A Vision of a Rose


"Rose, we need some time off," Vision commented as he and I were on the roof of the base, staring up at the cloudy sky while the others slept. "A vacation. I think with all the work we've done we deserve it. Especially with recently getting all the Dark Avengers behind bars."

It was now late January, snow coating the roof and normally making us cold, but with a jacket, we weren't bothered by it. Both Avenger teams were getting ready to celebrate a huge victory by getting Osborn's "Avenger" team locked up. Tony was really pleased that he got his Iron Patriot suit back, though complained that Osborn had scratched the paint job.

In addition to that, Clint and his family had the farm back. I had been repairing it during my free time with Vision's help, and I was able to show it to them on Christmas day, giving them the home they knew. It was a huge feat for me, and it definitely made me feel more like part of the family.

"I'll propose it at the debriefing in the morning," I promised. "We've done more than enough to get some time off the radar to ourselves. And if we need to be called upon, we'll do that, though hopefully not."

"Where should you and I go with the kids?" Vision asked, reaching over and taking my hand in his, running his thumb across the back of my hand.

"I'm not sure," I replied. "Wherever the kids wanna go, I guess. I'm really up for just getting out and doing something."

"They've been talking about going to California," Vision said. "Disney Land, Sea World, the beach, Legoland. And I've asked the others about it and they said it would be a great place to go to take some time off."

"Then let's go to Cali," I said. "I've been meaning to get over there to explore. Plus, there's no snow there and it's warmer, so Lucas and Lucy won't so cold."

"That sounds nice," Vision said. "So much of our storage energy goes to regulating our body heat in the winter, so it'll be nice to give it a chance to rest for a bit."

"You said that you were talking to Clint about the West Coast Avengers," I said. "How are you doing on that?"

"Well, we're talking about it," Vision said. "Not getting a lot done, though. The main thing stopping us from expanding is with the loose ends here. Rhodey said he would be on the team. Clint will be the leader there. So far there's me, Clint, Rhodey, and I assumed you."

"Of course I'd join," I said. I added jokingly, "I was just waiting for an invitation."

"You know you don't need an invitation on my team," Vision chuckled.

"When I was doing my recent upgrades, Tony was telling me about another team that they were talking about, Avengers AI," I said. "They'd want us to be the leaders there."

"Three teams," Vision said. "That's quite a lot."

"This team's gonna be on standby once we leave," I said. "So we can scratch this off. And what Tony told me was that it would be awhile before we would be needed there, if that team does ever arise."

We both sat up as it started to snow.

"Come on, let's get inside," Vision said. "Let's make a warm drink."

We got up and went inside, going to the kitchen and making hot tea for ourselves, continuing our talk.

In the morning, everyone gathered for breakfast and Vision and I told my team our plan for a vacation.

"I'm going to LA," Rhodey said. "Going to explore Hollywood, baby!"

"I've wanted to take a trip down to Texas," Sam said. "Home of the cowboys, yeehaw!"

"Wanda and I talked about going out of country," Pietro said. "We'll have the chance then."

"We should go to Europe first," Wanda added. "Lots of stuff there!"

"I guess it's agreed, then," I said. "And if Steve disapproves, I'll override his objection with my own word as leader."

"Disneyland, here we come," Vision said. He looked at Lucas and Lucy as they came from where they were with Cooper and Lila.

"I heard Disneyland!" Lucas exclaimed.

"Are we going?!" Lucy asked.

"Yes, we are," I said, chuckling.

They both cheered and hugged us before going back to their table, telling the other two excitedly what they were going to do.

"I guess Clint and Laura will be joining you," Rhodey said with a laugh.

Vision and I shrugged.

"Family time," I replied.

Across the room, I saw Clint look from the table with our kids to me, mouthing, "What's up?"

"Explain in meeting," I mouthed back.

Clint nodded.

After breakfast, we all gathered for the meeting to debrief about the Dark Avengers' arrest.

Once Steve had finished debriefing, he said, "Anyone want to say anything before we break?"

"I have a proposal," I said.

Steve waved for me to take the floor, sitting in his chair.

I got up and looked at the others. "We've done a lot of hard work for a while, with hardly no breaks," I said. "So why don't we take one? An extended leave of absence off the radar. I think, especially with the Dark Avengers, a major threat, off the streets, we deserve to treat ourselves. Both of our teams. So, Cap, what do you say? Vacation time granted?"

Everyone looked at Steve as he got to his feet.

"If there comes a time when they need us again, will you answer the call?" Steve addressed to everyone. "Because I will, in a heartbeat."

"Definitely," Rhodey said.

"Why wouldn't I?" Sam asked.

"Always have," Tony said.

"If Midgard needs assistance, I will be there," Thor said.

"We'll answer the call," Pietro said.

"Without hesitation," added Wanda.

"Wouldn't dream of missing out on the action," Clint said.

"I'll be there," Natasha said.

"Sure," Bruce said.

"I'm on the side of life," Vision said.

"It's my only home, and I'm definitely going to protect it," I said.

Steve nodded. "Then everyone, take an extended vacation. You all deserve it," he said. "Meeting dismissed." As we all got up, he added, "And keep an eye out for the West Coast Avengers. You know who you are."

We left the room and went to go pack our bags.

"I expect you to come back whenever I have upgrades," Tony said as he walked by me and Vision.

"Send a Stark jet and I will," I replied.

"Perfect," Tony said. He ruffled up my hair, which rewarded him with a quick jab in the side, and walked off with a chuckle.

"So where will we be living?" Vision asked.

"I went with Clint as he checked out the places," I said. "I found someplace I think would be perfect for us. It's a suburb, but there isn't a lot of people living there. It's quiet for us, but there's other kids so that Lucas and Lucy have some friends to play with. I already reserved a time for both of us to look at it, but after we take the kids on vacation."

"So, where we going to first?" Clint said as he came to me and Vision. "You know that since your kids told my kids where they're going, they've been pestering me and Laura to take them there."

"I don't know," I said. "Wherever we want to, I guess. We have a lot of exploring to do, and so little time to do it."

30 Years Later

"Wanda and Pietro sent a postcard," Vision said, walking into the living room with the mail. "From China. 'Wish you were here, Sister' it says." He handed it to me and looked at the rest of the envelopes, sitting next to me on the couch. "Clint's writing to us, and Tony's planning another party. He's inviting us. The rest are all bills."

"Does that man ever stop partying?" I asked, reading the postcard and smiling while whispering under my breath, "We're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year so you can come then."

Vision opened the letter from Clint and we both read it.

"Nathaniel's progressed better than I thought," I said. "When I started teaching him when he was ten, we feared he wouldn't catch on and he would struggle. But he's grown into a remarkable superhero."

"Well, with Clint's scare, he realized just how important it was he be able to do as much as possible to help out," Vision said.

"I still have nightmares of that," I commented. "It was really traumatic. Sometimes I call him and talk to him just to let me know that he's alright."

"He put up his bow and arrow a long time ago," Vision said. "He's not going to be fighting again."

"I know, but a sister can still worry about her brother," I said, setting down the letter and postcard before opening the invitation. "It's an Avenger reunion. To bring everyone back together, since everyone's getting older. Well, almost everyone." I laid the invitation down on the coffee table and leaned back into Vision's arms.

"Do you sometimes wish you could age, Rose?" Vision said. "Everyone else you know, they're aging, but us, we are untouched by time."

"Sometimes I do, but then I remember that you also don't age, and we can brave the future as long as we have each other," I said. "You and me, we make a good team. And if we can't defeat this evil, you and me, we have the Avengers AI and the New Avengers to call for help."

Vision nodded. "Our teams," he said.

We sat up as two cars pulled up outside the house.

"Prepare for the grandchildren," I said with a smile as we got up.

The front door opened and four kids, ages seven, nine, ten, and thirteen, came inside.

"Grandma! Grandpa!" the seven-year-old exclaimed as they all hugged us.

"Hey Violet," I said as we hugged them. "You getting along with Olivia?"

"We are," Olivia, the ten-year-old, said as she ruffled up Violet's hair.

"Hey!" Violet protested.

"Jackson, Evan, how are you two doing in school?" Vision asked the two boys as they stayed back a tiny bit. "Need help with anything?"

"I understand everything!" Jackson, the nine-year-old said. "I am a genius!"

"School's going great," Evan, the thirteen-year-old said. "I don't need a lot of help."

"Thanks for watching Violet and Evan over the weekend," Lucy said as she hugged me and Vision. "My husband's out on a business trip and I need to travel to Buffalo for something for a friend."

"And Olivia and Jackson," Lucas added, also hugging us. "I'll be out of town for a week because of games and since Crystal isn't feeling well, I don't want her to overwork herself taking care of the kids."

"Don't worry about it, you two," I said. "Lucy, enjoy whatever you're going to be doing, Lucas, win the games on your road trip."

"We don't mind some time with the grandchildren," Vision put in.

Lucas looked at his watch. "Gotta run," he said. "Don't want to keep the guys waiting for too long."

"Shoot straight and good luck," I called as he left.

"And I need to make my flight," Lucy said.

"Have a safe trip," Vision said.

The brother and sister left, leaving us with the kids.

"Video games are in the game room, boys, tons of books in the library, Olivia, and cartoons to watch on TV, Violet," Vision said.

We looked at each other as the four went to do their stuff and smiled.

"Our greatest feat wasn't saving the world with our teams," Vision said.

"It was saving Lucas and Lucy all those years ago," I added.

There was no more need to fight, but the action was definitely not over yet.

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