A Vision of a Rose

Ultron's Control

After lunch, Steve had everyone back in for the simulations, the same as before.

Wanda and I went in first again.

"Don't mess up this time," Wanda told me.

Before I could reply, we were transported into the simulation, where we had to break into a HYDRA lab to get data. Before we got the data, we had to get to fight a HYDRA leader.

We went behind a rock and looked over it, seeing the sentries guarding the entrance.

"I have a different idea," I whispered as I got an arrow on my bowstring.

"Which arrow are you using?" Wanda asked.

"A shocking one for anyone within the radius that I designate, or the enemies I pick," I said. "Designed it myself."

"Let's hope it works as expected," Wanda said. She didn't have a tone in her words, but I had a feeling she was skeptical about this.

I pulled the arrow back and moved away from the rock, shooting it at the sentries in front of the lab.

The arrow worked perfectly, shocking all the sentries and knocking them out.

"Let's move," I said as Wanda and I ran to the lab.

We made it inside the lab and slipped into hiding to avoid some lab assistants as they walked by.

Wanda nudged my arm and pointed in the direction we needed to go.

I nodded and let her take lead as we went the way to the base in the lab.

"Scarlet Witch, Magemancer, I know you two are there," said Wolfgang von Strucker, looking out a window, arms behind his back. "And I know what you two want."

"Then hand it over," Wanda said as we stepped into view.

"That's not going to work," Wolfgang said, turning to us. "You see, I'm not just going to 'hand it over,' as you say. This data," he patted a computer, "is very valuable to HYDRA. And I'm not going to let it go so easily."

"Your downfall," I said as I cast a spell that caused him to stumble back.

"Mage, get the data," Wanda told me. "I'll hold him off."

"You sure?" I asked.

"Do it," Wanda said.

I nodded and went to a computer, getting a flash drive from my pocket and placing it into the USB port. I started to let the data transfer and turned to see Wolfgang pull out a gun, me instinctively getting mine out.

"I can shoot," he pointed out.

"So can I," I said.

Wanda sent the gun flying out of Wolfgang's hand and approached him. "You know the powers I'm capable of," she said.

Seeing Wolfgang go to pull out a knife, I shot at his hand.

Wanda reached him and went into his mind, making him see something he didn't want to. She turned to me as he collapsed, eyes wide and mouth open in a soundless scream. "I gave you time," she said.

I suppressed a shiver as I saw Wolfgang's reaction, turning back to the computer. I could only imagine what made him look that way. I typed some stuff on the computer and a message come up saying that the transfer was a success. "Let's go," I said as I got the flash drive.

We were about to go when HYDRA troops blocked our entrance.

"You can fly, right?" I asked as we took a step back.

"Yea," Wanda said.

"Perfect," I said. "Stay ahead of me." I cast a spell that smashed the window behind us. "Go!"

Wanda turned and ran to the window, jumping out of it and flying into the air.

I followed right behind her, making sure that my cape was able to cover both of us as gunfire rang out behind us.

We reached a hill and landed on it,

"Mission success," Wanda said as the simulation ended.

"Knew we could do it," I said, giving her a high-five before going out to the others.

"You two improved," Steve said. "Vision, Pietro, round two for you."

That night, Vision and I were sleeping.

I woke up as I felt him stiffen up, most likely from a nightmare. His grip around me tightened slightly, as if he didn't want to let me go.

I gently caressed his hand and arm, a way of saying that everything's alright.

He woke up, sitting bolt upright.

"Vision?" I asked, sitting up next to him. "Is everything alright?"

Vision put a hand to his forehead. "I-I don't know," he replied. "Something's trying to get to me." He suddenly let out a gasp of pain and his eyes flickered between blue and red.

"Vision!" I cried as his eyes settled on red.

Vision got to his feet. His movements were a bit robotic, as if someone was controlling him like a puppet.

"A puppet," I whispered as I got to my feet. "Ultron."

"This was supposed to be the last me," Ultron said, using Vision as his speaker. "And now I will keep him with me, Vision and Ultron's new body." He turned to me as I moved back, going to where I had set my weapons and cape down before going to sleep. He seemed surprised at first. "Stark impresses me. You were going to die. And he saved you. Too bad he can't do the same this time."

Ultron approached me but I cast a spell that immobilized him.

"Get out of Vision's body," I growled.

"I plan to," Ultron replied. "I just need to do a few things first."

"Like what?" I asked, stalling as I tried to come up with a plan. I reached behind me and my hand grasped the first thing it found: my gun. I didn't want to hurt him, but I had no choice. The most I could do was switch the gun to stun.

"Bring Vision to the Tower," Ultron said. "But he won't be coming alone. You've seen too much."

"I'm not coming with you, nor are you taking him," I said. I mumbled, "Sorry Vision." I pulled the gun in front of me and shot it at Ultron, but he let the bullets fly through him like nothing.

"Tsk, tsk, you really don't want to hurt him, do you?" Ultron asked, shooting a laser beam at me.

I quickly grabbed my cape and brought it in front of me just in time to shield myself from the beam.

Ultron flew at me while shooting the beam, stopping when he was close enough to grab me and pin me to the wall. "I always get my way," he said. "Two choices: come along quietly, or I'll simply finish you off here and now."

I growled but it turned to a gasp as he reached into my chest, his hand closing around my heart. My eyes widened as I froze. He could easily kill me, and the others would never know what happened unless they did an autopsy.

"I think I've made my point," Ultron said, removing his hand. He grabbed my arm. "You're coming with me." He smashed open a window and flew out of it, making sure I didn't try to get away.

Clint looked around the dining hall at breakfast, frowning. "She's usually here by now," he said. "Where is she? And Vision?"

At the end of breakfast, Clint walked to my room and opened it, tensing up at the sight of a small fight. He grabbed where my cape was on the floor and my weapons before rushing to the conference room.

"We have a problem," he said as he came into the room. He tossed the stuff onto the table. "Vision and Rose are gone. Ultron must've gotten them."

"They must be at the Tower," Natasha said.

"Then we need to get them," Rhodey said.

"Let's try contacting one of the two first," Steve said as he went to the controls. "Captain America to Vision, report." When there was no answer, he tried Vision one more time. With no reply from the android, he said, "Captain America to Magemancer, report."

"Magemancer here," I said softly.

"Where are you?" Steve asked as the others looked at each other.

"Avengers Tower," I replied.

"Where's Vision?" Steve said.

"Ultron's controlling him," I said. "I don't know how, but he is. He woke up last night, said something was trying to get him. Then his eyes turned red. Ultron found out about me."

"So you let yourself get captured?" Steve said.

"I tried to fight, but it's pretty difficult when your attacker can reach into your chest and crush your heart," I said. "It was the only way I could keep alive."

Before Steve could reply, there was a sound of a struggle on my side and a sudden, loud noise before it said that connection was lost.

"They broke her communicator," Tony said. "Now we need to make a final stand against Ultron, before he does something to Rose or Vision that'll mean we'll need to fight him a third time."

"Avengers, Assemble," Steve said as he turned back to the others.

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