A Vision of a Rose

Worst Fears

"You can't keep me here this time!" I told Clint as he went to the weapon's unit. "The excuse that I'm still recovering can't be used any more! I'm past that stage! I can fight, obvious by what had happened at the party."

"It's too dangerous," Clint replied as he opened his locker and got his arrows. "You could get hurt."

"I could get hurt by doing nothing, as well," I said darkly. "And if we are to die, then I want to die fighting! Protecting others! You knew the consequences that could happen when you asked me to join. I knew the consequences, yet I still said I would join. I think I can handle this."

Clint looked at me and I was startled to see fear in his eyes, but I didn't show it. "I almost lost you once," he said. "I don't want to risk it again. I'm only doing this because I love you. Please, stay here. It'll be better."

"For who?" I countered. "Better for who? You or the team? One person can change the course of disasters."

"What if those two punks try messing with you?" Clint said. "Speed and mind control."

"I can change into a cheetah for speed and magic to counter mind control," I answered.

Clint sighed, looking down. "I can't turn you away, can I?" he said, looking back up at me.

I shook my head and said softly, "Not when I know that my brother could die," I said softly, a tear running down my face. "And if he were to die, I would want to be by his side, whether I am dying, myself, or I am holding him in my arms while he takes his final breath."

Without warning, Clint threw his arms around me, hugging me. Tears shined in his eyes. "I'm scared to lose you," he whispered. "I promised Mom and Dad I would watch you, take care of you, protect you. I hated losing contact with you. It made me scared that I broke my promise."

I returned his hug, mumbling in his ear, "You haven't, Brother. I'm here. And we'll charge into battle, side-by-side, for victory or defeat."

Clint didn't reply, only hold me a tiny bit tighter.

"Sibling moment over," Tony said as he came into the room. "Rose, why aren't you ready?"

I pulled away from Clint and said, "I had to persuade him to let me come." Without another word, I darted off to change.

The jet landed in Wakanda.

We got off of it, all except Bruce, and started to the salvage yard, where we were sure Ultron would be, he and his two followers, who we got as the Maximoff twins, Wanda, Scarlet Witch, and Pietro, Quicksilver.

"If he gets the metal, then I don't wanna know what'll happen," Steve said as we started that way. "If a fight breaks out, then don't falter. Everyone needs to stay sharp."

"If this is going to be a fight, then I'll take the girl," I said. "I could use my magic to my advantage."

"I'll take Pietro," Clint said.

"And I'll take Ultron," Tony said. "I'll end this before it gets too deep."

"The rest of us will engage the robots," Steve said.

We went inside one of the ships and saw Ultron there, along with Pietro and Wanda, like we guessed.

I cast a spell that hit his back, not to inflict damage, but just to get his attention on us.

"Avengers, what a lovely surprise," Ultron said in that smooth voice of his.

"Cut the chat," Tony said. "We're here to stop you."

The two twins look at each other and nodded.

"I don't like that idea," Ultron replied, raising a hand up. As the robots charged at us, he smashed into Tony.

"And so the fight begins," I said I cornered Wanda before she would go too far.

Wanda used her powers to lift up a box and throw it at me.

I froze time and moved out of the way, pushing Wanda in the path of the box as time moved again. She was hit, falling slightly but getting back to her feet.

Before I could move to attack again, Pietro ran by me and knocked me down.

"You two are brother and sister?" he asked as he stopped next to Wanda, giving her a hand up, Clint coming to my side to help me up.

"Yea, what you going to do about it?" Clint replied.

The twins looked at each other.

"We'll use that to our advantage," Wanda replied.

Before we could react, Pietro picked her up and they sped off.

"I don't like the sound of that," I commented.

Clint shook his head. "Me, neither," he said.

Suddenly, we both were knocked down again and before I could recover, Wanda was there. Her hands glowed red as she waved them in front of me and then I blacked out momentarily.

I opened my eyes to find that I was no longer in the ship, but back in Avengers Tower, laying on the ground. I sat up, seeing the place wrecked.

"What happened?" I breathed, getting to my feet.

"Rose," a voice whispered.

I turned to the voice and saw Clint on the ground, critically injured. "Clint!" I cried as I went to his side. "Brother, what happened?"

"Y-your powers. Lost co-control," Clint gasped.

A cold hand crept up to my heart and grabbed it.

"I have to help you," I said. "Helen, can't she do something!?"

"No time," Clint said. "Even though you messed up, I still love you, Sister, Rosalina."

Tears came to my eyes. "Clinton. Brother. I can't lose you. I still need you," I sobbed.

Clint went to speak but no words came out and he grew limp.

"No!" I screamed, placing my hands on his shoulders and shaking him slightly. "Clinton! Clint! Wake up! Please wake up!" When he didn't respond, I curled up next to him, my head resting on his chest as I hugged myself.

"The only person I ever truly loved and cared for is gone. And it's all my fault."

A hand was placed on my shoulder but I shrugged it off, too upset to care about anything else.

"Painful, isn't it," a familiar smooth voice said.

Tears running down my eyes, I looked up to see Ultron. My stomach knotted and I felt a bit of fear, but I couldn't do anything because of the pain in my heart.

"One that you cared for, one that shared your bloodline, gone because of something you couldn't control," Ultron continued. He grabbed my arm and forced me to my feet. "The destruction of the Avengers is my mission, and you're helping me with it."

I shook my head. "No," I whispered. "This wasn't meant to be! My powers are supposed to help them! not hurt them!"

"Look at what you've done," Ultron insisted, turning my head so that I was forced to see Clint's body, the hollow look in his eyes, hands and uniform stained with blood, and the same blood pooled around his body.

I looked down at my body and saw his blood on me. It made me feel sick. My stomach twisted and I fell to my knees when Ultron released me.

As I feel, I no longer saw just Clint's body, but the other Avengers as well.

Bruce's body, which was still as Hulk, was at the top of the stairs, one arm along the steps.

Natasha was dangled over one of the railings, her gun on the ground inches from her hand.

At the base of the stairs Bruce was at the top of, Thor was on the bottom, face-down, his hand outstretched and resting on his hammer's handle.

Tony was slumped against a wall, his armor cracked and his helmet clean-off his face, dismantled at his feet.

Steve was on his side near Tony, the only thing keeping him up was half of his shield, the other half near my knees.

Shakes raked my body as I picked up the shield, amazed but terrified that this was the strength of the power I had: to break something that wasn't meant to be broken.

"My job is almost done thanks to you," Ultron said.

I tensed up as he rested a hand on the back of my neck, causing me to drop the shield.

"Such a pity I have to get rid of someone as strong and powerful as you," Ultron commented, tightening his grip slightly.

"N-no," I whispered, realizing what he was going to do: crush my spine and watch me while I suffer before finishing me off.

His hand tightened enough so that I could begin to feel the pain.

"Come on, Rose! You've got to fight him!"

I willed my body to fight but I heard a voice in my mind call my name. I realized who it was:


"Rose!" Clint cried.

I opened my eyes to see that I wasn't in the ship. I was all alone in a room. I looked around, trying to find out what it was, where it was.

It was plain with next to no furniture aside from a cot and a blanket.

Hearing footsteps, I got to my feet slowly.

"With you here, the Avengers are going to have to give up," Pietro said as he stepped into the room.

I took a step back.

"Clever on Ultron's part," Wanda added as she slipped in next to him.

"W-where am I? W-what happened?" I whispered.

The twins laughed.

"Ultron took you from the others," Pietro said. "Only your brother tried to save you. The others, well, they were put under my sister's spell."

"Kidnapped. That's why I heard Clint call my name."

"Why?" I said. "It's not like kidnapping me is going to prove a point."

"Oh, but it will once he finishes you off and presents your body to the others," Wanda said.

"Why do you two do this!?" I demanded. "He wants to kill everyone!"

"Better than be on Stark's side," Wanda replied darkly. "We thought he would kill us after he killed our parents."

"What?" I mumbled.

"Our home was bombed," Pietro said, putting a comforting arm around Wanda's shoulders. "Another bomb fell, trapped us. We waited three days for it to go off. It had Stark's name on it."

I fell silent, stunned.

The two left without another word, leaving me alone.

I sat down in the cot, doubled over with my hands lace up behind my head, head between my knees. I closed my eyes and sighed. "Clint, Brother, please, come find me," I whispered.

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