A Vision of a Rose

The Truth of Power

"Rose," a voice whispered, shaking me slightly. "Rose, come on, wake up, please."

Slowly, I became aware of everything around me. I sat up groggily, my eyesight blurry and my head pounding. I reached out to the person that was shaking me, trying to push through my foggy vision to see who it was. "V-Vision?" I breathed.

"Yes, Rose, it's me," Vision said softly, taking my hand and helping me sit up, letting me lean against him. "Are you alright?" His voice was laced with concern and worry and if I was feeling better, it would've brought a small smile to my face.

"I-I think," I replied, feeling my self-repair starting to take effect but not making me feel any better. "Where are we?"

"The Dark Avengers secret base," Vision said. "We can't contact the others."

"Why'd they bring us here?" I asked, leaning my head back against his shoulder. "They could've just killed us at the base and saved themselves the trouble."

"They're planning something," Vision answered. "They want us for it. I heard them talking, but it was as they were walking away." He paused. "Can you get to your feet?"

I tried to get up, but I was only able to stand with the wall and Vision keeping me balanced. "Right now, no," I said, leaning against the wall and sliding down it so that I could sit again. "I need to recover and heal first." I looked down at my now-ruined dress and sighed. "This was supposed to be our special day. No fighting, no missions, no training, just a day of celebration and joy. And they ruined it."

"But at least we were able to get through everything before they did," Vision said. "If this thing was going to happen, I would've wanted it after everything rather than in the middle of it."

I just nodded, glad that I at least wasn't alone.

We both looked up as we heard footsteps, Vision getting to his feet while I got to a knee.

"Our test subjects are awake," Osborn commented as he walked into view.

"Test subjects?" I repeated. The loudness of his voice made my head pound.

"Whatever you're going to test, we're not going to let you," Vision said.

"You already are under the test," Osborn said. "And so far, it looks like it's working."

"What did you do to us?" I growled, taking note that even with the self-repairs, I wasn't doing too well.

"You'll find out," Osborn replied, walking away.

As soon as he was out of sight, I collapsed. "Vision," I whispered.

He turned to me and kneeled down next to me, taking me in his arms. "Are you alright?" he asked.

I shook my head slowly, each movement sending a wave of pain throughout my body. "Whatever he put in me, it's eating me away," I said. "It's a poison. It'll kill me unless something is done."

"I'll do whatever it takes to make sure it's gone," Vision promised. "Nothing's going to happen to you." He kissed my forehead gently. "I promise."

I nodded slightly. "I'm putting myself to sleep for self-repairs, see if I can get it gone that way," I said. "Hopefully it'll stop my suffering for a little bit."

"I will keep you protected," Vision said, gently stroking my hair. "And I will try to get you the antidote."

I reached up and took his hand gently before I fell asleep.

A young woman, about sixteen or seventeen, was strapped to a table in a secluded HYDRA lab. She struggled against the bonds, whimpering as a few HYDRA scientists surrounded the table, needles in their hands and trays with different serums surrounding them. She was pale, weak, and thin from dehydration, a lack of sleep, and starvation. Her clothes hung off of her, her ruby hair was in knots, and her emerald eyes shined bright yet they had a look of exhaustion in them.

"The tests are working," Wolfgang commented as he walked into view of the girl. "With her and the Maximoff twins, then we'll have an unstoppable team. Continue the experiments!" He turned and walked to an elevated platforms, watching as the scientists injected the serums into the girl.

She gasped, the glowing in her eyes growing brighter as the serum enters her bloodstream.

"Wanda! Pietro!" Wolfgang called out. "Come see your new teammate!"

Inside stepped a younger Wanda and Pietro. They stayed close together, their hands clasped. At a couple points while they watched with horror at what was going on, Pietro would comfort his sister, sometimes stroking her hair, sometimes kissing the back of her hand. They knew they couldn't do anything to help the poor girl.

Suddenly, the girl went limp, her eyes closed and not breathing.

"Revive her!" Wolfgang shouted. "She must live!"

Wanda turned to Pietro, burying her head into his chest while he hugged her, biting his lip and watching the scientists try to revive the girl. "It's for your own good, girl, if you stay dead," he mumbled, kissing the top of his sister's head.

"Pietro," Wanda whispered. "I wanna help her. If she lives, I want her out of here, with no memory of this place or her experiences. Whatever powers she gets, I can make her think she grew up with them."

"It's dangerous, Wanda," Pietro warned. "We could get caught."

"I don't care!" Wanda replied. "I want her gone from here!"

"Alright, alright," Pietro said soothingly. "I'll help you however I can."

The girl gasped as her eyes shot open, coming back to life.

"No," whispered Pietro. "She was better off dead."

"Then we need to help her," Wand said. "I do not want her to suffer what we have, all the training and injuries we've had."

"Take the girl to her cell," Wolfgang said. "She's ready for the next stage. Twins! Get back to your cell."

The twins scurried off but kept hidden until the scientists brought the girl out, following them as they dragged her to her cell and threw her in, ignoring the cry of pain she let out when she hit the ground roughly.

Before they could lock the door, Pietro ran in, picked her up, and ran out, knocking all of the scientists down. Wanda went to them and erased that moment from their minds, thinking that they placed the girl in there and had locked her up already.

"Right, where do we go?" Pietro asked, holding the girl in her arms, aware of how light she was due not getting enough to eat. It kinda scared him that someone her age could weigh so little. "She needs something to eat, at least. I don't like how thin she is, how much she weighs."

"W-who are you?" the girl said softly, her voice hoarse.

"We're the twins," Wanda said to the girl. To Pietro, she said, "We've got to get her out of here before she eats. There's a town nearby. If we wear different clothes, clean her up a bit, we can go there and then help her back home."

"Where is your home?" Pietro said to the girl.

"A-America," the girl said. "New Y-York."

Pietro and Wanda took the girl to their cell without anyone noticing and they helped her wash up so that she looked somewhat better. After they changed their clothes, the three of them went into the city, finding a place to eat and helping the girl out a bit. While eating, they found a ship that could help the girl get back to New York and they went with her to see her off. Wanda found out the powers the girl had, removing her memory of the experiment and making her think she was born with her powers. The powers of magic, time control, and shape shifting.

"What is your name?" Wanda asked as girl boarded the ship.

"Rosalina, Rosalina Barton," the girl replied.

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