A Vision of a Rose

Teammate Versus Teammate

When I woke up, I found myself being helped up by a man, an archer, I didn't recognize.

"Rose, we're getting you and the others out of there," he said.

"No! I exclaimed, pushing him off of me.

He looked confused. "Rose, it's me, Clint! Your brother!" he whispered. "Let me help you!"

"I don't need help," I replied coldly. I looked on either side of me and saw Wanda, Pietro, and Vision waking up. "You three alright?"

"Y-yeah," Wanda said.

"Fine," Pietro added.

"We have an intruder," Vision observed, looking at Clint.

"Intruder?!" Clint cried. "Vision, I'm your step-brother!"

"You're related to him?" Pietro asked me and Vision.

"No," I said in disgust.

"Guys, we have a situation," Clint said, placing a hand to his ear. "The four have been brainwashed. They don't know who we are."

"Hang in there, soldier," a man said. "We're on our way."

"It'll be easier if you leave," I commented. "That way we don't have to use force."

"Force?!" Clint repeated. "Rosalina!"

"I know not how you know my name," I said as I raised up a hand to cast a spell. "But it won't matter. You will be removed from here."

"Think about what you're saying!" Clint said, taking a step back. He ducked as I aimed a spell at him. "Rosie! Please! I know you're in there!"

"Whoever you think she is, it isn't her," Wanda said. "Just give up or leave. Don't make us use force."

"You're too late, Hawkeye," Wolfgang said as he walked into the room behind me, Pietro, Wanda, and Vision. He stepped up between me and Pietro and placed a hand on our shoulders. "You will not win. Your precious Vision, Magmancer, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch are under my control. My children, shall we call them."

"You've crossed the line, Strucker!" Clint said. "We will get them back! I mean it!"

"I wish you luck, then!" Wolfgang said. "My children, attack this infiltrator!"

Before we could move, Clint darted out of the room.

"Do we follow him?" I asked.

"No, he will return," Wolfgang replied. "And when he does, he'll bring the others. And then we will destroy the Avengers! Come, we must prepare for their arrival."

We followed Wolfgang out of the room and to a control room.

"Sir, we have the Avengers on the radar," one man said when we entered.

"Let them come," Wolfgang said. "They have to get through the shields and then my team before getting to me. Are they in groups?"

"Captain America and Iron Man, Hulk and Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye, and Falcon and War Machine," the man reported.

"Magemancer, take Cap and Stark," Wolfgang said. "Scarlet Witch, take Banner and Thor, Vision, take Romanoff and Barton, Quicksilver, take the final two. They are coming in at different locations. Meet them there. And bring them where when they are totaled!"

We nodded and went to our locations.

Pietro waited in his location as Sam and Rhodey came bursting through the wall. They stopped dead when they saw Pietro. Before they could respond, he ran at them and kicked them back.

"Pietro!" Sam exclaimed.

"What are you doing?!" Rhodey remanded.

"You didn't see that coming?" Pietro asked before going in for another attack.

Clint and Natasha silently entered the hallway, jumping down from the air ducts.

"Nothing yet," Clint whispered.

"That is where you are wrong," Vision replied, phasing through the floor between them, grabbing them, and slamming them into each other before throwing them to the ground.

"Come on, Vision, this isn't you!" Natasha said as she and Clint got back to their feet.

"I am my master's creation," Vision said, shooting his laser beam at them.

As Thor and Hulk entered the hallway, they were met by Wanda.

"Wanda, there-!" Thor began but Wanda threw him and Hulk back.

"Witch," Hulk growled as they got to their feet.

"That's who I am," Wanda replied, bringing the ceiling down over them.

"Rose is near," Tony reported.

"Keep alive," Steve said. "We know how she is."

They were both thrown back with a spell as I made myself visible having used an invisibility spell on myself. "Looking for me?" I asked.

"Come on, HYDRA's not your side!" Tony protested as they got to their feet.

"You're an Avenger!" Steve added.

"HYDRA made me who I am," I replied, casting a second spell that sent them smash into a wall.

"Dude, Speedy Gonzales is beating us up!" Sam said as he and Rhodey backed up, trying to block Pietro's blocks but not being able to due to his speed.

"Am I too fast for you?" Pietro asked who was, literally, running circles around the two, hitting them whenever he had the chance.

"I'm just gonna shoot," Rhodey said, shooting a frenzy of missiles.

One struck Pietro by chance and he stopped, looking at where he was hit and then back up at the two. "You're in for it now," he growled, charging at the two with a flurry of kicks and punches.

Clint and Natasha hit the wall and fell to the ground.

"Now I know why he's on our side," Clint said as they got to their feet.

"Now's not the time to make those comments," Natasha pointed out.

As Vision came at them, Clint quickly got an arrow on his bowstring and shot it at the android, grazing his arm.

It didn't stop him as he used all his force to punch at the two. "Nothing harms me!" he exclaimed.

"Such interesting minds," Wanda commented as she sank into Thor's and Hulk's minds, seeing what was inside.

"Leave it!" Hulk roared.

"Get out of there, Witch!" Thor exclaimed, punching her in the stomach.

Wanda faltered a few steps, a hand over her stomach, but she looked up at the two, tilting her head to the side slightly. "That was a bad mistake," she said in a mysterious voice before diving into their minds again.

"You got a plan to fight Mage?" Steve asked Tony as they both got to their feet.

"I have one: attack," Tony said as he flew at me.

"Wait!" Steve called but I had already met Tony's charge with a plasma ball, causing him to fly back instead. "She's got magic."

"I need to get her self-repairs to kick in," Tony said as he shot his repulsor rays at me, striking me in the chest.

"It's not working this time," Steve said as I stumbled back.

"You just made me mad," I said, turning into a lion and pouncing on both of them.

Pietro was thrown back into the wall, collapsing slightly but still staying on his feet. "Lucky shot," he said, going to charge in again but Sam had flown to him, pinning him to the wall.

"Snap out of this Maximoff!" Sam ordered. "Your sisters need your help!"

"You're the one who's going to be needing help when I'm done with you," Pietro growled.

"Sam, there's something on his back," Rhodey said. "My sensors are picking up something. Get him on the ground."

Sam threw Pietro on the ground and before the speedster could get away, he had him in a grappling hold. "Get it taken care of, Rhodey! Can't hold him for long!" he said.

Rhodey examined Pietro's back where he was shot and saw a device connected to his skin. Without hurting him, he blasted it off of Pietro's back.

Pietro stopped struggling and groaned. "W-what happened?" he asked.

"Guys, aim for their back! There's something there!" Rhodey reported to the others. "Quicksilver is cleared!"

"Roger that, Rhodey," Natasha said. "Thanks for that."

"Separate," Clint said. "Whoever can, get the back."

Natasha jumped away from Clint so that one of them could get behind Vision.

"I will not allow that," Vision said, phasing through the ground and then up behind Clint. He kicked the archer forward into Natasha.

"Gotta make this quick," Natasha commented, getting her gun ready to shoot. "Clint, work with me." Before he could respond, she shoved him into Vision and as the android was distracted, ran behind him. Seeing the device, she shot at it and it broke.

Vision collapsed to the ground, Clint catching him. "Sorry, that was...strange," he said.

"Vision is cleared!" Clint reported.

"We will do that," Thor said, Hulk knocking Wanda back into a wall. "Hulk, make sure she can't fight back!"

Hulk grabbed Wanda, holding her in the air so that her feet were dangling a few feet above the ground. "Stop moving," he growled as she wiggled in his grasp like a fish out of water.

Wanda stopped moving, looking at Thor as best she could as he went behind her. "W-what are you doing?!" she cried.

"Saving you," Thor replied, grabbing the device and yanking it off of her before crushing it in his hand. "Set her down, gently."

Wanda went limp for a moment as Hulk put her on the ground, Thor lowering her to the ground.

"Wanda," Thor whispered, shaking her slightly. "Wake up, young one."

Wanda woke up immediately. "I'm gonna kill Strucker!" she hissed.

"Scarlet Witch is definitely cleared," Thor reported.

"Stark you get the back," Steve said as he throw his shield at me but I stopped it with magic and threw it back. He caught it and used it to block a spell. "I'll keep her occupied up here."

Tony nodded and flew back.

I was about to cast a spell at him when Steve threw the shield at me again, taking my attention to him. "Stop!" I exclaimed, annoyed. I froze time for a few seconds, enough time to blast Tony with a spell and send a second spell at Steve, time resuming again as they both fell back. "You will not touch me!"

"Too late for that," Tony commented as he released a few mini jets in my direction, locking them on the device.

I gasped as it was struck, crumbling off of me. My knees gave way but Steve raced forward, catching me before I hit the ground.

"Come on, talk to me, Solider," Steve ordered.

"I hate being controlled," I growled as he and Tony helped me back to my feet.

"Magemancer is cleared," Tony reported. "And I have a plan to get Strucker."

"They think they've won," Wolfgang said, seeing the four of us fall once the device was removed from our skin. "But there's still the injection. It'll give me enough time to get them under my control for good and deal with the Avengers at the same time. But I'll wait, play dumb until they come and I reveal the plan myself." His fingers caressed a button and he smiled slightly. "The Avengers, they have no hope of victory. Only death."

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