A Vision of a Rose

Party Crashers

The whole day after the attack, Clint remained with his family, not leaving their side, while the rest of us worked on the defense of the base.

The attack made Vision and I rethink our wedding venue, but we decided that it would be best if we kept the base as the location: it definitely would be safer than anything in New York, itself.

About a week after the attack, we had announced to the others our plans for the wedding.

Like I had thought, as soon as breakfast was done, Natasha grabbed my arm and practically dragged me away from my conversation with Vision and Clint, Laura and Wanda with her.

"I'll see you guys later!" I called before we were out of the room.

Laura chuckled. "We're going to make sure you have the perfect outfit," she said.

"Everyone will be jealous once they see you," Wanda agreed.

"Ok, Nat, I can walk for myself," I said once we were outside and going to where the garage to get a car.

"Just want to make sure you don't run off," Natasha replied as she got the keys to a car and the four of us piled inside it.

"It's either run now and face it later or just go now and get it over with," I said. "I chose the safest choice."

"Good choice," Natasha said. "Because I would be after you, Wanda would be after you, Clint would be after you, and even Laura."

"Plus Vision," Laura pointed out.

"I doubt him," Wanda said.

"Wanda's right," I said. "He said I could wear rags and he wouldn't care."

"Well," Natasha said with a chuckle, "that's not gonna happen."

"Knew it," I sighed, yet I still smiled. "What I'd do to have a team of girls like you to back me up?"

"You're Clint's sister, and you're an Avenger," Natasha replied. "That's what."

"Plus, you're pretty cool," Wanda said. "Especially with saving my brother."

I just smiled. "I just do my best," I said.

We had different ideas about what my dress should be, but when I said that I wanted to keep it simple, they agreed to it and based their ideas around that.

Laura thought something lacy would work, Wanda kept suggesting ruffles, and Natasha wanted something either strapless or no sleeves.

We all decided on a simple white, silk dress with straps but no sleeves. The top was ruffled, a small bedazzled belt, and a scarf made of lace that went over my shoulders. There was no train or veils, though the others had me wear a diamond tiara with a yellow gem in the center. I would wear white heel with a strap around my ankle, so that I was at least a little bit taller compared to Vision.

Natasha said that, on wedding day, she would be the one helping me get ready and everything. No one else but her would be able to work on me.

After the girl's day out, as the others put it, we were back to training and doing missions with the occasional fight against the Dark Avengers.

Time flew and before we knew it, it was the day of the wedding. The ceremony would be in the evening at twilight, when the stars were beginning to shine but there was still light left from the setting sun.

I hadn't seen Vision all day, and I assumed that he was off with Clint somewhere.

I had asked Clint a month back if he would walk me down the aisle, since our father wasn't here, and he agreed, saying that it would be an honor to do that.

Now that it was almost time for the ceremony, I found myself nervously sitting on the edge of my chair, Natasha working on my makeup with careful precision.

"Open," she said after she finished the eye-shadow on both my eyelids. When I opened my eyes, she sat back for a moment, seeing how it looked. She nodded and continued her job. "Nervous?"

"A bit," I replied, wringing my hands in my lap.

"Don't be," Natasha said. "You'll be fine. I helped Laura with her wedding."

"How did it go?" I said.

"Everything was great, no complaints at all," Natasha said. She finished the makeup and started on my hair. "You haven't seen Vision today, have you?"

"Purposely we've been keeping away from each other," I said. "Superstitions and stuff. Even though I'm not the one to follow them, I do feel that these should be followed."

After a bit, Natasha finished and she got to her feet. "I'm going to get ready and find Clint, send him your way," she said. "Just take some deep breaths, calm down. Everything's going to work out. Don't worry about the tiara: Clint will put it on you."

I nodded and watched her leave.

Once the door was closed, I got to my feet and walked to the window, looking out.

Final preparations were being put into order and I could see the altar where Fury stood, talking to Maria Hill. There was a red carpet that went from the altar to the base, chairs on either side. The ends of the carpet had roses decorating them and behind the altar was several huge rose bushes, all the roses a necessity as Vision was concerned. A few agents that were put under security were patrolling the area, checking in with a few of the guests that were there already to make sure everything was alright.

I noticed a few of the Avengers already: Steve and Rhodey, both wearing their military uniforms, the freshly-polished badges gleaming in the setting sun, and looking every bit used to being in command, Pietro and next to him, Wanda, both wearing complimentary red and blue, Wanda in a red dress and Pietro in a suit with a blue tie, and Tony, dressed in a classic black-and-white suit, who stood a few feet away from everything, overlooking everything as if he was doing a final inspection to make sure the wedding would be a success.

The outpour of assistance from the team was an overwhelming sense of caring and support, that they wanted to make sure everyone was happy.

My nerves started to get the better of me and I turned away from the window, walking to my bathroom and looking at myself in the mirror.

My red hair was in curls, cascading down my shoulders and back. My green eyes showed brightly, seeming even brighter with the rust-color eye-shadow that was placed carefully around them. The white from my dress seemed to make me glow, almost as if I was an angel. My necklace from Vision was on the front of my dress, glowing along with my dress.

"Calm down Rose," I whispered as I walked back into the room. I felt like I was going to be sick, each step seeming to make my head spin. I sat down on my bed, closing my eyes and forcing myself to slow down my breathing. "Everything's going to be fine. This feeling, it's all in your head. You're really not sick. You're just nervous. It does stuff to people." I opened my eyes as I heard a knock on my door and called out, "Vision, if that's you, you know you can't see me until the ceremony!"

"It's only me, Kid," Clint replied. "Want to make sure you're decent before coming in."

"I'm decent, Clint," I said.

Clint came inside, quickly closing the door behind him before turning to me and letting out a small gasp of surprise. "When 'Tasha said she made you beautiful, she never mentioned that she meant drop-dead gorgeous," he commented, a box in his hands. He wore a black tux with a white dress shirt, black pants, and a purple tie and vest.

"Well don't go dying on me, Brother," I answered with a smile as I went to him and hugged him. "I'm so nervous, Clinton. And I don't know why."

Clint returned my hug, rubbing my back. "You'll be fine," he reassured me. He kissed the side of my head. "Trust me." He paused for a moment before saying, "I want you to wear something that Mom and Laura both wore for their weddings."

"What is it?" I asked as I stepped away, looking up at him. Even in heels, he was taller than me by a few inches.

Clint opened the box and inside was a silver bracelet. Nothing fancy, but it was just enough to add a touch to any outfit. "By wearing this, it's a way of saying that Mom and Dad are with you, by your side with every step you take," he said. "Because on your special day, you are a princess to not only Vision, but everyone else, as well."

I could only nod as I bit my tongue, trying not to cry and mess up Natasha's work on the makeup. I held out my wrist and Clint slipped it on, closing his hands around it for a moment before letting my hand drop.

"Now the last final touch to make sure that the others really do know that you really are a princess," Clint said as he went to where my tiara was. He picked it up with gentle fingers, as if it was glass and would break if too much pressure was applied. Then, with the same gentleness, he placed it in my hair, pushing the ends down so that it didn't try to fall out if I moved too much. He took a step back, looking me up and down, a look in his eyes that was unmistakable sadness to see me grow up so much, but also radiant joy that he was able to share the moment with me. "My baby sister isn't such a baby anymore," he breathed. "This morning, you spent your final day as a single woman who had a love that you wished to make an official relationship with. Tonight, you spend your first evening as a married woman, a wife who is with the husband she always dreamed about."

I did a small smile as I reached out and took his hand in my own. "And this morning, you talked with the man you called a brother based on his compassion and love for me, but tonight, he really will be your brother, your family," I said softly.

Clint looked out the window as Tony called for everyone to get into place. "You have an audience to impress," he said, guiding me out the door and down the hallway.

We paused at the entrance outside, Clint listening for the cue for him to walk with me. He glanced around the corner, a smile crossing his face. "I made Vision wear a tux for this. He was surprisingly easy to persuade," he said. He stepped back next to me as the music started to play, holding up a hand.

I placed my hand over his and took a final deep breath before we stepped into view.

Everyone stood, turning to us.

Vision let out a small gasp, looking me up and down before letting a smile spread across his face.

A smile crossed my face as I looked at him in his black tux, white dress shirt, and red tie. I could see the rose necklace visible over the tie.

The walk seemed like it would never end, pausing for a moment after every step.

I glanced at Clint for his reaction and saw a look in his eyes that he had when he cared for his kids: a fatherly look that meant he would protect me until the very end, but still let me spread my wings and explore. For a moment, I mistook him for our father: they looked so much alike.

We reached the altar where Vision and Fury stood, Clint giving my hand to Vision.

When my hand touched his, I felt all my nervousness leave me completely. I was instantly calm, my change visibly noticeable to everyone in attendance.

"Vision, you lucky mother-" Fury began softly.

"Language," I murmured, chuckling slightly.

Vision did a small laugh.

"You win this round, Barton," Fury said before beginning to read the vows.

I found myself in a daze as he read them, me repeating what I had to but not remembering what they were. I was dimly aware for the ring exchange, Vision sliding my ring onto my finger and me doing the same to him.

I only found myself back in the moment when Fury said, "You may kiss the bride."

Vision turned me to him and immediately kissed me as if he hadn't seen me in a thousand years and all he wanted was a moment to hold me in his arms and keep me there.

But our moment was cut short when an arrow suddenly grazed my back, causing me to flinch and bite back the small cry of pain I was going to let out.

We turned as the others got to their feet, seeing Bullseye standing on the base roof, Magicseer and Perception on either side of him.

"What do you guys want?" I demanded darkly as I took a step forward.

"We got bored, decided to crash the party," Bullseye replied as he looks at his bow, bored.

"And boy, did we pick the right time," Magicseer added with a sly smirk as she flew into the air slightly.

"Possibility of mission success, ninety percent," Perception said, hovering in the air.

"Mission?" Steve repeated. "What mission?"

"To take the newly weds," Bullseye stated in a tone that meant it had to be obvious. Before we could move, he shot another arrow that would've struck my shoulder had I not moved out of the way, though it still scraped the skin, tearing the strap and causing blood to seep out.

"Vision, Rose," Natasha said as she pulled out her gun that she kept hidden. "Get inside. We'll hold them off."

"Not when we can fight," Vision replied as he flew into the air. "Rose, get Perception. I'll take on Magicseer."

I nodded as I also flew into the air, glad that I was able to persuade Natasha to let me wear shorts underneath my dress. "We'll converge on Bullseye," I added.

"Agreed," Vision said, flying to Magicseer.

I charged at Perception, casting a spell at him that sent him flying back into the wall. "Missed me?" I asked as he recovered, slightly stunned.

"Chance at success," Perception said. "Ninety-five percent." He shot his laser at me.

I moved out of the way. "Ninety-five?" I said. "Why'd it go up? Ah, forget it now. Fight now, questions later." I summoned a bolt of lightning and shot it at the android, but he was already out of the way. It was the same with several other spells: he kept moving, as if not wanting to fight and just tire me out before he struck, himself.

"Stop moving!" I growled, freeze time for long enough to allow me to get a spell to hit him.

"Chance at success," Perception said as he fell to the ground. "Ninety-nine point nine percent."

"Wha-?" I began but something struck me from behind with such force that it caused me to black out.

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