A Vision of a Rose

Upgraded Gear

When I came to, I was back at the base in my room.

Slowly, I sat up, feeling a bit sore, but after a minute, the soreness died away.

I put a hand to my forehead, trying to remember what had happened. I suddenly snapped my head up.

Hulk and Vision.

I got to my feet and was about to open the door when it opened on it's own as Vision stepped in.

"Vision," I said as I hugged him, relief coursing through me.

"Rose, you're alright," Vision said, returning the hug. I heard relief in his voice, as well.

"Yea, I am," I said. "How long have I been out?"

"It's been two days since the fight," Vision said.

"Two days?!" I exclaimed. "What have I missed?!"

"Tony and Steve arguing some more, Clint checking on you every so often to see if you're awake, Bruce coming in once because he feels bad for doing this, more arguments between the team, and no plans on what to do," Vision said. "Not a lot, really."

"Where is everyone now?" I asked.

"Conference room," Vision said. "Arguing. No surprise there. I slipped out to check on you."

"How bad has it gotten?" I said.

"For the most part, you've been the peacekeeper," Vision said. "Minus your disagreements, which are small, from Rhodey and Sam. And since you've been out, no one's been able to stop. And Tony's getting a lot of heat from everyone except me and Clint since the others found out about your heart. It's not that they were against the idea, they just didn't like him doing that without letting them know at least."

I sighed. "Better go cool things off, then," I said as we started walking.

"I'll go in first, take my place, act like I found you still asleep," Vision said. "After that, you can come in and hopefully that'll restore some peace."

I nodded. "This has really thrown me off my eating and sleeping schedule," I commented. "When did you last do both?"

"I slept last night and the last time I ate was with you, and we're planning on eating tomorrow morning," Vision said.

We reached the room and Vision went in, leaving me outside.

I placed my ear against the door to see if I could hear what was going on.

All I heard was voices trying to make themselves heard over each other.

Definitely not good.

I took a deep breath and opened the doors to the conference room, saying to everyone, "We're not getting work done like this."

Everyone got to their feet as they turned to me.

"Two choices," I said, seeing that I now had everyone's attention and this was the moment to bring everyone together. "We can either keep fighting and being disorganized and let Ultron win, or we can become a team, like we have done in the past, form a plan, and take Ultron down for good. Which is it?"

"Who's the reason he came back?" Pietro replied.

"Who's the one that saved your life even though she was injured?" I countered.

Pietro went silent, receiving a glare from Clint and an annoyed glance from Vision.

"So, Captain America, Iron Man," I said, looking at the two. "What is your decision?"

"We have to put our differences aside and take him down," Steve said. "I'll willing to work with you, Tony, as long as you are willing to work with me."

"Ultron needs to be stopped," Tony said. "And we're the only ones who can. We need to work together to do that. Cap, let's start strategizing."

I nodded. "Now, let's start," I said as I went to my usual chair between Vision and Clint.

Another simulation failure, this time with me and Wanda.

Ever since we started training again, I had only mission accomplishments with Vision when it was a duo. If it was three or more, then it was a success.

"You move too slow," Wanda commented as the simulation ended and we walked out to the others. "I had it if you had came faster."

"Well sorry I'm not Pietro," I responded bitterly. "I would've been faster had you actually helped me with the sentries and not left them all to me."

"Ladies, ladies, let's not fight," Steve said as he walked to us. "We'll try again after lunch and see how you two do then. I'm sure you just need some time to relax."

We didn't respond as Wanda went to Pietro and I went to Vision.

"If you would like a suggestion based off of what I saw, if you had some kind of shield other than the magic ones you create, then you would've been better off," Vision said.

"A shield," I whispered then my eyes lit up as I had an idea. "Vision, you are a genius!"

"What is your plan?" Vision asked, knowing that look in my eyes.

I grabbed the edge of my cape and and pulled it in front of me. "I can make this a shield," I said. "A very powerful one. I'm sure I can even talk to Tony to have it reinforced for that it's not just my magic doing it."

"Vision, Pietro, you two are up," Steve said. "Wanda, Rose, you two can head to lunch. I'll find you two after everyone's completed their mission and has eaten."

"Go do that," Vision said. "I'll see you in the dining hall after both of us are done."

I nodded and watched him go into the simulation with the other Maximoff twin before going to my room and laying my cape on my bed.

It took a little bit of work, but I was able to make it a shield but it needed to be tested.

I put it back on and went to Tony's lab, where he was there working on some stuff.

"Rosie, was about to just go find you," Tony said as he looked up to see me there. "I was wondering if you wanted to try an upgrade after you completed your training for the day."

"What kind of upgrade?" I asked.

"An enhancement on the speed portion of your abilities," Tony said. "Won't be Quicksilver fast, but it'll be better than now."

"Sure," I said.

"Great," Tony said. "After dinner work for you?"

"I got no plans tonight," I replied.

"Fantastic," Tony said. Then he paused. "Well, not fantastic as in you got nothing, but fantastic as in it working out."

I chuckled. "I understood what you meant," I said.

"So, what brings you here today?" Tony said. "I know you can't read minds."

"Can I have something tested?" I asked.

"Sure, what?" Tony said.

"My cape," I said. "I made it into a shield and I want to make sure that at least the magic works. And then I was wondering if you'd reinforce it somehow to make it stronger."

"I was working on something like that already," Tony said. "How do you want me to test it? Throw something at it? Blast it?"

"Both," I said. "And also shooting it, since I may have to face that, as well."

"Alright," Tony said. "Go ahead and remove it and I'll hang it up to be tested."

I took off my cape and Tony hung it up in a clear space.

"I'll just throw my shoe, since it's the safest thing here to toss," Tony said as he took it off.

I laughed and watched as he threw it at the cape, smiling a little at it rebounded off of it slightly.

"So far so good," Tony said as he got his shoe and put it back on. Then he got a glove on and shot a laser at the cape.

"Definitely getting good marks," I commented as it was untouched.

"You're the best at shooting," Tony said. "Both with a gun and a bow."

"I'll try both," I said as I first got my gun out of the sheath. I fired five rounds and each one didn't harm the cape. Then I went to my bow and arrow, using a regular, explosive, and burning arrow. I released the arrows and was satisfied that they didn't cause any damage.

"Do you really need me to do anything?" Tony asked with a laugh as I placed my bow back.

"Just in case my magic fails for whatever reason," I said. "Better safe than sorry."

"That's true," Tony said as he walked to the cape. "I'll let you know when it's done. It'll be done before lunch is over, for sure."

"Any idea where Clint is?" I said.

"Last time I saw him, he was at the archery range," Tony said.

"Thanks," I said as I walked out of the room.

I reached the archery range and sure enough, Clint was there, practicing archery.

It was a habit of our's that when I had a failure in the simulation, we would talk it over, just the two of us, to see what I could do better next time.

"How was your simulation?" Clint asked as I walked next to him.

"It could've been better," I replied.

"Wanda, right?" Clint said.

I nodded as I got my bow out, getting ready to practice.

"How'd it end?" Clint said.

"Well," I sighed, "we both screwed up at one point. Wanda had gone ahead when I still needed help with the sentries so I couldn't reach her in time to help out in the final battle, but I had accidentally blown our cover to begin with."

"How so?" Clint said as he went to collect his arrows.

"She told me to stun the soldiers and I don't know how it happened, but instead of stunning them, I actually caused the ground a few of them were standing on to blow up," I said, waiting for him to get back before shooting. "I don't know how stun changed to explosion in my spell, but that's what happened."

"So, how can you get better knowing how you messed up?" Clint said as he grabbed his bow again.

"Controlling the spells is a big one," I said as I started to shoot. "I sometimes find myself amazed by what happens when I'm not expecting it."

"What tips did Vision give you?" Clint said.

"He thought that if I had a shield other than magic, I would do better," I said. "So I've done something about that."

"I notice you don't have your cape," Clint said. "Is that why?"

I nodded. "I already used my magic to make it a shield, but Tony's working on reinforcing it, just in case," I said.

"So hopefully with that and our talk on what you could do better, you can get a mission success," Clint said. "And also, if you talk to Wanda, as well, and you two discuss what happened, it'll help."

"I don't think that's going to happen," I said. "She seemed a little bitter after the mission and she didn't really talk afterwards. I'll just have to hope that I can get everything on my part sorted out and that she talks to Pietro and he lets her know how to get better."

"I actually think it's my fault she's against her," Clint said. "You know I don't get along well with her and Pietro and she's taking out that frustration on you."

"Well, then, stop it," I said. "Make up and play nice with the twins."

"I'm trying on my part, but they're not giving me a chance," Clint said. "It's mostly Pietro. Wanda's just feeding off of the energy he's projecting. Before moving to the base, we were good friends, but not now for whatever reason."

"So if I want to fix this, go to the brother," I said. "Got it."

"How are you doing with Rhodey and Sam?" Clint said.

"Our stuff's not getting in the way with missions," I said as I finished the last of my arrows. "But I know that that won't last forever. The thing is neither of them wanna talk to me about it."

"Let me talk to them," Clint said. He went with me as I collected my arrows. "I'm going to head to lunch. You coming with or staying and practicing?"

"I'll come," I said. "Wanna see how Vision did with Pietro."

The two of us walked to lunch where the others were.

While Clint got in line for food, I went to where Vision was sitting. "How'd it go?" I asked as I sat down next to him, seeing that he looked a bit surprised.

"We need to try again after lunch," Vision replied.

I was surprised, too: this was his first fail in a simulation.

"What happened?" I said.

"Lack of communication," Vision said. "We talked about it while Rhodey and Sam went through. They also didn't make it."

"Wow, the whole team's off," I commented as I sat back. "That's a first."

"How did you do with the cape?" Vision said, obviously just wanting to get away from how bad we were doing.

"Rose, it's done," Tony said in my communicator.

"Well, let's go find out," I said as I got to my feet.

Vision came with me as I went to Tony's lab.

"I was lucky enough to have a small sample of vibranium in my lab," Tony said. "Something that my father had when making Steve's shield that he left in the lab when passed down to me. I was able to infuse that into your cape so that it's a better shield than before. When I get another sample, I can repeat the process again just so that it's a little bit strong." He gestured to the cape. "Vision, why not try a laser beam on it?"

Vision nodded and shot a laser beam at it, but it didn't damage the cape. "That'll be helpful for battle," he said as I walked to it.

"It definitely will be. Thanks Tony," I said as he got it and handed it to me.

"Now just remember the upgrade tonight," Tony said.

"I'll be here," I said, putting the cape on. "I'm sure the speed will definitely help out, even if it's just a little bit."

"Now I'm going to get some lunch," Tony said.

We walked with him to lunch and took our usual seats just as Clint sat down with food.

"You're prepared now?" Clint said, gesturing to my cape.

I nodded. "Oh yea," I said.

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