A Vision of a Rose


I slammed into the wall and fell, rolling onto my stomach to try to get up.
"No use," Ultron said as he walked to me, grabbing the back of my suit and picking me up. My feet dangled a few feet from the ground as he forced me to look into his eyes. "Today you will die and I will hand-deliver you to your team. They'll have no hope once they see you." He slammed me into the ground and released me.
As I tried to recover, he stomped on my back, causing me to let out a cry of pain. I rolled onto my side, getting to my feet but always failing to do so.
I couldn't register the silver foot coming in until it had already collided with my stomach. I gasped in pain, coughing up blood.
"This isn't good. I've got to get out of here before I'm hurt some more! Got to, or else I'm going to die!"
Before he could do anything else to hurt me, I turned into a raven and flew to the window that I had found high up in the room, almost hidden.
"Oh no, you don't," Ultron said, grabbing my tail and pulling me back down.
As I fell, I turned into a cat and landed on my feet. Then I turned into a chameleon and blended in with the ground before moving, glad it was all the same dull gray color.
"You're not getting away," Ultron said. He was able to see me and kicked at me.
I turned human as I slid into the wall.
He stepped to me and picked me up by my neck. "If you struggle, I can always squeeze you until you break," he said, tightening his grip slightly to prove a point.
I gasped for breath, instinctively grabbing his hand. I tried not to fight, knowing that in my current state, I could not win. Even if I stopped time, I'd have to find a way to get out of his grip.
Ultron pressed my back to the wall, making my chances at escape narrow significantly. "You're being too easy," he commented, his grip loosening so that I could breath and speak. "Why?"
"You wouldn't put up much of a fight, either, if you were woken up in the middle of the night and you haven't had food for awhile," I replied. "I'm too weak to put up much of a fight."
"Aren't you always weak?" Ultron said. He chuckled as I growled. "Now you're becoming much more feisty."
Without warning, I cast a spell at him that sent him flying back.
Luckily for me, it was the door and it broke it.
As Ultron recovered, I changed into a cheetah and darted out of there.
I noted that, as I ran, I didn't see anything of the twins.
Once I determined I was a safe distance away, I turned back into a human, stopping to catch my breath. I leaned against the wall, fighting to keep on my feet and not let exhaustion and hunger get to me.
I sensed someone coming quickly, but it wasn't in the direction of Ultron.
Not taking any chances, I start to run again, the feeling of knives slicing my lungs as I ran tempting me to stop, but I knew that it might not be best.
I turned a corner and ran into a person. I would've fallen had a pair of hands not darted out and grabbed my waist, pulling me back to my feet.
I looked at the hands. They there red and felt metallic. Gloves. My eyes went up the gray-colored sleeve with red trim and the gold cape that began at his shoulder, his chest muscled. I locked eyes with the person, cyber-blue eyes with red skin, the yellow infinity stone resting on the middle of his forehead.
"Are you alright?" the person, an android, asked me. The voice sounded familiar. Then it hit me:
"J.A.R.V.I.S.?" I whispered.
"Not anymore, no," the android said. "I am Vision. You must be Miss Rosalina Barton."
"Rose," I said before I could think. "Just Rose."
Vision nodded. "Come with me," he said. "Let's get out of here."
I nodded this time without thinking. Something about this android made me trust him. I couldn't say what, but for some reason, he made me feel safe. Being around him made me even forget the pain I was in.
I was about to run again when Vision suddenly took me into his arms and flew away. "It's quicker," he said, seeing my confused and surprised face.
We got outside and I shut my eyes tightly when he flew high into the air.
It was one thing for me to fly this why if I were a bird, but it was a totally different aspect when I was in the arms of someone I hadn't even met five minutes ago.
Yet something in my mind told me that he was definitely a good guy, that I could trust him with my very life.
"Do not worry," Vision said as he saw my reaction. "I will not drop you."
"Where are you taking me?" I asked, opening my eyes and looking up at my savior instead of the ground.
"To your friends," Vision said. "The battle against Ultron is about to begin."
"Do they know you've gotten me?" I said.
"Yes," Vision said. "They sent me to get you."
"How can I fight when I haven't gotten rest or eaten?" I said. "I won't last long out there."
"They have prepared some stuff for you, along with given your equipment an upgrade," Vision answered. Before I could ask what he meant by upgrades, he said, "Hold on tight." He suddenly began to dive down to the ground.
Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed myself close to him, biting my lip from the feeling of weightlessness and trying not to scream.
Right before Vision smashed into the ground, he stopped and touched down gently, setting me down and making sure I had balance before letting go of me.
"Come," he said, walking forward. "The others are waiting."
I walked behind him, questions swirling in my mind but not finding the voice to speak them.
"Why am I having such a hard time talking to him?! Come on! Yes, he did save me from Ultron, but still!"
Vision stepped out of the way and gestured to the opening of the jet. "After you," he said.
I began to say, "Thanks" but no words came out so I just smiled and dipped my head in gratitude. I went up the ramp, Vision falling in step behind me, and reached where the others were.
Immediately, Clint had me in his arms. "Thank goodness you're back," he said, relieved.
"I'm back," I mumbled against him, glad to be back with the right team. Then I noticed the twins and I pulled away. "What are they doing here?"
"They're on our side now," Steve said as he walked to me, putting a hand on my shoulder and guiding me to a chair to sit and rest. "Had a change of heart."
"When was the last time you ate?" Natasha asked as she sat next to me.
"Since I was last with you guys," I answered, hunger gnawing at my stomach.
"That was awhile ago," Clint said, concerned, as he brought me some food.
Despite me trying to eat slowly and take my time, my hunger caused me to scarf the food down quickly. "When do we go into battle?" I said once I was done.
"About an hour," Tony said. "We have everything timed right. But we won't be needing you until we challenge Ultron directly. While we fight, you can rest here. We'll put the plane on invisibility mode."
I nodded, the idea of sleep suddenly sounding good to me now that I had eaten.
Clint brought me where I could rest.
"Clint, who is he? Vision?" I asked. I could talk easier now that Vision wasn't in the same room as me, ask the questioned I wanted answered.
"Tony and Thor created him," Clint said. "Long story that I'll tell you after we are done here."
"You sent him to find me?" I questioned.
"Correct," Clint said. "None of us could be spared besides the twins and they told us their last interaction with you, so we sent him out to get you and to bring you back quickly." He had me lay down. "Whoever wakes you will explain to you the upgrades we made to your gear. Right now, get as much rest as possible."
I nodded and closed my eyes as he left, turning onto my side.
As I drifted off to sleep, my dreams consisted of Ultron's attack on me and Vision coming in to save me.
I couldn't really shake off the tingling feeling of where his hands were on my waist. Every time I thought of him grabbing me, it seemed the dull throb of pain disappeared.

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