A Vision of a Rose

Engage in Combat

"I am Vision. You must be Miss Rosalina Barton. … It's quicker. … I will not drop you. … The battle against Ultron is about to begin."


A gentle hand on my shoulder brought me out of my dream. Immediately, I could feel the pain from the lopsided fight with Ultron.

"Rose," the voice said.


I opened my eyes, seeing Vision's crystal blue eyes staring at me. My mouth went dry and I found myself unable to speak again, but I could feel the pain dying away slowly.

"Why, of all people, did they send the one that I can't talk to? Yes, they don't know, but it's just my luck it's him they send."

"I'm sorry to wake you so soon after you fell asleep, but we are preparing for the final assault and we need you present," Vision said as he stood up, offering me his hand. "If you come with me, I'll present to you your upgraded gear and we can move out."

I nodded, wiping my sweaty palm on my thigh before taking his hand. I silently gasped as he pulled me to my feet and used enough force to pull me into him.

He seemed slightly embarrassed with it. "I apologize," he said, taking a step back. "I am still getting use to my strength."

"W-what are my upgrades?" I asked, trying to hide from him the blush that appeared on my cheeks.

We went back out to where the others were when I had gone to sleep, the room empty now, but on a table was my weapons and a new belt.

"The gun has the ability to shoot faster and more accurately, along with a long magazine so you don't have to reload so often," Vision said as he handed me the gun and I put it in its sheath. "Also, should it run out of ammo and you are unable to reload it, it will automatically switch to lasers." He paused and then handed me my knife, offering it to me hilt-first, as a bladed weapon should be received. "The knife has the ability for you to charge your spells into the blade and use that in your attacks. For instance, should you want to use lightning, it will allow that." He then handed me my bow and arrow. "The bow's string is reinforced to make it harder to break, yet still easy to draw. It'll give your arrows more power when you release one. The arrows have enchanted tips. Like your knife, if you want to charge a spell into it, you can. Also there are the arrows that Clint said that he taught you. I assume you know what they are." When I nodded, he then handed me my belt. "You will find it easier to use your powers with this belt. Also, when you press the flame on your belt, you'll get throwing knives. I've been told you've trained a little bit with them so it should be easy for you. Like your other weapons, these knives can have spells charged into them."

I nodded, trying to hide the fact that my hands were shaking slightly from being around him. And it didn't help that our fingers touched momentarily as he was handing me my gear. Just my luck, though, he saw it.

"Are you alright?" he asked. "You're shaking."

I nodded quickly, clearing my throat slightly and saying quickly, "Fine. Let's go."

We walked outside and before I could turn into a bird to fly to the battle with Vision, he had me already in his arms again and flying to the battle.

"I-I can fly," I stammered, looking at him.

"Yes, but we need to be quick," Vision said. "Even the fastest bird you can turn into can't go as fast as I'm going right now."

I gave up the debate, secretly liking being in his arms and not really wanting this flight to end.

But alas, it had to as we approached the church.

Vision put me on my feet and we joined the others, getting into position before Ultron showed up.

By the look I got from Clint, he could tell that Vision made me uneasy, and I knew he would want to talk to me about it later.

I started to feel the ache again but whenever I glanced Vision's way, it died away.

"Maybe if I stay by his side, then I'll be able to fight without fear of pain shutting me down."

Ultron floated down from the sky. When he saw me, he tilted his head to the side slightly. "How did you get out? I sent my robots after you." He waved it away. "Nevermind that. Instead of me killing you and delivering you to your friends, you can all die together."

"Is that the best you can do?!" demanded Thor.

Ultron raised his hand in the air and tons of robots suddenly came swarming out at us.

"You had to ask," Steve said after a moment's pause.

"All of me versus all of you," Ultron said. "How can you hope to pull through?"

"Like the old man said," Tony said, glancing at Steve. "Together."

Ultron sent the robots at us and we started to fight them.

Once the adrenaline kicked into my system as I fought, my pain started to die away.

We kept fighting, protecting the core in the middle of the church.

While I was fighting robots, I felt something suddenly grab the back of my suit and I was thrown away from the others.

I rolled to a stop and got to a knee, an arrow on my bowstring. I pulled it back as I saw it was Ultron, eyes narrowing. "Trying to finish the job?" I asked, getting to my feet, arrow still ready to shoot.

"Everyone can watch you fail," Ultron replied, stepping to me.

I charged a spell into the arrow and released it, striking Ultron in the chest and sending him stumbling back.

He came back in with a flurry of attacks, causing me to go on the defense.

I found myself being surrounded by robots, Ultron still not letting up on his attack. "A little help here!" I called, hoping someone would hear me.

Two people came to my aid: Clint, of course, helping me with the robots, and Vision, taking on Ultron by using his solar beam from the infinity gem.

Thor and Tony helped Vision out, Thor using lightning and Tony using his energy beams.

Once the robots around me and Clint were gone, we ran back to the others at the church.

Thor, Vision, and Tony also came, Hulk behind them, Ultron gone.

We finished off the robots there.

"We still can't let anyone touch the core," Tony said. "We need to finish here. Fury's sent help. We're going to board the citizens on the ships they sent. Who'll stay here while we check for stragglers?"

"I will," Wanda and I said at the same time.

"Alright, the rest of us, check for anyone. Get on the ships when done," Steve said.

The others left but Clint and Pietro were hesitant to let us stay.

"Go," I said.

"Come get us when everyone's aboard, but not before," Wanda added.

"You know, I'm older than you by twelve minutes," Pietro pointed out.

"And a few years," Clint put in.

"Go," we both said, attacking some robots. "We'll handle it."

After a moment, the both of them left, as well.

Once we were getting the robots under control, Wanda said, "Rose, go. I can deal with it from here."

"I said I would stay here until the very end," I replied. "I'm not leaving you."

"Trust me," Wanda said. "Help with the loading."

"If you say so," I said after a moment. "You need me still, just let me know." I jumped into the air and turned into an eagle, gracefully soaring into the air while ripping some wires out of robots that strayed too close. I reached a good elevation and then dived to where the loading docks were. Once I reached the ground, I turned human again, rushing to help others.

Looking to the sky, I saw a fighter jet, with Ultron as the pilot. Looking at the ground where he was going to go, I saw Clint getting a little boy. A bit off, I saw Pietro.

Ultron started to shoot.

"Clint!" I screamed as I started to run forward, but Steve saw me and got me from behind.

Pietro took off, pushing the two in front of an overturned car.

I gasped as he got hit, eyes wide, terrified but unable to look away. "Pietro!" I cried.

Steve and I now ran forward and Clint gently set the kid down, turning to the twin that had saved his life.

"You didn't see that coming," Pietro said before falling.

"Wanda," I whispered.

Steve picked up Pietro as Clint got the boy again, all of us going back to the ship.

Now that the adrenaline was wearing out of my body, I started to feel the pain again. It brought a limp into my step that was noticeable.

"Rose, you're hurt," Clint mumbled as he and I sat down in a couple chairs. He looked exhausted.

"Just need to rest it," I replied, leaning back. A medic came to us but I waved him off, yet Clint ushered him to do an examine on me.

We both turned as the island we were on started to fall.

"No!" we cried.

Suddenly, it started to explode in midair.

"They did it," Clint whispered.

I only nodded, now feeling exhausted, myself.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

"It's over. Now, I only have to deal with what's going on with me whenever I'm around Vision."

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