A Vision of a Rose

Huge Change

It took some time getting use to in my new body. It felt strange not needing the stuff I usually needed in the usual amounts, like instead of eating three times a day, only eating once every three days, and being able to go up to a week without needing sleep and still performing like my usual self.

Vision had taken me under his wing immediately, wanting to help me as much as possible, to teach me what I could do now.

I found it easier for me to control my magic, making me be able to use it longer than before.

Also, I wasn't really affected by the temperature. It was starting to get cooler, obvious by the people coming inside wearing more layers, but I felt normal, even when I walked outside for a long time.

While Vision was training me, the others started to crack down on Ultron again, seeing what they could do to defeat him. Since Tony's operation on me, I haven't had any contact with Ultron, which I was glad for.

Along with my android training, we also had training as a team: me, Vision, Wanda, Pietro, Sam, and Rhodey. Steve and Natasha would drill us and put us in an updated simulator, courtesy of Tony and Stark Industries. The simulations put us to the test, especially when we had to go in by ourselves or as a pair.

I took note that they always kept me and Vision and Wanda and Pietro separated when it was pairs and I knew why they did it: we already showed that we could work well together and wanted to test what we could do with the others.

One night after training when we were all resting in the break room, minus Vision who said he was going out for a bit, Tony walked into the room. "Rose, come with me, my lab," he said. Just as soon as he came in, he was gone again.

Confused, I looked at the others and they looked the same way.

"Better go see what he wants," Rhodey warned. "It'll be best."

I nodded and get to my feet, quickly darting after Tony.

Tony didn't break his quick stride until he reached his lab, Clint and Vision both there.

"Ok, what's going on, Tony?" Clint asked. "Why bring all three of us here?"

"Because I have to tell Rose something about what I had to do to her, and I thought it would be best if you two were here, as well, since it may stress her out and she might not tell you right away," Tony said.

"Why not in front of the others?" Vision said as he walked over to me.

"It's best if you don't say anything," Tony said. "They might turn on me, and I know you three are the ones that matter the most when it came to Rose's life."

"What is it?" I said as I sat down in a chair, feeling that it may be best. Vision and Clint came on either side of me, waiting for the news.

"Your heart stopped completely, not even the slow pulse that happened when you put yourself into hibernation," Tony said. "I couldn't revive it even after taking the communicators out. They had stretched it out too much. So I kept you alive while I created a new heart for you...one made of metal."

"A metal heart?" I said, placing a hand over my chest and looking down. "How did you get it to pulse like a real one?"

"Very advanced technology," Tony said. "It was even riskier than filtering out the robots or shielding the heart. What I made was a prototype."

"And what if it stops?" Clint said.

"I'm already working on developing what I have done," Tony said. "Before that happens, I should have several made. It's a technological and medical advancement that will save thousands from needing to wait in transplant waitlists. Once I'm confident with one that I know will not fail, I'm asking your permission, Rose, to replace it with the one that's currently keeping you alive, and also permission from both you, Clint, her brother, and you, Vision, her partner."

"If it'll guarantee that she won't drop dead in the middle of a battle, then yes, you have my permission," Clint said.

"And mine, since I know you can get it done once you put your mind to it," Vision agreed.

Tony looked at me for my response and I looked up at him, nodding. "I trusted you with my life, Tony, and you didn't disappoint. I know you will continue to impress us," I said. "You have my permission."

"Vision, Rose, you two go in today," Steve said a few days later. "Complete the rescue mission in the given time. You two work well together without a time limit. Let's see if can do the same when you're racing the clock."

The two of us nodded and we walked into the simulator, starting off back-to-back so that we couldn't immediately get ambushed.

We were transported to the middle of an attack in the city, the attackers being Red Skull and a few HYDRA members.

"Stop!" I called, casting a spell to get the two focused on us.

"Well, look at who it is," Red Skull said as he and the others turned to us.

"What do you think you're doing?" Vision demanded as we both turned to face them.

"Only planning on your destruction," Red Skull replied, sending his men at us.

We fought them and easily took them down.

"It'll take more than that," I mocked as we turned and began to approach the supervillain.

"Why fight me when there are innocent lives at stake?" Red Skull asked as he held up something: a bomb. Before we could react, he pressed a button and it started to count down from thirty minutes.

"Vision, get the people in immediate danger to safety," I said. "Come back once everyone's gone, but not until then."

"And you?" Vision replied.

"I'm going to get the bomb and try to defuse it before time expires," I answered.

"Be careful," Vision said before flying off quickly.

Red Skull laughed. "There's no way you can defeat me," he said. "I am invincible!"

"Funny, the last person that said that end up losing," I commented. "Now freeze." I froze time and ran forward, grabbing the bomb. As time began to move again, I kicked Red Skull back, bomb-in-hand. "Now, if you don't mind, I'll be defusing this."

"I won't let you do that!" Red Skull said as he charged at me.

I sidestepped his attack and did a stun kick before going in for a lunge punch, putting all my force in to knock him back.

Red Skull pulled out a gun and shot at me, me diving behind a car to avoid being hit.

"So, we're playing hard ball now?" I whispered as I set the bomb down, getting an arrow ready to shoot. "Two can play that game." As soon as Red Skull had a small break, I jumped to my feet and shot the arrow at him, causing a small explosion and throwing him back.

Taking the chance to work on the bomb, I grabbed it and moved behind another car.

Before I could remove the backplate, however, all the cars along my side of the street started to explode.

I grabbed the bomb and started to run, stopping time long enough to dart out into the street past the line of cars.

A small missile came flying at me and struck me, causing me to fly back a few feet and land on my back. I got to a knee and saw Red Skull approaching the bomb from where it had fallen out of my grip.

"Not so fast!" I said as I ran forward, using my speed, and grabbed the bomb, tripping Red Skull with a sweeping kick, and then moving back.

As he got back to his feet, I casted a spell that covered him in ice. "Freeze, just like what you did to Cap," I said, turning my attention to the bomb as I removed the backplate and looked at the wiring. I frowned slightly, trying to remember what Tony had said about bombs.

Suddenly, something struck me and shocked me.

I let out a cry of pain, collapsing slightly. I got back to my feet to see a few HYDRA agents coming in to surround me and get the bomb away from me.

I quickly kicked at one and used my magic to throw the other two back. I looked at the bomb and saw that I was running out of time: three minutes. Where was Vision?

Almost like a mental cue, Vision came rushing in, taking down a few hidden snipers. "What update do you have?" he asked. "The civilians are gone."

"Two-and-a-half minutes and counting to defuse the bomb," I said. "Can you get it?"

"Yes," Vision replied. "Cover me and I'll get it done."

I nodded and turned to the HYDRA agents as they started to come out of buildings and other hidden locations, ready to fight and stall as Vision turned his attention on the bomb.

To make it simple, I surrounded us with a shield, watching them carefully as they shot stuff at the magical wall but each one not breaking it.

"Done," Vision said, pulling the final wire.

The simulation died around us as we joined the others.

"Good job," Steve said. "You two really do make a good pair."

Vision and I looked at each other and smiled.

"Yea," I started.

"We do," Vision finished.

"Becoming an android, a metal heart, and another reassurance that Vision and I will stay together. This is a huge change for me, the biggest I've faced yet, but I'm ready to take on whatever challenges come my way."

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