A Vision of a Rose


For the rest of the time in Moscow and most of the time in Sochi, we didn't have any other problems, or anything that required further examination.

Oud school in Sochi had all our classes together, which was something we were glad for, especially when it came to the class introductions.

As the weeks dragged out, we started to get sick and tired of this mission, just wanting it to end.

"I understand Steve wanted us to be here for awhile while this stuff was going on, but this is getting ridiculous," Pietro mumbled at dinner at on the first night at our ninth orphanage.

"Two weeks," I said. "That's all we need and we'll be back in the base for good."

Pietro nodded. "That's the only thing keeping me going," he said. "Well, that and the fact that I need to take care of you."

I chuckled and we continued to eat, no one even glancing in our direction.

"Pavel and Roza Ryabov," the matron said, coming to us. "Come, you have a new home."

"Really?" Pietro asked, looking up as I perked up. "We haven't even been here a day!"

"I mean it," the matron said. "Get your stuff."

We looked at each other and went to get our stuff.

"If it's HYDRA, we won't reveal our true identity until they take us wherever we're going," Pietro said.

"Magemancer to Scarlet Witch and Vision," I said.

"We're here," Wanda said.

"Someone has adopted us," I said. "Don't know who yet. Requesting backup on standby in case this isn't such a good family."

"WIll do," Vision said. "Keep us informed. If it is HYDRA, say a sentence to your "adopters" but also let us hear. Just once sentence and we'll know."

"Roger," I said. "Over and out."

We broke connection and Pietro and I shouldered our bags, walking to where the matron was with a man and a woman.

They looked nice, but as the man was showing the matron his ID, we saw a flash of the HYDRA symbol.

Pietro and I glanced at each other and stepped forward.

"Oh, these must be the children!" the woman exclaimed. "It is so nice to meet you! My husband and I are unable to have kids, so we decided to adopt! I'm Caroline and my husband," she gestured to him, "is Eustace." She held out a hand to us.

I shied away from it, moving slightly behind Pietro, as he reached out his hand and shook Caroline's.

"She'll get use to you," Pietro promised as he put his other arm around me. "Just give it time. I promise."

Caroline nodded, smiling kindly.

"W-where do you live?" I asked, that being the sentence Wanda and Vision heard to let them know this was HYDRA.

"We live in the country," Eustace said. "We own a dairy farm but we decided we wanted to add a bit more life to the house, and teenagers are the best way to do that without having to add too much responsibility that we can't handle it all."

"Everything checks out," the matron said, handing Eustace a folder of paperwork. "Pavel, Roza, stay safe."

"Thank you, Mother Janette," Pietro said.

With that, we followed the couple out or the orphanage and into a truck.

Because in the cab there was only room for two people, we jumped into the back.

"What do you think?" Pietro asked as they started a drive, saying it would be an hour and a half to get to the farm.

"They seem nice, but it's a decoy," I said. "I've seen it before. Multiple times."

"I know one thing," Pietro said. "I don't want any more experiments."

"Neither do I," I agreed. "We'll fight as soon as we get there as long as we have Vision and Wanda as backup. If not, we might need to play dumb and be the "confused and scared" children until they get there. Wherever there is."

Pietro glanced at the sky. "They're up there," he said.

I nodded, knowing who he meant.

"How are you doing back there?" Caroline asked us, sliding open the window.

"We're doing alright," Pietro said, taking my hand and smiling slightly.

"If you wanna stop for anything, just let us know," Eustace said.

We nodded and Caroline closed the window again.

For the rest of the drive, we were silent.

We reached a large vacant field when the truck stopped.

"W-why are we stopping?" I asked timidly as the two got out of the truck.

"We're here," Caroline said.

Pietro helped me off before he jumped off, himself. "But this is the middle of nowhere," he commented.

"We're waiting for our ride," Eustace said.

"Ride?" Pietro and I asked at the same time, looking at each other and then the two.

"Yes, we'll explain when we get there," Caroline said.

I stayed close to Pietro when a jet landed, HYDRA's symbol on the side of it.

"What's this?" Pietro demanded before the two pulled us on.

"No questions now," Caroline said.

As the jet took off, we noticed Vision and Wanda land on top of it, one of Vision's arm around Wanda as his arms phase through the metal to let him grip the jet so they are still with us.

It was a long flight, leaving me and Pietro shifting anxiously in our seats, waiting for it to end. Some time during the middle of the flight, Wanda and Vision reported in to the base, letting Steve know what was going on. Also, Caroline and Eustace started to talk in English, thinking that we didn't understand what they were saying.

They talked about the other experiments that the kids had failed, and that they hoped we would actually be the working ones.

Pietro and I looked at each other but we didn't make our eye contact noticeable.

When the jet landed, some HYDRA agents came in and grabbed us, escorting us off and taking us to a waiting cell, Vision and Wanda following but staying in the shadows.

"When do we fight?" Pietro asked me after making sure the coast was clear.

"When they take us to do the experiments," I answered. "First you and I will fight and when I call for it, Vision and Wanda will join us."

Pietro was about to ask a followup question but stopped when two agents came and unlocked the cell, coming in and grabbing us.

We struggled slightly but let them take us to a large room with two tables.

"No! Roza!" Pietro cried as they pulled me to one table.

"Pavel!" I exclaimed, trying to fight the captors.

I saw Vision and Wanda in the shadows, waiting for the signal.

I looked back at Pietro and my eyes changed from scared to determined.

At the same time, we used all of our force to throw our captors back, Pietro then using his speed and me using magic.

When reinforcements came, I called out, "Now!"

Vision and Wanda came into view, also fighting.

As the final agent dropped, we heard a slow clap and turned to see Wolfgang walking into the room.

"Strucker," I growled. "What do you want?"

"My, my, look at how my experiment has grown," Wolfgang said, looking me up and down. "You scared me that day when your heart stopped. A pretty specimen lost, I feared."

"Why are you using orphans for your experiments!?" Pietro demanded.

"No one will miss them," Wolfgang replied. "At least I'm making it easier for them. They never survive, but no one's crying over them."

"You are a monster!" Wanda exclaimed.

"Call me what you want," Wolfgang chuckled. "But since you have willingly come to me, I will make use of you."

"In case you haven't noticed, all your men are down," Vision pointed out. "And the other Avengers are on their way to take you down."

"They will be too late," Wolfgang insisted as he walked to a control panel. "By that time, all four of you will be under my control." He pressed a button.

Before we could respond, something suddenly struck us in the back and shocked us, causing us to crumple to the floor, withered in pain.

When it stopped, the thing that hit us pierced our skin and injected something in us.

"N-no," I gasped, my vision becoming blurry.

Wolfgang laughed, walking up to me and lifting my head up so that he could look into my eyes. "No one will stop me," he said. "Especially the Avengers, because they'll be too busy fighting you." He let go of me and my head dropped. He got up and walked out of the room.

Then everything went black.

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