Star Wars: Aberrant Cause

Chapter 4

For months, Saz and Alexis cultivated a relationship that could not exist in the Imperial Navy. She was an officer and he was an enlisted technician. It forced them to meet during odd hours and never be seen together in public, but their love grow despite the rules and regulations and there was not a moment that passed when they would steal sideward glances or slip off in the night to meet in a cargo bay. It was a passionate arrangement, with their few moments together an avalanche of their repressed hearts. The Maw was already an island in the galaxy, but the connection they forged defied the expectations placed upon them.

In a rare opportunity one day, Alexis had requested Saz accompany her as a technician on a shuttle testing some new sensor package developed on the station. She had even used a few favors to extend the time of the mission by a couple of hours, letting the couple disappear among the black holes and singularities that existed in the Maw.

Floating aimlessly in a dead patch of space, the shuttle was silent and displayed no marking lights or power. The only systems running were life support, which was no more than the two needed.

Lying together in the cabin of the shuttle, Saz and Alexis started out the window the endless black beyond, holding each other tightly and feeling the weight of each other's exhaustion. It was fulfilling to feel the touch of another's bare skin, especially in such a regimented environment. Hours could pass and neither of them would stir, or even think of returning to the station.

It was among the happiest of Saz's memories while in the Maw.

"What are you going to do after this?" Saz asked as his gaze shifted up at the ceiling, fiddling with her fingers as they lay against his chest.

"What, ready to go again? You're worse than a gundark," she said with a grin.

Saz laughed. "No, I mean after this…after the Maw. Do people like us even get to leave an assignment like this? I've heard you don't leave, you just disappear," he responded heavily.

Alexis frowned. It was a subject everyone thought about, but no one discussed. Like Saz, she had been so excited about being stationed at the installation that she never thought about how she might leave. "I never thought about it. Everything I want is right here, for the moment," she said, pressing closer to him unconsciously.

Saz stared out the window, his smile gone. He had never thought he would meet someone like Alexis, so thoughts of leaving never popped into his head. He had been content to tinker with toys and blind himself to the rest of the galaxy, but being with her made him think of greater things. "I don't think the Empire will ever let us leave, Alex. And they'll never let us be together. Where does that leave us?" he asked, more rhetorically than anything.

Alexis did not answer.

"Let's leave this place. Let's leave and never come back," he said firmly, his eyes not leaving the random control box they had settled upon.

The suggestion caused Alexis to lean up and stare at him with incredulously eyes. "You're serious, aren't you?" she asked, searching his eyes for answers. His silence was the only answer she received and she scoffed loudly. "Where would we go? How would we go?" she asked, still choking on her surprise.

Saz looked to her, seeing her deep concerns. "I've already got a plan. We can take a ship. You said yourself that tracking a ship in the Maw is nearly impossible. They'd never be able to follow us and once we got out, well, we could go anywhere; just the two of us," he explained, trying to make it sound easier than it would be.

"Saz, it can't be that easy. Only a few people know how to navigate in and out of here. Even trying it is…" she began but he quickly interrupted her.

"I know you can do it, Alex. You're the best pilot at the station. You even taught me how to fly," he persuaded.

Alexis sighed and dropped her head, astounded they were even having the conversation. Trying to leave the Empire, especially after being stationed at a top secret facility, was madness. They both knew it, but the idea of being with him at any time, not restricted by rules or schedules, made her heart race in her chest.

It made consideration of the idea a priority.

"Yes, and you're just awful at flying," she teased, smiling at him in spite of the topic.

"I'm a mechanic, not a pilot. I've always been told I'm just a pair of hands," he replied.

"You are just a pair of hands," she said seductively and kissed him, defusing the ominous clouds that had settled over their covert excursion.

He responded to her and held her tight. Despite her higher rank, he felt like protecting her and keeping her safe. He was confident his plan to escape would succeed simply because he knew she could perform the most difficult part; to navigate the black holes and gravity eddies that pockmarked the space around them. He was confident it would work.

That confidence was contagious. "I trust you, Saz. And I'll do what it takes to be with you always," Alexis said, her forehead resting against his. He looked her in the eyes, but did not smile. It was a serious commitment and he had to be certain it would work.

He had to make it work for her sake. "Are you sure? Once we're out, the Empire will stop at nothing to find us. We'll be fugitives," he said, feeling reluctant himself.

"Oh, how big is the Empire anyway? Besides, there's always the rebellion. I heard they're always looking for good pilots," she joked, laughing weakly to him.

Saz put his hand on the back of her head and held her close to him, staring into her green eyes. It was a proposition he had been fostering for weeks, waiting for the right time. With the rebellion stronger than ever and the Empire racked with internal struggles, it was possibly the best time for them to try to get away and be together, regardless of the risk that was involved. He trusted his plan. He trusted his pilot. He trusted his heart and knew it would all work.

All he had to do was try.

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