A Vision of a Rose

Iron Patriot and Perception

It took a few days for Laura, Cooper, Lila, and Nathaniel to get use to the base.

We tried to help them as much as we could, knowing that this was a huge transition for them.

While I had time off, I had thought about my conversation with Bruce about Skaar.

"Vision, how much do you know about gamma radiation?" I asked him as the two of us were on the roof at night about a week after we got back, laying down and talking while the others rested, me curled up in his arms, us staring at the night sky.

"I know a bit," Vision said as he stroked my hair. "Why do you ask?"

"Skaar," I replied. "He's Bruce's son. Only question is: how?"

"It is possible that they got a DNA sample from Bruce after he got the radiation," Vision suggested. "I know that a blood sample was taken from him. If it got in the wrong hands, this one being Osborn, then he could've made Skaar from that."

I nodded. "That's what I was thinking," I sighed, sitting up. "It just doesn't make sense. Of course, not much has made sense since I became an Avenger. I've learned to basically go with it."

Vision sat up next to me. "It worries me that Osborn has already made his version of you," he said. "He didn't even get a DNA sample from you."

"He did," I said. "My first fight with Bullseye one-on-one while I was waiting for backup. Knicked my arm with an arrow, blood on the arrowhead. Not a lot, but enough to get my DNA."

"Then he has gotten it from both of us," Vision sighed. "When Wanda and I were fighting him after he took Sam down, leading me to think he also got the Falcon's, he attacked me head-on. Used a rock to cut my arm."

"I'm surprised we haven't seen the Dark Avenger Vision yet, then," I commented.

"Can we talk about other stuff?" Vision said. "I wish not to talk about this stressful and worrisome topic right now when we have to worry about Clint's family."

"What did you have in mind?" I said as I turned to him.

"We could talk about our wedding," Vision said. He slipped his hand into mine and kissed the back of it. "Since I proposed, we haven't had much time to talk about it."

I nodded. "We've been so busy fighting," I agreed. "So, where do we start with the planning?"

"How big do you want it?" Vision said.

"Something small," I said. "The other Avengers, Laura, and the kids. I want it to be something they can use to take their minds off of everything right now. A distraction. We could have the ceremony here, on the lawn. Fury could be the one to marry us."

Vision nodded his agreement. "And the date?" he said.

"What about spring?" I replied. "April or May?"

"Let's aim for early May," Vision said. "The theme?"

"How about just a normal one?" I said. "I'm not the one to go all out for huge events."

"Whatever you want," Vision said. "And I'm sure if we tell the others this, they'll tell us that they got everything covered."

"Natasha would drag me away to find a dress," I said. "And maybe Wanda and Laura would come with us."

"And Clint might try to get me to find a tux," Vision said.

"You have the easy part," I said. "Natasha's very picky when it comes for stuff for me to wear. You should've seen her try to pick out my black dress."

"She's very picky?" Vision questioned.

"Very picky," I answered, stressing the first word.

"Well, whatever dress you're wearing, I won't mind," Vision said. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his lap, my wrapping my arms around the back of his neck, our foreheads touching gently. "In fact, you could walk in rags and I would still be amazed."

I chuckled, a smile touching my lips.

"What's so funny?" Vision asked, amused. He cupped my face with a hand, running his thumb over my cheek.

"I'm just imaging Natasha's face if I even tell her that," I said, enjoying our time together, knowing that, during the day, we have to keep it professional. "The poor woman would have a heart attack."

This time, Vision chuckled. "Yes, I supposed she might," he said. He kissed me gently, his lips lingering for a few moments on mine. "I love you, Rosalina."

"I love you, too, Vision," I said, giving him another kiss and then resting my head on his shoulder, letting out a content sigh.

Vision smiled but it disappeared when the ground shook. "What's going on?" he said as we went into the air, hovering.

I heard an alarm from inside. "We're under attack," I said. "Security breach. We've gotta get to Laura and the kids."

We both flew inside, racing to make sure that they were fine.

Vision stood guard outside as I went in to check on them.

"Rose, what's going on?" Laura asked as Cooper and Lila groggily put on some jackets over their pajamas, walking to Nathaniel's crib and picking him up, trying to calm him down.

"We're under attack," I said as I placed a hand on Nathaniel's forehead, gently rubbing it to make him calm down and fall asleep again. "We've gotta get you guys to a safe place. Where's Clint?"

"He was on monitor watch tonight," Laura said. "When the alarm first went off, he told me to stay here until help comes."

"Well, I'm help," I said. "Come on, Vision's waiting outside."

Laura had the kids go in front of her while she held Nathaniel in her arms, me staying behind her.

Vision turned as the door opened, us coming out.

"Vision, report," I said.

"It's all clear, though all agents and Avengers are now awake," Vision replied. "The Avengers are gathering in the conference room and we are to report there after we get them to safety."

I nodded. "Lead the way," I said. "I'll bring up the rear."

Vision started off down the hallway, checking every corner before going continuing on. I always made sure no one was coming behind us.

We reached a secluded room and I placed my hand over a scanner.

"Scan match: Avenger Rosalina Barton," a voice said. "Voice match required."

"Voice match Avenger Rosalina Barton," I said.

"Voice match confirmed," the voice said. "Access granted."

The door slid open and Vision and I ushered the four into the room.

"This room will keep you safe," I said. "It is protected against most anything. It's a bomb shelter, even. And the room can't be opened unless I open it."

"Be careful," Laura said.

"We will," I said. I pressed a button on the scanner. "Secure room. Voice match Rosalina Barton."

"Voice match confirmed, securing room," the voice said. The door closed and the lock clicked into place.

"Let's go," Vision said as he started to the conference room.

"What's going on, who's attacking?" I asked as we went into the room.

"Iron Patriot," Tony growled.

"And an unknown second party," Steve said.

"We're assuming a new Dark Avenger," Clint added.

"Let's see who it is this time," Natasha said. "Where are they?"

"They're in the hanger," Pietro said.

"What are we waiting for?" Rhodey said. "Let's go take out these trespassers."

We all went that way but Clint held me back for a moment.

"Are they safe?" he asked.

"Yes, safe and sound," I replied. "Only I'll be able to open the door to get them out."

Clint nodded. "Thanks," he said. "Now let's go fight."

We raced off after the others, reaching the hanger but seeing only Osborn there. I also noticed that Vision was gone.

"Rose, I need help," Vision said in my earpiece. "Outside where we were before the attack."

I slipped away from the others as they fought Osborn and went to search for Vision.

I found him where he said he was, fighting someone else that could also fly. But something that threw me off guard was that the person was fighting exactly like Vision, from his flying to the laser beam, only the other person didn't have an infinity gem. It was obvious this was an android, as well. The other android had blue skin and purple eyes. He had a black and purple uniform with a purple cape.

Vision noticed me and threw the other android back, coming to my side. "Thank you," he said. "He fights exactly like me. I have no edge."

"Then let's do this together," I said. "You and me."

Vision nodded and faced the android as he came to us.

"Who are you?" I asked, getting ready to fight.

"I am the Perception of the future my Master wants," the android said.

"Perception," I whispered and then shook my head. "Doesn't matter. Let's go, Vision."

"Gladly," Vision replied.

I cast a spell at Perception that threw him back, giving Vision the chance to charge forward, bashing the other android through a wall and into the room inside.

Vision was thrown off and I came in to steady him before I cast a frenzy of spells at Perception.

Not being use to magic, Perception was struck by each one, the last one, a charged-up spell, sending him falling to the ground.

I didn't notice we had gotten into the hanger until repulsor beam struck me square in the chest and I slammed into a wall, looking up to see Osborn grabbing Perception and pulling the android to his feet.

"You're done harming my creation," Osborn said. "Perception, we're getting out of here."

"Hey!" Tony called as we all went to attack Osborn, but he sent us all flying back with a pulse of pure energy and then he was gone.

"Rose, are you ok?" Clint asked as he came to me, he and Vision helping me up.

I nodded. "Yea, fine," I said. "Are you and the others?"

"We're a-ok," Clint replied.

"It appears Osborn is getting craftier with even teaching fighting styles to his team," Vision commented. "Perception does exactly what I do. He knows what my next move is and when I'm gonna do it."

"Then we've gotta be more careful," I said. "The more people they get, the stronger they become."

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