A Vision of a Rose

Track and Fight

Wanda rushed back into the room with both Avenger teams and Fury. "Too late," she panted, seeing that I was gone.

"Report! What the heck is going on here?!" Fury demanded as he walked to Clint and Vision.

"We don't know how yet, but Ultron's gotten control of Rose," Clint reported. "She ran off after hitting Vision with a spell. She's trying to fight him, keep him away."

"If it's Ultron, that explains why I couldn't find him," Wanda muttered.

"How do we find out what's going on, then?" Natasha asked. "If she's not here, that is."

"We find her," Steve replied. "Somehow, we've got to find the girl, before Ultron takes complete control of her. If that happens, the consequences could be disastrous."

"I can find her," Vision stated. "I just need time. You can move to the new base as planned. I will be joining you later, Rose with me."

"No, bring her here," Tony said. "Ultron can't know the location of the new base in case he tries to plan an attack against it. I will have my stuff set up here."

"I will let you know when I've found her," Vision said and he left after me without another word.

"I will have control. There's no fighting it."

I ran into an alleyway, falling to my knees, panting.

I had been able to run out of the tower without conflict. But I knew it was only a matter of time before they sent someone after me.

"Your human body is weak, pathetic."

"Then get out of it," I growled.

"I just need to get control of it and there'll be no problems."

"Not going to happen," I retorted, slowly getting to my feet again and starting to walk, a hand on the wall to keep balance. "You made me hurt my friend."

"Looked like more than friendship to me."

A blush rose to my cheeks but I ignored it. "What's it to you?" I snapped.

"He is my son, after all. You know that, right? Of course you do. That said, I have a right to know what he's doing."

"He's not a child," I replied, surprised but annoyed that I was really having this kind of argument with a robot that wasn't even in shape, but in my mind.

"Last time I saw him, he said that he was born yesterday. It hasn't been too long since."

"Just stop!" I exclaimed. "I'm not dealing with this! I'm not going to let you control my body and make me hurt the people I love and care about!"

"That's a battle you're going to lose eventually. I'll make you too exhausted to fight back. Keep you up at night, not let you eat. You'll have to give in then."

"You already cut my breakfast short," I mumbled. I looked back as I heard something and quickly dived into an abandoned building as I saw Vision fly by the alleyway. "How did he get here so fast?"

Vision paused at the entryway, noticing a figure dart into a building. "I think I've found her," he told Tony.

"Approach with caution," Tony warned. "We don't know how her battle with Ultron is going."

"I know what I'm doing," Vision replied as he came into the alley. He lowered himself to the ground and walked forward, calling out gently, "Rosalina. If that's you, please, come out."

"You have a chance at redemption."

"No," I said softly, moving away from the doorway as the android got closer. I moved behind a turned-over table, glad that I didn't have any of my weapons with me so that I could be forced to use them.

Vision appeared at the doorway, looking around. He took a step in. "Rose, I want to help you. I know you're in here," he said in a calm voice. "Let me help you. I have an idea on how to help you. Tony, he's waiting at the tower so that he can also see what's going on."

"Attack! Now! He's off-guard!"

"Shut up!" I thought. I risked a glance through a chip in the table and my heart stopped for a moment as I saw that Vision was already near the table, and walking my way.

While I had let my mind slip away for a moment, the voice took control of it and I got to my feet, casting a plasma ball at Vision.

Vision sidestepped the attack and flew at me, pinning me to the wall, hands on my wrists that are at either side of my head. "Sorry I have to use such force, Rose," he said. "But right now, I want to speak to Ultron, not you. Let him take control. I know you can take over after I finish."

I shook my head, eyes wide with fear. "I might not be able to take control again," I said.

In order to sooth me, Vision kissed me again, just long enough to know that my mind's slipped. He pulled away, seeing my eyes turn red like Ultron's, all the green gone. The calmness and gentleness was gone from his voice when he spoke, anger and annoyment replacing it, saying, "What have you done with her, Ultron?"

"That is for me to know and for you to find out," Ultron said, using my mouth as the speaker. "By the time you find out, it'll be too late. The girl will be under my complete control."

"I won't let that happen," Vision said. "Whatever you've done to her, we'll find out and we'll take care of it."

"That would mean killing the girl," Ultron stated. "And I know how much you care about her. The looks you give her. The way you held her close to you when you carried her in your arms, as if she was glass, and you had to protect her fragile body. And the tenderness in your kiss. You wouldn't want anything bad to happen to her, now would you? To see her lost, forever, all due to-"

"Enough!" Vision yelled. "I promised her I would protect her! That nothing bad would happen to her! Now leave her!"

"I couldn't, even if I wanted to," Ultron said as if it was nothing. "No way now. Especially since I've done two things to her. You'd have to drain her of her blood to get rid of one problem. No way you can do that."

"I'll find a way," Vision said in a dangerously low voice.

"And what if she doesn't really love you?" Ultron asked. "If you think she loves you, but she's really just playing you? She can act, very well. And I can read her mind, know what's she thinking."

"You lie, to let my guard down," Vision said, though Ultron could feel him loosen his grip slightly.

Taking the chance, Ultron kicked at him and tackled him as he stumbled back.

Vision fell back and threw Ultron over him, making him hit the wall.

"Careful with this body," Ultron warned. "Don't want to hurt her too bad, now do you?"

"You leave me no choice," Vision replied, though he felt guilty about having to hurt me to get to Ultron.

Ultron got to his feet. "I have to admit, she is skilled," he commented. "She knows so much more than she has shown people."

"Like what?" Vision said. He had to stall now: he saw that my eyes were flashing from red to green: I was trying to get control again. I just needed time.

"I'll show you," Ultron said, charging forward.

He went to punch but Vision blocked it, grabbing his wrist and pulling it behind his back.

The android had to let go when an elbow slammed into his stomach.

Ultron turned to him as he took a step back and did a side kick.

Vision sidestepped the kick and stepped in close, doing a stun punch to Ultron's face and then tripping him while he was dazed, taking him to the ground.

Ultron grabbed Vision's ankle when he fell and pulled it out from under him, causing the other man to fall, as well, turning it into a grappling match between the two. He got the upper-hand when he pinned Vision to the ground.

Not going to let himself be overpowered, Vision used his laser beam and sent Ultron flying off of him and slamming into a wall. He got to his feet, already planning another attack should Ultron get back up, but stopped quickly when he heard my cry of pain, not Ultron's.

"Vision," I whispered, fighting to keep control of my own body with the pain I had. I rolled onto my side, slumping against the wall.

"Rose, I'm sorry," Vision said, coming to me. "Ultron made me forget it was you as well as him."

"What he said about me not loving you, don't listen," I said. "He did that to get your guard down."

"I realize that now," Vision replied as he picked me up. "Let's get to the tower."

"Not so fast," Ultron said, quickly taking over my body again and making time freeze long enough to get onto his feet and step back from Vision. As time started to move again, he casted a spell that sent Vision through two cement walls and hit a metal pillar, denting it.

"Tony, I need backup," Vision said as he got to his feet, stepping forward. "I won't be able to do this on my own, I realize."

"Hang in there," Tony said. "Sending Clint and Steve."

"Hurry," Vision said. He was taken to the ground as Ultron charged at him as a tiger and pounced on him.

Ultron growled, getting ready to bite him, but I forced control again and backed off, turning into a human again, still on my hands and knees.

"Vision, quickly! Knock me out or something!" I cried, shaking. "Ultron's causing me to lose control!"

"I can't hurt you, though," Vision protested. "It's not in my nature!"

"Do it before something bad happens!" I exclaimed. "One more spell and I'll lose control entirely!"

Vision came to me. "I'm sorry. Forgive me," he said before a fist slammed into the side of my head and I passed out.

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