A Vision of a Rose

New Enemies

Clint shot a couple arrows at the group pursuing him, Cooper, and Lila. "Keep going," he urged his kids. "Don't stop. I'll protect you."

The two screamed as a couple troops came out in front of them, grabbing them.

"If I were you, Hawkeye, I would stop before your kids are hurt," one man said.

Clint spun to the two soldiers. "Don't hurt them," he said. "Please."

"Drop your weapons," the other man said.

Clint placed his bow and arrow on the ground and got up, hands in the air. "Now let them go," he said.

Before anyone could react, the two soldiers suddenly fell and Cooper and Lila ran to Clint as he quickly grabbed his weapons again.

"Need some help, Partner?" Natasha asked as she came into view and shot down a couple more soldiers.

"Boy am I glad you're here," Clint said as the two went back-to-back with the kids between them. "We need to get these guys off our trail before we reach the safe spot."

"I'll cover you," Natasha said. "Go."

"I'm not going to leave you alone," Clint said as he shot an explosive arrow that took out a hand-full of soldiers.

"I'm not your priority," Natasha said. "Your kids are. Now go!"

After a moment's pause, Clint nodded and ran with Cooper and Lila, any soldiers following them falling due to Natasha's bullets.

The three reached a door in a hill.

"Get inside," Clint told the two kids as he had an arrow on his bowstring, looking around carefully. "I'll be in right behind you."

Cooper and Lila opened the door and went inside, Clint ducking inside moments after them.

Laura was already there, cradling Nathaniel in her arms as he cried. "He hasn't stopped since we left the farm," she said as Clint walked to her and took Nathaniel in his arms. "It's like he knows that Rose is in trouble."

"Will she be ok?" Lila asked.

"Of course she'll be ok," Clint said reassuringly. "After all, she's got her partner to back her up."

"Are you going to go help her?" Cooper said.

"She told me to stay here and make sure nothing happened to you guys," Clint replied. "And I'm not the one to disobey orders, especially in this situation."

"Yes, but she's your sister," Laura said. "And you're the older brother. Shouldn't it be the other way around?"

"Under normal circumstances, yes, but this one's different," Clint said. "Natasha should be joining us shortly and I'll send her to help Rose and Vision."

Almost like a cue, Natasha came into the room. "The soldiers are gone," she reported.

"I'll stay with my family here," Clint said. "Can you go give Rose and Vision a hand?"

"They've got it covered," Natasha said. "It'll be pretty hard to bring down two powerful androids like them, nothing that HYDRA can produce. Any minute now they should be contacting us for the all-clear and we'll be able to go. In the meantime, I'll follow my order that Rose gave me, which was to stay here and help you."

Vision and I backed up as Red Skull approached us.

"Yes, I see I have surprised you," Red Skull commented with a chuckle.

"Why attack the farm?" I asked. "It's not like they were doing anything."

"I'm looking at the big picture," Red Skull replied. "If I get a means of support out of the way, even if it's just for one or two members of the team, then I'll be that much closer to destroying you."

"Not going to happen," I growled.

"Oh?" Red Skull asked. "And who's going to stop me?"

"We will," Vision said.

"Not even Captain America could stop me," Red Skull said. "What makes you think you can?"

"Cap was alone," I said. "And he doesn't have the powers that we do."

"A bow and arrow is better than a shield?" Red Skull questioned.

"Oh, not just a bow and arrow," I said. "There's other stuff, as well." Before he could respond, I shot a plasma ball at him that sent him flying back. "I'll get the HYDRA soldiers, you tackle Red Skull," I told Vision as I the other soldiers started to charge at us.

"On it," Vision said as he flew after Red Skull.

The soldiers tried to shoot at me but I put a shield around myself the caused the bullets to rebound and hit the shooters.

"You think I'm alone, but I'm not," Red Skull commented as Vision threw him back against a tree and I turned that way.

Before we could react, we were both hit by something that sent us flying.

We turned as we heard a chuckle, seeing Loki walking to us. "Well, looks like you certainly weren't prepared," he commented.

"Loki," I whispered, remembering the simulations that we had to do against him and what Clint told me about the last fight with him.

"The one and only," Loki said as we got to our feet. "I may not have my scepter," he paused for a moment, looking at the infinity gem on Vision's forehead, "but I still have ways to fight."

I cast a spell at him but it went through him before he shimmered away and appeared behind me, kicking me forward. "Clones," I growled as I quickly got to my feet again.

"Aren't they amazing?" Loki asked. "And it's not just myself and HYDRA here. There's another Asgardian, one that I don't think you've ever met before. Say hello to the Enchantress."

Vision and I both turned as a third person came into view. She had long blond hair and wore green.

"You two are pretty pathetic, especially if that's what you call magic," she commented. "I'll show you magic."

"Maybe now would be a good time to contact the others to assist us," Vision whispered to me.

"Avengers, assemble!" I cried in all the Avenger's communicators.

There was a flash of light and everything went black.

Nathaniel had finally quieted down.

Laura held him in her arms, sitting down in a chair, looking down at the ground, worried.

Cooper and Lila were both sitting down trying to busy themselves with coloring in a coloring book.

Clint and Natasha both watched the door, waiting for some kind of message that meant an all-clear so that they could head back to the farm.

"Avengers, assemble!" came my voice in their communicators.

The two looked at each other.

"This is serious," mouthed Clint. "Not just HYDRA."

Natasha nodded slightly. "We've gotta go help," she replied in the same manner. "We're backup until the others come."

The two got to their feet.

"Where are you going?" Laura asked as she looked up at the two, Cooper and Lila stopping to also look at them.

"My sister needs help," Clint said. "And we're going to help her."

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