A Vision of a Rose

Ultron's Fate

"Vision, snap out of it!" I cried after he had stepped on my communicator. "This isn't you!"

Vision didn't reply as he pinned me against the wall. "You will tell me what the others are planning," he said.

After we had gotten to the tower, Ultron had left Vision's body, going into a newly made metal body that looked stronger than his old form. Before Vision could regain control of his body again, Ultron had put something on him that I couldn't see to keep him under his control. Ultron had taken me to a cell that was used to detain criminals until we took them to their prison. Since he had locked me in here, I hadn't seen either him or Vision.

Until now, that is.

"I only know as much you do," I said, trying to keep my voice steady.

I didn't like this version of Vision, this side of him. It terrified me to have him against me, especially when I knew so much about him and his powers. And it didn't help that he was a good head taller than me.

I wanted my Vision back, the one that had gone on numerous missions with me, was training to be on the new team of Avengers, had helped me when I became an android, and was my partner and the one I loved.

"You lie," Vision growled.

"Vision, please," I whispered. "You aren't with Ultron. You're with the Avengers. You're helping us defeat him, not protect him. Vision, I love you. Please, come back."

My words didn't faze him as he released me, turned on the ball of his foot, and walked out of the cell, locking it behind him.

"I will return later," he said. "And when I do, I expect real answers."

Then he was gone.

I sunk to my knees, leaning back against the wall. "I've got to come up with something," I mumbled. I looked at the pieces of my broken communicator. "Maybe I can fix it." I started to use my magic to repair it but it didn't work.

The cell cancelled out all my powers, as how Tony designed it.

I got up and walked to my cot, laying down and staring at the ceiling. I sighed, my hands on my stomach.

My first order of business was getting Vision back on our side. I didn't know how I was going to do that, but I had to. I had to find what Ultron put on him. I thought I noticed something on the back of his neck, but I wasn't too sure.

I closed my eyes, feeling that I just needed a time out.

Without knowing it, I fell asleep.

"Hey, Rose, wake up," a familiar voice whispered.

I opened my eyes and saw Clint there.

"Clint," I said as I sat up. "How did you get here?"

"Wasn't easy," Clint replied, helping me to my feet. "Come on. Gotta get out of here before Vision or Ultron gets here."

"Where are the others?" I asked.

"Keeping Ultron occupied," Clint said. "I didn't run into Vision coming here."

"You go to the others," I said. "I've gotta get Vision."

"How?" Clint said.

"I have a few ideas," I said as I went to the door.

"Don't go without these," Clint said as he opened a bag, showing my weapons and cape.

I did a small smile as I got it and put it on. "Thanks," I said. "I'll see you out in the fight."

"One other thing," Clint said. He handed me a new communicator. "This time, don't let it break."

I chuckled. "No promises," I said as I put it in my ear.

Then I went out of the room and went to find Vision.

I found him in one of the labs, staring at a screen at a bunch of codes.

"Agent Rosalina Barton, you wish to help me when there is no way to do that," Vision said without looking back. "It is impossible."

I saw something on the back of his neck, a kind of knob. If I got that off of from him, I was pretty sure I could get him back to normal.

"It was impossible to keep me alive after what Ultron did to me," I replied. "You should know that I strive to make the impossible possible."

Before I could react, Vision had suddenly flew at me, pinning me against a wall.

"You will lose, everything," Vision said.

"Losing isn't in my vocabulary," I commented as I used my strength to get him off of me and switch positions so that he was the one against the wall.

Vision used his laser beam, striking me right in the head and causing me to go flying back, smashing into a table. He approached me as I tried to get up, but my vision spun whenever I lifted my head. "I told you, you will not win," he said as he grabbed me and pulled me to my feet. "I will end you without a trace."

I gasped as he reached into my chest and grabbed my heart. "Vision, don't!" I cried as I felt him begin to apply pressure. "No!" This was a hundred times worse than Hulk crushing my whole body.

Acting quickly, I reached behind his neck and yanked the knob off of his skin.

"Where is your archer?" Ultron asked as he threw the other Avengers back. "Has he abandoned you?"

"Far from it, pal," Clint said, shooting an arrow at Ultron from behind. "I was rescuing my sister."

The arrow struck Ultron and caused a shock through his whole body that last a few seconds.

"That part of the plan was a success," Sam said.

"Where did she go?" Ultron said. "To save Vision? It won't work. He's under my complete control."

"This is Rose we're talking about," Pietro said. "She's not the one to back away from a challenge."

"She always finds a way," Wanda growled. "And when she and Vision get here, then you'll pay! Dearly! First you get my brother and I and this time it's Rose and Vision. You attempted to kill my brother, but you failed. You tried to kill Rose, but you failed at that, as well. You've failed at everything you've tried to do. And you'll-"

Her voice trailed off as Vision came into the room, carrying my in his arms. I wasn't moving.

"Agent Rosalina Barton is terminated," Vision declared as he dropped me to the ground.

"Good," Ultron said with a smirk in his voice. "Finish them."

The others stared at my body, unable to believe what was going on. The burn mark on my forehead from Vision's laser wasn't hard to miss.

"Rose," Natasha gasped, looking at me with wide eyes.

"No," Clint whispered as he came to my side. He dropped to his knees, unable to speak, emotions overwhelming him. "Rose." He gently touched the burn mark on my forehead, as if it would pain me if pressure was put on it.

Pietro and Wanda both rushed to Clint's side, seeing the distress he was in.

"Clinton," whispered Pietro.

"Make him pay," Wanda said.

"You crossed the line now," Tony said as he flew into the air, staring Ultron down.

"How dare you make him harm her!" Thor roared, his hammer crackling with electricity.

"Target Agent Rosalina Barton eliminated," Vision stated as he faced the others. "New target to eliminate." He got ready to shoot the laser beam. "Ultron." At the last moment, he turned on Ultron and shot the beam at him. "Rose! Now!"

I quickly got to a knee and shot an explosive arrow at Ultron. "Gonna help us or not!?" I demanded to the others.

The others quickly got back into action, fighting against Ultron, knowing that they could question us later.

When he was weak enough, Vision went in and sunk his hand into Ultron's chest. With a good yank, he pulled the metal heart out of his chest.

"No one makes me hurt those I care about," Vision growled as Ultron collapsed. "You make me try to rip her heart out, I'll rip your's out."

Everyone eased up as Ultron's eyes died down, knowing that he was defeated.

"Good job, team," Steve said.

"When we get back to the base, I'll need to do a scan of you two, Vision and Rose, to make sure that he hasn't done anything to you two," Tony said.

"He's done nothing to me, for sure," I said as I sat down, my head still spinning.

"I am not too sure about myself," Vision said.

"Rose, how'd you do it?" Clint asked. "Get Vision back?"

"There was a knob on the back of his neck," I said, putting a hand on my forehead. "Yes, I did get hurt while trying to get it, but I got it off. That's what matters in the end."

"And acting like you were still on Ultron's side?" Thor said. "Who's idea?"

"Mine," Vision said as he came to me, taking me in his arms. "Are you feeling alright?"

"Your laser beam really packs a punch," I said as I put my head on his shoulder. "I feel a bit dizzy, but nothing some rest can't fix."

"Well, let's get back to the jet," Natasha said. "This calls for a break."

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