Having never been kidnapped before, she didn't know what to do or how to feel, but the urgency of being taken further away from her home with each passing moment made her step towards him. "So, is there any chance I can convince you to let me go, Mr. Kidnapper?" she asked politely.

No answer.

"No? Well, worth a shot," she remarked and looked around the cabin, trying to formulate a new plan before letting her eyes settle on him again. With his robes and mask, he didn't even appear human, more like some kind of perilous monster, yet his calm voice and warning led her to believe there was more to him that some insidious plot to kidnap a princess. She tried to appeal to his humanity. "Can you at least cut the ropes? Like you said, I'm not going anywhere," she said, holding out her bound wrists.

No answer.

"Oh, come on. It's not like..." she began, but was interrupted when the door behind her was kicked loudly open, making her squeal and turn. In the doorway was the captain from the harbor, minus one boot, and Anna suddenly remembered his exchange with Elsa. The air that followed him was foul and his hand was resting on a rapier at his side. He was glaring harshly and it made her step back, though his arrival did finally make her kidnapper slide down from the barrel and stand tall, facing him.

"What is it, Captain?" he said.

The captain's eyes were locked on Anna and a mischievous smile had returned to his scarred lips. It made a shiver run down her spine. "Just checking on my passengers, making sure their every need is fulfilled," he replied smoothly. Anna could tell his thick accent wasn't the same as her kidnapper's, but his presence was strangely more chilling. His beard was messy and his wiry hair was tied back loosely under his wide-brimmed hat. When he smiled at her, he showed the yellowness of his teeth and the lewd glimmer in his eyes. His mere appearance made her take another step back.

"We require nothing. How long until landfall?" the masked man asked.

"Mere hours away," the captain reported as his eyes shifted past the nervous princess and to the creature beyond. He began pacing slightly. "I'll admit, it puzzles me why you hired an entire ship just to transport this young lady such a short distance down the coast. A carriage would have been far cheaper, my friend."

The masked man's posture was coiled within his robes. "That is not your business. You were paid. Leave us until we reach port," he answered pointedly.

Anna could feel the tension between them and ironically felt relieved that her kidnapper wasn't associated with this man or the foul air that hung around him. It was an strange thing to take sides between two devils, yet something about the captain told her that he wasn't there simply to chat. While she thought she should say something to try and defuse the tension, she felt compelled to remain silent between them.

"I'm afraid I cannot leave just yet, my friend. You see, the amount of money we were paid pales in comparison to what one might get..." the captain said darkly, gesturing long, yellowed fingernails towards Anna, "for the Princess of Arendelle."

The gesture made her retreat back another step and begin to object when the masked man moved between them, his posture fierce and his hands hidden in his robes.

"Who she is…is none of your concern," he cautioned.

The captain was intimidated for a moment, but a few creaks of the floorboards behind him bolstered his courage. Six heavily armed men stood ready for his command outside the cabin, each of them tense and waiting for the signal. Normally, he would have simply walked in and taken what he wanted, but he also remembered how this mysterious man had freed his ship from the grip of the Snow Queen's magic, and that reason alone made him reluctant to proceed.

This masked demon was far more than he appeared to be.

In spite of the tension and the obvious threat, the captain suddenly appealed to Anna in a heavily shrouded tone, acting as if the entire standoff was merely a misunderstanding, "Princess, I don't know by what circumstances you came to be with this man, but I can promise you that if you would but ask, I'd escort you back to your kingdom, where I will gladly accept a small token of your appreciation. In the form of gold, perhaps?" Anna's heart leapt a moment, feeling the chance to have her hands unbound and return home. While all of her instincts had been telling her to beware the captain, the idea of going back to the safety of her castle made her consider the offer.

"You mean it? You'll take me home?" she asked, leaning out from behind the masked man.

The captain smiled. "Of course, Princess. You've my word as a gentleman," he replied, bowing gracefully with his hat pulled away in hand. His smile never left his face and his eyes stayed on the masked man.

Anna looked between them, wondering what to do. She had never considered that she would be given the opportunity to simply go back and end this nightmare, yet as her eyes moved from the seemingly courteous captain to the back of her kidnapper, she began to focus on the things that confused her. While the aching in her neck warned her that he had did have something planned for her, he hadn't been otherwise vicious, speaking calmly and courteously. In contrast to the captain's overtures, his considerate behavior felt genuine, even if his intentions seemed wicked. Being taken to some unknown place frightened her, as did he, but something in her mind was screaming to not trust the captain's offer.

All of her heart told her not to trust him.

He reeked of treachery.

The princess took a deep breath after weighing her options, then smiled thinly at the parading captain. "I think I'll stick with him. Sorry," she said, pointing to her kidnapper. Between chivalrous treachery and villainous courtesy, she would go with the man who seemed to look at her as if she were a person and not a treasure to be stowed.

Hearing her answer, the captain scowled and stood straight, replacing his hat. His hand settled back to his rapier. It would have been so much easier had she simply come to him, saving him from a scuffle that might cost him a few men and a good deal of cleaning in his finest cabin. He muttered to himself how foolish women were and he was quickly trying to figure out how he would overpower the masked man and claim the treasure that was sitting right before him.

As his posture changed and he was beginning to speak, the masked man stepped forward brashly, something that made the captain flinch and nearly draw his sword, though the memory of the man's actions in the harbor still burned brightly in his mind and he felt an overwhelming fear take a hold of him. The man's voice came out from behind the mask, powerful and commanding, warning him of the consequences of trying to take the princess from him.

"You have your answer. Take your men and go. Sail to port, allow us to depart and you may yet see this day end with nothing more than a lost boot."

For any other man, the captain would have taken the threat lightly and fed him to the sharks, yet looking deeply into the holes of the mask, he swore that he saw the faintest orange glow set dangerously inside, warning him that should he take his position for granted, the unbelievable force that freed his captured ship from the grasp of the Snow Queen's ice would be unabashedly turned against him, turning his entire ship to nothing in the dark waters of the sea.

Overwhelmed, he suddenly growled, swallowing his terror as his bare foot twitched, then turned angrily and stomped out of the cabin, slamming the door behind him. His angry voice roared in the hallway, but they couldn't make out what was said. The masked man's posture relaxed at his departure, but he continued to stare at the door until all of the other footsteps disappeared into the bowels of the ship.

At the quiet resolution, Anna blew a deep breath of relief out from her pursed lips, glad that nothing awful had happened. "Wow! That was really tense. I thought I was going to have a heart attack or something. What a jerk! I mean, that guy didn't seem like the gentleman he was pretending to be and believe me, I can spot that from a mile..." she exclaimed excitedly, reaching up with calm her heart, then realized her hands were still bound and her situation had not changed.

She stared at the ropes, dumbfounded by her continuing fate.

"Wait, I'm still being kidnapped, aren't I?"

"You were wise not to go with him. A princess is quite valuable in the Southern Seas, and not merely as ransom," the masked man said calmly, turning to her. The tension had bled from his posture and he seemed to relax under his robes.

"Yeah, I kind of got that from his icky vibe," she agreed, then twisted her brow slightly and smirked at him, "But how do I know you're not going to do the same thing? I kind of doubt you kidnap princesses as a hobby, though if you do, you seriously need to find something better to do with your time." Her comment was met with silence and she sighed, realizing that although he didn't seem to be particularly violent, she knew nothing about him or his plans for her, and that his exchange with the captain had shown her that he knew how to handle himself. "Okay, standard answer. At least tell me what you would have done if I decided to go with him instead of stick with you and your charming personality." The question hung in the air and she suddenly wondered if it was unwise to try and find out how wicked this demon really was, though he suddenly broke the tension and stepped past her to return his barrel, though he simply stood before it with his hand placed on top, speaking in a quiet voice that she could barely hear.

"Something terrible."

A shiver ran through her. While she could read the captain easily enough, she still had no idea what to think of him. She couldn't brush him off as a simple kidnapper, but she couldn't trust him either. His actions and his demeanor seemed like they were at odds, as if playing the monster didn't come naturally to him, but she couldn't simply dismiss the fact that he had abducted her at knifepoint and bound her with vague threats and a frightening presence. It was a frustrating situation.

"Look, if I promise not to run or anything, can you at least cut these ropes?" she asked, holding out her wrists. At the very least, she felt like she had earned a little trust. He was quiet for a moment and her hopes grew.


His brisk answer made the back of her neck flare with heat and she scowled at him, feeling all of her efforts shatter. At the very least, she knew he was kind of a jerk. "And here I thought you might be a nice person!" she hissed, stomping over to the bed and sitting down with her back on him. She glared over her shoulder as harshly as she could. "I guess I was wrong. Not a nice bone in your body."

He had already climbed back onto the barrel, almost as if he had never moved. He didn't seem interested in her tantrum.

"Rest, Princess. We make landfall soon."

"Oh wonderful. And then what, Mr. Moody Kidnapper?"

"On to the Weeping Valley."

Through the dark, snow-covered landscape, a single figure rushed over the snow. A long cowl and cape obscured them and there was barely a footprint left behind. The queen of Arendelle had slipped out of her own kingdom, past the guards with nothing more than a note to Regent Stenson.

Anna was taken. I'm going to bring her back. Take care of things.

Elsa knew that telling anyone about Anna would be a mistake and that the entire kingdom would volunteer to go find her. She also knew that with the kidnapper asking her to come alone, this was probably more about her than Anna, as her powers stirred up fear in others, just as it did within her. Her mind and heart were caught up in the torrent of worry that surged whenever she imagined her sister in the hands of this unknown villain, being subjected to unfathomable things and a victim of their every whim and desire. The thought of it kept her pace quick and focused on what she would do to this person when she finally met them.

In spite of the dreadful reason for her flight, a part of her also reveled in the chance to get away from the castle, with no one to follow her through the snow. Traveling in an unsure direction, with only an ancient map to guide her, she pulled her cowl tightly across her face and pressed on through the dark landscape, finding that the time around MidWinter was possibly the most hazardous to travel. The cowl wasn't to protect her from the elements, but to protect her from being recognized. In the endless fields of snow and ice of the kingdom, she was in her element, and there was something refreshing about it.

Stopping in a small clearing away from the main road, Elsa pulled her lantern close to look over her map, which was faded and torn. Arendelle stood as a large landmark in the middle, with the royal seal stamped next to the cartographer's name. There were dozens of lakes and rivers, along with other significant features. Near the right edge of the map, written in small lettering, was a strangely shaped depression in the landscape with a name barely legible next to it.

The Weeping Valley.

The name made her shiver and she tried to get her bearings. Following a map through unknown terrain in the pale moonlight wasn't a standard skill for a queen, but she was confident she was going the right way, though her apprehension wasn't making it easy to stay calm. For someone to sneak into Arendelle, subdue several guards and sneak out with a member of the royal family meant she was dealing a villain with significant skill, though that wasn't the most disturbing element of the crime. What truly worried her was that when she followed the tracks to the harbor, she found that they took Anna on the same ship she had frozen into the fjord and that the ice that she had created hadn't been broken, but melted.

She hadn't seen anything that could melt her ice in such a way.

"Anna, be safe," she said to herself, tucking the map back into her cape and continuing on, adjacent to the main road.

Judging as best as she could from the map and the landmarks, Elsa found herself walking through the high mountains. It was frustrating to move so slowly, but she couldn't afford to use a sled and risk being seen. In an isolated valley, she came across a quiet mumbling sound, carried through the dark by the crisp, cold air. It stalled her and she lingered just beyond the sound, wondering what she might find that would rumble and grumble so. While she couldn't afford to waste any time, she had been planning on crossing the clearing, but as she peered out from behind a large tree, she found someone there. It was a man, walking back and forth through a long trench in the snow. There were supplies scattered around and a sled parked not far away. The man paced, talking as if there were an audience all around, though he was oblivious to her presence. If that weren't strange enough, the man was very familiar to her, as if fate itself had put him in her way.

"Kristoff?" she asked quietly, ducking behind a tree as she slipped her cowl back. It was the last person she wanted to see. Anna's plight would certainly hit him hard and she knew that he deserved to go after her as well, but something deep inside kept her behind the tree and reading the words from the note in her mind.

Come alone. Come alone.

Making this midnight trek through the wilderness to face some unknown foe was terrifying to her, but she was strangely reluctant to involve the mountain man. There were any number of things that spurred her on alone, from her growing confidence in her powers to the anger that brewed within her heart, though it may have also been simply selfishness that made her feel this way, for she wanted to be the one to rescue Anna and somehow repay her for all she had done. As she lingered behind the tree, she let out a deep sigh at the crime she would commit against him. With her own desires tempering the pain in her heart, she made the choice to leave Anna's beloved out of it and proceed on alone.

That was, however, before she turned to leave and found a reindeer in her face, bellowing happily at the sight of her. She jumped back, her heart in her throat. "Sven!" she chirped. The happy reindeer bounced about excitedly like a puppy finding its favorite toy and she tried to hush his noisy clamor, waving her hands down at him and feeling pressed to avoid drawing Kristoff's attention.

"Shhhh, shhhh. Please be quiet."

"Queen Elsa?" said a voice behind her and she froze instantly. Kristoff had come over from his trench and was surprised to see her. She was easily the last person he had ever expected to find among the darkness and snow. "What are you doing all the way up here?"

She turned around with a guilty look on her face. "Kristoff! Fancy meeting you here. I was just...well, on a walk. Yes, that's it. A walk," she replied, knitting her hands in front of her with a nervous laugh.

Kristoff scratched his head and looked past her shoulder, where he knew Arendelle lay far beyond. "That's some walk," he replied, then looked back to her with a suspicious look on his face. One didn't often find the queen strolling around the high mountains with no sign of an escort. "Where are your guards?"

Elsa laughed nervously again. "Oh, well, you know. Can't the queen go for a walk alone sometimes? I mean, I don't need guards everywhere I go, do I?" she replied casually. While he continued to look at her suspiciously, she looked around for some kind of way to change the subject, finding his deep trough through the clearing. She paired that evasion some genuine curiosity. "What are you doing all the way up here?"

Now it was his turn to become evasive and his back stiffened. "Me? Oh, nothing. Well, nothing important. I mean, just looking for ice and all. I am your official Ice Master, after all. Yep, lots of grade-A ice around here," he said as he looked around, chuckling nervously. In the clearing, there was nothing but powdery snow and hibernating trees, with not a single sign of solid ice.

She quirked her brow at him.

"Okay, I wasn't looking for ice. I was just...thinking, that's all," he admitted, finding it difficult to try and lie to the queen.

"Thinking," she repeated, noticing how deep and well-dug the trench was. She imagined he had been up here for days. "Is something wrong?"

"No. Yes. I mean...I don't know," he sighed, taking his hat off and pacing once more, right in front of her. It was obvious he was disturbed and that even his best pacing did little to solve the problem. Inwardly, he wondered if telling her about it might help. "I have this problem, see. It's about Anna. She wants to get married and all, but..."

"But?" Elsa repeated once more, this time with a stern look on her face.

He instantly picked up on her tone and panicked as he waved his hands at her. "No no, I mean, I want to get married too, but..." he said, trying not to suffer her wrath. In the end, he sighed and wilted to the side, shrugging against his helplessness to resolve the issue by himself. "It's just I don't even know what I'm doing. I've spent days up here trying figure how to propose, if I should propose and how I'd even make it work. I even went and got a ring, but..." he continued and pulled out a simple wooden box with a grand treasure inside, though his eyes fell when he looked at it and he sighed.

"She's a princess, and I'm just some guy who drags ice for a living."

It was that honesty that made her like Kristoff. Self-doubt was a song she knew well, so she could sympathize with him, even if she didn't agree with his reasoning. Stepping forward, she placed her hand on his arm and smiled warmly, eager to help him dispel whatever fears were making him hesitate in following his heart. "That doesn't matter to Anna. She loves you for who you are. It doesn't matter if you're an ice master or a king. It's enough that you love each other."

"You really think so?" he asked, nervous at her touch.

"I do," she assured him, "And besides, I've a feeling that the queen approves of your intent to marry her sister, so try not worry so much."

Kristoff returned her smile, feeling as if a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders. While he had never imagined bothering her with such an insignificant problem, he was glad he got to talk to her, and that she was the kind person that Anna had always said she was. "Thank you, Your Majesty. That means a lot to me," he admitted and pushed the box back into his satchel.

She kept her smile for him, and his anxiety seemed to lessen.

Feeling the short silence that followed to be heavy, he suddenly shrugged as he tried to wade back into the mess he had made with his absence. In truth, being alone with Elsa made him nervous for any number of reasons. "So, with MidWinter coming up and all, is Anna mad at me for being gone?" he asked, wincing.

She was brought back to reality and her smile faded. Anna was still missing and she still had a task ahead of her. That fact turned her expression as cold as the mountains around them. "Oh, Anna is..." she began, then saw the look on his face. His obvious expectations of being yelled at upon his return made her guilt worse, and she repaid his honesty with lies.

"To be honest, she hasn't said much about it."

"Really?" he replied, looking surprised, "Because I thought she'd be fuming!" Now he seemed more disappointed than anything and she felt overwhelming guilt at lying to him, like now she felt like she was sliding down an icy hill, unable to stop telling him the lies. In spite of the deceptively good news, he gave into his disbelief and glanced at her again. "She really didn't say anything about it?"

Elsa took a breath, then sighed.

"Not a thing," she said with a frown.

"Oh," he said sadly, putting his cap back on his head. He tried to imagine how much trouble he was in, though he didn't know which would be worse, her yelling or her silence. In either case, he suddenly felt afraid to go back to Arendelle, in spite of the fact that it was the one place he truly wanted to be. "Well, then I'd better get back before she does get mad. Can I give you a ride back, Your Majesty?" he offered. As he began to turn back to his sled, Elsa's guilt flooded over her resolve and she ran her hands against each other, knowing she should follow the instructions in the note but also that she didn't really want to do this alone. She also didn't like the idea of sending him off on a bed of lies and deceit.

"Wait, Kristoff," she blurted and it caused him to pause and look back to her, "There's something I need to tell you about Anna." Carefully, she pulled the note from her cape and stared at it, feeling the weight of it in her hand, then sighed as she presented it to him. Kristoff was disturbed by her expression and took the note, unrolling it and reading quickly. His eyes ignited and he looked up at her, the fury in his eyes mirroring the panic in hers.

"What does this mean? Someone took Anna? Who?" he demanded.

She shook her head. "I don't know. But I'm going to bring her back, Kristoff. You have my word," she said fiercely.

Of that, she was certain.

He looked back to the note and pressed his lips together, then felt it crumple between his angry fingers. "You mean we'll bring her back," he replied as he suddenly stabbed it back into her hand, then hurried towards his sled.

Elsa was shaken by his response and took a reluctant step forward, finding the situation flying further out of her control. "What? No! You've read the note. They want me to come alone," she argued.

He shook his head, continuing to throw supplies into his sled and inwardly berate himself for not being around when she was taken. "I'm not going to sit around while you go alone. When it comes to Anna, I don't listen to what they want," he said, calling Sven over to get into the harness. He had once went against his heart and retreated when he should have stayed close. He wasn't about to sit back and let someone else have her.

"Just…wait a minute," she tried once more, though found her heart happy that he was forcing the issue. As prepared as she had been to do this alone, she found that his insistence calmed her, though she was trying to maintain a brave face and royal posture. Elsa commanded the elements and could turn an entire kingdom to ice, yet she knew that with his courage, he was just as capable of seeing Anna home safely from the hands of whatever monster had taken her.

That fact alone eroded her argument against him.

"Besides, you're already bringing Olaf," he noted as he cinched up Sven's harness.

"I am?" she asked as she blinked in surprise.

"This is terrible! They've taken Anna to the Weeping Valley! What a tragedy! Anything but the Weeping Valley!" cried the snowman, who was sitting behind her with the note in his twigs.

Elsa twirled around and gasped. "Olaf! When did...did you follow me?" she demanded.

He looked back up at her with a casual shrug. "I couldn't let you go alone, Elsa," he replied.

As angry as she tried to appear, she couldn't fight the relief that swept over her and she glanced over to Kristoff, who was moving with purpose and focus. She could see his devotion and remembered that she wasn't the only one that loved Anna. Sighing and looking back to the smiling snowman, her own smile broke through her worried expression. "I'm starting to think Anna's stubbornness is rubbing off on you two, but I guess there's no use in arguing about it," she said, turning back to Kristoff, who gave her a confident nod.

With the queen's false demands overruled, the four of them resolved to go save Anna.

"So, where is this Weeping Valley?" Olaf asked as he waddled towards the sled.

Elsa pulled out her old map, "I have a map, but I don't know if I'm reading it right. I think it's that way?"

"It's fine. I know where it is," Kristoff said, jumping up into the sled and leaving enough room for Elsa, "If we hurry, we'll be there in no time." She nodded, more confident than ever, and slipped up into the sled, leaving her cowl down now to show her determined face. A party of hearts in love with Anna would easily fare better than one and she quietly once more wished for her sister to be safe long enough for them to find her.

Secretly, she was still brooding over what she would do to the villain that had taken her.

"Oh yes, the Weeping Valley. I bet it's a wonderful place," Olaf remarked as he vaulted up into the back of the sled and Kristoff spurred them forward through the snow.

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