A Vision of a Rose

Dark Avengers

"You both are clean," Tony said after we had gotten back to the base. "No way Ultron's coming back this time."

"Good," I said as I sat down in a chair. It had been difficult for me to stay on my feet while Tony did the scan, the world constantly spinning and swaying the more I tried to stay still.

"Vision, it'll be best to take her to the infirmary," Tony said. "She's not looking too hot. I'll give the report to Steve."

Vision nodded and picked me up. "Come on, Rose," he said. "Time to rest."

I just nodded weakly, trying to keep awake, but I knew that this tiredness was coming from the self-repair. "Shutting down for self repairs," I mumbled before I fell into a deep sleep.

For about a month, we had no problems. After the self repairs, I was back to normal, training with the others and, thankfully, not needed to play referee between Tony and Steve.

After Ultron, everyone started to get along better.

I knew I saw a lot of improvement with Clint and the twins when I saw the three of them talking one day at lunch, all laughing. It seemed that my fake death had brought them closer together.

When I was given a day's break, I went into the city and went to the shelter, letting everyone know that I was ok, there was nothing to worry about.

But one day, Fury called everyone in for an emergency meeting.

"What's up, Nick?" Steve asked as we all sat down.

"Norman Osborn," Fury said. "Take a swing, who is he?"

"Green Goblin," I said. "A foe of Spider Man. But what does he have to do with us?"

"He's created a team, a team who is looking to replace the Avengers," Fury said. "This team is called the Dark Avengers."

"I don't like the sound of that," Natasha commented.

"Stark, has you done a count on all your suits?" Fury said.

"Iron Patriot is the only one unaccounted for," Tony said. "You know where it is?"

"With Osborn," Fury stated.

Tony slammed a fist down on the table. "That son of a-!" he began.

"Language!" Steve cut in without thinking. He paused. "Slipped out," he said as the rest of us looked at him, chuckling. "And I'm not going to hear the end of this one for awhile," he sighed.

"So who is on this Dark Avengers team?" Clint said, bringing us back on track.

"Some of our guys, some of other superheroes," Fury said. "They have and Iron Man, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Spider Man, Thor, Captain Marvel, Hulk, and Wolverine. Some of them we've had in our books for a bit. Others are new. The rest of you are in rumors, but no reported sightings yet. For those not in the Avengers, I've contacted them and asked them to come here to learn what's going on."

"What do we do?" Vision said.

"Right now, keep watch," Fury said. "Do not engage unless engaged. Stop them from doing crime, but as for actually going in for an all-out attack, wait. I want to see what Osborn's plan is."

"And wait for him to make more of us?" Thor said. "That's nine already. He'll make one for Steve, Vision, Rhodey, Sam, Pietro, and Rose if we don't strike now."

"That is an order," Fury said sternly, giving Thor a look that meant there was to be no debate.

After a moment, Thor stepped back. "Fine," he said. "But should this Dark Avenger of me strike to Asgard, then I will strike back with the fury of Hel behind me."

"Asgard is not my place to interfere," Fury said. "If Ragnarok attacks Asgard, I would be surprised if you didn't go."

"Ragnarok, that name, it sounds familiar," Thor said. He suddenly got to his feet. "I must return. My people need me."

Before we could reply, he was gone.

"What about Red Skull, Loki, and the Enchantress teaming up?" I asked. "Anything on that?"

"If it's official, they haven't done anything to make us notice," Fury replied. "But we are keeping watch for anything like that." He addressed everyone now. "This meeting is adjourned. Go do whatever you were doing before the meeting."

We all walked out of the room.

"What do you think this means?" I said to Vision.

"We should be extra careful," Vision stated. "After all, alone, each of us can be dangerous, but together, we're deadly."

I nodded. "I was thinking the same thing," I said. "And it's only a matter of time before he makes the rest of us."

"And when that happens, we need to be ready," Vision said.

A few days later, Vision, Rhodey, Sam, Pietro, Wanda, and I were on patrol, watching over the different parts of the city.

"Report, anything suspicious?" I asked through my communicator to the others. "Manhattan is all clear."

"Staten Island is all clear," Pietro reported.

"Brooklyn is all clear," Vision chimed in. "Including the Statue of Liberty."

"Queens is all clear," Wanda added.

"Bronx is all clear," Rhodey said.

When I didn't hear a reply from Sam, I said, "Sam, report." I paused, still not hearing anything. "Does anyone have visual of Falcon over the bay?"

"I'm near there," Vision said. "I can head in that direction."

"As can I," Wanda suggested.

"Please do," I said. "See why he's not responding and if he needs backup, tell us."

"Roger," Vision and Wanda said.

I continued to watch over Manhattan, reporting to Steve, "All have reported an all clear except Sam. We are currently looking into why he's not responding."

"Roger," Steve said. "We are at Avengers Tower should you need extra backup."

"Got it," I said. "Magemancer over and out." I paused as I noticed something and said to Rhodey, "Seeing some strange activity in Central Park. Please be on standby."

"Will do," Rhodey replied. "Heading your way."

I lowered myself into the park and looked around, alert.

I was suddenly hit from behind with some kind of spell, falling forward with a cry of pain.

"Rose!" Rhodey cried. "Are you ok!?"

I rolled onto my back as I saw the attacker, slowly getting to my feet. "I'm fine," I said. "Just struck from behind by the Enchantress. How far out are you?"

"Coming in for landing," Rhodey said he landed behind me. He stepped up next to me and addressed the Enchantress, "So you're the Asgardian that's been causing problems at the farm."

"I was only doing it to get the attention of my lovely Thor, but instead I got you pests," the Enchantress growled.

"Thor's on vacation right now in Asgard," Rhodey said. "But if you leave a message, we'll give it to him."

"If you call fighting Ragnarok a vacation, then yes, a vacation," the Enchantress said.

"How do you know about him?!" I demanded.

"He's Thor's replacement, of course," the Enchantress said. "Once Thor is out of the picture, not only will Asgard fall, but Midgard will have to face his wrath, as well."

Rhodey and I looked at each other and then back at the Enchantress.

"Dark Avenger spotted," Pietro said. "Daken. Requesting backup."

"Dark Avenger detected but not seen," Vision said. "Energy readings show Bullseye. No backup required yet."

"Falcon found," Wanda added. "He was in a fight with some HYDRA members. Jammed his communicator. He's alright now."

"Go on, go help your pitiful team," the Enchantress said. "I will simply sit back and wait for thrill of battle to end before swooping in and finishing you off."

"Rhodey, go," I said. "Help Pietro. I'll handle it here."

"Are you sure?" Rhodey asked. "It's not like you can call Thor to help you out."

"No, but I can call the other Avengers," I said. "Now go! This is not to be argued!"

After a moment's hesitation, Rhodey flew into the air and took off to Pietro's location.

"Oh, don't mind me," the Enchantress said. "Don't let me distract you from your team."

Before I could react, she was gone.

I shook my head and put a hand to my communicator. "Pietro, how you holding up? Rhodey's on the way," I said.

"Going as fast as I can," Rhodey put in.

"Just hurry up!" Pietro replied. "Can't hold him off forever!" There was the sound of something falling and he did a chuckle. "You didn't see that coming?"

"Two minutes out," Rhodey said.

"Keep me posted," I said. I turned the connection to Vision and Wanda and I got a confirmation from the two. "How are you two holding up?"

"Needing backup right about now," Wanda said, her voice sounding strained as if she was trying to keep up a shield. She suddenly let out a gasp of pain.

"Wanda!" Vision cried and I heard the laser beam. "Sam can't fight. He was injured as soon as Bullseye made an appearance."

"I'm on the way," I said as I started to the bay. "Hang in there. Unless something happens, I'm there in less than five."

"Roger," they both said.

As I flew, I reported to the tower, "Daken and Bullseye both spotted and in battle. War Machine and Quicksilver fighting Daken and Vision and Scarlet Witch fighting Bullseye. Falcon's down with an injury. I'm on my way to help with Bullseye. Confrontation with the Enchantress but no fight. Requesting backup be on standby."

"Roger that," Steve said. "Hawkeye and Black Widow are ready for Bullseye and Iron Man and myself are ready for Daken. Bruce is on standby and will be ready, but only as a last resort."

"Roger, over and out," I said. I got my bow and arrow ready to shoot, seeing the bay approaching quickly. I saw where the battle was, scattered across the islands in the bay. I called out, "Hey Bullseye, you missed something!"

As he turned my direction, I shot my arrow, an explosive arrow that struck him in the chest and caused him to go flying back.

He got back to his feet, uninjured from the attack.

I took a moment to scope the scene.

Sam was laying unconscious on an island away from the fight, his side bloodied and an attempted wrap put on, most likely interrupted when Bullseye showed up. Wanda was in front of him, on a knee, breathing quickly and obviously looking like she had taken a real beating, including something that looked like a puncture wound on her left upper arm. Vision was on an island closer to Bullseye, several injuries that were already beginning to heal due to his body's quick regeneration.

"I was told Hawkeye was a good archer, but I wasn't expecting someone so...feminine, shall we say," Bullseye commented as he looked me up and down.

"Hawkeye's my brother," I said. "But you got the worst sibling."

"Shooting arrows is all you can do," Bullseye said. "I can making anything lethal." He quickly grabbed a handful of rocks and threw it at me with speed and force.

"Watch out!" Wanda exclaimed.

I grabbed the edge of my cape and pulled it in front of me, the rocks rebounding off of that without harm. With my free hand, I pulled my gun out of the holster and shot at Bullseye, but he quickly evaded all of them.

"Requesting backup with Daken!" Pietro said.

"On the way," Tony said. "Iron Man and Captain America heading out."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Wanda's concern for Pietro and realized that outside of simulations, they were each other's most trusted partner, not going into a battle without the other.

That moment's distraction gave Bullseye the needed advantage to charge at me.

"Rose!" Vision cried, shooting his laser beam at Bullseye.

It threw the archer off balance as I looked back at him, spinning on the heel of my foot and kicking him as he came by me, knocking him in the water.

"Vision, get Sam to the tower," I said as I backed up, watching the water carefully. "Wanda and I are going to give the others a hand getting rid of Daken."

Vision nodded and picked up Sam, flying off as Wanda got to her feet, me going to her.

"Can you fly?" I asked.

"Yea, I'm not hurt too bad," Wanda replied. "Let's get out of here quickly."

We started to fly off but I felt a searing pain in my leg after something hit it.

I faltered, losing a tiny bit of altitude but keeping in the air. "Keep going," I told Wanda as she turned to look at me.

Wanda grabbed one of my arrows and threw it down at where Bullseye had gotten onto dry land, using her powers to make it go faster.

While she did that distraction, I froze time for a few seconds, long enough to get her and I far enough away that he couldn't do anything.

"Get to the tower," Wanda said as we got to the city. "Have your leg looked at."

"It's nothing much," I replied, waving away her concern as she tried to look at my leg.

"He has deadly accuracy," Wanda protested. "You need to make sure that whatever he threw didn't hit anything important like a blood vessel or tissue."

"Wanda, I'll go to the tower after we help Pietro and Rhodey," I said.

"Go!" Wanda ordered. "You didn't see what he did to Sam. All we saw was the blur of a disk, a CD, and it sliced his side open. An ordinary object that, when used correctly, could be a lethal weapon. And this," she gestured to the wound on her arm, "a rock, like what he threw at you to begin with. Never saw it coming."

"Alright, alright, I'm going," I said. "Be careful."

Wanda nodded and flew off.

I started to the tower, Vision reporting in and saying that Sam was currently being treated for his injuries.

"How bad are you hurt?" I asked.

"My injuries are almost fully healed by now," Vision replied.

"I'm coming in for repairs," I said. "Don't know what hit me, but Bullseye threw something at me as Wanda and I were leaving."

"What do you want me to do?" Vision said.

"Go make sure that the others can handle Daken," I said. "Wolverine is already someone I don't want to have against me. I can only imagine how his son treats things."

"Understood," Vision said. "Heading out now."

I reached the tower and Clint and Natasha were there.

"How badly hurt are you?" Clint said as I touched down, rushing to my side as my leg gave way and catching me before I hit the ground.

"Obviously pretty bad," Natasha commented, watching Clint put one of my arms around his shoulder.

"I can hover you know," I pointed out.

"Yes, but it's my job as your brother to worry about you," Clint answered. "Even if you are a superhero."

I let a small smile cross my face as he helped me to a chair and sat me down. I looked at where I was hit and saw something still embedded in my skin. "Don't remove it," I warned as Clint went to take it out. "It's pretty well jammed in there and by the pain I'm experiencing, it's pressed right on a nerve. Also, it's keeping any major bleeding from going on. It would be best for me to see Helen and have her deal with this."

"But what did he throw?" Natasha asked as she looked at it. "It looks like a rock."

"It probably is," I said. "He's got a really good arm."

"Helen's back in South Korea," Bruce said as he walked to us. "But I'm a doctor. I could look at it."

I nodded. "Please do," I said.

Clint and Natasha stepped back as Bruce looked at where I was struck. "It's a rock that hit you," he confirmed. "Tore through metal and muscle and it's resting on the deep fibular nerve. Any stronger throw or if you were closer, it would've sliced through the nerve and maybe even your bone."

"Can you get it out without causing serious injury to me?" I said.

Bruce nods. "Easily," he said. "I just need to get the instruments needed. Luckily, I know where to find them."

I sat back as Bruce went to get the stuff he needed.

"Quicksilver to Magemancer," Pietro said in the communicator.

"Magemancer here, report," I said.

"Daken has retreated and we are returning to the tower," Pietro said.

"How's everyone?" I said.

"A few injuries here and there," Pietro said. "Nothing too serious, though."

"That's good," I said. "How far out are you?"

"Not too far out," Pietro said. "Ten minutes, max."

"Alright," I said. "Great work. You guys deserve a rest."

"Great," Pietro said. "Over and out."

Bruce came back with the instruments and began to work, quickly but skillfully taking the rock out and patching up the injury. "Don't do anything much with his leg," he said. "Don't even walk on it. Until it heals on its own or you use your magic to heal it. And if you use magic, I would still caution you using it since you may miss something when you heal it."

I nodded. "Alright," I said. "Thanks Bruce."

Bruce nodded as he got to his feet. "Good job leading them out there, Avenger," he said with a smile as he walked off.

I just smiled.

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