A Vision of a Rose

Avengers Tower

Since I couldn't do much at the base, I decided that I would go to Avengers Tower for a few days to get a change in scenery for a little bit. Also, I wasn't too sure, but I had a hunch that we could find a clue as to Ultron's whereabouts and plan at the tower, since that was the last known place we knew for a fact he was at.

At first when I told him what I was doing, Tony had immediately declined, saying that it would not be the best thing to do, since there was no security at the tower. But after Clint and Vision both talked to him, said that I would be under a close watch, he reluctantly agreed, but only if he was contacted right away if something went wrong.

Not wanting me to be flying or exposed to the air while flying with Vision, Clint insisted that we take one of the jets to the tower.

Clint piloted the jet as I looked outside and Vision sat behind.

"What made you really decide to come?" Clint asked me as he turned the controls to autopilot. "When you told me what you wanted to do, I saw a look in your eyes that I know means you have an idea but don't want to share it yet. I know you want something more than just a new environment off of the base."

"Ultron," I replied. "This was the last place where we know he was without a doubt. After all, Vision and I fought him. I think if we look around, we could find something, a clue."

"The tower's big," Vision warned. "It could take more than the few days Tony authorized you for. What do you plan to do if that's the case?"

"If we don't find it before we have to go back, then we return once I'm cleared," I answered. "I just know if I told him my actual plan, he couldn't agree at all, even if you two said you would stay with me. But I don't think Ultron would stay at the tower now. After all, all the data has been transferred to the base."

"Unless he makes it his base," Clint said.

"Yes, but Rose and I have been in the city many times since moving to the base," Vision pointed out. "We would've noticed something like that with the tower."

"Plus, I haven't told anyone this, but I had put up sensors at the tower the first time I was back in the city," I added. "It would let me know if someone's come into the tower for whatever reason, and when I put the sensors up, they said that no one, flesh or metal, was currently residing in it."

"So right now we got a giant empty tower that was made for Stark Industries but then became the meeting place for the Avengers," Clint said. "How tall is it, by the way? Including the basements? And is all of Stark's equipment gone from there?"

"Tony still have equipment in there," I said. "He was talking to Maria Hill about it very quickly during one of my upgrading sessions. I believe his Iron Man prototype is still there, but there's no computer in it. As for the other stuff, I'm not too sure."

"But if there's still computers there, even if they've been wiped clean, that's still an entry for Ultron to get in," Vision said. "He'll be able to get into our files even if there's a fragment of one that still remains."

"That'll be where you come in, Vision," Clint said. "You can make sure that everything is truly gone and if not, then either get rid of it or secure it so that Ultron can't get into it."

Vision nodded. "Will do," he said.

"When's the next time you two need sleep?" Clint asked. "Because I've been trained to stay awake for long periods of time, so I can stay awake when you guys are to help with the searching."

"Not until we get back to the base," I said. "But you don't have to, Clint. Vision and I will be fine while you rest."

"I'm already going to be taking breaks while I eat," Clint said. "I can rest then, take small cat naps, or I guess in my case, hawk naps."

I chuckled, a smile crossing my face. "If you say so," I said.

"All networks are secure," Vision reported as he walked into the room Clint and I were in, looking at a map of the tower and the different floors. "From what I could tell, Ultron hasn't been able to make any progress using these computers if he's tried. What are we looking at for the map?"

"We have two options for searching for any clues," I said. "All three of us looking at the floor together or splitting up so we're looking at three floors at once. There's pluses and minuses for each option. For the first one, we may not be able to search as many floors, but for the second one, we may miss something important."

"It'll be best to stay together," Clint said. "Yes, it will take longer, but at least it means we're least likely to overlook a possible clue."

"Any idea what we want to look for when searching?" Vision asked.

"First of all, something metal," I said. "But that doesn't mean we should keep our search exclusively for metal. There could be other stuff, as well."

"Where do we begin the search?" Clint said.

"We'll start down and move up," I said. "The bottom levels have the most space but the least amount of rooms, so they should be faster compared to up here with less space but more rooms."

"Then let's start down the stairs," Vision said.

Clint folded up the map and placed it in his pocket as we got to our feet and started to the elevator.

Once we reached the bottom floor, we stepped out and started our search and then moving up one. We started with Vision scanning the whole floor for anything. If he detected something, we investigated that and if we thought it was something, we'd place it in the bag I had brought. If not, we left it alone. Then we started to spread out from there. If Vision didn't pick up on anything, we just started to look around.

On the elevator going up each floor, we discussed any clues we found and what they could mean.

Mostly we just found metal scraps and the occasional slip of paper that had something written on it that could mean something.

When Clint took a break, he was always nearby, ready to help if something happens. He seemed to work like a robot, taking exactly thirty minutes to eat and then an hour-and-a-half to sleep. The schedule he created himself was down to a second's precision. He fell asleep right away and woke up as if there was an alarm clock in his brain.

It kinda scared me, knowing that this was his assassin training at work. I still remembered the day he left after our parents had died, promising to keep in contact. We did, but only for a few months before everything started to fall apart for me.

Luckily, Vision and the search were able to keep me distracted while Clint was doing his own thing.

For the most part, the first two days were uneventful except if we found something that we thought could be a clue, which was already rare.

The third day, when Tony contacted Clint to tell him that we had to return, we had gotten up to the fourth floor in our search, but no major breakthroughs.

"Alright, Tony, we'll head out in about an hour," Clint said. "Be back in time for dinner."

"You better," was Tony's annoyed response.

Clearly he hadn't gotten over us coming when he didn't like the idea.

"He's still not happy," Vision commented as the three of us rode the elevator to the top floor.

"Oh well," I said, leaning against the wall. "Too bad if he doesn't like it. What's done is done."

The elevator suddenly came to a stop, causing us to lose our balance slightly.

"What just happened?" Clint asked.

"You're trespassing," a voice said.

"Ultron," Vision said.

I quickly turned invisible, hoping that wherever Ultron was, he didn't know that I had survived his attack.

"What are you doing here?" Ultron questioned, the lights shutting off to plunge us into darkness.

"None of your business," Clint replied. "And how are we the ones trespassing? This is Avengers Tower."

"Was Avengers Tower, but after you deserted it, I took over," Ultron said.

"Vision, can you get us out of here?" I whispered softly.

"Clint, I'm going to find a way to get us out of here," Vision said. He flew threw the door and then he was gone.

"He won't find a way," Ultron said. "You're stopped right in the middle of a floor."

"Well, he can always lift it up to the next floor and pry the doors open," Clint replied.

Almost like a cue, Vision brought elevator up and stopped on the top floor.

Not even waiting for Vision, Clint started to forcibly open the doors, and even I helped him a little bit, but not enough to make Ultron suspicious if he was watching us.

Vision was working on the other door as Clint got our side open, making sure I was through before getting out, himself, and letting both sets of doors slam shut.

"Just wait," Ultron said. "Go and warn your Avenger friends. They won't be able to do anything. I'll be stronger than you even thought I would be."

"Keep talking," Vision replied. "We have our weapons preparing for your battle."

We darted to where the jet was and got inside.

"Has Ultron gotten into the controls?" Vision asked Clint as he looked at everything.

"Thankfully not, but I'm not staying around to see if he does," Clint said as he started the jet.

I didn't turn visible until we were completely out of the city. "Well, my hunch is confirmed, but why didn't he make himself known as soon as we arrive?" I said, sitting back in my chair.

"Maybe he wasn't home," Clint said. "Out causing trouble somewhere. Came back in time for our departure."

"With no body?" I said. "At least, I sure didn't see one, unless it was invisible like me."

"The internet," Vision said suddenly. "I didn't make sure he couldn't get in through the internet."

"So it's like from before," Clint said. "How original."

"Do we tell the others?" I said. "I mean, they'll find out that's where he is sooner or later, but should we tell them now?"

"Not at least until Tony clears you," Vision said. "Or else they'd make you stay behind."

"I'd better recover quickly, then," I said with a sigh.

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