Star Wars: Aberrant Cause

Chapter 5

Myutta the Hutt had a large palace on the shores of a bog on Nal Hutta. Just as Fennri had feared Aveyla being noticed and demanded by a more important crime lord, Myutta was counting on it. She was of such beauty that he could use her to garner favor with his superiors, or trade favors to his rivals. She was a thing of barter for him, though he had planned to enjoy his ownership of her.

On the dank, smelly world of Nal Hutta, the young Twi'lek was given an even smaller cell and less food than before. She was groped by Gamorrean guards and yelled at even for perfect performances. Despite the indifference she was developing for her life, she still could not contain her disgust when Myutta would hold her close to his slug-like body and slide his slime-covered tongue over her neck or down her thighs. Her dances became more robotic and her movements stiff. She no longer slept in her bed, but only lay across the floor of her cell, staring at the place where the floor met the wall.

She felt she had died inside at only fourteen years old.

The strange occurrences continued and, over time, became worse. Ground quakes were more violent than ever and the occupants of Myutta's palace were often roused from their sleep as things fell from shelves and light fixtures swung back and forth. Once, when Myutta was particularly aggressive with her, the slab he sat on broke in two, sending them both to the ground in a heap. Aveyla suffered a broken wrist, yet was somehow relieved when Myutta avoided being close with her afterwards.

The stigma associated with her after that incident laid new levels of isolation on her. She spent most of her days lying in her cell, trying to clear her mind of the crawling sensation still creeping over her skin. Some days she was not even fed, or forced to eat a plate of scraps kicked under the cell door by frightened guards.

It was also about this time she noticed things would occasionally move from her hand when she reached out to grab them, like she was holding an invisible magnet in her palm. If she concentrated hard enough, she could make things move into her hand, even if they were out of reach. Sometimes she could hear voices in the dark, even knowing there was no one there and, despite the fact she had buried most of her feelings, strange emotions would overcome her for no reason.

This new level of awareness was terrifying to her. With no one around to confide these things to, they began to erode her from the inside. Dark feelings like anger and fear would sometimes overwhelm her, once sending a large crack up the wall of her cell. If anyone approached her, she was unnaturally aware of them and felt extremely threatened. Several guards reported not being able to breathe when giving her food, and she was fed even less than before. She was on the path to oblivion, all while never leaving her cell.

Myutta was equally vexed. His prized slave, which he had been so optimistic about, had become a huge liability to him. No one could explain the occurrences, but everyone was terrified of the young Twi'lek. The Hutt knew he had to get rid of her, sooner rather than later, but the vehicle for disposal was where he was torn. He could not give her back to Fennri and lose face. He could not bring himself to kill her because she was potentially worth so much. He could not keep her and realize his greatest fear, that another Hutt would take interest and demand her, then suffer the same strange occurrences and accuse Myutta of trying to kill them. The cunning Hutt had survived this long by knowing how to navigate the complex inner workings of the criminal empire, so we was not about to jeopardize his position by passing on defective slaves.

While his problem was complex, his ultimate solution was simple.

One night, two thugs slipped into Aveyla's cell and injected her with some kind of drug. She barely had enough time to scream before she was sedated, stuffed into sack and carried from Myutta's palace. She was put onto a shuttle and ferried to the smuggler's moon, Nar Shaddaa, where she would be sold to an acquaintance of Myutta's, never to set foot back on Nal Hutta. It all happened quietly and quickly.

Myutta had never slept as soundly as he did the night Aveyla was taken away.

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