A Vision of a Rose

Protecting Others

I was given the go ahead by Tony during my first checkup, saying that I just needed to rest the rest of the day and I would be good to go.

After new years, everything started to go downhill for the team.

For some reason, we were starting not to see eye-to-eye, causing disagreements and tension whenever someone walked into the room.

Steve and Tony were the two biggest ones. There were others, like Clint, Pietro, and Wanda, Thor and Tony, and myself, Sam, and Rhodey, but our's didn't compare to the two main powers. Natasha and Bruce both tried to stay out of it, along with Vision, though he sided with me when he was around during a disagreement between me, Sam, and Rhodey.

Once we got back to the deal with Ultron, the two never could agree on what to do.

"We know where Ultron is," Clint had said after Vision and I had finished our extended break.

"Where is he?" Tony asked.

"Avengers Tower," Vision said.

"Then let's get in there and fight him," Tony said.

"We need plan first," Steve said. "We can't just go in there without a plan and expect to win."

"There is a plan," Tony replied. "Fight."

"We can't always just blast our way through things and hope for the best, Tony," Steve said, struggling to keep his voice calm.

"How about we take five?" I suggested before Tony could reply. I added as an afterthought, seeing how the two were glaring at each other, "Or thirty."

Without a reply, Tony turned and stormed out of there.

"Someone's gotta go talk to him," Natasha said as she got to her feet and walked to Steve, pulling him out of the room.

"I'll go," Vision said as he left the room after Tony.

"This isn't good," I commented as I sat down in a chair, a hand on my forehead. Then I noticed Bruce wasn't in the room. "Where's Bruce?"

Everyone else looked around, quickly getting to their feet.

"Must've slipped out when the two were arguing," Pietro said.

"Wherever he is, we need to make sure he isn't causing any problems," Clint said. "With the tension those two put off, I can only image how it instigated the Big Guy."

I tensed a little as I felt the coin I had given to Clare activate. "I think I know where he is," I said as I got to my feet. "But I've got to handle this alone."

"Taking on the Hulk by yourself?!" Wanda demanded. "You must be crazy!"

"I'd rather go in there by myself than have everyone go and make it worst," I said. "When he gets back, tell Vision to go to the shelter. He'll understand."

Before they could say anything, I rushed out of the room.

Clare backed the kids up as Hulk approached them. She tried to get them to remain calm, yet she was shaking in fear herself.

"Rose will come, won't she?" Jenny asked softly.

"She will," Clare replied. "This is Rose we're talking about."

Hulk roared at them and charged but Clare and Jenny were able to push the kids out of the way before moving, themselves. He turned, glaring at the two different groups.

"Hey there Big Guy," I called as I slid to a stop near him. "The sun's getting real low. It's time to rest." I slowly lifted myself to meet his eye, extending a hand.

Hulk glowered at me but made no motion to attack.

"I know you don't like Tony and Steve fighting," I continued. "Neither do I. Neither do the others. We can't be fighting each other with Ultron at large right now. And that includes you. There will be a time to smash, but it's not right now."

"It's always right now!" Hulk growled before jumping at me, but I had already moved back.

I had to at least get him away from the others before attempting to fight him, though I didn't want to fight. "Bruce, please-" I began.

"Banner's no longer here!" Hulk roared, charging at me.

I flew into the air high enough so that Hulk couldn't reach me with his normal reach, but I knew if he jumped, I was in trouble.

"Pathetic magician," Hulk muttered, jumping into the air and punching me.

I slammed into a building and fell to the ground, getting to my feet. "I don't want to have to fight you, Bruce!" I called. "I know you're in there!"

"He's gone!" Hulk said as he charged at me.

I dove out of the way last minute and got to my feet, only to have to move back to avoid getting hit with another attack from Hulk.

"Quit running!" Hulk shouted.

"I'm not going to give you a fight," I said as I flew into the air again, knowing that I moved faster like that. "I know my friend is in there. And I want to see him."

Hulk roared as he charged at me and hit me with a punch.

I hit the bridge where the shelter was and collapsed to the ground. Slowly, I got back to my feet.

"Rose, you're hurt," whispered Jenny.

"I've gotta protect you guys," I replied, a hand on the wall behind me to keep me up. "Can't let you get hurt."

"But this'll kill you!" Clare cried.

I shook my head. "Only put me into an automatic sleep for self repairs," I said. As Hulk came at me again, I cast a plasma ball at him with enough force to send him stumbling back. "You want a fight? I'll give you one, but only to protect those I care about."

Hulk grinned maliciously as he watched me fly into the air in front of the shelter. "I'll smash you!" he bellowed as he jumped into the air.

I moved back under the bridge as he landed where I was and then flew at him, using all my strength to punch him.

Hulk grabbed me as he stumbled back and threw me into the air.

I steadied myself in midair and watched him carefully as we circled each other. "When will you give up?" I asked.

"Never," Hulk answered before jumping at me.

I dove to the ground and shot a spell up at him, moving to the side as he fell.

He roared at me as he got to his feet, meaning to intimidate me, and while I made an internal flinch, on the outside, I didn't even blink, knowing that he was looking for a sign of weakness.

"You talk too much," Hulk grumbled and during my moment of confusion, he tackled me to the ground.

I put up a protective shield just in time to keep from getting harmed during the frenzy of fists, but I knew it would quickly break.

Right before it did, I turned into a hawk and flew away before turning to myself again and touching to the ground. But couldn't react in time before Hulk ran at me and took me into his arms, squeezing me, crushing me.

"B-Bruce!" I gasped, feeling the metal and bones giving way. "Snap out of it!"

"I told you-" Hulk began but he was suddenly hit from behind, dropping me and turning to the attacker.

"One chance," Vision said as he floated down to the ground. "Turn back into Bruce, or I will force you to."

"Try you best, android!" Hulk replied, charging at Vision.

Instead of moving to evade the attack, Vision changed his weight and went head-first into Hulk's charge, hitting him and sending him flying back.

I slowly rolled onto my side as Hulk fly over me, Vision stopping next to me.

"Are you alright, Rose?" he asked me, getting down to a knee, but still keeping watch on Hulk as he recovered.

I slowly shook my head, my head bowed as pain overwhelmed my senses. "Shutting down for self repairs," I whispered before I passed out.

Vision used his laser at Hulk approached, picking me up and taking me to the others at the shelter. He gently set me down. "She needs rest," he said before turning back to Hulk and throwing him back. He asked in his communicator, "How far out is Black Widow from the location?"

"Hold him off for two more minutes," Natasha said.

"Magemancer was critically injured," Vision said. "Iron Man will need to see how she's doing."

"Five minutes out," Tony reported.

"You don't mean to hurt people, Banner," Vision called out to Hulk. "You hate the idea of hurting people, especially friends. Rose helped you before. Now you've gotta help her by calming down."

Hulk growled at Vision but his eyes went to where I was, Jenny and Clare both coming to check on me. His eyes softened a little bit as there was a look of concern in them. Slowly, he turned back into Bruce, falling to his knees. "She's not dead, is she?" he asked slowly as Vision approached him.

"No," Vision said. "She's only doing self repairs. She'll be back to normal in no time."

"I hope," Bruce said.

"What happened?" Vision said. "How did you turn?"

"Tony and Steve, the tension," Bruce said. "I stayed as long as I could, but I realized that it was only hurting me. I left, but the Big Guy, he had other ideas."

"Are you hurt?" Vision said.

Bruce shook his head. "Not that I know of," he said. "I'm more shaken than anything. Vision, you know I'd never hurt her on purpose."

"I know," Vision replied. "But you weren't you. You were Hulk. He thinks different than you."

Before Bruce could respond, a jet landed nearby and Natasha came off, coming to Bruce. "Come on," she said as she gently pulled Bruce to his feet. "You've gotta get some rest."

Bruce only nodded, letting Natasha guide him to the jet.

Vision came over to me, kneeling down next to me.

"I'm not doctor, but this is serious," Jenny reported. "He crushed her. It's difficult to repair that."

"Even the metal is dented," Vision whispered, gently running a hand over my arm. He took my hand into his and kissed the back of it. "Rosalina, I'll make sure you are taken care of. You'll make it. I promise."

"Let me see her," Tony said as he touched to the ground behind Vision. He took Vision's spot, Jenny and Clare both backing up to give him space, and analyzed the damage done to my body. "The self repairs are already being done. It's the metal that's the problem. The bones will heal themselves, but without vibranium, then the metal is easier to be damaged."

"Can you at least fix it?" Vision asked. "The metal could be reinforced."

"I can fix the metal," Tony said. "But she'll have to come to my lab to do so."

"Then we'll go," Vision said as he picked me up.

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